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Haley Asimakopoulos

Professor Dr. Tim Fiegen

EDFN 338
April 20, 2016
Proof read by: Allison Friend
Why I want to be a Teacher
To me, teaching is about spreading your own knowledge to better future generations.
Both academic knowledge and the knowledge you get by just going through life, the type that
builds your character and creates your personality. This is why I decided to become a teacher:
to help build strong character in our future citizens. I think I have always known I wanted to be
a teacher, but I was in denial, mainly because when I was younger, my mother was single with
two little girls and has since always stressed being able to support yourself and your family. And
clearly it is very difficult to care for a family solely on a teachers salary and that honestly scared
me. Just thinking that I would not be able to provide for my prospective family almost stopped
me in my tracks on my way to my forthcoming career. I even tried to be an environmental
engineer, a journalist, an accountant, etc. which was definitely not for me. It wasnt until a few
months ago that I finally woke up and realized that it truly is my fate to care about the children
of the world. I have always enjoyed children, but that is not why I want to be a teacher. I wish
to teach to touch as many lives for the better as possible. I want to give children the
opportunities that I was given as a child and to create a limitless hope for my future students. I

have never wished to be famous, but simply a woman who when thought of is reminded of
positive memories that hopefully shaped the person into who they are today.
In my life, these women and men were the heroes that I called my teachers. They all
worked in a large city with high crime rates, high-poverty levels, and many problems. One
person that stands out is a Ms. Nancy Rogers, my sixth-grade teacher from Sweetwater
Elementary. I believe that having her as a teacher was the beginning of my love of reading, and
my want to help solve inter-personal relationships. Moreover, she was the first teacher to look
at me and see potential. Ms. Rogers knew what I was capable of and pushed me to be better in
my academics and in my hobbies. She is what I want to become. Especially when in my life at
that moment, I felt like I was going unnoticed even in my own family. That was the year that my
father moved to Colorado and remarried a woman with children of her own. Ms. Rogers gave
me a sense of purpose again when I felt abandoned, and that is all I aspire to be. A person that
anyone can seek out for advice and help without judgement. I have always wanted to be that,
but I did not recognize that until I had to become one for my brother when he was getting
bullied last semester. That I guess was my breaking point. Feeling unable to help someone you
love is one of the worst emotions in the world, and I think that becoming a teacher will help me
be able to help every child possible.
I believe that every child can be helped. They can be guided toward a better life, and
they can help others around them too. I believe in letting a child reach his or her full potential
even if it means pushing him or her to do better until they despise me. I believe that everyone
deserves a person that they can go to with any problem and to not be judged. To give children
the optimal room to grow there must be no judgement among the children; this is what I will

base my classroom ideals off of. As a teacher, I will use a Behaviorism philosophy because I
believe that positive reinforcement is vital in elementary education and a teacher-controlled
environment will create a respectful environment. I believe good behavior should be rewarded
and there should be clear consequences in the classroom for misbehaving. Children in my
classroom will learn to become positive friends and citizens, willing to help others and become
an active role model among their friends and fellow students. I believe that not dream is too
far-fetched and that children can aspire to be anything I todays world and it will be my job and
main goal in life to help them reach their highest ambition.