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Macedonia, Sara Virostek

Someday you may learn about different areas in the world and think, how did
Ancient Rome form, and what took place in the countries in Ancient Rome long ago?
Macedonia was one country located in Ancient Rome, and many battles took place in this
country. Some of the battles include the Macedonian Wars. In the following paper, you
will learn about the history of Ancient Rome, the country Macedonia, and the battle
fought in Macedonia known as The First Macedonia War.
First, we should all know the region in where Ancient Rome is located. Ancient
Rome grew from a small town on Italys Tiber River into the area of Britain, continental
Europe, western and northern Africa, and the Mediterranean islands. You may wonder,
How did Rome become a republic? Rome became an empire under the rule of Julius
Caesar. However, legend has it that Romulus and Remus, the sons of Mars, the god of
war, founded Rome. A she-wolf rescued the basket that the brothers were left to drown in
on the Tiber River by a king, and the twins lived and defeated the King. They founded
their own city, which is known as Ancient Rome.
The territory in ancient Rome that this report focuses on is Macedonia.
Macedonia is a state located in the heart of the Balkans and is smaller than the state of
Vermont. The country contains mountains and small basins and The Vardar River is the
most important and largest river located there.
Macedonia was defeated by Rome and became a Roman province in 148 B.C.
After the Roman Empire was divided, Turkey ruled Macedonia. The Turks divided
Macedonia for five centuries and a constant struggle from other powers that were trying

to possess Macedonia for its strategic military powers and economic wealth. Next the
Treaty of San Stefano gave a part of Macedonia to Bulgaria. However, the Greeks and
Serbs defeated Bulgaria in battle causing Bulgaria to lose most of its Macedonia territory.
Macedonia finally became independent in 1991. It declared its independence from
Yugoslavia. Macedonia became a member if the United Nations because Greece protested
Macedonias right to its name since Macedonia is also another providence in Greece.
They did not want to share the name, so the UN declared Macedonia independent.
The First Macedonia war was among the series of battles in The Macedonian
Wars. The war was brought on by the alliance of Phillip V of Macedonia along with
Hannibal of Carthage. Their alliance caused diversion during Punic Wars. In 214, Rome
declared war on Macedonia. However the year 211 was when major operations started.
The First Macedonia started as Hannibal ravaged Italy in the Second Punic War. After
this, Phillip the V of Macedonia sought to take advantage of Romes problems and extend
his domain. Hannibal destroyed the Romans and the opportunity for alliance between
Philip and Hannibal was perfect, however Philip want to expand his Kingdom.
In the summer of 215, Phillip reached Hannibals camp to negotiate a treaty. The
terms in the treaty were simple; they were to act as allies against Rome, although neither
was required to assist each other. So that when the Romans were defeated, alliance would
happen between their territories. However the Romans discovered the terms of this
plan the two men agreed on. The Romans captured the ships that were traveling to
Macedonia and they found the copy of the treaty.

In all, the war lasted from 220 to 217. The Macedonians attempted to gain control
over more areas in Greece and Illyria. However, they were not successful. Philip keep
wanting and fighting for land, which caused many years of fighting instead of
negotiating. The war finally was formally ended with The Peace of Phoenice Treaty.
Macedonia was a young state that dealt with so many other territories in control of
it. It took many years to become an independent territory. However, now Macedonia
education system is improving, the economy is becoming stronger and wealthier. The
educational system includes educating ethnic minorities in their own languages. The
country has improved to satisfy the needs of its developing economic and political
Even though these systems are improving, Macedonia is still struggling to adapt
and manage its educational institutions to promote democracy and inter-ethnic harmony.
Macedonia has come a long way, yet still working on their problems. However all
countries have problems and conflicts to work on. You could say all those years of being
under control have paid off.