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MikeYenni ears) ss February 1, 2017 Jefferson Parish Councilman, District 3 1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard, Suite 1011 Jefferson, LA 70123 Dear Yesterday, | was ambushed again by Chris Roberts. In his desperate attempt to deflect criticism of his offensive texts to a female colleague, he resorted to blatant lies about me. His accusations against me are extreme and patently false. But consider the source. ‘Your council colleague has blatantly misused his political influence to threaten others. But he's faced no consequences. He's ignored IRS deadlines while the rest of us abide by the law, and he does it without shame or remorse. He's violated state ethics - time and again - making a mockery of the system and putting himself above the law. He has retaliated against those who speak against him putting the parish at legal and financial risk, all the while, showing no regard for protecting the taxpayers from his contempt. Louisiana law states, "Whoever commits the crime of issuing worthless checks, when the amount of the check or checks is five hundred dollars or more, shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than ten years, or may be fined not more than three thousand dollars, or both." On September 9, 2016, Roberts wrote a $6,500 bad check to JCM Development. He clearly broke the law, even admitted to it. But he’s paid no penalty for his misdeed. ‘Arecent news article noted that Roberts was sued for failing to pay “timely installments on (a loan of more than $185,000) for many years." Has anyone taken the time to look into Roberts’ financial troubles, specifically considering whether he has voted on measures that would benefit those to whom he owes significant funds? Will anyone ask Roberts to explain why he failed to repay a large loan or why he wrote a bad check for thousands of dollars? Did he commit fraud when writing that ‘bad check? POX 8 NEWS last night reported that Chris' comments to Councilwoman Jennifer VanVrancken were considered by her to be "somewhat threatening and crass". The report said his texts to her were "very explicit’. Councilwoman VanVrancken noted that all of these political maneuvers are “distracting us from the Dusiness of parish government.” She is right. Chris' latestalleged outrage is a pitiful attempt by him to impair my ability to govern. Buthe has failed, and he will continue to fail because my focus is laser~ direct on accomplishing the goals of this administration and parish. He has failed because I am governing, and it irks him that lam working with a majority of the council members to accomplish success after success for our parish. Chris Roberts is an obstructionist who could potentially cost this parish millions of dollars due to his temper, conniving ways and vengeance. It's time for him to be unmasked and unseated. 1 P.O. Box 640938 = Kenner, Louisiana 70064 = * 504-469-7297 MikeYenni ease In the many years I served the public, I've never experienced a more retaliatory, dishonest or deceitful politician like Chris Robert. I truly believe Chris Roberts is not fit to hold public office. Let me be clear. I wholeheartedly denounce his disgusting portrayal of me. Furthermore, | would be remiss if I didn't once again note that I never violated my oath of office, have never been contacted by any law enforcement organization, and have never misused my authority in public office. Cris can't say the same about himself. My administration is working aggressively toward bringing meaningful advancements to our parish, 1 am leading the charge daily on developing new partnerships with other agencies and governments that will open the door for our parish to create more jobs, better infrastructure, and a higher quality of life for our citizens. | apologize for taking so ‘much of your time with this admonishment, but it had to be said. | want to personally thank you for not letting this distraction prevent you from working with me and my administration for the betterment of Jefferson Parish. With respect, MICHAEL S. YENNI President Box 640938 * Kenner, Louisiana 70064 * ElectMikeYenni@gmailcom * 504-469-7297