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Read, rRead, Read!!!. Read everything Talking all the harsh truths now, to
thrash, classics, good, and bad, and see solve each one of our countrys major Vision is not enough.
how they do it. Just like a carpenter who problems once and for all, is much It must be combined
works as an apprentice,..studies the cheaper than keeping all the grieves to with venture. It is not
master, read! You will absorb it.If it is pile up, so that it bursts out later, and we enough to stare up the
good, you will find it out. If it is not good, then buy big, big guns to fight war for steps, we must step up
then throw it out of the window William 20 years again Plain Truth Revolution the stairs Vaclav


We must retake our arm robbed country since 1821, now!!, but in a different,
civilized, and much more sustainable way, and redesign it better for ourselves, our
future generations, and everyone else, including the very Americo-Liberians
themselves, who have destroyed our country for 194 years now. But lets warned
with emphasis here that if we refuse to act right now, this 2017, the dangers for such
refusal, and for keep bowing our heads to these wolves in sheep clothing, are already
again at our door steps in red!!!!!
(1) Where justice is denied, where SPIRITUAL EXHORTATIONS
poverty is enforced, where ignorance (1) So Joshua said to the sons of Israel. How long are you going to be
prevails, and where society is an delinquent about going in to take possession of the land that Jehovah, the
organized conspiracy to oppress, rob God of your forefathers has given you? Joshua 18: 3
and degrade [the others], then neither
(2) Then the king of Israel said to his servants: Do you really know that
persons nor property will [ever] be
Ramoth Gilead belongs to us? Yet, we are hesitating to take out of the
safe Frederick Douglass
hand of the king of Syria? I Kings 22: 3
(2) The size of your dream must
(3) The stupid one folds his hands while his flesh wastes away.
always exceed your current capacity
Ecclesiastes 4: 5
to achieve them. If your dreams do
not scare you, then they are not [just] (4) O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God,
big enough Ellen Johnson Sirleaf even against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be
(against) rich or poor. For God can best protect both Quran 4: 135
(3) We can never win anything
precious unless we are willing to give (5) No weapon formed against [us] shall prosper, and every tongue that
up something even more endearing rises against [us] shall be condemned. This is the heritage of the servants
Roland Spencer Kartee of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me. Isiah 54: 17


1. Introductory paragraphs (dont be concerned about the length of our topics, just
pick up the sense).................1
2. The 16 fundamental arguments laying the premise for this pamphlets narrations..1-8
3. How issues are attached to personalities and groups...8
4. The mind-blowing achievements, plus world favor enjoyed by Americo-Liberias
best Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.9
5. How Ellens master, America, including President Obama blows her, and her
Governments trumpet...10
6. How we use Economics to assess Ellen and her mammoth achievements as Harvard
-trained and World Bank Economist..11
a) How Liberia has 113 fundraising and profit making institutions and government
b) Liberia compared with the US States of Ohio and Tennessee, and the European
State of Ireland based on size, opportunities and age..11
c) What constitutes economics, job creation and general productivity in
7. National Leaders ONLY perception about how to create jobs, and how to
generally boost their economy in Americo-Liberia, and in fact, the main
reasons for which folks are elected on this other side of the globe...12

(A) How every policy move or every governmental action and decision in Americo-
Liberia is dictated by some foreign force or influence nothing indigenous
or endogenous................................................................................................13
a) How Ellen handed Taylor over just for foreign aid.13
b) How government established integrity institutions (like the LACC, GAC, IAA,
LEITI etc.) just for foreign aid.13
c) When does government even adopt operating policies and procedures..14
d) Foreign influence v. the recent LEC Reform bill14
e) How KRL International is allegedly blocking Liberias TRC
implementation process...............................................................................14
f) Madam Sirleaf clarifies the reason for joining the WTO14
(B) Creating Jobs and Boosting the Economy
a) How the President of Liberia sometimes writes to be granted opportunity to
travel to go beg, in the name of visiting..14
b) Piah on what Liberia will benefit from China14
c) Piah updates public on how they got multiple partners support for 38 MW HFO
d) Presidential Press Secretary on Ellens meeting with Prime Minister Abe...15
e) President Sirleaf travels to Germany to make case for Lib.s development..16
f) Piah boasts about his boss meeting with world leaders16
g) Ellen flies to India and China to beg for help16
h) President Sirleaf celebrates China-Africa forum outcome16
i) Elkina Westley and Piah on how their government is developing Agriculture.16
j) Madam President and high power delegation fly to 3 continents to
appreciate Their assistance and ask for more assistance16
k) Ellen gives 3 key reasons to Torwon Sullunteh for why she flies left, right, and
Center, begging for development aid..17
l) Ellen offers her countrys natural resources while receiving foreign diplomats...18
m) Madam President meets Chou Lee, asks China for double help at once...18
n) Ellen seeks outside help to support rural women farmers.18
o) President Sirleaf, her Speaker, and other top brass visit a foreign plastic
Company on Jamaica Road in Monrovia..18
p) The President visits Firestone...18
q) Many more accounts of similar domestic activities......18
r) Ellen lavishes praises on Amara Konneh.....19
s) Amb. Deborah Malac decries Liberias economic model..19
8. A very lazy and dull country that never does anything on her own
everything here is done by some so-called foreign partners20
a) Liberian Government turns over Ebola fight to foreign NGOs20
b) World Bank Ebola fight support breakdown20
c) USAID constructs burial sites for Liberian Government during Ebola fight...20
d) World Bank gives seed rice to Liberian farmers to enable them make farm20
e) World Bank provides text books for Liberian public schools......20
f) UNICEF provides vacation jobs for Liberian students on behalf of government.... 21
g) Some of the public work accomplishments boasted of by the Americo-Liberian
h) Caldwell Bridge, Red Light to Gbarnga, Gbarnga-Ganta to Guinea
Border roads rehabilitation works....21
i) The current Somalia Drive road project...21
j) Gbarnga-Mendikorma proposed Road project.....22
k) The Bardnersville-Diggsville-New Georgia Caldell Road project......22
l) RIA proposed rehabilitation project.....22
m) Montserrado teachers training..22
n) Bong County Health Centers23
o) World Heritage sites and UNESCO.....23
p) Civil Service Agencys new software...23
q) Ellen at programs marking the completion of the MVTC rehabilitation by the
Chinese Government ...23
r) Senator Dagoseh and his 8-mile road project.. 24
s) Liberia and her government decentralization program24
t) Nathaniel Blamo on USAID work at the National Legislature24
u) Ministry of Internal Affairs on mini dams research project.....24
v) Elections Coordinating Committee and USAID funding.....24
w) Liberias health workers housing project.24
x) Liberias effort to train security to replace UNMIL....25
y) LACCs World Bank Promo. .25
z) NBCs USAID funded software project.25
aa) Wologisi Mountain fire incident.....25
bb) Ellen begs UN for funds to conduct constitution review....25
cc) Ellen justifies flying here and there for help.. 25
9. Liberia: A Barren Land of Gifts, Grants, Loans, Donations,
and Free Aids of different kinds26 -
(A) LOANS (small sample of several accounts that filter in, in just 1.5 years)

a) HOR ratifies US$20 million loan agreement..26

b) President Sirleaf submits $20 million loan instrument to HOR for ratification.26
c) Sirleaf writes HOR to ratify two different loan instruments..26
d) Piah discloses GOLs receipt of US$144 million loan26
(B) GRANTS (small sample of several accounts that filter in, in just 1.5 years)
a) FAO provides US$318,000 to fight cattle disease...27
b) USAID signs $25 million municipal water grant27
c) Sweden commits $88 million to Liberia. ....27
d) Liberias 2015/2016 budget gets $279 injection from EU...27
e) World Bank provides $54 million to cut poverty and food insecurity in Liberia27
f) Sweden gives $32 million to Liberia annually27
g) Liberia manages EU $30 million for LEC reform...27
h) MCC approves US$257 million for Liberia....27
i) GOL-World Bank sign $132 million agreement.27
j) Liberia gets EU financial support for climate change.27
k) GOL and US Government launch $5 million security radio project...27
l) GOL and World Bank sign $46 million financing agreement.27
m) Liberia gets $37 million to sustain forest.27
n) World Bank gives $10 million for Liberias extremely poor..27
o) World Bank approves $27 million for mini hydro plant in Lofa County....28
p) World Bank approves $10 million for water crisis..28
q) Government receives $14 million from World Bank to relocate Redemption Hospital..
r) USAID and GOL sign $59.1 million for health sector28
s) GOL and EU sign $60 million financing agreement...28
t) Swedish envoy commits $158 million to Liberia...28
u) Liberia to get $1.26 billion as share of Ebola money..28
v) World Bank approves $27 million for rural electrification.28
w) GOL signs $25 million agreement with Germany..28
x) World Bank President announces over $1 billion to Ebola countries.28
y) VP Offices receives $1.4 million in grant...28
(C) DONATIONS AND GOODWILLS (small sample of several accounts
that filter in, in just 1.5 years)
a) Save the Children donates 7 motorbikes..29
b) China donate $1.2 million vehicle fleet...29
c) CHICO donates farming tools.29
d) UNFPA donates ambulances and motorbikes.29
e) UNFPA donates vehicles.29
f) World Bank, Others, donate $1.8 million worth of items to boost health...29
g) China and America donate to AFL.. ...29
h) China donates $3 million military equipment to AFL.29
i) UN does $1 million water project....29
j) Tear Fund does 1 year water program.29
k) UNICEF donates to Health Ministry.. 29
l) 150,000 farmers benefit from AfDB support...29
m) Japan to build reference lab.....29
n) WFP hands over supplies to Liberian Government.29
o) UNMIL donates anti-explosive devices .....29
p) Lebanese give $100,000 to TC....29
q) World Bank donates to school of blind29
r) Sweden turns over crime lab to LNP...29
s) GOL and World Bank to rehabilitate Mesurado Fishery.30
t) WHO donates vehicles and computers to Health Ministry..30
u) Indian Government donates thermometers..30
v) All Liberian Community Colleges get Science lab from USAID30
w) UNMIL turns over jury database to Temple of Justice30
x) Justice Ministry receives 19 computers from NGO.30
y) UNFPA donates pickup...30
z) Ducor Lion Club donates wheel chairs....30
aa) China medical team donates drugs to JFK Medical Center.................................30
bb) World Bank regional head demands more money for post-Ebola Liberia..30
cc) 63,000 Liberians to gain access to water World Bank..30

10. A Land of Unspeakable Poverty in the midst of all these gifts, grants, loans, donations
goodwills and all sorts of financial
a) Introductory paragraph (how poverty rages on in everything, including ideas).31
b) 18 examples of Liberias extreme infrastructure poverty..32-36
c) 3 examples of Liberias untold human resource poverty........36
d) 3 examples of Liberias untold human resource poverty, combined with
infrastructural poverty..36 -38
e) 20 examples of Americo-Liberias disgracefully poor purchasing power in
government...38 - 43
11. The only way Americo-Liberian Authorities, including President Sirleaf and her
government have known to solve this countrys walloping economic woes and
immeasurable human resource deficit....43
a) 11 accounts of how Liberian Government authorities respond to their countrys
gigantic economic and other challenges.....44
12. Results, Benefits and Achievements thus far of Americo-Liberian Governments
far-sightedness and the countrys general economic management records.44
a) 13 counts of GOLs achievements and policy action results.44-46
b) Results and achievements reflected in citizens terrible exposure to shocks and
all types of vulnerabilities a land of SOS Calls.......46
13. The big open secrets behind all this dismal performance and massive state failure
of Americo-Liberia in all spheres of life, including economics47
(A) Unspeakable suppression and marginalization of the Natives, as reflected in all GOL
policy goals and actions.48
a) 24 accounts of todays continued tribal/ethnic suppression and marginalization in
different shades and colors49 - 55
(B) Owing to its historical foundation, and as a spillover effect of extremely hating the
Huge Native majority who are very absolute majority, Liberia is a country
very mischievously cruel to its own citizens, especially ordinary ones...55
a) 29 different accounts of how Liberia wickedly treats its own, especially ordinary
citizens, like pigs and other animals...55 - 61
(C) As a further spillover effect of this extreme hatred for the Natives, most
Americo-Liberian Public officials and opinion leaders just insult ordinary citizens
(both directly and indirectly), apart from other cruel treatments...61
a) Introduction to direct insult claim....61
b) 5 accounts of public officials or opinion leaders open insult to ordinary citizens.61-3
c) Introduction to indirect insult argument..63
d) 5 accounts of public officials or opinion leaders indirectly insult
ordinary citizens..63
Section conclusion (5 authoritative international proofs that Liberia is not
for the Natives....65
14. How the dangers of chaos and bloodbath as a result of all this Americo-
Liberian ethnocentrism now advance closer to our doorsteps again, if concrete
actions are taken by us right now...66
a) Laying the premise for the argument about an imminent threat of danger hanging
over this countrys head again.66
Liberias TERRIBLE conflict profile from 1822 to this 201766 67
How it shamefully took us 21 peace accords to temporarily halt the last of our
over 18 national bloody crises.67
3 examples of forewarnings before few of the previous civil crises...68
b) Beginning to enlist the current writings on the wall69
c) Enlisting the signs of danger, as we speak..70
d) 62 different accounts that spell danger hanging over Americo-Liberia again70 - 85
15. Our overall conclusion...86

This topic (meaning the title of this pamphlet as you see on the cover page), as most of our
other revolutionary topics, may look too long and queer, but please be occupied with pulling
the sense out of it instead. For we are revolutionaries; we are constructive non-conformists,
as one our inspirations, President John F. Kennedy once said, Conformity is a jailer of
freedom and an enemy of growth. So we are keen on ensuring that every idea comes out
because we are all out for lasting solution to come to our ever-suffering people in the end by
the grace of God.

The points of view or narratives in this revolutionary article are all grounded in the 16 basic
questions or arguments presented as follows:

1. Prof. Dr. Amos C. Sawyer has said that the whole idea of Liberia was flawed in
conception, design, and implementation
yet the good people of this country, especially the Natives, who originally own the land
upon which this rogue Liberia was constructed, say No to this assertion by Dr. Sawyer,
arguing that this astute instructor is lying, and that instead of sitting around the table to
better conceive and redesign a new, productive and fair national arrangement, we prefer
to keep struggling with a dirty foundation laid by hardcore criminals and ethnocentric
beings such as the Jehudi Ashmuns, the J. J. Roberts and so on, assisted by their
American Colonization Society.

2. Dr. James Ciment of New York described Liberia as an example of Americas ugly
affairs with slavery, which has produced an illegitimate, yet potently (rude) child named
the Republic of Liberia, a nation with a TWISTED approach and a [THWARTED]
modus operandi, yet the few relatively educated Natives in this place are insisting that
Dr. Ciment is lying, and so, we will keep supporting the Americo-Liberians to struggle
with their rude American stepchild child called Liberia, with this very twisted
understanding of life, and that sometime along the way, this characterization will change
by itself. Note: These and many other strong statements, backed by proofs, made by Dr.
Ciment about Liberia, can be found in the article, Liberia: Bloodbath, Stagnation, and
Sovereignty: The case, contra and pro Trusteeship: An urgent SOS Jacob Massaquoi,
MBA, and Lawrence A. Z. Zumo, MD, September 25, 2014, at,
the Wall Street Journal website, and several books and articles written by Dr. Ciment
about this funny country.

3. Dr. Hugh Mason Brown of Washington DC wrote in 1896, among many other things,
that the Americo-Liberian, and by extension, Liberians in general, are people, who, in
every line of life, are mere non-producers, and that almost everything owned by Liberia
comes as a gift, either from nature or from other races (Idem). He also says or suggests
that Liberians are a people who just memorize the theories and concepts from the higher
education of others, without knowing that these theories or concepts are intended to be

placed into practical use to change their situations etc., yet, the good people of this
country, especially our very few enlightened Natives say, Dr. Brown is lying, and that we
will keep trying with this ACS agenda until things improve, probably 5 centuries from

4. Those who started seeing the sunlight before us say, The Law is like a knife whose
handle belongs to God, but God gives this handle to human governments to hold it and
use it on His behalf. This divine responsibility imputes upon human governments an
obligation to be honest, rigid, and impartial in their dealings. Others condense all these
obligations into one word, arguing that governments, must be JUST. All reference
books, including dictionaries and encyclopedias set similar criteria, or advance similar
definitions for what constitutes a just government. For example, the American Heritage
Dictionary sets 3 basic criteria for what constitutes a just government, summarized as
follows: (a) a government that is honorable, fair, and consistent with what is morally
right in its dealings and actions; (b) a government that places the interest of its citizens
above all else; and (c) a government that impartially gives to all men what they truly
deserve etc. Then, exactly in line with all of the above, the founding fathers of America,
in their great Declaration of Independence text said, We hold these truths to be self-
evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with
certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,
and that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their
just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government
becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or [completely]
abolish it, and to install a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and
organizing its powers in such forms, as to them seem most likely to effect their safety and

Now, every reality both historical and current establishes, beyond all doubts, the
harsh fact that the thing called government in Liberia does NOT match any of the criteria
listed above. For example, Conciliation Resources, a British Charity that has worked
with Liberia extensively, especially during the 1990s, is categorical that the Americo-
Liberians set up their institutions including their very government just to gain an
upper hand over the indigenous people politically, socially, and economically; the
League of Nations is on record for declaring that the thing called Government of Liberia
was designed to systematically foster and encourage a policy of gross intimidation and
suppression of the Natives; a renowned international institution, Global Witness,
consistently decries how the structure called Government of Liberia systematically
breaks its own laws; former Solicitor General of Liberia, Cllr. Wilkins Wright was in the
news some time for complaining about how government officials in this country live
above the laws; even court officials in this country are always in the press lamenting how
the courts themselves violate their own laws or how they do not even have enough laws
to cover all of the contemporary issues now, as they come about etc.

If one were looking for one sentence to paint the real picture of all this, then that one
sentence would definitely be, The structure called Government of Liberia was set up in
1822 by criminals, who forerun this Liberian society, and that this GOL continues to
date, to be sustained by the descendants of these criminals, who themselves are obvious
criminals, PERIOD!!!

Now, instead of what heroes like Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues were saying in the
American Declaration of Independence as we mentioned above that when
governments dont match those basic criteria of being just, the only solution is to alter or
abolish [completely] those forms of government, the good people of this country,
especially the few enlightened Natives are still understanding this beautiful argument or
injunction to mean going to the polls regularly to cast ballot in Americo-Liberian
organized elections to sustain this same criminal form of government established here in
1822, with a twisted approach to life, and a thwarted modus operandi.

5. Young and enterprising Journalist Julius Jeh of Farbric FM in Monrovia made this
quite witty aphorism during one of his programs, which goes like this: If you establish
that your car has a major problem while moving, you cant keep going and expect to fix
that cars problems on the move. Whether he was explicitly referring to Liberia or not,
what Mr. Jeh was insinuating here is that as we all have established that this car, Liberia,
has very major problems in this case, problems within the engine of this moving
vehicle, meaning problems within the very foundational principles of this country etc.,
we have got to think out a way to pause movement, and fix these problems. But our good
people of this country, especially our few open-minded Natives, are telling Julius Jeh
No, youve got it wrong boy. We will not stop to look at this engine problem better; we
will keep moving ahead with this STUPID structure called Liberia, and its rotten engine,
called government, full of so much deficiencies, and somewhere along the way, things
will fix themselves out.

6. President Chi Jing Ping of China says, To forget History is a betrayal [of the pains and
sacrifices of those who lived before us], and to deny past crimes is to [keep] repeating
them. But the good people of Liberia, backed by the few one-eye Natives say, this
astute Chinese President is lying, and that we dont give a heck for what happened to our
forefathers in the past, beginning with how their land was arm robbed from them by US
Naval Lieutenant Robert F. Stockton of the USS Alligator Schooner and his American
Colonization Society partners in crime in 1821 just to dump their Black societal outcasts
and criminals; to how over 500,000 of our people were killed in cold blood for Americo-
Liberian power in the 1990s and 2000s; to all of the countless acts of injustice that our
people continue to suffer at the hands of the Americo-Liberian Courts and their other
institutions, but we will continue to support the Americo-Liberians to go ahead with their
structure called GOL; and in fact, we are coming to go to polls again in 2017 to sustain
this status quo.

7. The great German Philosopher, Scientist, Economist and Politician Karl Marx argued
with emphasis that, it is the mode of economic production that we choose, as a people,
or, it is the kind of economic orientation that we adopt, that forms the basis for the rest of
our other social phenomena, including politics, legal system, morality, social relations
etc. One American President stressed that there is NO secret about economic prosperity
other than being industrious or being entrepreneurial, and always cutting down your cost.
President Obama, addressing the Mandela-Washington Forum in July 2014 said, I think
everybody recognizes that if you want sustained development, sustained opportunity, and
sustained self-determination, then the key is to own what is produced, and to be able to
create jobs and opportunities organically (i.e. with everybody working together for
common goals), and indigenously (i.e. with plans, actions, and most, if not all resources
being derived from within etc.), and to be able to meet the world on equal terms
Kenyan President Nhuru Kenyatta, addressing the African Union Summit in Addis
Ababa in 2015 warned fellow African leaders against the culture of dependency upon aid
and financial packages, adding that this was NEVER any basis for economic prosperity.
American multimillionaire businessman and car manufacturer Henry Ford once sounded
a warning that capital punishment (i.e. killing people, or inflicting serious bodily harm
on people for doing wrong, instead of rehabilitating them) is bad for fighting crime, just
as charity (i.e. giving out grants, gifts etc.) is very BAD for fighting poverty, etc. and etc.
But the good people of this country, especially our very few opened-eye Natives that we
depend on are saying No to all these statements and warnings, and claiming instead that
what America and her Americo-Liberian imposed upon us here in 1822 called statehood,
which the British referred to as a mere American Philanthropic Experiment is good for
our lives, once 0.0001% of the citizens enjoying it, and we should therefore continue
with it, as the World Bank, EU, the African Development Bank, the Chinese
Government, the Japanese Government etc. will continue to be our loving partners,
building everything in our country from the ground up etc.

8. President Obama, in one of his deliberations said, Regardless of the resources a country
possesses, regardless of how talented the people are etc., if you do not have a basic
system of rule of law; of respect for civil liberties and human rights; .if you do not
respect basic freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly; if there are not systems in
place in which everybody is equal under the law, so that there is not one set of laws for
the well-connected, and one set of rules for the ordinary people; if you do not have an
economic system that is transparent and accountable enough.that corruption is
rooted out of etc., then you [will not] succeed as a country... But the good people of
this country, including those very few educationally opportune Natives, have sided with
the Americo-Liberians to condemn all of these statements by President Obama, with an
implicit argument from Liberians, that we are satisfied with our system, we will maintain
and sustain it, and we will only be changing caretakers through elections, like placing
new wines into old bottles.

9. Although Atty. Koffi Woods has categorically blamed all of this countrys huge mess on
the tragic return of the so-called freed slaves from America (Sky FM. April 28, 2014),
and Pastor Solomon Juah said in clear terms that criminals were the ones who built this
failed country (Sky FM. October 20, 2014); although renowned American Historian Dr.
James Ciment, in his recent book, Another America: The story of Liberia and the
former slaves that rule it, agree that Americo-Liberians are pure rogues (even though
he used the word some) etc.; the good Native people of this country are still willing for
these lazy and roguish peoples names to remain ringing in the public arena of this
country, ruling over our destiny forever, probably because these criminal American
Black returnees were made by God better than us. Moreover, even though the astute
Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission unanimously and pointblank BLAMES the
Americo-Liberians choice of statehood philosophy and creed from the very foundation
of the country for all of the countrys mess, and lays emphasis on Liberias enduring
crises of identity and legitimacy, in addition to squarely declaring that the United States
established this country as a dumping ground etc. (Daily Observer Newspaper,
December 28, 2009), the huge group of 16 indigenous Ethnic Africans in this place are
telling the ten level-headed members of the TRC (in persons of Cllr. Jerome Verdier,
head, Dede Dolopei, vice head, Oumu Syllah, Bishop Arthur Kulah, Sheik Kafumba
Konneh, Cllr. Pearl Brown, Gerald Coleman, John Steward, Massa Washington, and
Henrietta Bonsu) that they are downright liars, and that they should go to hell with their
findings, and that we will continue with our Americo-Liberian National structure
unaltered; and, to prove this, instead of sitting around the table to redesign a better
national structure with a better foundation, we will go to the polls again next year to
sustain the current country with its NASTY foundation once it was established by our
superiors, Americo-Liberians and their backer, the great United States. In fact, America
NEVER makes any mistakes; they never lie, because they are super human beings.

10. Though the current BLOODY 1983-1986 Constitution whether we amend it, review it,
revise it, or not has been established or proven to have no respect for our people; as it
serves as a recipe for chaos; it promotes impunity and it encourages the perversion of the
law; it promotes selfishness; it respects certain of its articles over the others, and
postpones the implementation of some its articles for time indefinite; it was used as a
tool to kill and re-kill almost 1 million of our citizens through some senseless war,
called Civil War, and through the ever-corrupt Americo-Liberian Supreme Court; it was
used as a tool to send more than 1 million of our people into exile, making them to suffer
and face humiliating situations outside home; it was used to forever shield those who
gruesomely killed productive President William Tolbert and scores of his officials in
broad day light; it has been used to deny our people reparations after criminals took
advantage of its loopholes to set our peoples lives far back for scores and decades; it has
been used to perpetuate the sufferings of our people by maintaining and sustaining a
criminal gang called government, and to keep bringing criminals to power to inflict more

harms on our people; even though former UN SRSG Madam Karin Langrin quotes
Secretary General Ban Kii Moon as explicitly disclosing that many of Liberias
underlying tensions are perpetuated by provisions within the countrys constitution; even
though this constitution sits there and sees the Ureys, the McClains, the Bernards, the
Johnsons, the Williams, the Chinoweths, the Tubmans etc. committing heinous crimes in
this country in broad day light and going scot-free, but quickly runs behind the Wogbehs,
the Kamaras, the Flomos, the Jlues, the Broplehs etc. and locks them up for decades,
scores, centuries or even for life under harsh and deadly conditions, yet and still the good
Native Peoples of this country say Bravo! to this constitution, and that we agree with all
this treatment, and are even willing to stand on line again in 2017 to further exacerbate
this mess because once it comes from Americo-Liberians with Americas backing, ours
is nothing, but to obey, obey, and obey. For these are creatures made in a more special
creatures than us.

11. Americas current first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama some time ago said, No country can
EVER flourish if it stifles the potentials of its own people [because by] doing so, that
country deprives itself of the valuable contributions that would have come from these
same citizens whose potentials it has stifled. But Liberia vehemently rejects Mrs.
Obamas claims here, and says instead, that it will stifle the potentials and hidden
capabilities of its huge indigenous majority, just to keep the Americo-Liberian breed
superior over the Natives forever. Liberia says it will do this without fear, through
different forms of governmental policies, including denying the vast indigenous
populations quality education, good roads, good healthcare facilities, access to good food
etc., so that potential doctors, footballers, musicians, farmers, lawyers etc. from among
the Native population can die with their dreams unaccomplished or under-accomplished.
First of all, Liberia argues that the money or other contributions we could have gotten
from these Native Savages if they were well educated and developed, can alternatively
be gotten instead from our partners in the international community, including the likes of
the USAID, World Bank, EU etc.
12. For 168 years, Liberias democracy is in all practical terms a democracy that is run by a
presidency that lacks moral clarity, a bribe taking Legislature, and a Judiciary that is for
the highest bidder. I cannot in good conscience tell the professionals in the Press Union
of Liberia to contribute to such a democracy. Rather, the Liberian media should take a
broad national interest in helping dismantle this Liberian democracy (John S. Morlu,
IIs Address to the Press Union of Liberia, November 28, 2015
@ Although Mr. Morlu makes this kind of definite
pronouncement or throws out this kind of strong patriotic injunction, the good people of
this country are telling him no, and that instead, they will go the polls again in 2017 to
sustain this democracy.

13. While President Obama, speaking at last years African Union Summit in Addis Ababa
says that democracy is not just for holding elections, [and that by thinking so], then we
may just have it in name, and not in substance, but [that countries] MUST first fight to
fully unleash the potentials of their people; adding that countries that do best [in
whatever their forms of government are], are those that aggressively invest in the
education of their people, and those that vigorously train and empower entrepreneurs and
innovators etc., the good people of this country, 99.5% of which are the indigenous
people and the original owners of this land say No, Mr. Obama, we dont agree with you
that a true democracy or a true art of governance places first emphasis on the
development of each individual citizen, but we instead believe in the Americo-Liberians
definition of democracy which calls for just criminally running some fake process called
elections aimed at utilizing the painful tyranny of a huge ignorant population regularly,
and taking gross advantage of them under the canopy of government etc., and we are
ready again in 2017 to sustain this status quo
14. Although the worlds greatest man of our times has said that every man, and by
extension every nation, every set of people etc. deserves the right to control their own
fate alone, and that when we whether as individuals or countries succumb to people
who believe that they are superior to us, then we will be losers, and they too will be
losers [in the end], the good people of this land, especially the huge mass of country
people in this place vehemently disagree with President Obama, and instead say that we
agree with the Americo-Liberians that we, the Natives, are mere savages as claimed by
these predominantly criminal Blacks from the free world, and as such, we are very
inferior to them, and moreover that all of us combined i.e. both Natives and Americo-
Liberians, forming the so-called state of Liberia are very inferior to America and her
Wall Street interests, and that this condition or perception will remain so forever.
15. People keep saying country boys or the Natives of this land are in government; in fact,
they are piled up in the Legislature; they head the Judiciary, and arguments of this kind
etc., and so; they are responsible for the mess that we find in this country today. We say a
big No, that this argument is totally wrong. No, No. The truth of the matter is that
America and her Americo-Liberians setup a faulty and cursed foundation that keeps
going the same foolish way, no matter who gets on board, unless this dirty, barren
foundation is undone and redone, FULL STOP!!! The indigenous of this place are too
intelligent and industrious to have set up, or to have been in any way instrumental, in the
setup of this kind of barren structure called the Government of Liberia. They are just
being pushed against their own will to form part of this structure just for survival,
something that our Plain Truth Revolution is totally against, and thus we insist and
demand that it MUST come to an end now by the grace of God. So, the fact of the matter
is that while the indigenous people are not totally freed to some extent of the blame for
the mess that we find here today called national leadership owing to our consent to form
part of it later, its just fair to clarify that indigenous elements in the Americo-Liberian

structure called Government at all levels are just mere contractors hired with their own
resources to work against their own people. THIS IS TRULY what the founding fathers
of America predicted in the early 1800s when they said Liberia would be a land of
aggravated MISCHIEF as they dumped their Black Criminals on our soil just to get them
off Americas back. This is according to the Niles Weekly Registers April 12, 1817
edition. Some of the Natives may be conscious of this embarrassing fact that they are
mere contractors working against their own people, but many are very unaware and
unconscious about this damaging fact, and cant therefore be blamed to some extent,
except now that it is beginning to be made clear to them and the whole world.

16. The Bible and the Quran are quite categorical that God is NEVER mocked, and that
whatever a man, a nation etc. sows, that same thing he shall reap. In social terms for
example, President Kennedy once said, a country wherein few people decide to deny the
vast majority quality education and equal economic opportunities, can NEVER see
peace. These two Books of Gods Knowledge and Wisdom go further to say that any
structure whose foundation is not well laid can never flourish (for example, Luke 6: 46
49; Surat 14:25 etc.). But Americo-Liberia rejects all of these with two main arguments
here, as follows: (a) These two Books are lying, or (b) Even if they are talking some
truth, then its just quite difficult, if not impossible, to relay a whole nations foundation.
So lets maintain the old ACS and Jehudi Ashmun, Thomas Buchanan, J. J. Roberts etc.
foundation, and be managing with it. Things will improve later with more elections, or,
God Himself will send some battalion of angels from Heaven to come and help us lay a
new national foundation on better, productive principles for us God forbid, He never
works this way, etc.

Before we go any further, we like to make it clear here that while we are squarely discussing
issues rather than personalities, it must also be made known that issues are caused or
championed by personalities, and are attached to personalities, so we cant just talk issues
without mentioning the personalities to whom they are attached. This fact was established
by several scholars and philosophers including Karl Marx himself, to whom the vision
bearers of this revolution owe a whole lot.
Having said that, we now come to the main person that this revolution considers the
conclusion of the Americo-Liberian dominance chapter or hegemony in our country, Madam
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the work of her government, including all of the wonderful
praises that continue to be showered upon her, and her Americo-Liberians, as they steer the
ship of national affairs. This self-proclaimed Iron Lady, the cream of the crop of Americo-
Liberia, the best and most educated leader to date in this countrys history, among her
educational and other professional achievements earned so far include: an undergraduate
degree from the Madison Business College in Colorado, and a graduate degree in
administering the public space from John F. Kennedy School of Government at the most
prestigious Harvard University. Accolades (awards, prizes, honorary degrees, and different

recognitions) get showered upon this woman on weekly and monthly bases from every
corner of the world. Just a few of her accolades include: the FAO CERES Medal (2008,; the Crisis Group Fred Cunning Award for the
Prevention of Deadly Crises (2008, ); the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2007, ); the
Friend of the Media Award (2010, ); Honorary degrees from 14 different universities in the
United States (); the Peace and Environment Africa Award (2013,;
the Nobel Peace Prize (October, 2011) etc.
Government officials, whether out of insincerity and dishonesty as usual, just to make ends
meet, keep boasting of their president and government at different programs and occasions,
to the point that the Press Union Vice President, Mr. Jallah Grayfield once said, they are
like Jacks and Roses stuck to a sinking Titanic, even up to the point of drowning. Here are
some examples:
1. Isaac Jackson, New Dawn, January 18, 2016: Mr. Jackson lavishes praises on his boss
and the current Americo-Liberian Government as follows: (a) The American President
recognizes that Ellen inherited a dysfunctional system, and she has improved it; (b) The
issue of free speech in Liberia was a luxury before this government, but today, it has
become a necessity or, it is now commonplace; (c) Independence among the three
branches of government was non-existent, today for example, we have a very robust and
independent Legislature; (d) if you want to describe todays government in one word,
then that word is Tolerance.; (e) Today, we have 56 newspapers, 55 community radio
stations, 10 TV stations etc.; (f) The Judiciary is now independent; (g) Before Ellens
time for example, someone debating an issue on the floor against the government in the
Legislature could be booted out of the institution, it is not so today; (h) For the first time
in living memory, all opposition party leaders are living here, and anyone can call on a
talk show and tell the President anything; (i) The American people have their best
standards for fighting corruption, and we have adequately abided by these standards,
thats why we just won the MCC $256 million the last time, so in terms of fighting
corruption, we again are the best; (j) this government has paved roads the most than any
other government in the history of this country; and in the area of electricity, we have
provided up to 22 MW etc.
2. Presidential Spokesperson, Jerolinmek Piah boasts of his government so much on a daily
basis, especially with reference to how they have the ability to win foreign monies in
development aid. He spoke to Farbric FM once saying, Of the over 50 African heads
of state that gathered in New Dehli (referring to the 2015 India-Africa Submit), not over
5 of them ever had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Mordi, but Ellen did, because
shes considered one of the greatest and most productive of the leaders on the continent,
and as such, is always recognized in a special way (Farbric FM New Dawn,
November 10, 2015)

3. President Obama sometime ago lavished praises on Ellen too, saying among others, how
she took office under the most difficult of circumstances.. , and how she has moved
fast to consolidate democracy, improve governance, and to fight corruption. (ELBC,
March 2, 2015). He then promised to help support her, ranging from ensuring that
her government receives some MCC grant and that the American Peace Corps
return to Liberia.
4. The world believes in Ellen so much that every now and then shes being called upon to
come and share thoughts with them; for example: (a) President Sirleaf, whose country
has miserably failed to substantially implement one count of the 8-count Millennium
Development Goals, was called upon by world leaders to form part of the team to design
the worlds next batch of developmental agenda, the much more ambitious 17-count
Sustainable Development Goals ( September 2015 etc.) (b) Ellen
was called to attend the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations 41 st Session in Berlin,
Germany, to share her thoughts and advise the world about how to fight poverty. At that
occasion for instance, she said, until the issue of poverty is resolved, the other illegal
activities like money laundering, human trafficking etc. will be too difficult to
combat. (ELBC, June 10, 2015)
5. Professor David Elwood and Iris Bonnet of the Harvard University in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, on behalf of the university presented a portrait of the Americo-Liberian
Queen, a proud graduate of their institution, doing well in leadership in Africa, and
turning Liberia into a paradise, to President Sirleaf (ELBC, July 2014)
6. The prestigious Fortune Magazine in May 2015 rated Ellen at 16 th among its 50 greatest
world leaders.
7. President George W. Bush, in his days, awarded Ellen the Presidential Medal of
Freedom, describing her as a person having the tough-mind of a natural born
executive, and the gentle instincts of a mother. (Bush ends tour to Africa with a visit
to Liberia, The New York Times: February 21, 2008)
8. Deputy Speaker Hans Bashu, speaking to the press on the embarrassment subsisting at
the Capitol concerning Speaker Tylers alleged persistent involvement with criminal
deals, for which his colleagues now want him out says, this is the most robust,
productive, proactive, and best Legislature ever in this [countrys 194 year] history
(ELBC, June 9, 2016)
9. Addressing a session at a meeting organized for the Least Developed Countries in early
June in Israel, President Sirleaf boasted of how Liberia is progressing so tremendously in
the area of investment, and how her government has performed the best so far, including
for example, how her government has paved or rehabilitated around 690 kilometers of
roads etc., making it the most progressive than any other government in Liberias [194
year] history (ELBC, June 9, 2016) etc. and etc.

With some of these key points having been elaborated, lets now flip to the main workings
of Ellen and the government she inherited from her Americo-Liberian predecessors. We
will start with Economics and throw more focus on this art and science since it
constitutes a whole lot about what happens in the management and governance of a
country. Moreover, Economics is a key aspect of business, the main thing around which
almost all of lifes activities are involved. And by way of information, this Americo-
Liberian Iron Lady attended several Business Colleges in the United States, including
Harvard University, as we mentioned earlier, and she served the highest role or position
of an economist in this world, which is the World Bank Economist position reportedly.
Here are few accounts of how Ellen manages her countrys economy and its entire
governance after earning all these great achievements.
According to some local radio report in 2013, all of the government offices, institutions and
state-owned business enterprises that both collect monies or raise funds, and those that do
regular business for government when combined are up to 113, and in this number,
everyone should know by now that state-owned business enterprises (like the NPA, the
LPRC, the RIA, the Maritime Authority etc.) are strictly profit-making institutions that are
supposed to follow every business practice for such things as cutting costs and generating
huge revenues just like Facebook, Microsoft or Lone Star Cell or Cellcom etc. is doing. In a
related argument, Liberia is about the size of the states of Tennessee or Ohio in the United
States, or the size of Northern Ireland in Europe. We are interested in these comparisons on
the bases of age, size and opportunities, thats why we dont want to bring in Ivory Coast or
Ghana or Guinea. For example, Tennessee was admitted into Statehood in July of 1796, less
than 30 years before Liberias establishment; Ohio, just about the same size as Liberia and
Tennessee, became a state in February of 1803, less than 20 years before Liberias
establishment, while Ireland obtained nationhood status in January of 1919, with Mama
Americo-Liberia of course, having been established in 1822, and gaining so-called
independence in 1847. But while Tennessee, way back in 2011, had an annual tax collection,
excluding other sources of revenue, of Forty-Five Billion, One Hundred Eighty Nine
Million, Six Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars (US$45,189,610,000), and Ohio, One
Hundred Twelve Billion, Sixty-Nine Million, Four Hundred Seven Thousand
(US$112,069,407,000) all, according to the US Census Bureau, January 1, 2011,
Americo-Liberias part of National taxing authority, the Liberia Revenue Authority was
vowing that it would collect a total tax amount of US$7 million for fiscal year 2015/2016, a
fiscal year in which the countrys disgraceful total budget of US$622 million was heavily
subsidized by different foreign sources, including the European Union, which alone,
injected $279 million, or around 45% of this national forecasted budget, but sadly again,
the country still endured unspecified amounts of budget shortfalls, as former Lofa County
Senator Sumo Kupee had already predicted a shortfall of about US$150 million, all,
according to local media reports. Moreover, while 97 year old Ireland (in terms of
independence), just about half the size of 169 year-old Liberia, had a GDP, Purchasing

Power Parity, of US$235.850 billion in 2015, criminal Americo-Liberia still fakes GDP/PPP
figure of around US$1.5 billion, less than 12% of the GDP of baby, 5-year-old, trouble-
stricken South Sudan etc.
Liberia is also blessed with numerous precious resources. Some of them include: over 10,
million acres of agricultural land; about 9 million acres of thick rain forests which produce
logs, with the friendliest agricultural climate in the world; about 2.8 billion long tons of
proven iron ore deposits, most of which have now been depleted by marauding settler
economic vampires calling themselves national leaders etc.; vast quantities of diamond,
gold and manganese; and huge quantity of proven natural oil deposits, of which the current
puppet government has already mortgaged more than 10 key blocks, mainly to their
American partners for peanuts as it has always been the case here, among other disgusting

So instead of smartly taking care of our vast natural resources, while at the same time
properly managing these 113 both fund raising and ordinary profit-making business
institutions combined, and inculcating a culture of massive revenue generation under strong
internal control mechanisms and transparent business practices etc., the only thing that the
Liberian Government has known since 1822, has been to fly left, right and center, foolishly
begging for grants, loans, goodwill, criminal partnerships, criminal stake holdings among
others, and crying on foreign capitalists to come and invest in the country, even if it means
killing 100,000 citizens indirectly in both current and future generations, just to see these
illicit foreign direct investment deals go through. As a result, you must be a good case maker
for these kinds of financing arrangements before gaining prominence in the Liberian
Governance arena.
As a consequence of the Liberias thwarted idea of what constitutes economics; what
constitutes creating jobs for the country, as a leader; what it means to grow your economy as
a government etc., here is what the Ellen-led government, like almost all other Americo-
Liberian Governments before her, believe, that officials of government were elected to do,
in addition to the criminal waste and pillaging of state resources, compounded by the
citizens lack of independence to think for themselves, develop themselves, and act in their
own self-interests autonomously. Liberia, after 194 years of being around as a political
entity, remains a land of horrible destitution, unimaginable deprivation, and scorching
poverty both in ideas and materials from the very presidents office in this country to the
least of janitors in the least of government offices. For we want to restrict ourselves to
government here.

First off, every policy move, or every governmental action and decision in Americo-
Liberia is dictated by some foreign force or influence nothing indigenous or nothing
endogenous. Please read some of these very disgraceful facts below:
1. When Nigeria decided to grant Charles Taylor asylum in 2003 to enhance the Liberian
Peace process, there were no provisions for him to be extradited in the future, as he
himself decided to take several things into consideration and drop his right to fight to the
end, for the sake of peace. Nigeria stuck to its vow that it will never turn Taylor over to
the Hague, nor to any authority except upon the formal request of a democratically
elected Liberian president or government. But when Harvard-trained World Bank
Economist Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took power in 2006, just within less than two months of
her inauguration, in betrayal of Taylor, and in breach of a key element strengthening the
countrys peace, she did a formal request to the Nigerian Government for Taylors
extradition. After denying this action for a while as usual, Mrs. Sirleaf finally admitted
this iniquity; and, responding to a suggestive concern about why so soon with the issue
of turning her fellow compatriot and rebel-mate over to an already American backed
kangaroo justice process against Taylor], Ellen replied, [We acted out of] international
pressure, controlling our efforts to. raise the resources we need for our development
. (Nicolas Cook, Analyst in African Affairs: Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade
Division, US Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress)
2. From unimpeachable sources, including Unity Party stalwarts such as George Kailando
(talking to Farbric FM sometime in 2015 or thereabouts, and Toga McCintosh (talking to
Farbric FM on April 4, 2016) etc., all of Liberias so-called reform agendas, including
its much talked-about Agenda for Transformation, Vision 2030 etc.; the setup of all of its
integrity institutions, including the so-called Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, their
General Auditing Commission, the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative,
the Internal Audit Agency and others were all done to urgently meet up with criteria
imposed on the country by international donors and lending agencies so that Liberia first
off gets relieved of its previous useless debt burden, and then for the country to begin
swimming into more grants, loans and other financial packages for her so-called
development, but none of these are an independent effort to add value and sanity or
sanctity to governance. It has never been so before in the 194 round year history of this
country except to a considerable extent under William Tolbert, and to a little extent
during the latter days of Samuel Doe.
3. Electricity is a very key and integral part of 21 st century life. President Sirleaf, during her
elections campaign, promised that she will restore electricity (the previously existing
substandard grade) at least to the whole of Monrovia during the first 6 months of her
administration, before tackling the rest of the country (Public Agenda Newspaper etc.).
But 10 years into her presidency i.e. up to 2015 not a single street in Monrovia had
been electrified. Because the government was in search of some grant from the US
Government, the American Authorities compelled the Americo-Liberian Government to
craft some electricity bill reflecting their intention for the sector (Harry Greaves, ELBC).

It was this time that the issue of reforming the Liberia Electricity Corporation became
serious in Americo-Liberia to the point that Ellen requested the Legislature to extend its
sitting by additional 3 weeks to be able to ratify the LEC reform Bill and the US-based
Millennium Challenge Corporations iniquitous grant deal (ELBC, September 24, 2015)
4. From research done by our Plain Truth Revolution, the Liberian Government hired the
services of a Washington DC-based commercial diplomacy firm, KRL International, to
which it has secretly been dishing out more than US$470 million of our countrys
resources over a couple of years, and the job that this company does for the GOL is to
paint every ugly picture within this country positively to the international world, by
which means, loans and grants will pour in unhindered. In fact, one source narrates that
this firm has been fighting behind the scenes for the Government of Liberia, so that
nothing called recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are
EVER implemented here, so that the blood of our over half a million people that were
gruesomely killed here in senseless wars mainly intended to bring Americo-Liberians
back to power etc. finally go in vain.
5. Here is how Ellen addresses the press after Liberias acceptance within the World Trade
Organization in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2015. Asked about the benefit of such
accession, she joyously replied, they will give us some technical assistance; they will
support us in our trading. Through them, America and Japan have all agreed to help
us etc. Then asked about her trip to Kenya generally, apart from her countrys WTO
accession success story, Ellen says, Kenya will provide us some technical assistance,
they are a strong country in Agriculture and IT (ELBC, December 18, 2015)
Creating Jobs and Boosting Economy (the Americo-Liberian Approach)

6. Liberia believes in begging so much that, just to be able to discuss so-called partnership
issues which in reality will boil down to begging for some assistance while criminally
offering something under the cover of darkness in return, the Liberian President at times
writes or makes requests in other forms to foreign leaders to grant her permission to go
visit them (Jerolinmek Matthew Piah and Dehpue Zuo, Farbric New Dawn, November
10, 2015)
7. Jerolinmek M. Piah raps on Liberias engagement with China on their trip to this East
Asian Country as follows: Most of the assistance projects China should have done
here have been pendin for a while now, so we thought to remind President Chi about
this, and he promised to have these projects fast-tracked because he acknowledges that
they too will benefit from an early harvest of these projects [although no one knows
what these benefits truly are], and some of these works are:
(a) the construction of our ministerial complex,
(b) the extension of our capitol building, and
(c) the rehabilitation of the SKD Sports complex.

Mr. Piah continued, But we also made additional requests to the Chinese President,
which he considered, including:
(d) their assistance to enable us add value to our iron ore, and
(e) their indulgence to help us construct an airport city at the RIA.
At the conclusion of the talks, 3 formal agreements were signed between Liberia and
China, as follows:
(1) a Marine Agreement, for the Chinese to help enhance our fishery industry and
other marine activities,
(2) an Agricultural Production and Food Security Agreement, for China to help Liberia
in the
area of Agriculture, and
(3) a Visa free waiver agreement.
Then finally, a technical cooperation deal of $60 million for the early harvest of these
projects was signed. (Farbric F.M. New Dawn, November 10, 2015)
8. Of an insignificant 38 MW (megawatts) of dirty electricity to be generated through
Heavy Fuel Oil machine that the government has been promising its people for years
now, Americo-Liberian Government authorities say, 10 MW will be financed by the
World Bank, 10 by the Japanese Government, then before the Liberian Government
herself takes care of the rest, [which when proper investigation is done, it will be
established that they will use some other donor money from somewhere to do]
(Jerolinmek Piah and Elkina Westley, Farbric FM New Dawn, December 22, 2015)
9. While attending the World Womens Forum in Tokyo, Ellen managed to meet with
Prime Minister Abe on the sidelines to remind and encourage him about some of Japans
promises and commitments to helping Liberia, and she also made new requests to him.
Prime Minister Abe then reassured Ellen that his country will still take care of the HFO
machine that will generate 30 MW of electricity to Monrovia through LEC (the Liberia
Electricity Corporation). In addition, he promised that Japan will still do the Somalia
Drive Road. Then Ellen asked him to talk to his government to revamp the A. M.
Dogliotti College of Medicine, and to help train more doctors. Moreover, Ellen made an
appeal for Japan to consider doing the Somalia Drive Road to two lanes instead of the
existing one lane, and Prime Minister Abe said he would look into this appeal (Local
Radio, 2015)
10. Ellen has left for Berlin, Germany, where she will also be making case for support from
this sisterly Republic for the improvement of Liberias health sector she will be telling
her counterpart Angela Merkel that she wants Liberia to have a robust health sector
(ELBC, September 16, 2015)

11. Jerolinmek Piah boasts of his boss as being a global leader; says, during Ellens recent
meeting with world leaders, she gave them some excuse about how Ebola impeded our
progress, and then she presented to them a new recovery plan [which falls under the
Marshall Plan for worst-hit Ebola countries] (ELBC, September 28, 2015)
12. A 5-man GOL delegation headed by VP Boakai is in South Africa to seek more help for
Liberias Agenda for Transformation. (ELBC, April 6, 2016)
13. Ellen disclosed in November 2015 that during her visits to China and India for help, the
both countries reaffirmed their commitments to Liberias development. According to her,
the visit was to help her learn from these people how they passed through their times of
poverty [especially with their exceptionally huge human populations and land masses
etc.] two decades or so ago, to now be vying for world superpowership. She said one
response that she got from both countries that will resonate with her forever was, quoting
the two countries, Yes, we are willing to help you, but we only want to help people who
want to help themselves (ELBC, November 9, 2015)

14. At the end of the 2015 China-Africa Forum in South Africa, China announced a boost in
its development fund to Africa from US$8 to $60 billion. In reaction to this news, Ellen
joyously celebrated in an ELBC interview with her, and she said, We can now get some
financing to build our roads .We also took some time to talk to Chinese
companies to come and invest in our country. What China has done [today] is a win-win
situation for them and Africa (ELBC, December 7, 2015)
15. Jerolinmek Piah and Elkina Westley both talk to Farbric FM New Dawn about their
governments plan to massively create jobs in the Agriculture Sector as follows:
We all have agreed that Agriculture is the single biggest place to provide employment for
our people because we are aware that iron ore and other extractable resources can get
depleted. So to use Kenyas success story in the Agriculture sector, our two countries
have agreed to set up a joint commission[In fact], when we were in China, we were
discussing Agriculture; when we were in India the last time, we were discussing
Agriculture; and recently when we were in Kenya, we were discussing Agriculture etc.
(Farbric FM New Dawn, December 22, 2015)
16. Between February and March 2015, Ellen headed a high power government delegation
to 3 of the worlds 7 continents Asia, Europe and North America on what the
government referred to as An Appreciation and Advocacy Trip. The appreciation
aspect was to thank nations for how they helped in fighting Ebola for Liberia, and the
Advocacy piece was to present a new Marshall Plan to the international community to
help build Liberia after Ebola. This huge government delegation comprising over 25
members, headed by the President herself, for 3 weeks shuttled among and between the
United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Belgium etc. appreciating and
advocating. At her Mama Welcome Back Home Ceremony held at the Effort Baptist
Church in Monrovia on March 13, 2015, Ellen explained how she was playing her part
to build the country by taking these long trips across the world to build Liberias case for

development. She then admonished citizens as follows: ..Do your part, whatever that
part is, to move the country forward, because Liberia now has a big window of
opportunities, a window which will not remain open forever, as other global happenings
will take place that will shift the worlds attention from our country... (ELBC, March
14, 2015)
17. When suggestively quizzed by UNMIL Radios Torwon Sullohnteh about why the
Liberian Government will not learn to generate her own revenue with the vast resources
and opportunities she has, but will keep flying right, left and center, begging for
assistance, Ellen too suggested three reasons why, which include: (a) Liberia [only]
depends on money from the two crude commodities of iron ore and rubber, and
unfortunately these two commodities prices have dropped on the world market; (b)
Liberias budget is too small for the kind of capital projects we have to undertake, and to
add insult to injury, 80% of this small budget goes to paying people [called civil
servants] who are just playing cards behind their desks in government offices; and (c)
Too much of the already little the country generates or receives as revenue leave the
country and go to America [in remittances] etc. (UNMIL Radio, Talk with the president,
December 1, 2015)

18. Ellen speaking to the press upon her arrival at the Roberts International Airport after
almost 1 month away on a 3-nation tour, a leg of which took her Israel, says, Liberia will
benefit from these trips particularly in the areas of Agriculture and security, as UNMIL
draws down, because Israel has expertise in these areas (ELBC, June 12, 2016)
19. From the signing ground of the MCC grant in Washington or the US, a Liberian
Government dispatch read, Under the compact, the MCC will fund the rehabilitation of
the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant, develop a training center for electricians, create an
independent energy sector regulator, and create a nationwide road maintenance
framework etc. (
20. Senator Steve Zargo announces that two European nations Germany and France have
committed to providing finances for his proposed national security dialogue for Liberia
(ELBC, July 19, 2016)
21. Government, World Bank, to launch school feeding pilot (The News Newspaper, June
16, 2016)
Liberian government officials, including the President, also extend this perception of
theirs at the receipt of foreign diplomats. Here are a few proofs:
22. At the receipt of credentials for the new ambassadors of Switzerland, Turkey, Russia,
and Colombia at her displaced office in Monrovia in March 2015, President Sirleaf went
straightway into encouraging the new diplomats to start exploring areas in which they
could invest to exploit some of Liberias vast natural resources. In her direct words, We
are a country endowed with so many natural resources. (ELBC, March 16, 2015)

23. In October 2015, Sweden and Egypt replaced their ambassadors here. At the receipt of
credentials for the two new diplomats, Ellen announced to them how glad she would be
were they both to encourage investors from their countries to start flocking into Liberia
to exploit the countrys vast natural resources (ELBC, October 20, 2015)
24. Ellen, meeting with a visiting Chinese high power delegation headed by that countrys
Minister of Health and Family Planning, Madam Choo Lee, begged the Chinese to
please provide training for Liberian healthcare workers. She also begged the Chinese
military to help provide training to Liberias 2,000 strong army, established and
sustained thus far with foreign dollars etc. (ELBC, November 25, 2014)

25. Ellen announced that she was in vigorous search of foreign aid to help empower rural
women farmers and marketers (ELBC, June 12, 2015)
Apart from these regular trips on building the economy, which the President embarks
on almost every week, on the home front, and during other domestic or even foreign
engagements, government officials build their economy by urging people theoretically
all day, to either invest, or do some other things to improve Americo-Liberias
economy. Here are some press clippings and newspaper headlines about this reality:
26. Ellen meets with Arcellor Mittal and Firestone [to plead with them to keep Liberians on
their payroll] (Farbric FM News, February 8, 2016)
27. VP Boakai pleads with US Entrepreneurs to come and build the capacity of Liberian
entrepreneurs (ELBC, September 17, 2015)
28. Ellen says only Western investors will help transform Africa, including Liberia (ELBC,
September 25, 2015)
29. Foreign Minister Manjohn Kamara calls on South Africa to come and invest in
Liberias rich soil (ELBC, April 29, 2016)
30. Government has written the European Union to start with the rehabilitation of the RIA
terminal, so says Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe (ELBC, May 17, 2016)
31. At the launch of a mini foreign plastic materials manufacturing plant on the Jamaica
Road in Monrovia in February 2015, President Sirleaf and Speaker Tyler helped to
employ more Liberians by issuing the following directives:
(a) Ellen generally called for more factories to be built in the country, while asking Sethi
Brothers, the owner of this new plastic plant, to employ more Liberians at their plant;
(b) Mr. Tyler for his part, called on Sethi Brothers too to build more factories across the
country, so that, in his word, our people can get jobs (ELBC, February 9, 2015)
32. While touring the Firestone Area on July 1, 2015, especially in the Division #16 area,
where she had gone to see Firestones new rubber wood processing plant, President
Sirleaf called on Liberians to invest in rubber more, and to also invest in rubber wood.
(Farbric FM. News, July 2, 2015)

33. President Sirleaf meets with Indian Entrepreneurs, says Liberia welcomes India-Africa
Partnership Formation (, October 28, 2015)
34. President Sirleaf receives Chinese business delegation says private [foreign] sector
investment provides a springboard for Liberias development
(, August 6, 2015)
35. VP Boakai wears advocacy garment wants Golden Veroleum to employ more Liberians
(INSIGHT newspaper, 2015)

36. President Sirleaf urges increased American investment in Africa (,

September 28, 2015)
37. At the receipt of some international trade delegation to Liberia in early March 2016,
Ellen expressed the need for more [foreign] investment in Liberia in order to improve the
lives of the people of her country. She said her government will forge more international
partnerships so as to improve the lives of the people. (ELBC, March 3, 2016)
Based on Liberias fake economic mentality and orientation, which US Ambassador
Deborah Malac once alluded to, no government policy or program is indigenously and
independently derived. Everything one sees and hears happening in the corridors of
power in this country is something dictated or required by some external force. Here
are two quite interesting points to back all of the above in probably more intelligent
38. During the farewell party of Finance Minister Amara Konneh in late April 2016,
President Sirleaf rained so much praises on him. The justification was that through this
mans strong cases and advocacies at international conferences, Liberia became one of
the countries that obtained more international aid. (ELBC News, April 2015)
39. I know Liberians tend to think of concessions as the one model for foreign investment,
but that model is increasingly outdated. Madam Deborah Malac, US Ambassador to
Liberia, May 2015
As a result of this twisted understanding of what life is; what independence means; what
revenue generation is; and what constitutes economics etc., as trumpeted by her so-called
leaders, Liberia NEVER does anything worthwhile on her own, and anything worth
doing here must be done with some donor, or, as the clich is, some partners support or
money. Here are just a very few examples in an ocean of proofs, within a short space of
time i.e. between late 2014 and this 2016:

1. During the so-called Ebola fight, everybody saw that the people and government had
nothing significant to contribute to the fight no expertise, no cash, no equipment, no
facility etc., and so the Senate voted that this whole health war be turned over formally
and explicitly to international institutions and NGOs, so that Liberia and its people can
only play some political role. This is how Finance Minister Amara Konneh is quoted as
justifying the decision: Our procurement processes are very cumbersome, they are
too slow as compared to those of other international agencies, especially UN
agencies (ELBC Super Morning Show, October 1, 2014)

2. As a result of Liberias incapacity to contribute anything meaningful to the Ebola battle

of 2014-15, the World Bank, in October 2015 officially clarified that they had been
providing their support to Liberia in this public health crisis in 3 basic ways as follows:
Providing pay incentives for all healthcare workers, including their hazard pay
Providing supplies to all affected people and quarantined communities
Providing all the tools and equipment needed for the Ebola fight (ELBC, October 15,
3. In early 2015, news broke up that the Liberian Government, in its Education reform
process, had secured 1 million new text books to share with her primary schools across
the country. The secret was that these text books cost a grand total of US$9 million of
World Bank funding.
4. During the Ebola crisis, special burial centers were needed to bury victims. According to
Incident Management Team head and Assistant Health Minister Tolbert Nyensuah, it was
USAID that helped set up about 70 of such special burial centers across the country
during the crisis (ELBC, January 19, 2015)
5. Around late 2014 or thereabouts, the Ministry of Youth & Sports announced it had
provided 300 vacation jobs to students across the country at $50 dollars for each student
at the close of the work. The truth of the matter is that all this was UNICEF money.
(Local Radio News, 2015)
6. As part of Liberias Agriculture Ministrys commitment to empowering rice farmers after
the Ebola devastation, it was the World Bank that mobilized money to purchase seed rice
and fertilizers to share with the farmers (Truth FM, February 13, 2015)
7. The Americo-Liberian Legislature goes to Ganta, Nimba County to hold a 5-day retreat
at which proposals presented by the Special Constitution Review Committee would be
debated. The United Nations Development Program takes on the responsibility for
providing daily sustenance allowances for food etc., rental for the hall, accommodation
for the lawmakers, among others. (ELBC, November 24, 2015)
8. Information Minister Eugene Nagbe speaking to ELBC from Israel says that a team of
Israeli engineers will soon arrive in the country to assess Liberias Water & Sewer
Corporations infrastructure to make interventions. He said Liberia will be tapping into

Israels knowledge in the area of applying technology to Agriculture, and that Liberia
will also start benefiting from Israeli investments soon (ELBC, June 9, 2016)
Every time one turns their radio on in Liberia, the only thing you hear from
criminal government officials is how the administration of Harvard-trained Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf is the best in the countrys 194 year history. They boast so much of
how the government has built new roads; rehabilitated old roads, is rehabilitating a
hydro plant etc., but what these criminals wont openly disclose with emphasis is that
all these relatively very insignificant work programs are funded by international
peoples monies. Lets drill you through a few examples:

9. The newly rehabilitated, so-called two-lane Jacob Miltons Caldwell Bridge, which truly
is one-lane (whose rehabilitation became paramount because international organizations
and institutions are working on the funny Mount Coffee Hydro Plant and the Water &
Sewer Corporations old plant etc.) was funded by the World Bank (ELBC, September
13, 2015)
10. The rehabilitation of few alleys and corridors in 1822 Monrovia during the Ellens
regime are all, or 95% or more, funded by the World Bank, according to reliable sources,
including the government herself
11. The much publicized one-lane Red Light to Gbarngas 176 km route, plus its other
adjunct, 67 km Gbarnga to Ganta Border Road rehabilitation currently ongoing is an EU
(European Union) funded project, implemented by the World Bank (ELBC, September
17, 2015)
12. The current Somalia Drive 50 km (about 31 mile) one-lane road that the Japanese are
trying to upgrade to two lanes, if possible, is something that President Sirleaf has been
begging the Japanese Government to help her do since 2009 according to the National
Chronicle Newspaper; and, according to presidential spokesperson Jerolinmek Piah and
others, during the 6 year period that the Japanese were studying this request before
finally coming to start sometime in late 2015 Ellen flew for 20 hours sometimes going
to beg Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to come build this 31 mile road for her [so that it
boosts her legacy]. Two things to note here with emphasis meanwhile are as follows:
(a) From reliable sources, this poor, one-lane Somalia Drive alley in 1822 Monrovia was
not even constructed by the government, but by Firestone, just to make sure she gets her
criminally exploited latex out of vulnerable Liberia into the ports for shipment;
(b) This Japan, that Ellen has bombarded for 6 years now to help her do our 31-mile
Somalia Drive Road, has around 7 or more assistance projects ongoing in the country
most of which, or almost all of which, are at some standstill now due to proven massive
corruption from the Liberian criminal gang called Government, and some of these
projects or assistance packages include: (1) An over US$700,000 fund to build the
capacity of staffs at Liberias Ministry of Foreign Affairs; (2) An oil grant scheme to
empower the Liberian economy, that started with a $13 million infusion in 2011; (3) A
food grant that sees over $5 million worth of food assistance coming to Liberia yearly;

(4) A huge infusion of tens of millions of USD into Liberias 10 year 80 MW hydro plant
rehabilitation project etc.
(c) This Japan, which Ellen keeps pressing against the wall for help, despite being the
worlds 3rd biggest economy, has been having a series of major economic and other crises
over a couple of years now, including two recessions just in the past two years, about
three massive earthquakes (one in 2011 and two this year, 2016), all of which took away
scores of lives and billions of dollars of property worth that the countrys authorities are
still assiduously struggling to recover; and
(d) During the 1960s, when Americo-Liberian Tubman was selling out all of our virgin,
precious resources for peanuts like a STUPID FOOL, just like Ellen is doing today,
Liberia was rated on par, in terms of economic growth figures, with this same Japan etc.
13. In mid-December 2015, government broke grounds for the rehabilitation and
construction of the Bardnersville, Kebbah, Diggsville, Caldwell New Georgia etc. roads
all around 11-12 kilometers community roads in suburban Monrovia, at the cost of a
little over $12 million. (ELBC, December 17, 2015). Most of these projects had been
politically promised for over 4 years, but nothing was happening during this time. The
secret behind the groundbreaking done this day was that the criminal Americo-Liberian
Government had just won a bogus prize money from the US-based Millennium
Challenge Corporation for what the both parties dishonestly call Liberias improvement
at governance, economic management, fight against corruption etc.
14. Government has been boasting of its preparedness now to pave the Gbarnga-
Mendikorma Road. Here is the secret behind this preparedness from a local newspaper
caption: Arab Lenders on Gbarnga-Mendikorma Road Project Appraisal Mission,
which was captured by the Ministry of Finance and Developments website
(, late 2015)
15. Since Liberias only international airport was constructed as a US military quick impact
project for their World War II operations from an Africa base in the 1940s and turned
over to the government, the country has never been able to carry out any major repair
work on this single runway facility independently, and with the countrys recent uncivil
war adding insult to injury, the facility lies in further ruins. To get this 1940s relatively
makeshift facility rehabilitated over ten years on, into a peace time Liberian
administration, up to three foreign lenders are financing the project, with government
swooping as low down as crediting $2 million reportedly from some of the multiple
lending firms, and up to this date, the project hasnt yet been able to hit the ground
running, owing to massive corruption within the processes leading to jumpstarting the
project (FrontPage Africa Newspaper and other sources)
16. In mid-September 2015, Liberian Education Authorities through County Officer
Cecelia Reeves announced the training of 800 teachers in Montserrado County. The
money used to train these teachers was NGO money (ELBC, September 17, 2015)

17. In September 2015, the Chief Medical Officer of Bomi or Bong County, Dr. Logan, was
complaining about the dilapidated state of health centers in his county. Guess on whose
head was this responsibility placed? Dr. Logan called on the International Maritime
Organization, which had reportedly pledged to help earlier, to hurry up to come
rehabilitate these 10 health centers in the county (ELBC, September 25, 2015)
18. Out of tip offs that Liberia stands to benefit some assistance if her name is placed on the
World Heritage listing, independent and sovereign Black American Liberia secures
some UNESCO experts and UNESCO funding to do a tour of important/interesting sites
in the country that could be developed later; again, with international dollars. (ELBC,
October 15, 2015)
19. The Civil Service Agency is launching some program aimed at explaining to the public
how she will effectively deliver services. USAID/GEM funds this initiative. (ELBC,
December 12, 2015)
20. 43,000 square-mile, 4.5 million population Black American Criminals Liberia has two
recognized vocational schools all built by, and with foreign peoples money. One of
these, the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) had been dilapidated for some
time now; recently, it got blessed to be spotted by the Chinese Government for
rehabilitation. After the Chinese had spent over $9 million to rehabilitate the MVTC,
sent 25 Liberians to China for training to form the teaching staff at the school, and
pledged to undertake the running of the school for 1 year before turning it over to Mama
Liberia, Ellen, at the dedicatory program of the newly rehabilitated school in November
2015, first thanked the Chinese for the project and outlined a long list of projects that the
Chinese have successfully assisted the country with, including the governments much
talked about Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital, the only up-to-standard football field
Liberia has ever seen since 1822, which is the SKD Sports Complex, the University of
Liberias over $20 million Fendell Campus, the Central Agriculture Research Institute
project etc.; then, in a rather disgracefully ungrateful mood, Ellen used this same
occasion to call on the Chinese to hurry up and complete the other assistance projects
they had promised for handicapped Liberia. Ellen called on them to hurry up and
construct, as promised, the Government of Liberias Ministerial Complex; to hurry up to
construct the Capitol Building Annex for the National Legislature; [to hurry up and
upgrade Liberias only makeshift airport, the Roberts International Airport, an airport
constructed as a US Military quick impact project during World War II days to a new
airport city, they say etc.] (ELBC, November 19, 2015). To make this development even
more interesting, just within less than a year, newspapers have started publishing stories
about this institution with such titles as MVTC faces perpetual closure, 15,000 students
fate hang in limbo etc. [probably because government lacks the capacity to maintain the
school while they await the 25 teachers being trained by China to man the school.]
(Focus Newspaper, April 20, 2016 etc.)
21. In late 2015, Senator Edward Dagoseh announced to his people of Grand Cape Mount
County that an 8-mile road from Robertsport to Medina, including other smaller feeder

roads nearby would soon be paved. The assurance was that all of this would be pre-
financed by some partners from South Korea. (ELBC, November 27, 2015)

22. The Americo-Liberian Government, through its Governance Commission has been
boasting of decentralizing governmental activities outside of Monrovia, as it has been
the case that almost everything else is being done only in Monrovia since 1822. Here is
the only strength the government has been relying on in all of its decentralization noise:
(a) In early December 2015, the Government of Liberia, and the United Nations
Development Program signed a US$5 million grant agreement with the Swedish
Government for the implementation of Liberias decentralization program (ELBC,
December 9, 2015). In fact, what truly happened according to ELBC was that a joint
contribution agreement among the sovereign and independent GOL, the UNDP, the
EU, the USAID etc. was stroke for $18 million to be used over a period of 5 years, to
take care of Liberias decentralization, poverty alleviation and other needs during this
age of artificial intelligence.
23. Mr. Nathaniel Blamo, head of some Liberia National Union, disclosed once that USAID
was the one that renovated the National Legislature; put into place an electronic voting
system to be used during plenary debates etc., but that as we speak, the Legislators have
been unable to continue with the use of this electronic system for some time now
because of their financial inability to solve some problem on the system, and so they are
still putting fingers up and manually counting heads during votes in this 21 st century.
(ELBC, December 12, 2015)
24. In late December 2015, a Ministry of Internal Affairs Research finding was published
that identified 34 sites in 8 of Americo-Liberias 15 counties at which mini dams could
be built to boost Liberias electricity supply. This purely domestic research was funded
by the Norwegian Government (ELBC, December 29, 2015)
25. In anticipation of a smooth upcoming 2017 polls, Liberias Elections Coordinating
Committee decided to host a short symposium to amend or discuss amendments to the
existing elections law of the country. This symposium was funded by the USAID.
(ELBC, January 4, 2016)
26. The Liberian Government after the Ebola fight decided to motivate its health workers by
providing them some housing incentives. To do this, the National Housing Authorities
had to liaise with the World Bank in identifying a $2.5 million housing project (ELBC,
January 8, 2016)
27. Since the UN Peace mission began in Liberia in 2003, the Liberian Government had
known quite well that this very expensive UN Mission, costing over $600 million per
year to sustain, will definitely leave at least within a decade; and as such, every
mechanism should be in place to domestically train and equip more security forces. But
this has not been the case even as this UN Mission has spent over 13 years around, now
costing them over $50 billion US Dollars. It is in the same year of UNs final draw
down, in 13 years that the Americo-Liberian Government makes case for US$90 million

to train security forces, and puts out SOS call for help to train security forces.
(, September 2015), as the President seeks Legislative approval to
restructure the Americo-Liberian National Police and the Bureau of Immigration. (Local
Newspaper, September 4, 2015). The Irish Aid Department at the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs responds in its own little way by sending 14 Drugs Enforcement Agency officers
and 10 National Police officers to Ghana and Egypt respectively, all in January 2016, 5
months away from the final UN draw down (ELBC, January 23, 2016 etc.)
28. Just to encourage the public to report corruption cases to the Americo-Liberian Anti-
Corruption Commission, the World Bank was requested to fund the publicity. The result
is a paper sticker printed by the LACC with World Bank money, which reads,
Corruption is injustice, and silence is consent! Report Corruption Now! ....
29. The National Bureau of Concessions, with some external advice, decided to come up
with a computer software to track the activities of concession companies across the
country. At the close of the day, it is the USAID/GEM, according to Madam Ciatta
Bishop, head of the Commission, that funded the software program. (ELBC, September
17, 2015)
30. The Swedish Government and the UNDP are the ones jointly funding the construction of
court houses including the magisterial courts across the country. This was disclosed in
mid-November 2015 when groundbreaking ceremonies were being held for the
construction of the Omega Magisterial Court in Paynesville (ELBC, November 18, 2015)
31. In February of 2016 some fire incident was reported on top of the Wologisi Mountain in
Lofa County. The GOL shamefully could not handle this small fire incident on her own,
and had to seek UNMILs assistance (the Parrot Newspaper, February 17, 2016)
32. The In Profile Daily Newspapers February 26, 2016s edition reported a story titled,
Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) solicits partnership to enhance tax collection.
33. In Profile Daily Newspapers November 25, 2015s edition reportedly depicts Ellen
[showing her hands] to the UN to provide money for Liberias Constitution Review
34. Ellen justifies flying around the world for help to ELBC boss, Legiwood Rennie as
follows: ..We dont have our own resources to do the kinds of work we want to do, so
we need to go around and make cases, and when we make these cases or assertions, the
people to whom we make them will have to come on ground and verify things for
themselves (ELBC, February 20, 2015)
SINCE LIBERIA is a country that almost ABSOLUTELY does nothing on her own, and
down to printing stickers, she must be supported by either the World Bank or the EU etc.,

the international community, which normally means well, but can also have elements
with either criminal, imperialist, or other exploitative agenda too, prepared to leverage
the opportunity of peoples poverty and other vulnerabilities to enrich themselves at the
expense and blood of poor people, has found in Liberias criminal gang called
government, a good partnership for aid to pour into the country from left, right and
center whether people see or feel the reality or not. Liberia has gotten so dangerously
exposed to exploitation that one can smell the monkey business in almost all of the
donations, grants, loans and other financial packages flowing into this country almost
every day. Here are just a few accounts of some of Liberias overwhelming aid and loan
packages all left with you the readers, creditors and donors etc. yourselves to figure out
which ones reach down there to benefit the poor people. Monitoring radio for less than 3
hours a day, and tuning in to between 1 and 3 of Liberias reportedly over 30 FM radio
stations, this is just a small sample, within one and a half years (i.e. between late 2014
and this 2016) of the level of goodwill and loans (both delivered and pledged) flowing into
this country. Please note that to save us time, details are not provided. We also placed all
of them under one section here because no one ever sees any transparent record of
Liberias debt payments, thus effectively making loans to appear too like all the other
ordinary gifts, because they are never paid, or at least convincingly paid back. Here we
(A) LOANS (small sample of the huge batch that came in during this 1.5 year period)

1. The House of Representatives ratifies a US$20 million International Development

Associations funding deal. The money is intended to support Liberias 2014/2015 fiscal
budget (ELBC, March 25, 2015)
2. President Sirleaf submits $20 million loan instrument for ratification (Focus Newspaper,
March 11, 2016)
3. Ellen has written the House of Representatives to ratify two different loan agreements of
$54.25 million and $8 million respectively to be used to revamp the economy (UNMIL
Radio, November 1, 2014)
4. Presidential Press Secretary Jerolinmek Piah discloses his governments receipt of $144
million concessional loan from the Indian Government as follows: .We have just
attended the 3rd India-Africa Summit in New Dehli; the second took place in 2011,
during which time $8 billion was offered by the Indian Government as a line of credit to
African countries, an amount from which Liberia managed to engage $144 million in
loan to be used for our electricity project (Farbric New Dawn, November 10, 2015)
5. Ellen seeks US$12 million loan for Gbarnga-Sarlayei Road Project - (Womens Voices
Newspaper, June 28, 2016)
6. GOL and African Development Bank sign US$35 million agreement for road pavement
in the South East - (ELBC News, July 19, 2016)

GRANTS (small sample of the huge batch that came in during this 1.5 year period)

7. $318,000 has been provided by the Food & Agriculture Organization to fight a disease
called PPR, that has attacked and killed 300 cattle thus far in Lofa and Nimba counties
(ELBC, November 23, 2015)
8. USAID signs $25 million municipal water system grant
(, August 27, 2015)
9. Sweden commits $88 million to Liberia (Frontier Newspaper, February 29, 2016)
10. Liberias 2015/2016 budget receives $279 million infusion from the EU (Local Radio
11. World Bank provides $54 million to cut poverty and food insecurity in Liberia (Liberia
News Agency, 2015)
12. Sweden givers $32 million to Liberia annually (Liberia News Agency, October 26,
13. LEC Reform Liberia poised to manage US$30 million EU aid
(; September 20, 2015)
14. The Millennium Challenge Corporation approves US$256.7 million grant for Liberia
(Daily Observer, September 22, 2015)
15. GOL-World Bank sign $132 million agreement (The News Newspaper, February 26,
16. Liberia gets EU financial support to implement climate change programs
( December 15, 2015)
17. Government of Liberia and the US launch [US Government-funded] $5 million National
Security Radio Communications Network (ELBC, May 16, 2016)
18. GOL and World Bank sign $46 million financing agreement (ELBC, April 27, 2016)
19. Liberia gets US$37 million to sustain forest (The People Newspaper, May 9, 2016)
20. World Bank gives US$10 million for Liberias extremely poor (Capitol Times
Newspaper, May 4, 2016)
21. World Bank approves $27 million for mini hydro plant in Lofa County (Capitol Times
Newspaper, April 22, 2016)
22. $10 million for water crisis World Bank approves credit for country (FrontPage Africa
Newspaper, April 4, 2016)
23. Government receives $14 million from the World Bank to relocate the Redemption
Hospital from New Kru Town to Caldwell (ELBC, March 2, 2016)

24. USAID and Liberia sign $59.1 million agreement for Liberias health sector (Public
Agenda Newspaper, February 17, 2016)

25. GOL and EU sign two financing agreements worth $60 million to support electricity and
other sectors (Farbric FM News, February 9, 2016)
26. Swedish envoy earmarks US$158 million for Liberia (Womens Voices Newspaper,
February 5, 2016)
27. Liberia poised to get $1.26 billion share of Ebola money (Parrot Newspaper, January
20, 2016)
28. World Bank approves $27 million for Liberias rural electrification (Womens Voices
Newspaper, January 18, 2016)
29. GOL signs $25 million agreement with Germany to enhance Liberias socio-economic
development (The Analyst Newspaper, January 14, 2016; The Public Agenda
Newspaper, January 15, 2016)
30. World Bank President Jim Yon Kim announces over a billion US Dollars support to
worst hit Ebola countries, including Liberia (ELBC, January 15, 2016)
31. VP Boakais Office receives US$1.4 million grant from the Bill & Malinda Gates
Foundation to conduct some community-based survey on Ebola (ELBC, January 4,
32. African Development Bank approves US$33.3 million Ebola Recovery Fund
( October 26, 2015)
33. Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties receive $45,000 in US Government grant for
youth empowerment (ELBC, June 17, 2015)
34. EU drops US$18 million in Liberias [2015/2016] budget - (The News Newspaper, June
16, 2016)
35. African Development Bank dishes out US$10 million to GOL to develop Agriculture in
the country - (ELBC News, June 13, 2016)
36. Michelle Obama announces $27 million for girls education - (Inquirer Newspaper, June
28, 2016)

DONATIONS AND GOODWILLS (small sample of the huge batch that came in
during this 1.5 year period)
37. Save the Children donates 7 motor bikes to the CH Rennie Hospital in Kakata to
improve contact tracing (ELBC, December 19, 2014)
38. A vehicle fleet valuing US$1.2 million (including 12 protocol sedans and 4 buses) has
been donated to the Liberian Government by China (Farbric FM News, June 4, 2015)

39. Chinese based construction company, CHICO donates equipment and tools to highly
impoverished farmers in Bong County (ELBC, January 5, 2016)

40. UNFPA donates, on behalf of the Japanese Government, 2 ambulances and 35 motor
bikes all worth US$200,000 to the Ministry of Health to tackle maternal mortality
(ELBC, November 20, 2015)
41. UNFPA donates vehicle to Ministry of Health (Focus Newspaper, February 1, 2016)
42. World Bank, Other, boost Liberias health, make $1.8 million donation (Heritage
Newspaper, February 16, 2016)
43. As China and America boost capacity, AFL, a force to reckon with (Heritage
Newspaper, February 12, 2016)
44. Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) benefits $3 million Chinese military aid (The
Independent Newspaper, February 12, 2016)
45. UN begins a $1 million water and sanitation project as part of its Ebola Recovery
Program in Clara Town (ELBC, March 3, 2016)
46. British Charity, Tear Fund launches a one year water program in Sinoe (ELBC, March 3,
47. UNICEF donates to Health Ministry (Womens Voices Newspaper, March 30, 2016)
48. 150,000 farmers to benefit from AfDB support (Womens Voices Newspaper, April 11,
49. Japan to build reference lab for Ebola and other diseases (Daily Observer Newspaper,
April 11, 2016)
50. World Food Program hands over Emergency Supply chain assets to the management of
RIA (ELBC, April 18, 2016)
51. UNMIL donates a consignment of explosive ordinance device to the AFL (ELBC, April
27, 2016)
52. Lebanese give US$100,000 to Tubman College (Inquirer Newspaper, May 19, 2016)
53. Hope for the visually impaired World Bank takes Liberia school of the Blind to the
digital age (FrontPage Africa,, November 2015)
54. Sweden turns over crime lab to Liberia National Police (The Analyst Newspaper,
October 26, 2015)
55. Liberian Government and World Bank to rehabilitate the Mesurado Fishery Terminal
(, October 15, 2015)
56. WHO (World Health Organization) rescues Liberias health sector with 17 vehicles and
computers ( March 20, 2016)

57. In June 2015, the Indian Government donated thermometers and others to the Liberian
Health authorities, and pledged to support the Agriculture sector (ELBC, June 7, 2015)

58. Liberia is unable to provide science labs in her colleges. Therefore in 2015, USAID
embarked on providing Science lab equipment to the very few (3 or 4) community
colleges across the 43,000 square-mile country, most, if not all of which are built with
donor monies. Grand Bassa Community College receives hers in early October 2015, but
just earlier before that, USAID had done similar donations at the BWI (Boker
Washington Institute), and the Lofa and Nimba Counties Community Colleges (ELBC,
October 5, 2015)
59. UNMIL turns over jury database system to Liberias Temple of Justice (ELBC, January
28, 2016)
60. Justice Minister receives 19 computers from an NGO, while addressing the recent
Darlington George dismissal saga (ELBC, September 18, 2015)
61. UNFPA donates pickup to the Girls Support Division at the Ministry of Education
(ELBC, October 22, 2015)
62. Ducor Lion Club donates wheel chairs to JFK (Hot Pepper Newspaper, May 12, 2016)
63. China medical team donates drugs to JFK Hospital (Heritage Newspaper, 2016)
64. Japanese Government distributes assorted materials to border communities in 8 counties
- (ELBC/Local News, June, 2016)
65. South Korea donates 6 vehicles to Ministry of Foreign Affairs - (Parrot Newspaper, June
27, 2016)
66. US donates military equipment to Liberian Government - (The Catalyst Newspaper, July
13, 2016)
67. World Bank head demands more money for post Ebola Liberia. Madam Helen Clarke
was requesting for more funding to the badly hit Ebola countries, including Liberia
(ELBC, February 16, 2015)
68. 63,000 Liberians to gain access to safe drinking water World Bank leads the process
(Womens Voices Newspaper, March 30, 2016)
69. Liberia-China sign letter of intent to boost Agriculture (Focus Newspaper, January 20,
IN the midst of all these loans, grants, gifts, favors and other forms of assistance which we
could go on listing and listing here endlessly, that continue to pour into this small, old, dirty
country, to prove the economists right, that There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch or
TINSTAAFL the foundation of all economics, and a concept originating from the days of
Biblical King Nebuchadnezzar (according to historical sources) no one knows where these

gifts, loans and grants are taking Liberia, as POVERTY rages on, and deprivation flourishes,
to the point now of decimating almost a whole society. As if the people of this country dont
know yet, in their 194 years of being around as a political entity, that the things called gifts,
grants, goodwill and other forms of free financial packages, and even loans to some
extent, especially in the case of criminal Liberia (around whose activities are almost always
not well-intentioned), can either be more of curse or further subjection to slavery or
unending indebtedness etc., they (Liberian people) keep relying on these kinds of means as
their ONLY major sources of revenue generation and so-called development. The bad side
of this kind of dependency and their crippling effects are adequately defended by authors
such as George Bataille and Jonathan Parry. These writers have convincingly argued,
especially under the broad topic, Gift Economy, that theres nothing called free gifts, as
everything given to a society today under the guise of being free must be paid back or paid
for by society tomorrow one way or the other whether illegally behind the scenes or
broadly some way, in addition to the fact that gifts can also be a source of curse or some
subjection to slavery or untold indebtedness. All of this interprets to the conclusion that an
economy which will result to shared prosperity for its people must be developed from
within, through entrepreneurial and indigenous, innovative efforts by the citizens and
government themselves, and NOT necessarily by World Bank and EU loans, especially
within the Liberian context.
Having laid all of these bases, lets now list some of the woeful economic realities in
Liberia, ranging from unimaginably poor infrastructure and human resource development
reality, to a generally very poor purchasing power of government institutions, and extending
to individual citizens gross lack of capacity to withstand shocks etc., in the midst of all of
the wonderful gifts, loans, grants, development assistance, and favors that this country has
been enjoying since 1822 even though the accounts we have been giving above just cover
1.5 years, starting late 2014 to this 2016. Here we go:
A. Infrastructure And Human Poverty
POOR INFRASTRUCTURE (just 24 in hundreds of examples or proofs of
Americo-Liberias extreme infrastructure poverty)
1. Liberia, 194 years old, 43,000 square miles, has less than 300 miles of paved one-lane
roads that cater for less than 4 major, relatively short-distance highways across the whole
country. (Executive Mansion sources, Ministry of Finance Report and others)
2. Poor quality, diesel-machine generated, and intermittently-supplied electricity reaches
around 0.0024% of the population, only mainly around Central Monrovia (Liberia
Electricity Corporation, US Monrovia Embassy Sources, and others)
3. Government-provided housing, since 1822, has not been able as yet to affect the lives of
up to 0.0002% of the population, talk less about 1% (National Housing Authority,
Executive Mansion Sources etc.)
4. Pipe-borne water supply, like electricity, only reaches a very few, far incomparable to
1% of the population in the same way, and only in a small portion of Monrovia or in

some other disjointed fashion in some communities outside of Monrovia (Liberia Water
& Sewer Corporation, others)

5. There are a very few, poorly staffed, and ill-equipped health facilities in the country-
mainly in Monrovia. Most of the very few drugs at these facilities, including most of the
beautifully packaged drugs in many pharmacies in the country are reportedly beyond
their expiration dates. The physician to population ratio is at a horrible 1 doctor to
100,000 citizens (1:100,000) etc. (US Monrovia Embassy Sources, President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf, BBC, ELBC etc.)

6. At the Gaoula District Police depot in Grand Cape Mount County, the 5 th oldest county
of the country, detainees reportedly have to be taken to the nearby bushes to ease
themselves because of lack of restroom facilities. It is reported that one notorious arm-
related criminal, one Kromah, escaped from this facility because he was permitted to go
to the nearby bushes to attend to nature (ELBC, Sky FM, February 16, 2015)

7. There is only one place in the whole country where all birth certificates are obtained; and
this is the Office of Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health. In fact, some time ago, Rep.
George Mulbah of Bong County was heard expressing his frustration at how people from
all walks of Liberian life must have to come down to Monrovia, with some having to
travel for over 300 miles, just to obtain a birth certificate. Sometime in mid-2015, the
head of this office was heard complaining to the public about how his office, or section,
is terribly underequipped, with only one printer serving the whole country, no means of
transportation for his section, and a very irregular supply of electricity, among others.
(Farbric FM. May 29, 2015)

8. Few journalists traveling with Education Ministry officials on an assessment trip to the
South Eastern region of the country made the following claims and observations which
Ministry officials reportedly confirmed:

(a) In the Karlor Area in Sinoe, goat feces and urines flood dilapidated classrooms where
children take lessons;

(b) In many makeshift schools in these areas, there are no latrines, no water facilities/supply,
and students sometimes have to go home and wait for the cessation of downpours of
rains before coming back to class to clean up ditches of rainwater before resuming

(c) Big-sized girls will have to seek permission to go home and use restrooms before
returning back to class, regardless of how far away from their makeshift campuses they
live; (Farbric FM. June 15, 2015 etc.). In further related developments, Education
Ministry authorities and journalists also disclosed how the whole South Eastern Region
comprising the counties of Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Kru, and Grand Gedeh, especially
with emphasis on Grand Kru, had no Math and Science teachers in their high schools. In
May 2015, ELBC reported how in Nimba County District #8, children share their

makeshift classrooms with pigs, which sometimes violently interrupt classroom activities
during broad day. (ELBC, May 6, 2015). Still on Education, it is reported that within the
2014/2015 fiscal budget, the Americo-Liberian National Legislature allotted ONLY
US$2,000 (i.e. Two Thousand Dollars) for developing Science & Technology programs
in ALL public schools across ALL of Liberias 15 counties (Farbric FM. June 22, 2015).
Miss Abigail Freeman, head of the Nimba County Students Union tearfully narrated how
charcoal is still being used in place of chalks in some schools in her county (Farbric
FM, July 15, 2015)

9. Disclosing the Americo-Liberian Governments achievement in road building thus far,

Executive Mansion authorities narrate, Government has thus far built 118 km (around
73 miles) of new roads [even though what they will not mention is that these are the
same one-lane roads of 1700s standards; and that they are being built with foreign
dollars, plus, that it has taken 10 years to build these 73 miles of roads; that is, around 7
miles of one-lane roads per year with foreign dollars etc. (Jerolinmek Piah and Elkina
Westley, Farbric FM. New Dawn, December 22, 2015)

10. Patrick Sendolo, Minister of Lands, Mines & Energy, disclosing the overall progress thus
far that his Americo-Liberian Government has been able to achieve in the area of
electricity narrates, We had a few Mega Watts when this President came to power;
today, [in ten years], we have anything between 10 and 20 MW... (ELBC, April 19,
2016). In short, Mr. Sendolo was saying, it takes his government 1 year to generate 1
MW of electricity, when from reliable sources, Monrovia alone needs around 120 MW to
get fully electrified, and the whole country needs around 700 MW to get electrified at
some standards. These are some of the depth of the Americo-Liberian infrastructural

11. The biggest, and probably the only referral hospital in the country, when considering
standards (the John F. Kennedy Medical Center) has been decried as dilapidated and
very unreliable. In fact, many have changed its name now to different things including
Just For Killing Medical Center, or JFK Death Trap etc., and the government itself
acknowledges these facts but has repeatedly articulated its inability to do anything about
this hospital, which in reality was also built with foreign grant and loan in the 1960s, and
a loan that government never paid back. In 2015, Hospital Board Chair, Health Minister
Dr. Dahn announced that $181 million will be needed to resuscitate the hospital. But the
question is that, in such a barren country like this, where will such money come from?
This only means that the Just For Killing label will remain in place for this facility
forever (ELBC, October 13, 2015). In more development from the health sector, Jallah
Louhn Hospital, the only referral hospital in the whole of Gbarpolu County, a county of
around 200,000 inhabitants was totally out of ambulance; was being supplied by a single
diesel generator, and that there were no drugs available. Elsewhere, the Gboejeezay
Hospital in Morweh, Rivercess County, didnt even have a generator, so hospital staff
were using flashlights at night even during the delivery of women (National Chronicle
Newspaper, Heritage Newspaper, Farbric Night Time Radio etc., April 29, 2014)

12. Dr. Charles Allen of the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation, talking to the press about
their corporate challenges outlined, among other things, the following: (a) that they need
a fiber glass line of a hundred year guarantee for water transmission but they dont even
know how much this would cost them, just as they dont know where to get the money
from, even if they were to get the price today; (b) they need four reservoirs in Monrovia
to ease water supply problems, and for this, they already started talking to the World
Bank; (c) they also need some fallback equipment and facilities to quickly respond to
emergencies, but they dont have anything as such, and would require more resources for
this etc. (Local Radio News, 2015). Still on another occasion Liberia Water & Sewer
Corporation disclosed in 2015 that to really be functional it needs some US$250 million,
only for the next two years. (ELBC, October 22, 2015). But this is an amount that can
NEVER be indigenously generated in this criminal Black American country. So the
LWSC had been constrained to organize its own international donor conference, just as
the Education Minister announced his going abroad to seek international private partners
and philanthropists to come improve Liberias Educational system. In early March 2016
according to Farbric FM, the LWSC announced some one-day international donor
conference to raise funds for operations, especially targeting its required $250 million
for the next two years. The result thus far has been a reported $10 million from the
World Bank (FrontPage Africa Newspaper, April 4, 2016 etc.). In the end, the Americo-
Liberian Water & Sewer Corporation now has about 4% of what it needs, and can now
start working to provide water to Liberias 4.5 million people.

13. The Parrot Newspaper reports on February 8, 2016 that according to the Liberia Fire
Service Bureau, the entire country has only 4 fire trucks, and the beautiful addition that
would fit this story is that these trucks ABSOLUTELY will be old, donated fire trucks,
that definitely are no longer in their first degree state of efficiency.

14. A whole community of tens of thousands of people in parts of Montserrado County, the
county hosting 1822 Monrovia, was just reported to have received its first hand pump in
20 years (Analyst Newspaper, April 12, 2016)

15. A well-known caller on the Farbric FM New Dawn talk show disclosed that the only
high school in Cestos City, and by extension, Rivercess County, a county of over
200,000 persons, had completely lost its roof to storm and other problems, and as such,
operations were now being run at a nearby residential building on an emergency basis
(Farbric FM, June 2, 2015)

16. Chinese Government builds the Jackson F. Doe Hospital as gift; does its initial set up
(furnishing and equipping the hospital), and then turns it over to the Government of
Liberia. In short time, the CT scanner at the hospital turns dysfunctional/defective, and
the GOL is now doing an SOS call for assistance from anywhere to get a new one. And
in fact, because it will be too difficult for someone or some NGO to purchase this
equipment for the government, this multimillion dollar Chinese built hospital as gift, is
about to shut down operations (Inquirer Newspaper, March 31, 2016; Focus Newspaper,
April 20, 2016; Independent Newspaper.)

17. A top official of the Public Works Ministry, Mr. Langlay, in a local radio interview once,
disclosed that the entire Ministry had only one septi-truck to clean drainages across the
43,000 square mile country, which in fact was down at the time. He also disclosed that
the Ministry had only one excavator, which was also down somewhere, and had not yet
been brought back on base. A few times later, the Minister himself revealed that the only
heavy duty light that his Ministry was using to do patch works at night was a little
donation from US Army personnel that had come to Liberia to fight Ebola. Minister
Gyudee Moore further elaborated in April 2015 that most of his resident engineers dont
even have vehicles to help them monitor ongoing construction works in the leeward
counties (Farbric FM. April 13, 2015). Still lamenting their part of acute no money
plight, Min. Moore further disclosed painfully how his Ministry had submitted a US$107
million budget for 2015/2016 FY for the expensive activities of constructing new feeder
roads and the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing roads, but this amount was cut
by almost 80%, for a total approval of $23 million, an amount of which more than 70%
will go to payroll activities; meaning, 1822 Liberia will be using around $4 - $5 million
to do new feeder roads and rehabilitate old roads for 12 months, when one kilometer of
any new road construction costs around $1 million. Imagine what it will take for Liberia
to independently construct a 100 mile, one-lane road.

18. Rep. Saah Joseph of Montserrado County said during one of his trips to the US, he came
across a hospital in California that had gone bankrupt and wanted to diversify, but was
desperately trying to dispose of its materials one way or the other. When he expressed
interest on behalf of Liberia to take delivery of these over $5 million worth of health
equipment and hospital materials, the hospital authorities sent a team to the John F.
Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, the expected new facility to host these items from
California. But when the team completed its assessment of the JFK facilities, the opinion
expressed by the team was that JFK was a complete thrash, absolutely incapable of
hosting such state-of-the-art equipment and hospital materials. (Voice FM. January 15,

19. Major army barrack in darkness (Concord Times Newspaper, June 15, 2016)

20. CB Dunbar Hospital in Bong County closes down due to lack of generator to operate,
drives away even pregnant women in pain (ELBC, June 8, 2016)

21. Lightning strike takes GOLs TV station off air officials/administrators say this may
keep the facility off for time indefinite, because the damaged equipment will cost around
$75,000 and they dont know how soon such huge sum will ever be raised again (ELBC,
June 15, 2016)


1. Speaking at the launch of his new business project in Monrovia, former Senator Cletus
Wotorson expressed strong regrets about Liberias dearth or huge lack of human resource

capacity and disclosed his unfortunate doubt that the country would ever be able to ease
or improve this deficit in any foreseeable future (ELBC, February 13, 2015)

2. In June 2015, Dr. Amos Sawyer registered his fears about the greatest problem he now
perceives for the country. In his words, The biggest fear we have now is about human
resource capacity, especially of our youths, this generation, and beyond, which means
that we have to do more in the transfer of knowledge and the inculcation of values into
our younger ones (ELBC SMS and Truth Breakfast, June 14, 2015)

3. Information Minister Lewis Brown discloses that Liberia, established in 1822, with so-
called independence date at July 26, 1847, has no qualified pathologists on ground, so
for each case of murder, homicide, suicide, and the likes, Americo-Liberia must send for
some pathologist from outside the country (ELBC, February 16, 2015)



4. Poor, 194-year old Liberia, still has major deficits in producing high school teachers, talk
less about whats happening at the undergraduate and graduate levels, because post-
graduate obviously will be a big No Go Zone for the Americo-Liberian authorities
forever. Because of the extreme level of poverty in this place, in September 2015,
Nigeria came to Liberias aid by sending 19, mainly high school teachers to help 1822
Liberia (ELBC, September 17, 2015). But to even add insult to injury, these Nigerians,
by late April to early May 2016, just within less than 8 months of their assistance
assignment, have started complaining about the lack of services such as electricity, and
the lack of basic things like water, and even food to eat. (ELBC)

5. According to authoritative sources, troop numbers of a country or territory MUST reach

50,000 and above to qualify as a national army or military. Ever since the international
community used around $250 million to establish Liberias new army unit, and train its
first batch of between 1,500 to 2,000 troops, which now constitutes the countrys entire
military strength up to this 2016, Liberias own efforts at augmenting this foolishly
mocking number thus far, with presumptive traces of donor money again, has been 154
(ELBC, December 10, 2015 etc.). So for instance, if one considers all of the reportedly
illegal dismissals that have been taking place in this 2,000-strong Americo-Liberian
militia of tribal suppression and marginalization called the AFL, plus resignations and
other forms of exiting or quitting up to this point, even with the newly trained batch of
154 in December 2015, AFL will NEVER have a total of more than 1,700 troops by now.
But to add insult to injury, this mocking number of Americo-Liberian anti-Native
weaponry called AFL, as it was in the LFF, only survives on other peoples donated
equipment and logistics, as barren Liberias around $12 million annual budget for their
AFL will NEVER do anything substantial other than a mere taking care of basic payroll.
While police units of baby Equatorial Guinea were seen in 2015 hovering over football
stadia in their police helicopters, this 194 year old Black American colonys so-called
police and army have no such things as even independently purchased trucks, much less

to talk about gunboats, helicopters, and basic things like these, for this 21 st century all
because of Liberias curse with barrenness and its stubbornness to massively generate its
own revenue, a product of US neo-colonialism.

6. Around 2013, after touring the country for some oil consultations, the House of
Representatives claimed it had discovered painfully massive levels of undevelopment
and poverty across the country, and got terribly appalled by this embarrassment, thus
pushing it to act. As such, around this same time to early 2014, they proposed a Direct
District Development Fund, to be added to two existing national development programs
or funds the existing County Development Fund, and Social Development Fund. The
main reason for this 3rd development fund was that the chronic bureaucracy of the
Executive Branch was tying down these previous two funds, thus impeding
developmental projects; and so, the new District Development Fund will fall under the
direct supervision of lawmakers, while the CDF and the SDF remain stuck into these
established long Executive Branch bureaucratic bottlenecks which everyone knows can
be criminal in intent and nature. The Legislature then demanded the Executive to ensure
that this new development fund starts with US$73 million in the 2015/2016 fiscal year
budget to be shared among the 73 electoral districts at $1 million per district. But
because of the extreme poverty of this country in every positive aspect of life, including
ideas, as demonstrated right here, and in finances too, an authoritative $73 million
demand/request made by the Legislature for pressing development purposes dropped to
around US$10 million for all 73 districts. This means an over 85% shortage of what they
wanted as an initial amount in something that is supposed to demand tens of millions of
dollars for each district, as the scheme progresses if this were in the case of a serious
people. The result of all advocacy was that US$68,000 was shared with each
representative whether directly or indirectly to develop their districts out of an initial
$1 million, as the Americo-Liberian society now looks forward to G7-style infrastructure
development in each district by now (Farbric FM. January 5, 2016; Isaac Redd, Farbric
FM. New Dawn, September 14, 2015)

7. Criminal Court Judge Blamo Dixon complaints of the over-crowdedness of court dockets
[due to lack of capacity, facilities, etc.]. He says in October 2015 that many cases from
2006 to 2010 were still stocked on court dockets unheard and needed to just be thrown
out unheard. Imagine how many persons who believe in the Americo-Liberian Justice
System would be denied justice in this case (ELBC, October 26, 2015). In the same vein,
Associate Justice Kabineh Janeh of the Supreme Court of Liberia has also disclosed
some of the crippling problems faced by the Judiciary as over-crowdedness of court
dockets, huge number of pretrial detainees, and slow trial processes, inter-alia. He is also
complaining that the current laws of the country are not adequate enough to handle the
challenges faced by the system. (ELBC, November 23, 2015)



The government itself is very poor, and is always pressed for money, as the few
examples below substantiate:

8. Cllr. Marcus Paygar of the Liberia Bar Association decries very low judicial budget that
hampers performance; Judge Blamo Dixon, for his part, complaints how magistrates, the
equivalents of Assistant Ministers do walk to court instead of owning vehicles for
themselves (ELBC, November 10, 2015)

9. Dr. Clarence Moniba of the Presidents Project Office and Deputy Minister Dehpue Zuo,
in conversation with ELBC disclosed that the cost of renovating the JFK Memorial
Hospital would be around US$30 million, but in their words, Government does not
have that kind of money, so they had been talking to an Indian Company which will be
coming soon to do an assessment of the hospital facilities (ELBC, November 12, 2015)

10. America has always been a god to Americo-Liberia; and so, anything about, or
involving America is handled by servant Liberia with the greatest of care. But this
extreme poverty and barrenness also badly affects Americo-Liberian missions that the
New Democrat Newspaper reports in January 2016, that the Liberian Mission in the
United States was under the spotlight for some embarrassing US$9 million arrears owed
some US interest.

11. Even the fiscal arms authorities themselves do feel the pinch, and are frustrated by the
depth of this poverty. Finance Minister Amara Konneh in February 2016 stated that the
government needed $30 million for budget support, and unfortunately they were now
limited to a maximum loan financing of around $7 million. (ELBC, February 10, 2016)

12. Superintendent Matthew Daniels of Rivercess County says his county puts up the highest
amount of maternal deaths [due to lack of facilities and so forth], and the chiefs of his
county work without pay [because of this acute no money syndrome]. (ELBC, April

13. The commission controlling and supervising all tertiary education activities in the whole
country says it receives around $300,000 per year as budget, with commissioners not
even having vehicles to take them to work. Dr. Marcus Slewion heads this commission
(ELBC, October 2015)

14. The National Elections Commission in February of this year was making its part of
request that it needed $57 million to help it conduct next years elections (New Republic
Newspaper, February 26, 2016)

15. Nimba County Representative, Hon. Mantinokaye Tingba once disclosed that the
US$1.5 million Social Development Funds provided his county by Arcellor Mittal has
always been credited by President Sirleaf and her Executive Branch to offset various
government expenditures, including civil servants salaries. (Radio Veritas, March 3,

16. Liberias Finance Minister reported in May 2014 that for 8 consecutive fiscal years i.e.
from 2006 to 2014 his government had generated a combined, gross revenue of
disgracefully ONLY US$2.7 billion, less than what single private companies, like for
example, young Facebook, generates in profits alone during just 3 months of their
operations, according to reliable sources. (ELBC, May 13, 2014); and sadly, all of this
amount will never be money generated from core business operational activities, but
largely from loans and grants, and budget supports from World Bank, EU and the likes.

17. In April 2015, reporters disclosed that for lack of water supply at the National
Legislature due to unpaid arrears of less than US$3,200 owed the Water & Sewer
Corporation by the Legislature, around 30 restrooms were locked and out of service for
months to the point that Capitol Building staffs, including women, had to be squatting in
the grass, or around shrubs on the compound, to attend to nature, while some visitors
reportedly defecated on themselves once, as result of this grand embarrassment (ELBC,
April 24, 2015). At this same Americo-Liberian Legislature, which is still waiting for
years now, for the Chinese Government to construct their annex, an ELBC, February
2016 report discloses how, at current, the 73 electronic sound system equipment placed
in their hall or rotunda by some NGO, to add value to, or civilize their parliamentary
debates; again, have all broken down to the point that lawmakers wanting to contribute
to issues across their huge floor, do have to leave their distant seats and take a long walk
up to the front, and when journalists want to record debates, they have to walk to each
lawmaker as they talk and lawmakers have to be screaming in order to be heard
(ELBC, February 5, 2016). There are also reports that votes at this 53 rd, 21st century
Americo-Liberian Legislature are counted manually.

18. In April 2015, Margibi County officials were complaining that central government owed
their county around $3 million in County Development Funds, and this was causing
them serious embarrassment to carry out any of their planned development activities in
those 4 years up to the time of this revelation (Farbric FM. April 28, 2015)

19. Speaking to the New Dawn program on June 10, 2015, the University of Liberias Vice
President for Public Affairs disclosed with frustration that his University, the biggest in
the country, with around 30,000 students, operating from four campuses had submitted a
budget of US$30 million to the National Government, which the Legislature had cut by
half, and that frankly, they could not run the university on this $15 million, over 90% of
which will handle payroll expenses, so it was just another embarrassment to the
educational sector, as it has always been the case (Farbric FM, June 10, 2015)

20. Sports has turned into a multi-million to multibillion dollar business in this 21 st century
for all stakeholders, including governments and individuals, apart from it being an
excellent source of entertainment and other forms of human enrichment experiences.
Sports now brings about all forms of economic and infrastructure development, of
course with a precondition that massive investment must be made into it too. Journalist
Trojan Kiazolu, after conducting some investigation into how sporting houses are being
sustained in Liberia financially, disclosed how for example, the Liberia Football

Association budgeted ONLY US$1 million for all of its football programs across the
country including its 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st division leagues, womens leagues etc. but
the government only approved half of this already LAUGHABLE amount, $500,000 to
take care of all these leagues plus the administrative and operational running of the FA
for the whole year. For the national basketball federation, it received $100,000 to
conduct basketball activities in 15 counties across 43,000 square-miles; some other
national federations like Track & Field received $20,000 etc. Trojan then tried to draw
some parallel with other nearby West African countries, and he narrated how for
instance, the Gambian FA received US$16 million for the year; Ghana, for its part, more
than $20 million etc. just for their football programs alone, and not for the other sporting
activities (Farbric New Dawn, July 13, 2015). In September of this same 2015, Deputy
Youth & Sports Minister Henry Yonton, made much graver no money revelations as

(a) Most of the federations under our sporting program dont have a budget, they only
receive some small subsidies, which cant even take them to next door Ivory Coast and
back home;

(b) Several factors are responsible for why we are just not getting there he means
making progress here and the first and foremost serious of these factors is that we have
a very tight envelop, and then we also have no facilities;

(c) All of the ministries and agencies are complaining this same way i.e. that their
budgets are too tight, the envelops are just too tight, but you cant squeeze water out of

(d) When the Africa Games Committee extended invitation to Liberia some time ago, the
Ministry of Youth and Sports didnt even have money to send Liberian teams;

(e) The government used $75,000 to send the National Amputee Team to America, a trip
whose objectives were not met, and so the team is still there stranded [apparently
because government only afforded one way tickets, so that their activities in America
could secure for them their return trip tickets];

(f) We are now in two regional and continental qualifiers, which will lead us to playing
more than 7 games both home and away [and this is another huge challenge again in
terms of funding for transportation], as for example, the budget for Guinea Bissaus
game, back to back, is more than US$400,000; Tunisia, more than US$300,000 etc.

(g) As for preparation for our county meet games, we give each county L$20,000
(around US$220) to prepare their teams for football, basketball, kickball, and volleyball
for this national sporting jamboree;

(h) Asked about national teams players insurance, the Minister suggested, with BIG
Shame, NOT; meaning, national teams players in this 194 year old Black American

country, in this 21st century are NEVER insured so if they go to play a game for
example, and they got seriously wounded or even lose their lives in the process, their
family members will just mourn that loss free (Farbric FM. New Dawn, September 25,

21. Here is how Education Minister George Werner voiced out some of his experiences
about the depth of poverty at his ministry:

(a) .the demand for education is too high in the country, but the services put up by
government in response are relatively poor Note, Mr. Werner should have just said
here ABSOLUTELY POOR, instead of relatively poor, but he had to somehow protect
his job.

(b) the reform plans that we now have at the Ministry are very good, but we sadly will
NEVER get the money for it here, and so, I am going to get out there in the world
America, Europe etc. to start talking to philanthropists and donors for help;

(c) With respect to the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC), Liberia has not paid
its contributions or dues to this body for some time now, and even in the midst of this
embarrassment, the Monrovia Office of WAEC gets so pressed for money that it has to at
times send SOS calls to headquarters in Accra, Ghana that office that she heavily owes
for money to continue the Liberian operations (Farbric FM. New Dawn,
September 24, 2015)

22. Minister Patrick Sendolo of Lands, Mines & Energy walked into the ELBC Studio to
explain his Ministrys part of the POVERTY experience as follows: (a) For the past 4
budget years, governments contributions to the electricity sector has been very
negligible; you cant provide electricity merely on good faith, you cant do so either on
mere theory. Every step we take in the electricity value chain from generation, to
transmission, to distribution in this country, we have to seek donor funding; we just dont
have the money" (ELBC, Super Morning Show, October 2, 2015)

23. The National Housing Authoritys Deputy Managing Director for Administration, Mr.
Prince Anything Wreh, simply presented his agencys side of the poverty syndrome as

(a) .the government just does not have the resources to do all that we want to do;
[although if he were much bolder, he would have simply said, the government just
doesnt have the resources it needs to do the most basic things it is supposed to do for its
people, PERIOD (Farbric New Dawn, December 16, 2015)

24. In June 2015, the Independent National Human Rights Commission was crying out that
it needed around $3 million to function properly. (Farbric FM. June 10, 2015)

25. The Americo-Liberian National Police (LNP) is a big victim too of this scourging
POVERTY curse in their government. In May 2015, UNMIL boss, Karin Langrin,

expressed her deepest apprehension about Liberias obvious inability to provide security
for her people when UNMIL leaves. The UNMIL boss painfully narrated how, due to
lack of support and incentives, an already negligible force of 162 police officers assigned
in the whole of Rivercess County at the time, had to be drastically downsized to a
mocking 26. (ELBC, May 21, 2015). One can imagine how Madam Langrin would ever
feel now to hear that in this year, 2016, in the same Rivercess County, the whole
Morweh District, of normally over 20 30,000 persons, has only one police officer
assigned there, who sometimes for fear of his life, has to pretentiously smile with, and
salute bands of drug traffickers as they pass by in their convoy of motorbikes. In fact, it
is reported that the police depot or facility in this entire District is one poor womans
former mud-built cook shop, which the authorities there have painted with the national
colors of red, white and blue. (Farbric News, March 24, 2016). In another county, Grand
Cape Mount, the very few police officers assigned there were reportedly threatening to
abandon their assignment and come back to Monrovia (ELBC, June 18, 2015). Still with
the police, Mr. Anthony Philips, with a local radio, Top FM 105, in Grand Gedeh County
narrated how the Zleh Towns Police Station in Konoboe District, Grand Gedeh County,
is a structure built out of sticks and red earth etc. (Voice FM., The Papers, April 7, 2016).
But how did the Police Chief, Col. Chris Massaquoi himself narrate these ghastly tales of
poverty? Some time ago, Col. Massaquoi said he had submitted a yearly budget
referring to his FY 2015/2016 budget of US$44 million to the National Legislature,
but out of this amount, only $15 million was approved, and sadly out of this $15
million, $13 million goes to payroll expenses, mockingly leaving $2 million for ALL
police operations across ALL the countrys 15 counties for a whole round year of 12
months something he referred to, with frustration as a BIG Joke, although it stood in
the end because the common saying to promote this POVERTY in Americo-Liberia is:
You cant squeeze water out of rock (ELBC, February 10, 2016)

26. At their early July 2015 budget hearing formalities at the Americo-Liberian Legislature,
Ministry of Commerce authorities cried out for lack of adequate implements and
facilities to test things like water, flour etc. and almost all commodities, and that their
existing processes dont match any ISO standards (referring to the International
Standards Organization). The Labor Ministry also complaint of severe logistical
constraints which impede all their functions. So people all over the Liberian Government
just practically go to hustle for their food money and anything possible to steal based on
ones access, but NEVER to accomplish anything worthwhile for both current and future
generations. (ELBC, July 2, 2015)

27. To facilitate speedy dispensation of justice, and to ease logistical constraints, in addition
to other things, the international community or international donor agencies reportedly
identified 4 or 5 spots across Liberia to construct some sort one-stop shop justice and
security-related office complexes they call justice hubs. The first was built in Gbarnga,
Bong County, called Justice Hub 1, the only successfully and fully functional one thus
far. But just in few years or even months of its operations, Manager Hezekiah Sackor
discloses to the press how it now faces major problems, including its building falling

apart due to poor construction, serious logistical problems, among others. as he said this
hub that serves the 3 giant and highly populated counties of Nimba, Bong, and Lofa only
has 3 vehicles. (ELBC, April 1, 2015)

28. Liberia is so POOR that she has NEVER afforded any new public buses for her citizens
(although this is a long and deep debate), in any recent memory before. The few National
Transit Authority buses one sees in Monrovias dilapidated one-lane streets are all gifts
from other countries. Because these buses are already used up and second-handed from
other countries, some sources at the NTA say they just come and park in the fence for
more maintenance work. The less than 10, purely second-handed gifts, that ply the roads
in this whole 43,000 square-mile country, are highly vulnerable to obvious accidents,
just anytime. Two cases in point are when one of them somersaulted on the Gbarnga-
Ganta highway in August 2015 killing a few and wounding several passengers. The
driver, Robert Larmie, said the bus had abruptly cut off while he was driving in Gear 3.
(ELBC, August 7, 2015). In very early May 2016, one of these old gifts, cruising
between Monrovia and Kakata, just reportedly burst into flames, as all 52 passengers
disembarked, stood by, and watched it burn completely to ashes (the Liberia Journal
Newspaper, May 2, 2016.)

29. AFCON U17 Nations Cup Liberia withdraws: Ghana gets walkover. Note: Liberia
withdraws for lack of finances (New Democrat Newspaper, June 17, 2016)

30. No money for national ID card project says project head (Womens Voices Newspaper,
June 16, 2016)


Harvard-trained President and her government officials, just as almost all in the past, have
known over the recent years to responding to these disgracefully dire economic problems
and acts of negligence, have of course been repeated public warnings of even bleaker and
gloomier times ahead, plus a few free talks of austerity that no one ever sees results from.
Here goes a list of some of their key ways of solving economic problems mere, free talks
every time:
1. Ellen tells the Liberian Public, Its time for us to tighten our belts for tougher economic
times ahead because the prices of rubber and iron ore continue to drop on the world
market. (Talk With the President, UNMIL Radio, December 1, 2015)
2. Senator Lawrence [foresees] economic tough times for Liberia (Parrot Newspaper,
January 18, 2016)

3. Senators, in one of their free-talks plenary sessions in January 2016, expressed serious
dissatisfaction over how the economy is nose-diving or going bad off (ELBC, January
22, 2016)
4. Ellen recommends austerity measures (In Profile Daily, January 26, 2016)
5. Economy sinks deeper [into trouble] as President Sirleaf discloses major budget cuts
(Focus Newspaper, January 26, 2016)
6. Ellen admits hardship (Insight Newspaper, January 2016)
7. The economy is under difficult stress Ellen tells the nation (Heritage Newspaper,
January 26, 2016)
8. Finance Minister Amara Konneh [forewarns] of looming hardship (Public Agenda
Newspaper, February 15, 2016)
9. Ellen predicts more hardship, urges officials to work harder(Womens Voices
Newspaper, April 7, 2016)
10. President Sirleaf again predicts difficult economic times for the country (Farbric FM.
News, April 11, 2016)
11. Liberia to experience more budget shortfalls, new Finance Minister asserts (The Focus
Newspaper, May 4, 2016)
These are the results and benefits achieved by Americo-Liberia thus far for her far-sighted
economic management and general governance, which have produced the level of poverty
weve been trying to depict above:
1. Deputy Minister for Sectorial Planning at the Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs
disclosed in 2014 how at some development conference he had just attended in Bonn,
Germany, 194 year-old Liberia was conspicuously seated in the group labelled by the
Conference as the Least Developed Countries of the World, or LDCs (ELBC, June 16,
2. Radio Veritas reports that the IMF (International Monetary Fund), in one of its recent
reports describes Liberia as a country continuously plagued with natural resource curse
due to very poor governance. (Veritas News, March 20, 2015)
3. In late May 2016, VP Boakai and a huge Americo-Liberian Government delegation were
in Istanbul, Turkey, attending the World Humanitarian Summit for Least Developed
Countries the spot in national existence where Liberias part of gods destined her to
remain forever. (ELBC, May 25, 2016)

4. Liberia is now been ranked the second poorest country in Africa and the 5 th poorest in the
world (In Profile Daily Newspaper, March 28, 2016)
5. China Union at the verge of collapse, additional 19 employees laid off again (Parrot
Newspaper, January 18, 2016)
6. Sallala Rubber Corporation to lay off 108 employees [for tough economic times] (The
New Republic Newspaper, March 24, 2016)
7. The Foundation For International Dignity says Liberia is responsible for her own
economic mess (Farbric FM. News, January 27, 2016)
8. The Central Bank of Liberia Governor, Dr. J. Mills Jones, apparently fed up with his
countrys extreme economic addiction to begging and only begging, is quoted by the
Frontier Newspapers February 9, 2016 edition as saying, No Nation Develops from
9. The Hot Pepper Newspaper carries a story in its February 10, 2016 edition titled,
[Liberian] Government spending habits obstruct economic growth
10. Ellen explains budget shortfall - (the (Inquirer Newspaper, February 19, 2016)
11. Sallala Rubber Company plans to sack over 300 employees, embarks on stopping
tapping (Informer Newspaper, March 4, 2016)
12. APM Terminal kills Liberias economy gives jobs to Ghanaians [instead of Liberians]
the Daily Guide Newspaper, March 24, 2016
13. Cocopa to layoff 400 employees (Women Voices Newspaper, April 7, 2016)
14. In response to governments decision to privatize primary education, the Focus
Newspaper asks in one of its editorials, If the government cannot handle primary
education, now can we trust it to handle tertiary education? (April 11, 2016)

Apart from the other results and negative achievements above, citizens of Liberia have no
social and economic shock absorbers. So in this country for instance, when a major health
problem hits a family, other than the 1% that are enjoying the enormous spoils of corruption
in this place, the other option left is to rush to a radio station or a newspaper outlet and
launch an SOS call for help. Here are a few drops in the ocean of harsh social security and
social insurance realities in this place in addition to the countless SOS calls that families
make here on a daily basis, with the below batch recorded in just a short period of time:

1. Liberian Economist Sam Jackson laments his countrys plight as having no disaster
management agenda, and just no shock absorbing mechanisms at both the levels of the
government and of private individuals, and that Liberia is the worlds most food insecure
country (Costa Show, Voice FM, August 5, 2014)
2. At a big dump site in Buchana, Grand Bassa County, which the locals refer to as
Gbehzongar Findley Supermarket, men, women and children, had for some time been
earning their daily bread by scavenging from the wastes of especially concession
workers and UN expats, according a local journalist. (Farbric FM. January 26, 2015)
3. Maxwell Miller, a 29 year-old 2009 graduate of Cuttington University and resident of the
Duport Road Community in Paynesville launches an SOS call to get treatment for liver
cancer (Farbric FM. February 13, 2015)
4. Rufus Bargan sends out SOS call for his friend Boscow Duartey to get medical
attention for burns Mr. Duartey had sustained at a gas filling station in Monrovia
(Farbric FM. March 16, 2015)
5. Janet Zoryea, 32, sends out an SOS call for help to tackle eye cancer shes been
diagnosed of at the JFK Medical Center (ELBC, March 20, 2015)
6. Sylvester Kamara of Gbarpolu County places an SOS call to get treated for an
abnormally swollen leg (ELBC, April 5, 2015)
7. Patrick Bricks, a traditional officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, puts out an SOS
call to get treated for wounds sustained at the hands of an angry mob he calls traditional
hooligans (Farbric FM News, April 13, 2015)
8. Mr. Augustine Gborngorlee of the Pipeline Community in Paynesville sends out an SOS
call to get treated for a prolonged, strange health condition that has stolen away his
appetite for food (ELBC, December 22, 2015)
9. Because of acute poverty and hunger in the country, a 13 year old boy who tantalizingly
stole pieces of biscuits from Bangladeshi UNMIL personnels car was unmercifully
flogged to the point of helplessness, and he probably died at the JFK Medical Center
after been transferred there by the Phebe Hospital (ELBC, January 25, 2016)
10. International Red Cross Society constructs shelter for some 1,000 homeless fire victims
in Grand Bassa County (Local Radio News, February 23, 2016)
11. [SOS call out for] US$500 to save 28 year-old liver problem victim (In Profile Daily,
April 12, 2016)
12. Caustic Soda victims family makes SOS call (Women Voices Newspaper, April 12,

13. Man, [Steven Vincent], with acute liver problem sends out SOS call (Liberia Journal,
May 2, 2016)
14. Already disabled Oscar Cooper, not the Senator, places out SOS call to help treat sore in
his heart (Farbric FM. March 24, 2016)
15. 12 year-old Foday Sheriffs parents launch an SOS call for help to treat their son of
diagnosed eye cancer (ELBC, July 20, 2015)
16. Rebecca Reeves launches SOS call for the treatment of her illed 29 year old son (ELBC,
May 18, 2016)
17. Heavy rainfall renders 200 persons homeless in Grand Bassa County, and they gathered
before the house of Rep. Gabriel B. Smith to get assistance (ELBC, May 17, 2016)
18. Boy, 9, with sex organ problem needs help. Hes Darlington Weah (Inquirer Newspaper,
May 18, 2016)
19. Boy, 5, (Steven Patrick), battles with strange disease parents send out SOS call to
Ellen, Others (Insight Newspaper, May 3, 2016)
20. Hunger hits school of the blind in Ganta (ELBC, June 15, 2016)
21. Disabled people in Buchana suffer acute hunger launch SOS call for help (Womens
Voices Newspaper, June 27, 2016)
22. Hot water burns two in Gardnersville victims send out SOS call for help (Informer
Newspaper, June 27, 2016)
The big, open secrets behind all this dismal performance and massive state failure of
Americo-Liberia in all spheres of life, including economics follow in the immediate

Every legitimate and serious country is established to develop, cherish and seek the best out
of life for each of its citizens NOT only its government officials and relatives or not just
a few for that matter, who will put themselves into a small criminal social class and impose
themselves upon the rest of society as the masters and keep the balance 99+% of the citizens
as their perpetual slaves, who deserve nothing good out of life. This vice of
ETHNOCENTRISM has been Liberias age-old curse from which almost all of its woes
have derived since its fake establishment in 1822, and continues in different, more
exacerbated shades and proportions up to this 2017. So as we will try to break down below,
this ethnocentrism has been able to lead up to a couple of other related vices, the three most
crippling ones up to this 2017, of which we will endeavor to elaborate on here as follows:
(a) the Unspeakable Suppression and Marginalization of the Natives; (b) An established
societal culture by which government and its operatives generally treat citizens very cruelly

and abnormally; and (c) A societal culture by which most of the so-called political and
opinion leaders just openly insult citizens like their pets and domesticated animals.

As a result of these and many more vices, which form the very foundation of this country,
Liberia is never stable; its fragile peace, often sustained temporarily by external actors,
normally lasts for a maximum of 5 to 10 years or so, after which the country is sadly back to

To prove these arguments, as the United Nations has been in this country for almost 15 years
now, sustaining peace, and virtually helping to run government with Americo-Liberian
leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, here are the countrys accounts of its current involvements
with the 3 highlighted vices above, and how such practices, compounded by its very
criminally carless economic governance, whose fruits we have dealt with enough above,
have all driven Liberia back at the brink of a very imminent civil disorder and bloodbath
again, just at the time the United Nations is taking its exit after having invested over US$50
billion of foreign tax payers monies trying to stabilize this DULL, LAZY, and CRUEL
Black American colony.

We now start with the sustained suppression and marginalization of the Natives, then next,
to some accounts of how generally wicked the country is to its own people, and then finally,
we will move on to feature some of the insults that citizens receive at the hands of their
political and opinion leaders here on a daily basis. We will then conclude this section with
numerous empirical accounts of the signs of danger that the country now faces as a result of
all this; and finally, a proposal of which actions are now required of all citizens for us to get
rid of this NASTY 194 year Americo-Liberian dominance chapter and its scourges, and start
on a new page as a people, God willing:
As it has always been the case since 1822, the Natives of this country continue to remain
subjects of Americo-Liberian suppression and marginalization, which up to this point
happen in different forms, including the use of our people in scientific tests, the broad day
selective justice consistently being meted out against our Native elements, the treatment of
our huge indigenous population like domesticated pets and wild animals etc. at even
exacerbated rates. This spells more of imminent DANGER. Lets give a few, very fresh
examples here:
1. Tribal 16 year old lad, Shackie Kamara of the slum community of West Point in
Monrovia, was carelessly murdered by the colonial Armed Forces of Americo-Liberia or
AFL, as their track record has been, beginning with their deadly Liberia Frontier Force,
against our Native population. With respect to the incident that led to the wrongful
killing of this native child, in November 2014, the Independent National Human Rights
Commission of Liberia, after their investigations, blamed the government for the death

of this innocent child and the psychological pains suffered by the people of West Point at
the hands of the GOL and their AFL, and instructed the President, on behalf of their
government, to apologize to the Shackie Kamaras family, pay some monetary
reparations to the family, and fly one of the critical living victims of this criminal
negligence, Titus Noah, out of the country for advanced medical attention. (ELBC,
November 2014). Note: Pained by these recommendations, and feeling belittled as an
Americo-Liberian President to swoop to the point of apologizing and paying reparations
to a Native Shackie Kamaras family and the Native Savages at West Point, Ellen
downplayed this authoritative November 2014 recommendation of the Commission for
almost 1 whole year, then in September 2015, after much international pressure
reportedly, she reluctantly goes to give the Shackie Kamaras family US$15,000, as this
recommended reparation that the commission had instructed her to pay for her armys
negligence that took away this childs life in August 2014. That $15,000 looked so big in
the eyes of this Americo-Liberian President, as if she would have EVER, in this life,
accepted someone killing one of her 4 sons, even out of mistake, to hand her $15,000; or,
as if this amount could have been given to her parents in the past to pay for her own life,
if someone had mistakenly harmed her while she was a child, although life we know, is
priceless. Ellen also demonstrated her conviction that Shackie was so insignificant that
he could never have one day too gotten some opportunity to attend Harvard University to
acquire his part of Masters in Public Administration like her, if his life was not
negligently taken away by her forces of suppression and repression (ELBC, September
25, 2015). For Titus Noah, the most critical survivor of this incident, from whose
stomach AFL bullets were extracted, and whom the commission had recommended his
being flown out of the country for advanced medical attention apart from him deserving
some monetary reparation, the government categorically refused to fly him out, and it is
never clear whether he ever received anything tangible from Government. This touched
Native George Weah so much from the beginning that he had to hand a US$2,000 check
to his fellow aboriginal Titus Noah for some care (Sky F.M. October 21, 2014).
2. Instances of the relegation of the Natives to non-entities filter in daily, in different forms
in this criminal Black American Colony called Liberia. Most of the big name Christian
Schools in this place were established by American entities directly, or by Americo-
Liberians, but the Islamic Faith is practiced almost entirely among the Natives here, so
Islamic schools in Liberia are owned and run by Native elements as such. An authority
of the National Imam Council of Liberia, Mr. Ali Krayee, speaking to Farbric FM Radio
in March 2016 disclosed how, in addition to the excessive accounts of other forms of
marginalization that Muslims have, and continue to endure here, Christian Schools get
hundreds of thousands of US Dollars as subsidies, but all Islamic Schools put together,
cant even get up to $25,000 in subsidies from government (Farbric FM. March 1, 2016)
3. Andrew Ngorno, of the Ducor Community, victim of Americo-Liberian paid agent, Mary
Brohs ruthless and visionless destruction of peoples homes and poor business centers in

the name of beautifying dirty 1822 Monrovia to be like New York, claim that top
Liberian Government Officials have a strong notion that tribal people dont deserve
living in some parts of Monrovia, like their community, the Ducor Rocky Hill
Community (Farbric FM. November 12, 2015)
4. There is no record in this countrys 194 year history that it ever struck any good
concession agreement for the benefit of the country, and especially the people of
immediate concessions-affected communities, most openly beginning with J.J.
Cheesemans 1894 rubber concession deal with British firm, Monrovia Rubber
Company, to Firestones 1926 raw deal, to all of the criminal iron deals brokered here by
the Americo-Liberian criminal elites etc., and coming up to date, with all concession
deals signed in the country thus far, according to multiple sources, including the books,
In the Cause of the People by Prof. Tuan Wleh, A Short History of the First Liberian
Republic by Dr. Joseph Saye Guannue,,
Reports of British integrity institutions such as the Publish What You Pay Coalition,
Global Witness, in addition to empirical realities on ground. In fact, Americo-Liberians
use these concession agreements, apart from clearly pillaging the countrys resources
along with their foreign capitalists, to also wreak terrible havoc on the already
devastated, poor, defenseless, and innocent indigenous people that directly live in
concessions-affected communities. With our poor Native people starting to take little
notice of these painfully excruciating exploitations, to take actions for their rights, the
only redress that the Americo-Liberian Government has accorded them thus far is to be
locking us up in long jail sentences and sometimes keeping us indefinitely locked up in
pretrial detention, even though they quite know that the first fault lies with them , the so-
called government. Here are two notable examples:
a) After many complaints of feeling criminally exploited by the Government of Liberia and
her Arcellor Mittal Iron Ore Mining Company in Nimba County reportedly went
unattended to childishly as is always the case in this country the community dwellers
went on the rampage in some civil disobedient action to seek redress, as any civic-aware
people would do. In the process, ever-revengeful or reprisal seeking Americo-Liberian
security forces responded heavy-handedly and the situation went out of control, with
some property getting destroyed and no life lost however. At the end of the day, the
predominantly-criminal Black American Court system, ignored the side of the
Government, grabbed 12 of the poor community dwellers, our always badly treated
Native brothers and sisters, and locked them up for 10 years (Daily Observer
Newspaper, August 15, 2015). Note: Our people took their civic action sometime in
2014, and the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Bassa County brought down this
guilty verdict against them on April 6, 2015.
b) Aggrieved youths, again, of our always exploited tribal people of this country, staged a
peaceful protest in Butaw, Sinoe County on May 26, 2015, to find answers from Golden
Veroleum Liberia for how they feel badly exploited of their own resources and

livelihoods by this company. After some reported sabotage by government officials,

tensions flared, and as usual, the Americo-Liberia Reprisal Machine, called security
forces, came in and added fuel to the already simmering flames, resulting to a few
property damage; once again, without any loss of life. At the end of the day, as expected,
disregarding the fact that the government and their Golden Veroleum are on both
domestic and international records as the first offenders for how they have massively
abused and economically dispossessed the poor tribal people of Sinoe County in this
deal, these ever-cruel people have gone ahead to lock over 20 tribal Sinoians in pretrial
detention for over one year now, with some reportedly dead due to the harsh conditions
at the prison (;, June 2, 2015 etc. ).
Note: The raw fact of the matter here is that no pioneer child, or true Americo-
Liberian child or element would ever be treated like this in Americo-Liberia, even its
proven they went wrong.
Similar discontentment over how we continue to be robbed of our valuable resources in
the name of concession deals in this place have also been reported in the concessional
areas of Sime Darby in Grand Cape Mon County and Bomi County, the Equatorial Palm
Oil Concession in Grand Bassa County, the China Union Concession Areas in Bong and
Margibi Counties etc., but we are not quite abreast of the fate of the protestors in each of
these struggles, although it is very clear that these developments are very dangerous time
bombs that could still explode in the future if we dont take the right actions to
peacefully take over our country meaning the 16 indigenous ethnic groups of this land
to redesign it for the benefit of all. Lets be categorically clear here that Americo-
Liberians are ABSOLUTELY non-leadership, non-managerial, and non-governmental
materials Period!!! They are a terrible set of Jonahs on our public sector ship in this
5. The Colonial National Police of Americo-Liberia has always been having some serious
internal problems, especially at the top. When these embarrassments or complaints reach
the publics attention, the Americo-Liberian President is constrained to act. In just one of
many instances, when complaints against pure pioneers child Madam Rose Stryker,
intensified some time ago, President Sirleaf, with heavy heart, only reshuffled her to
another top government portfolio, according to government sources, but when similar
fate befell names like Col. Abraham Kromah, Samuel Nimely, Phil Tougbaye etc., they
were reportedly dismissed from government, just as living witnesses include Rixck Barsi
Giah, Jeddi Armah, Thomas Kaydor, Michael Wah, Mohammed Passawe, among others.
For these are names that deserve easy, quick disgrace and firing in this place, and not
names like the Strykers, Williams, McClains, Weeks etc. (ELBC, May 1, 2015, Farbric
FM. May 1, 2015, others).
Electronic and Print Media headlines highlighting this one-sided justice phenomenon
are numerous, including the few listed below:

6. A local county official, Mr. Sylvester Wellehteh of Bong County has been convicted by
the Americo-Liberian courts for corruption and asked to restitute US$44,000. He was
also been fined an initial US$1,000 to be paid immediately (ELBC, January 22, 2016).
Note: Its very easy to hand down judgment against a Wellehteh in Liberia than for
example a Urey, or a McDonald, as usal.
7. A 30 year old man sentenced for 1 year in Grand Kru County for dealing in counterfeit
US$100. (Farbric FM, March 2016). Note: This is most probably a Native, as no true
Americo-Liberian can ever receive punishment for something like this here.
8. Another Native, Junior Ballah, sentenced to death by hanging in Lofa County for
murder (Heritage Newspaper, April 28, 2015). *As usual, only Natives can commit
crimes in this country.
9. In June 2015, Americo-Liberian Criminal Court A sentenced Native Motorcyclist Eric
Bentou to 4 years imprisonment for aggravated assault against Americo-Liberian
police officer David Frank (The News Newspaper, June 24, 2015)
10. Americo-Liberian Criminal Court D sentences Native Wesley Jlue to 5 years
imprisonment for what it calls Jlues stealing of US$179,183.06 from the National Drugs
Services account (Liberia News Agency, January 12, 2016). *No one supports Jlue for
stealing, if he really did, but to leave names like Urey, (NOCAL), Tyler (Legislature),
Lawrence (Legislature), and the likes, going scot-free for relatively proven insincerity
with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of US Dollars, just to rush at poor Jlue,
only because hes a Native, less-connected person in their Americo-Liberian Society, and
jailing him for 5 years is one of the most iniquitous examples of this Native Suppression
tale in this place.
11. The Forestry Development Authority is run by a management team, overseen by a Board
of Directors, who are all in turn supervised by the President, head of the Executive, and
this entire chain is superintended by the National Legislature. The business of issuing out
Private-Used Permits (PUPs) to logging companies is a process that goes through a chain
of activities and facilitated by different signatories, punctuated by the Board of
Directors signature, according to unimpeachable sources. But in the midst of all this
reality, the Americo-Liberian Government, through their Criminal Court C, in April 2015
commenced a trial against the mainly Native elements of Moses Wogbeh (Managing
Director, who the President had earlier sacked for this same allegation that we are
concerned about here), John Kamara, David Blayee, Maxwell Gwee etc. all lower-
level personnel of government for what they claimed as these subjects illegal issuance
of 56 private used permits to logging companies over an appreciable period of time in
contravention of some so-called Community Rights Law. Government said this action of
Mr. Wogbeh and others led to them (government) losing US$6 million. At the end of the
day, these Natives were later sentenced to ten years imprisonment (,
August 26, 2015; Local Daily, September 1, 2015, Judge Reverses Guilty Decision

etc.), without any reference made to their superintendents i.e. the Americo-Liberian
Board Chairman, Agriculture Minister Florence Chenoweth, the Americo-Liberian
President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who has been very desperate to sell off all of Liberias
remaining forest products to the point that the Norwegian Government had to come in,
during the month of September 2014, giving US$150 million to the Liberian
Government to stop STUPIDLY exhausting her own forest resources at one time, and of
course the Americo-Liberian Legislature, overseeing all this. Meanwhile, FDA still
operates, but the countrys seemingly illustrious National Oil Company (NOCAL) was
devastated and prematurely broken down by the proven corruption and mismanagement
of the McClains, the Shermans, the Parkers, and the son of the Americo-Liberian
President something she herself confirmed and took responsibility of, but today, no one
is behind bars for stealing and mismanaging tens and hundreds of millions of US Dollars
at NOCAL and breaking the company down, while also damaging the countrys
promising oil and gas sector well in advance, and shattering the economy so massively
(Daily Observer Newspaper, June 23, 2015)
12. The 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie sentences one Albert Sonnii to 40 years
imprisonment for rape. Note: only these names can ever commit rape in Liberia, but not
names like Hans Williams and others. (ELBC, September 24, 2015)
13. In Gbor Kiza, Zorzor District, Lofa County, a 12 year old pregnant child raped to death.
[This kind of horror can NEVER befall the kids of any original pioneers child
meaning children of the Browns, Tubmans, Shermans etc. in this country because they
are all criminally well-off economically while our people are subjected by them to
scorching poverty and grinding deprivation that make them behave just any foolish ways
at times (ELBC, September 28, 2015)
14. 48 year-old Arthur Doryen has been sentenced for life in prison in Sanniquellie on
murder conviction (ELBC, March 2, 2015). Good, but in the 194 year record of this
countrys justice system, besides the days of Tolbert, it is difficult to establish when a
pure Americo-Liberian was ever sentenced this way, although they are always
implicated in these and other big crimes too.
15. 10th Judicial Circuit Court sentences Amara Duana to life imprisonment for rape (ELBC,
April 6, 2015). Note: These are names that justice doesnt waste time with in this Black
American colony.
16. In June 2014, the Americo-Liberian Government, through her Criminal Court D went
ahead and sentenced 13 tribal Grand Gedians for what they claimed as these Grand
Gedians involvement with mercenary activities in the Ivory Coast. But according to
these peoples defense lawyers, the 13 tribal guys were never arrested in Ivory Coast (the
alleged crime scene) and turned over to the Americo-Liberian Government; neither were
they ever arrested while going to, or coming from Ivory Coast with arms/ammunitions,
nor is there any proof that they were arrested by the Ivorian Government and turned over

to the Americo-Liberian Government based on some bilateral or diplomatic agreement

whatsoever; or even, some proof that the Ivorian Government had prepared names and
requested Liberia to help bring to justice on their behalf etc. But the ever vengeance-
seeking Americo-Liberian Government went ahead and crept on these poor guys in their
villages and rudely separated them from loved ones and family members just to bring
them to Monrovia and jail them for life for some sinister agenda (Daily Observer 2,
2014; ELBC, June 17, 2014 etc.). The hard fact of the matter is that no original
Americo-Liberian (the pioneers children) will EVER receive this kind of treatment in
this place.
17. In August 2014, Criminal Court A brought down guilty verdict against Junior Accountant
Pewee Flomo of the National Oil Company (NOCAL) for some US$16,000, sentenced
him for 2 years, and asked him to restitute the amount (ELBC, August 27, 2014). Today,
the McClains, the Johnsons, the Parkers and the Shermans, and their children have
totally broken down that very NOCAL out of gross stealing and mismanagement in the
name of CORRUPTION and no one is in jail, but the President openly announces, as we
mentioned earlier on, that she is responsible for shipwrecking the company, and then she
further orders the payment of handsome retirement benefits to her accomplices, the
companys top management team of the McClains and Shermans for helping her in the
process of bankrupting NOCAL and damaging the lucrative oil industry or sector well in
advance. (Truth FM. August 31, 2015, ELBC, August 25, 2015 etc.)
18. A 65 year-old school principal in Telegboe Town, Rivergee County, one Mr. Klado
Kaiyee, receives life sentence for what the Americo-Liberian Courts call his kidnapping
of a child (although they say the child was unfortunately found dead) (Local Radio
News, September 2, 2014). Note: While no one is supporting crime, but we wish the
Americo-Liberian Courts could be treating all evil doers this same way, and not the poor
Klaiyees alone.
Other Newspaper headings of similar things include:
19. Marginalization in Sinoe, citizens claim (Focus Newspaper, February 23, 2016)
20. Death by hanging, 13th Judicial Circuit Court sentences two (New Republic Newspaper,
February 25, 2016) etc. and etc.
With this, fellow citizens and all, alike, needless to delve any much deeper into similar
issues always raised in US State Department reports on this country, as the first line alone in
each of these reports is enough to validate almost everything we have claimed here
although more of them follow below.

Because of the Americo-Liberians EXTREME hatred for the Natives, who form more than
99% of the population of this country, and because of the inherently cruel and criminal
pedigree of the Americo-Liberian ethnic group, which is in almost complete control of the
Liberian society, the human rights situation and general human behaviors towards one
another, especially, the way the Americo-Liberian machine called Government, set up to
terrorize and dehumanize the Natives, treats human beings, in this place is similar to a
society of animals and not humans with all due respect to our always suffering Tribal
people. Just as the US Congress predicted 199 years ago, and as key Congressmen like John
Randolph of Virginia and Henry Clay of Kentucky stressed with vigor, the society that their
unwanted Blacks, the Johnsons, Tubmans, McClains, King and Bernards established here is
so mischievous beyond description, and the very HATED Natives continue to bear the brunt
of this mischief, as they have also been criminally enticed with their own resources, and
made to join the Americo-Liberians to work against their own people. So, human beings;
mainly the ordinary people, are treated like animals, and this trend is exacerbated by the day
as technology and sophistications improve. To summarize again, because of the coming
together of these two unfortunate scenarios (i.e. the hated group constitutes over 99% of
society, and the hating group and power wielders of society, is in very small number), this
pretty few (less than 1%) American Black elites plus a small set of Native loyalists and
contractors placed under the canopy of a so-called national government have just been,
and continue to wreak untold havoc on the larger population in different forms under the
pretext of running government. Here are a few proofs of the cruelty and aggravated
mischief, according Hezekiah Niles Weekly Registers edition of April 12, 1817, orchestrated
in this society on a daily basis, directly and sometimes indirectly against the larger ordinary
human population:
1. In 2014 during Liberias so-called Ebola crisis, the government pleaded with civil
servants to stay home in their thousands to avoid spread of this virus due to
crowdedness. A few months into their stay at home, and still during the pandemic,
government, through the Civil Service Director, announced a well-coordinated plan,
approved by the President, to lay off all those obedient workers in their thousands.
Fortunately for these poor, predominantly Native Civil Servants, the Americo-Liberians
much talked about Special Senatorial Elections were in the corner, with a good number
of sitting Senators vying for re-election, and so some senators intervened and saved these
poor, civil servants their bread-winning jobs (Radio Veritas, ELBC and Sky FM,.
October 2014)
2. In August 2014, during the heat of the reportedly American genetically engineered filo
virus try outs in Liberia under the canopy of some Ebola pandemic, while hospitals were
closed mainly due to lack of drugs and sophisticated implements; and while government
had made it crystal clear to the world that it could not afford even rubber gloves,
sanitizers and the likes for its health workers, as ordinary citizens trapped up in the crisis
die in their hundreds from hunger and others, the Americo-Liberian President

commissioned a hundreds of thousands of US Dollars military crackdown on the poor,

Native slum community of West Point, officially killing one person in the process,
critically wounding some, and causing them huge physical and psychological agonies.
The Independent National Human Rights Commission of Liberia acknowledged these
acts of cruelty, investigated them, and formally requested remedial actions from the
government, including apologies and reparation payments. (ELBC, November 2014,
3. American-profit seeking elements, with their usual insider agents within the Liberian
Government started going ahead without any formal notice, to both the public and the
so-called governing authority of the country, in late 2014 to early 2015, to administer
some test vaccines to healthy Liberians in the name of some PREVAIL project. Senator
Jewel Howard Taylor and Rep. Gabriel B. Smith blew alarm at this criminal scheme
describing it as People using Liberian citizens as Guinea Pigs. (Farbric FM. February
3, 2015 etc.)
4. While other countries are working around the clock to cater for all their citizens at every
level by doing such things as improving general standards of living through mechanisms
like the implementation of enhanced social insurance and social protection programs
especially in helping them achieve their SDG obligations to citizens, while also
strengthening their economies inter alia, Americo-Liberia, in 2015 decided to close down
and dissolve such key institutions as the National Insurance Company, the National Food
Assistance Program, the Liberia Produce Marketing Association, and the Bureau of State
Enterprises, among others. This of course is a country that keeps crying about a
dysfunctional economy. (Radio Veritas, June 5, 2015)
5. Dr. Francis Kollie of Prison Fellowship Liberia Network expresses his deepest
frustrations at the Liberian Governments inability or refusal to rehabilitate prisoners
across the country; claiming, prisoners are made to languish in deplorable conditions in
detention centers across the country, without being rehabilitated when it is their due right
to be rehabilitated. (Local Radio News, April 1, 2015)
6. In Datoquen Town, Rivergee County, an Americo-Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency
officer reportedly kills a physically challenged man, one Darlington, for allegedly
refusing to locate drugs that the DEA officer claims he was in pursuit of Darlingtons
housemate for. (ELBC, April 10, 2015)
7. Congress for Democratic Changes Vice President for Operations, Mulbah Morlu claims
that the Liberian Government and its operatives squarely hate the ordinary citizens of the
country. He calls this culture misanthropy. (Farbric FM. April 28, 2015)
8. Grand Kru County Senator Albert Chea expresses regrets and disappointments about
how in all of the concession deals entered into by this Americo-Liberian Government

thus far, especially the oil concessions, there are ABSOLUTELY no benefits specified
for the affected local communities and community dwellers (ELBC, April 29, 2015)
9. UNICEF Child & Maternal Health Goodwill Ambassador Miatta Fahnbulleh complains
that while there are virtually no sound health centers outside of Monrovia, and pregnant
women die all across the country for the lack of these facilities, the EU gave out a grant
of US$13 million for Liberia to develop this sector and no one can now account for this
money (ELBC, April 8, 2015)
10. The Lands, Mines & Energy Ministry authorities and those of the Liberia Electricity
Corporation instructed USAID never to help one Rev. Gittens, a wheelchair entrepreneur
supplying electricity through generators to around 45,000 persons within 6 different
neighborhoods in the Rock Hill Community in Paynesville, with the funding he (Rev.
Gittens) had applied for, met the criteria for, to improve and expand his services (Harry
Greaves, Farbric New Dawn, September 17, 2015)

11. Because of the terrible lack of jobs in the country, which the larger tribal people bear the
brunt of, thousands of youths have turned to motorbike riding for survival; wherein, after
a whole day or half a days work (since some of them are students), these sons of the
Yarkwolos and Dolos take a few dollars home to keep their families going the next day.
Around July 2015, the Americo-Liberian authorities obligated all bike riders to pay
US$100 for plate and another US$100 for insurance, for a total fees payable of US$200,
which the government mandated the police to enforce, with a deadline set for July 15,
2015, just a week or two, after which these suffering guys bikes would be impounded.
(Farbric FM, July 2, 2015)

12. Just as her criminal Americo-Liberian predecessors such as Stephen A. Benson, Joseph J.
Cheeseman, Daniel Howard, Arthur Barclay, Charles King, William Tubman and the
likes wickedly sold our people out into slavery, domestic and commercial forced labor,
and different kinds of serfdoms, while also dispossessing our poor Native people of their
lands and means of livelihoods, sometimes forever, Ellen upon taking office embarked
upon the same campaign both crudely in some respects, and cunningly in other
respects. The UK-based integrity group, Global Witness, in July 2015, brought up its
assessment reports on one of Liberias biggest Agricultural concessions, the Golden
Veroleum, in which it established how the Liberian Government does not care for its
own citizens, and continues to take painful, deadly and undue advantage of its people
under the canopy of signing concession deals, zooming in on this Golden Veroleum deal.
The report entitled, The New Snake Oil: [How] Violence, Threats, and False Promises
[Are] At The Heart Of Liberias Oil Palm Expansion paints Ellen Sirleaf as a hoax,
meaning a crook, claiming to have miraculous healing solutions to Liberias problems,
but that the Liberians will soon, after she had already done the damage, find out later that
she was a big con artist and criminal that had duped them in reality. For example, this
concession, with a 350,000 hectare Area of Interest, that spans across 4 of Liberias
South Eastern counties of Rivercess, Sinoe, Grand Kru, and River Gee, currently affects

41,000 persons lives in its immediate area of operations thus far, and the concession is
initially valid for 65 years up to 2075, with a provision to extend for 33 years again, up
to 2108. Under some of the memorandums of understanding pertaining to this 98 year
deal, which will affect up to 5 generations of mainly indigenous peoples, the company
will actually provide non-employed community members with little slightly more than
6 toilets (pit latrines) over that which the company was already obligated to provide
under its agreement with the government, which no one will ever know authoritatively in
this country. But on the road to all this, in addition to the insults, has been the companys
use of government officials to take raw reprisal actions against any citizens that oppose,
question, or resist any of its (Golden Veroleums) moves. In response to these deadly
claims, Americo-Liberia Information Minister Lewis Brown says the report is false and
does not synchronize with any existing reality in the country (Farbric FM. July 31,

13. Cllr. Dempster Brown of the Center for the Protection of Human Rights said, on the 27 th
of May 2015 that over 20 persons were rounded up by the Americo-Liberian National
Police and jailed in Sinoe County on 9 charges, including arm robbery. He said the
victims are people who were merely protesting for their own, legitimate rights, but
government, through the police, mischievously decided to include arm robbery among
the charges levied against these people, just to deny them bill and keep them in jail
indefinitely because arm robbery is a first degree felony and is unbillable. Mr. Brown
said the conditions of these people in the cell is deteriorating daily, to the extent that one
of them, Fred Thompson, has been tortured to death. He said that one lady whose twin
sons are among the illegal detainees dropped and died instantly before the prison facility
when authorities denied her of her due right to see her two children. Cllr. Brown further
said that some government officials, including the county superintendent are behind the
ill-treatment of their own citizens. He said that these local officials are now in the
business of collecting money from the communities in the name of some bond fees to
free their kinsmen (ELBC, or Farbric FM, August 19, 2015)

14. Cllr. Thompson Ade Bayo, head of a local watch group, speaking on the conditions of
Liberian prisons, especially after visiting the Monrovia Central Prison, expressed these
observations as follows: (a) Liberian prisons are a place where people (inmates) prefer
death to life; prisons here are virtual chambers of death rather than correction centers;
they are a place where people are chained like during slave days, and at present, over
700 inmates are there under pre-trial detention some for between 2 to 5 years now
(ELBC, August 18, 2015)

15. Court Authorities in Grand Cape Mount County, [similar to those in Monrovia and
elsewhere in the country] complain how courts in the county were incarcerating too
many persons beyond the capacity of the prison facilities by unprofessionally issuing out
more writs of arrests in simple issues that only warrant writs of summon (ELBC, August

16. Almost every drug in the country is beyond its expiration date (Health Ministry sources,
National Drugs Service, US Embassy Sources etc.); the entire country lacks electricity
and pipe borne water; there are almost ABSOLUTELY no public transport facilities; the
entire 43,000 square mile country has foolishly less than 300 miles of paved one-lane
roads etc., yet and still, Americo-Liberian paid agent, Tolbert Nyensuah, Assistant
Minister of Health for Preventive Services, goes to New York, stands there, and tells the
whole world that by 2015, life expectancy in Liberia has dramatically risen by an
additional 20 years. What a mischief to the highest degree ever imaginable (ELBC,
September 25, 2015)

17. Hon. Bhofal Chambers expresses deep frustrations at how pretrial detainees and other
inmates go languishing unattended to, in Liberian prisons (ELBC, October 6, 2015)

18. Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court C complains about how fellow colleagues,
especially magistrates, illegally deliberately refuse citizens their due right to bond
(ELBC, November 10, 2015)

19. UNMIL Rule of Law Officer in Margibi County complains of troubling prison
conditions there. According to the officer, the two major prisons in Margibi, the Kakata
Central Prison and the Bodowein Prison were overcrowded by almost 100%, each above
their original capacity, with majority of the inmates being pretrial detainees (ELBC,
November 10, 2015)

20. Rufus Zayzay, father of late 21-year-old mysteriously-found-dead Victoria Zayzay

claims his daughter was raped and strangled to death [by the Americo-Liberian National
Police]. She had died in police cell while under detention for alleged assault in her
neighborhood. (Farbric FM., November 12, 2015)

21. Sime Darbe is one of the biggest Palm concessions in Liberia, covering more than two
counties of the country, and spanning over 70 years as the Golden Veroleum too, that no
one explicitly knows what citizens, mainly the Natives again, stand to benefit from too.
Sometime in 2015, a careless fire incident, specifically a chemical explosion took place
there that reportedly killed a few persons and wounded several. An inter-ministerial
committee investigated the incident and made several recommendations to both the
government and the concession company to be immediately implemented in repairing
the damage and averting future ones, including taking survivors out of the country for
advanced treatment, training handlers of chemicals before the resumption of any
operations involving chemicals; providing school buses for school going children within
the concession areas etc. But Charles Brown, a youth leader of the county expressed his
disappointment about how, long months after these strong recommendations had been
made, the government and the company had done nothing, even for the direct and
immediate victims, but that the company was carrying on its normal operations as if
nothing was pending to be taken care of (Farbric FM, November 12, 2015)

22. Ellen mockingly and cruelly boasts of her governments belief in the equal rights of all
the citizens, and also equal opportunities for everyone. She says this is the reason why
Liberia now enjoys 12 years of peace implicitly disregarding UNMILs efforts and all
the complaints from her courts and other places about the untold plight of the people
when it comes to the issue of lack of justice. (ELBC, November 23, 2015)

23. Bong County Representative George Mulbah has said that because of Liberias
unwillingness to punish certain people according to laws on the books, just for the sake
of satisfying some foreign interests, foreigners now flock unrestricted into the country to
harvest human blood freely, thus making our people to now live in constant fear, in his
words. He further suggested that government herself demonstrates her complicity in the
wasting of our peoples blood, in that, when these ritualistic killings go on, those arrested
for the act are normally placed behind bars for very short time, just to divert public
attention, and while they are in custody, they are even fed with the best of meals thrice a
day, after which they are shortly released (Farbric FM. November 24, 2015)

24. The Ministry of Health had accused the National Drugs Service of possessing expired
drugs in the tone of US$9.7 million, but the NDS denied. (ELBC, December 4, 2015).
However, just a week or so later, the truth of the matter was established, and the Health
Ministry and the Liberia Medical and Health Regulatory Agency (LMHA) were heard
burning expired drugs worth over US$9 million (Farbric FM. December 21, 2015)

25. Mr. Soko Sackor laments how around 4,000 ships fly Liberias flag but far less than 500
citizens from the country are employed in the shipping industry (ELBC, December 15,

26. Liberia: Police Officer disrobed, Cabbie arrested for L$30 bribe (FrontPage Africa
Newspaper, May 22, 2014). In this story, interestingly, a police director who had been
caught broad day facilitating the escape of an indicted criminal, in addition to his having
been officially slammed by a vote of no confidence from the Legislature, but not will
leave office because men are above the laws here, fires two newly trained police officers
(in persons of Humphrey Karn and Varnie Massallay) for alleged $0.16 bribe taking and
27. Mark Willie, from the Monrovia Central Prison says, prisoners and detainees there eat
once a day at around 4 p.m. just anything, and drugs given them are mainly expired
(Love FM. August 2014)

28. The Government of Liberia claims it acquired through Eminent Domain in the 1960s
1,000 acres of land in the Chickensoup Factory Community in Gardnersville, in
suburban Monrovia to be used a mini-industrial site. But several factors, capped by the
countrys recent civil war, have made the land to be taken over and inhabited by poor
citizens, most of which acquired property through some municipal authorities approval
for over 30 years now. An extremely poverty-stricken country that has no means of even
relocating one citizen struck by fire disaster or sea erosion (except may be to do

something sycophantic at times for political reasons) just jumped up in 2015 and decided
to start breaking more than 2,000 homes built by these poor people trying to make ends
meet, without any substantial relocation plan, as if their so-called government did not
have control over all of the other lands across the country to build professed new
industrial park with foreign money again. As we speak, more than 3,000 persons are still
suffering this homelessness being caused them by their Americo-Liberian Government in
this process. (Farbric FM. October 27, 2015)

29. Gbarpolu Police detains blind man for alleged corruption [An around L$500 reportedly
given this blind man to custode which he had used) (
August 27, 2015)
(C) A Country whose leaders, political and opinion, just verbally insult citizens broadly
directly or indirectly
Again, because a very vast majority of the people of this country are the tribal people or the
aborigines, and by virtue of this reality are being kept largely poor, illiterate and ignorant by
America and Americo-Liberian colonial maneuvers, under the guise of government policies,
this huge chunk of ordinary people (with the indigenous constituting over 98% while a very
few ordinary Americo-Liberians make up the rest) is a subject of verbal insults from the
mouths of Government officials and opinion leaders, sometimes directly or indirectly. Few
examples are as follows:
1. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, appearing as guest on UNMIL Radios Talk With the
President, December 1, 2015, rained enough insults, as usual, on the population and
generally referred to the people at different times of this engagement as either LIARS,
VIOLENT PEOPLE, and BAD people etc. For example:
(a) when show host Torwon Sullunteh asked, whats about the too many complaints
from different quarters that you are not doing much for the country, Ellen replied, in the
Liberian parlance, The people whoint got nothing to do; the people whoint got
nothing to offer etc. are the ones making all this noise;
(b) Addressing concerns about how Liberia is conducting the fight against Ebola that the
virus had resurfaced for the 3rd time now, Ellen boasted about the capacity of her
government to now tackle the disease, and then insulted the citizenry in this process, as
she defended her government by asserting, Some of the suspected Ebola cases in the
ETU dont even want to leave from there now because they are eating free food [all
(c) Asked about whether her government can handle security as the UN leaves,
especially with the prevailing security tensions, uneasiness and concerns, as a result of
this UNMIL draw down development, Ellen replies, The hola hola not from UNMIL,
its coming from Liberians, who are [generally] just bad and violent.;

(d) On the issue of her office according child rights advocates award winner, Abraham
Keita, some cold shoulders, Ellen says, .they just want to put something in that young
boys head..thats the wickedness of the Liberian people not even modifying it to say
some Liberian people, if thats what it takesetc.
2. This same Ellen painted her very ugly perception about the general citizenry of this place
sometime in late 2013, at the appreciation ceremony of the Nimba County Land Dispute
Commission at the Executive Mansion/Foreign Affairs, when she alluded to Musa
Bilitys indictment by the very government for helping in the pillaging of funds at the
Roberts International Airport in this way, ..He always responds to governments call
to take on difficult and strategic assignments, and because of that he sometimes gets all
kinds of criticisms and false accusations etc. (
The big perception which Ellen and many others especially Americo-Liberians harbor
about our countrys population (since these are largely made up of the Native people) are
that Liberians are very bad, and hate good people. Even if their perception contains
some element of truth, then what they have failed to do is to use our huge wealth under
their complete control to change the situation, which is possible with good and honest
leadership, which will see everyone benefiting high quality education and improved
economic opportunities, nothing else. To prove Ellens hatred or disdain for the vast
indigenous population of this country beyond all reasonable doubts, when this President
was talking to Torwon Sulonteh of UNMIL Radio on the same show mentioned earlier,
i.e. December 1, 2015, she mentioned with frustration, how bulk of the countrys budget
goes to paying the civil servants, a group she describes as a bunch of people who just
go to work to play cards behind their desks in government offices. Remember over 90%
of civil servants are the Natives. Still on this show, touching on the standards of living in
the country, the President said, Liberians are far better today, their lives have
significantly improved.In fact, plenty people own can today, thats why they complain
about traffic in town.Liberian people love car too much, even all my own security
people now got car etc. On the issue of the acute lack of basic social services in the
country, Ellen argues, Monrovia is too populated, how will we be able to provide for all
these people [in actuality, all these less valuable Native people or Native savages], thats
why we are telling them to go back to the villages to create jobs etc.
Note: We could go on listing the barrage of insults that this Americo-Liberian president rains
on the vast indigenous majority of this country either directly or indirectly at almost every
little occasion that shes opportune to address us, but we are going to stop here for now.
However, one can imagine an American President standing before the very good and great
people of America to use any one of these sarcastic and insulting expressions on them.
Whats about other politicians or opinion leaders? So lets bring you just a few of what other
politicians and opinion leaders say about the general population of the country too:

3. Speaking at a dedicatory program, at the invitation of Representative Richmond

Anderson, for his part of US$68,000 Direct District Development project, Senator
Geraldine Doe-Sheriff of Montserrado County, lamented the sad plight of the Liberian
people, whom she said do not even know the functions of their lawmakers due to
poverty, and these people expect their lawmakers to be the ones sponsoring their
weddings and buying their baby diapers etc. (Farbric FM. January 5, 2016)
4. Addressing the issue of the level of leadership curse in the country, politician Simeon
Freeman laments his perceived reason for this deadly problem as citizens refusal to vote
well, by saying, You set STUPID criteria like, I will vote for the one who can give me
something. He said it is this kind of criteria that citizens set for choosing leaders, and
this is causing the problem in our country, and not necessarily the leaders themselves, an
idea which he got all wrong. (Farbric FM. October 19, 2015)
5. Robert Sirleaf, addressing citizens protesting against him in early November 2014, made
the following remarks, among many more insulting ones: I cant wait to catch those
people holding those placards [against me].I will deal with them in the most timely
manner like the Ebola virus diseaseI will make them bleed like the virus.I will make
their stomach come from out of their stomach (The Papers, Voice FM. November 13,
2014). Meanwhile this is a very contagious and fatal disease that killed more than 4,900
citizens in short time, although with another long story behind it, etc. and etc.
These are just a few of the direct insults that the ever-suffering, vast Native majority
population of this place continue to endure at the hands of elements from the Americo-
Liberian criminal gang called government and some politicians, but the indirect insults
are so countless for someone to think about enlisting them. However, just to tease your
brains a bit, please decide for yourselves whether the small sample of 5 below does not
constitute indirect insults to our people again:
1. Before declaring his intention to run for the Americo-Liberian presidency, almost every
activity of current Vice President Joseph Boakai had been concentrated in his home
county of Lofa, but as soon as he declared his intention to contest the presidency, as if
the people, especially the poor school going kids had been surviving through his food
handouts, the Office of the Vice President immediately started sharing out expired tuna
fish to schools in Montserrado and other parts of the country (Local Community sources,
ELBC, March 10, 2016, local dailies etc.)
2. As if this is a land of dummies or fools, to say the least, Ellen speaks to the press about
growing the economy as follows: In 2007, we grew the economy up to 12%; in 2008,
due to the global financial crisis, we dropped to 6%, and by 2012, we came back to 12%
etc.We are very strict in our debt management strategy.We have made sure that the
monetary and fiscal arms cooperate with one another; we follow prudent management
policies We place the monies to where everyone can see it the roads, the hydro etc.
[With respect to the Millennium Challenge Corporation grant we just won], we passed

the corruption test consistently as prescribed by the MCC, which is very rigid.
(Prime FM. 105.5, December 30, 2015). All these are clear insults to any level-headed
3. In a very brief summary, former Senator Blamo Nelson narrates how during the very
heat of the Ebola health crisis in Liberia that killed over 4,900 citizens, the main
institutions fighting the epidemic i.e. the World Health Organization and the US
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) etc. offered the Americo-Liberian authorities the
option of choosing between holding political elections and halting all electioneering
activities to first attend to the health needs of their citizens, and the Americo-Liberian
authorities strangely chose their elections over the lives of the citizens whose blood was
already been massively wasted by Ebola (Costa Show, Voice FM. November 14, 2014)
4. While the country cries for serious manpower shortage, especially for a huge shortage of
qualified personnel within the educational sector, to the point that Nigeria had to
sometime come in to offer help with high school teachers, Monrovia Consolidated
School System boss, Mr. Adolphus Jacobs, is on record for telling the press that he, just
in 2015, had on standby, or as reserved teachers, 1,000 trained and qualified men.
(ELBC, February 9, 2015)
5. Senator Cummany Wisseh says the chameleon style politics in the country, whereby
so-called politicians just jump at any time from one party to another [glaringly just for
quicker access to some government office, and not for any genuine principles], and the
uncontrollable proliferation of political parties in the country, whereby this 43,000
square mile, 4.5 million population country now has over 20 to 30 political parties,
some of which dont even have offices to work from, are all good signs of the countrys
improvement in democracy. OH WHAT AN INSULT TO A PEOPLE!!!! (ELBC,
October 13, 2015)
Lets pause here for now.
To close on this section, we have sufficiently elaborated on the original sin of this country
Tribal Suppression and Ethnic-based Marginalization, whose spillover effect have
produced all of the other societal ills and vices we have been discussing above, including a
generally cruel society, a country with an unspeakable disdain for fellow human beings, a
country whose political and opinion leaders just rain insults on citizens, and a country
whose government just criminally and carelessly run the affairs of state etc. Our biggest
revolutionary argument as such has been that Liberia was founded on the principles of
ethnocentrism a form of corruption whereby one ethnic or social group perceive itself as
more human being than the rest of the people, and as such, they are the masters while the
others are their slaves. And this of course, has opened up to all of the other cruelties in this
country and has left society in tatters up to this point with all these implanted and
sustained by America.

If you dont believe in this claim of ours that ethnocentrism is Liberias biggest and
deadliest problem, then please connect the dots between the current happenings narrated
here and the few credible claims below from international sources in the past, and from
current events, stressing this same NASTY reality, as follows:
a) New York-based History Professor, Dr. James Ciment describes the Americo-Liberian
treatment of the Natives in this country as Liberias Original Sin.
b) Sir John Simon of the British Foreign Service wrote on May 29, 1934 that it would be a
NEGLECT of the [Wests] duty to civilization if the misgovernment of the Native tribes
of Liberia [by the Americo-Liberians] was allowed to continue (
c) Dr. Charles Johnson of the League of Nations wrote, Liberia was [is] a nation
conceived solely as a haven for freed American Slaves at the detriment of the vast
indigenous majority (Idem)
d) The League of Nations, in its 1930 1931 report on Liberia concluded, The
Government of Liberia is systematically fostering a policy of gross intimidation and
suppression of the Native in order to prevent him from asserting himself in any way
whatsoever, for the benefit of the dominant and colonizing race, although originally the
same stock as themselves etc.
e) Then with respect to how justice is dispensed in Liberia from 1822 up to this 2016, here
is how the United States Department of State has almost always painted the real picture
since it started publishing its human rights report on Liberia in 2008 or so. This account
represents a one paragraph summary of their 2014 and 2015 reports, which are the very
latest two, and in addition to explicit emphases on the culture of impunity and ethnic
discrimination, the both executive summaries first line each reads, The most serious
human rights abuses were those linked to lack of justice, judicial inefficiency, corruption,
lengthy pretrial detention, denial of due process, and harsh prison conditions..
An Argentine fashion designer, Mario Testino has said that life is like a boomerang, and that
it rewards us for whatever energy we place into it, or, that whatever we place into it today
has its own way of coming back at us tomorrow. All that these sad realities about Liberia tell
us is that this is a very fragile and volatile environment and society, so much vulnerable to
sliding back into chaos and disorder just as frequently as possible, owing to what the
societal frontrunners and even the ordinary citizens continue to invest into their country.
Moreover, in very layman terms, the harsh reality about life is that with the passage of days,
months, and years, whatever we are part of, whatever we are involved with, whatever our
activities are etc. will tend to normally heap up, or improve, or enlargen incrementally,

unless we establish that an activity of ours is not worthy, and take bold steps to cut it off,
which usually happens painfully. That is to say for example, if honesty was cherished and
practiced in a place at a 10% level in 1990 for instance, by 2000, it shall have incrementally
grown to around 20%, and by 2010, 25 to 30% etc., unless we feel that honesty is harmful
and decide to cut it off and this cutting off must be done radically, if we really want results.
This same concept applies to vices such as corruption, ethnocentrism, mischief making
through bloodshed, lawlessness, and laziness. Once any of these is encouraged and
approved at 10%, say, in 1990, by 2000, they shall have climbed to 15%; then by 2010, the
society will be well advanced in them by up to 30 to 40% and so forth.
As a proof of this observation, since Liberia, as a political entity, approved and laid her
foundation in 1822 on the pillars of corruption, which included deceit, sectionalism,
vengeance, among others, and continued to do everything along the way in history to uphold
and sustain these vices, these cruelties continue to advance with the passage of time
(although in different forms as time moves on, just as their nasty fruits continue to grow
incrementally. We all know that the fruits of these vices are poverty, division, lawlessness,
violence, instability, backwardness, illiteracy, and wars.
So, as soon as Liberia was established in 1822 on these dirty foundation pillars, their
corresponding dirty fruits began to manifest themselves that very year, beginning with wars.
Thus, from 1822 to date, the country has gone through more than 18 different rounds
of recorded bloody crises or experiences, including 13 full scale wars, four recorded
coup detats and 1 major national riot for a total of over 30 years of bloodbath in 194
years of being around as a unit.
To get a gist of what we are talking about here, according to Liberian History and other
reliable sources, including, Liberia hit the ground running with the Crown
Hill Battle that was fought for half an hour, and then the Forte Hill Battle that was fought
for one and a half hours all in November of 1822. Then came the Kru War of at least 1
month and 3 weeks (1856); the Grebo War was next, and lasted for at least 6 months (from
1856 1857). The Combined Uprisings of the Inland and Coastal Tribes took place for a
little over 6 months in 1864; then came the Cape Palmas War, which could be called the
Second Grebo War, that lasted for about this same duration or slightly over 6 months
between 1875 and 1876. Next came the Mixed Tribal Wars or Confrontations that took
place for about 7 years, between the mid-1880s and the early 1890s. Other wars of much
shorter durations of course interrupted this progressive trend of bloodbath between 1900 and
1918, including the Bloody Battle of 1900, the Kru Rebellion of 1915, and the Gola War of
1918. Then came the Sasstown War of 1931 to 1936. An then of course, the most
progressive and devastating one was a combined 14 years of closely intermittent civil wars
from 1989 to 2003 that featured the First Liberian Civil War and the Second Liberian Civil
War, which history alternatively refers to as the Taylor War and the LURD-MODEL Wars

Interestingly, almost all of these hostilities involve a war between our Native forefathers and
the ever-devilish Americo-Liberians for how they have, and continue, to treat our people
like animals in pursuit of the vengeance they explicitly pronounced in their Americo-
Liberian Declaration of Independence, and anyone of these wars that took place between
tribes explicitly was most probably instigated by Americo-Liberian influence or elements.
Moreover, each of these wars brought untold disgrace to the country in terms of the
unspeakably intensive levels of foreign investment and intervention to quell them, as with
the last thus far, i.e. the 14 year combined Civil Wars, which disgracefully took over 20
internationally brokered, organized and funded peace accords, exhausting over US$200
million, and the little semblance of stability brought about after this last one thus far, has
now cost the United Nations in UNMIL over US$50 billion. All these information are
both from empirical studies and reliable sources.
If you wish to get an idea about some of the shamefully over 20 heavily financed peace
accords that poverty-stricken, power-hungry, so-called Americo-Liberian politicians sat in
before a semblance of peace could come about as a result of the UNs massive intervention
here in 2003, we would not mind briefly listing all of them here as follows, just to refresh
your memories and those of the main actors. The 21 different peace gatherings that
culminated into UNMIL coming in October 2003 included:
Peace Accords (1-4) - Banjul I, II, III, and IV (June 1990, August September 1990,
October 1990, and December 1990);
P.A. (5) - The Bamamko Cease Fire Agreement (November 1990); (*P.A. means peace
P.A. (6) - The Lome Agreement (February 1991);
P.A. (7) - The ECOWAS Follow Up Conference (March 1991);
P.A. (8 11) - Yamoussoukro I, II, III, and IV (October 1991 etc.);
P.A. (12) - The Geneva Agreement for Liberia (April 1992);
P.A. (13) - The Cotonou Accord (April 1993);
P.A. (14) - The Akosombo Peace Accord (September 1994);
P.A. (15) - The Monrovia Conference (September 1994);
P.A. (16) - The Akosombo Clarifications in Accra (December 1994);
P.A. (17) - The Abuja Peace Agreement (July 1995);
P.A. (18) - A National Conference on the Future of Liberia (July 1998);
P.A. (19) - The National Conference on Peace and Reconciliation (July 2002);
P.A. (20) - The Akosomobo Conference (July 2003); and
P.A. (21) - The Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord (August 2003).

We dont want to bother listing the coups and the national riot here, but the last striking
point we would like to make is that each of these bloody events was preceded by some

strong forewarnings or grave writings on the wall to announce their coming. For example,
the 1979, 1980, and 1989 troubles were warned about well in advance with some of the
warnings coming almost 30 years ahead, while others were made a few years to a few
months in advance of these dirty developments. Considering the 1979, 1980 and 1989
crises, with the 1989 crisis requiring 21 peace accords or some form of national get together
for problem solving before it could get temporarily halted as we brought above, lets bring
you just 3 of the long-in-advance forewarnings that came from different foreign sources so
that you yourself can imagine what people on the ground at the time were saying and
warning about these imminent dangers. Note: Because of some limitations, we will be
unable to include domestic warnings.
Having said that, 3 of the key foreign based writings on the wall pointing to these crises
1. According to A. E. Yapp of the US Foreign [Policy] Office, in an October 22, 1934
article entitled, Press Clipping From West African Review, the US Government
sounded a strong warning in 1929 about the appalling conditions of the Liberian
Indigenous, and started washing its hands off the Americo-Liberian Native debacle by
the middle of 1934 (October 1934, FO, 371/18043). (

2. Mr. S. Raymond Buell of the US Foreign Policy Association visited Liberia around the
1950s and wrote extensively about this rogue state, among other things predicting a
cloud of bloodletting hanging over the country in years to come. For example, in his
book/article, A Century of Survival, 1947, University of Pennsylvania Press, Mr. Buell
wrote, Unless something radical is done to narrow the growing gap between the
governing oligarchy and the [ordinary] Liberian people, it is not impossible that within
25 years, fighting will break out in the country (Idem)

3. George Schuyler, a journalist who visited Liberia in the 1930s posted facts about this
colony in his book, Slaves Today, among which he said, depicting the picture in
Liberia at the time, Corruption triumphs, the maladministration of the country
continues; the trafficking of human flesh continues; and peace [remains] illusive. (Idem)

If you read through this article to this point, you would discover without doubt that all of the
vices started by this country in 1822, based upon which the fruits of war, poverty (remember
poverty is not only in materials, but also in ideas), official mischief-making, sectionalism
etc. began manifesting themselves the same year, are now even at their much advanced
stages than before. Corruption in this country has gotten so fantastic, as in the words of UK
Prime Minister David Cameroon, describing Nigerias part of corruption the last time;
trafficking in humans has gotten so enhanced tremendously with modern sophistications and
formal Americo-Liberian governmental processes; ethnocentrism now wears the best of
coat suit as no sons of the Kiazolues, Jehs, Gayflors, Nimleys, Zinnahs and Jlatehs dare

take a test along with the sons of the true McClains, the Bernards, the Scotts and expect
their names to surface, once the Americo-Liberians havent yet gotten their targets.
Moreover, as we brought to you here, the culture of dependency has now gotten so advanced
to the point that a whole government in this country will enter into some $1.5 million
financing agreement with the European Union for 5 round years, just to maintain a less than
70 mile, one-lane road, doing stuffs like side brushing. (ELBC, early May 2016), when baby
countries like Nigeria, just Lagos alone, now counts over 10,000 millionaires, talk less about
Abuja, and the rest of the country. The thwarted vision of what constitutes economics and
the management of human and natural resources has gotten so dangerously entrenched into
their real 21st century forms. Human rights abuses now wear the biggest of higher height
suits to the point that over 500,000 persons are killed in one senseless campaign called a
revolutionary war, and then a filthy, iniquitous Americo-Liberian body calling itself a
Supreme Court rules against these innocent dead souls inalienable rights to life etc.
With these and many more accounts of how the Americo-Liberian engineered vices have
accumulated again, just 13 years after the last civil war, the writings on the war have gotten
so numerous about another round or even rounds of bloodbaths awaiting the country once
more just about this same time again, if we collectively continue to act lazy, especially in
acquiring the right kind of knowledge that will enable us to read between the lines and take
the appropriate collective actions at genuine change, change initiated by ourselves, and in
our own best interest, and change not imposed upon us by America or the EU or the World
With these premises laid, here are 62 accounts (most of them very brief) of the alarming
writings on the wall in this 2016, warning that DANGER is already at each citizens
doorsteps again, and that this DANGER will surely bite, if we dont make the required
radical U-turn now in our civic actions, and want to continue business as usual. The
newspaper headlines, news bulletin stories, news magazine features etc. and other sources
(some presented in a little bit of details) constituting our 62 accounts of writings on the
wall for DANGER, with one or two of them originating from the very beginning of this
current Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, and the balance 98% being generated just from
2015 to this 2016 alone, are as follows: *Note: Chronological order is not observed here, but
rather some order of importance:
1. Tragic Departure: Harry Greaves Finally Laid To Rest Privately (FrontPage Africa
Newspaper, March 11, 2016) * Note: While we have decided not to go into details for the
articles or headlines listed in this section, we would like to use this point on Harry
Greaves as a key exception in that he is a very important model to our Plain Truth
Revolution. Remember in most of our articles and documents, we come down hard on
the Americo-Liberians as predominantly criminals, non-governmental and non-
managerial materials etc. whose inherent and entrenched criminal culture helps America
continue their spree of looting our natural resources and strengthening their imperialist
claws around us under the canopies of making business or rendering humanitarian

services. For these and other reasons of course, we insist that Americo-Liberians MUST
be completely kicked out of our public sector for at least a century through some formal
transitional justice mechanism as you will discover in some of our revolutionary
pamphlets. But as objective, educated and civilized patriots, influenced first by the
Principles of God, then largely by Statistics, and then History among others, the
revolutionary stances or arguments that we propound in all of our work, do all have their
bases firmly laid in such concepts as Inferential or Inductive Statistics; wherein for
example, anyone systematically studying the Americo-Liberian breed of people would
discover that over 99% of them would fall under a bell curve of criminality, including a
barrage of vices embossed into their very DNAs. However, just as there must be some
element (s) of variations in any drawn sample from a population to be tested in an
experiment, there are some Americo-Liberians, who definitely fall outside of the
Region of Certainty for Criminality; and all through our studies and arguments, we
have been able to consistently derive at Americo-Liberian variances such as William R.
Tolbert, Harry Greaves, Simeon Freeman, and Dr. Elwood Dun etc., as far as our studies
have established yet; and interestingly, almost all of the names above have been dealt
some raw blow by their fellow Americo-Liberians, who fall within the huge majority
Region of Certainty or the bell curve of criminality. Let us hasten to register the fact that
Tolbert and Greaves parts of raw deals were gruesome murders just for their being very
productive, and Simeons part of raw deal for his objectivity has been his premature
ostracism out his own society, while Dr. Duns good suggestions and strong
recommendations seem to be fiddled with or played around, as hes now pushed towards
the corner of their society. These are all the kinds of dangerous fate (s) that the very few
good apples among the Americo-Liberians continue to endure. Moreover, based on their
magnitudes, we have laid more emphasis or presented more details on a couple of other
accounts below.
Having made these brief clarifications, we wish to continue with the Harry Greaves
episode here by fearlessly stating that one apparent reason, which spells a big DANGER
by itself, behind Mr. Greaves gruesome death, a death that greatly affects the supreme
interest of the vast indigenous population of this country, can be summarized as follows.
In one of Greaves recent interaction with the press, he said, .The EU (European
Union) has pledged over US$30 million over the next five years for the set up and
running of an electricity sector regulator in Liberia, and government is dug in her heels
to control this EU money something [his] initiative, BRILSELCO, was desperately
against [owing to the fact that government has no track record of doing anything better
and substantial in this country]. (Farbric FM New Dawn, September 17, 2015). Note
that BRILSELCO, a civic initiative, was set up by Mr. Greaves; it sought some
Legislative backing, to liberalize the electricity sector through some form of productive
privatization, so that electricity becomes very widespread and affordable across the
country. This instigated some underground see-saw battle between Greaves and the
Americo-Liberian Government, probably with some other peripheral differences

attached. But in less than 4 months of this electricity bill battle, Greaves body was
mysteriously found on a beach around the immediate vicinity of the Executive Mansion
(Independent Newspaper, Harry Greaves Body Found Near Ellens Office, February
1, 2016; In Profile Daily Newspaper, Womens Voices Newspaper, February 1, 2016
But even more interestingly, immediately after Greaves mysterious death, just a little
over one week, while the public and family were still deeply mourning this very
productive Americo-Liberian mans mysterious demise, and authorities were lying about
conducting autopsy on his body, the Government of Liberia and the EU signed two
financing agreements of around US$60 million in a twinkle of an eye for mainly
supporting the Liberian Electricity sector, and others. The Greaves recently protested
$30 million in the making for CRIMINAL Government of Liberia, for electricity
support, upon which he laid so much emphasis, had been realized just within a week of
his gruesome death and subsequent surfacing, painfully at the beach lifeless. (Farbric
FM News, February 9, 2016; Inquirer Newspaper, February 9, 2016 etc.). Immediately
within this same time, Minister Patrick Sendolo, Chairman of the High Level Energy
Steering Group, organized an electricity stakeholders meeting, at which highly
developed and chief Americo-Liberian international partners the European Union, the
World Bank, the USAID etc. came together to now discuss how all 15 counties of
Liberia are now going to get electrified in the next 6 months after the death of wicked
and economic sabbotager Harry Greaves.
To close on this point, remember from reliable sources, that it was through this same
Harry Greaves, when he was Economic Advisor to Interim President Gyudee Bryant,
that the mobile phone communications industry or sector got extensively privatized and
liberalized, that at least today, our grandmothers, sisters, and fathers way there in
Tarjuwon or Zorzor, can now easily afford a cell phone and be able talk to their sons,
daughters and friends in Monrovia with ease. In the world of Americo-Liberia, this is
counterproductive to the original design of the country i.e., why expose these
savages to this extent? This same man, Harry Greaves, wanted to still do more while
at the so-called Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, which only stores products for
largely foreign business people, but President Sirleaf and her Americo-Liberian
Legislature quickly booted him out. President Ellen Sirleaf is on record for always
asserting that the Liberian society hates good people something that brings to mind
too, how the best and most visionary of all of Liberias Presidents since 1822, Mr.
Tolbert, was gruesomely murdered. Two dangerous realities however are (a) that all this
killing of key good people are done with some explicit acquiescence of heavy-weights
within the international community, led by America; and (b) importantly that it is not our
vast, poor, suppressed indigenous majority who carry on these devilish deeds, or approve
these kinds of cruelties. But instead, it is the cunning Americo-Liberian machinery of
confusion and mischief that does this, and pull the poor, ignorant people into the picture

as the cruel people who hate good folks. This is false, and our citizens are not bad, as
President Sirleaf and her majority Americo-Liberian elements fight to make us and the
world at large to believe. The fact of the matter remains however that out of ignorance
and poverty all of which are engineered and nurtured by America through her
Americo-Liberians our people are lured and dragged into being bad people. Period!!
2. Here are some of the reasons that make Liberias current peace very illusive, as the
process to it was marred by Americas iniquitous handling of justice related to Liberian
elements. Two key ones are as follows:
a. Ellen and the United States cruelly and deceitfully stabbed Charles Taylor in the back
in the name of wanting peace for Liberia. Peace achieved from deceit and one-sided,
kangaroo justice can never be sustained. This is how a US Expert on African affairs
narrated the story, in summary: Upon her election victory in late 2005, when
quizzed about her plans for Tayors extradition, Ellen reportedly said that she did not
view it as an immediate priorityNotwithstanding these statements, in early
March 2006, (just one month after her inauguration, and just a few days after
reassuring the public that the Taylor problem was not an immediate priority of her
newly installed government), published press reports suggested that the Sirleaf
administration was in talks with the Nigerian Government regarding Taylors
possible extradition from Nigeria and that President Sirleaf had made a formal
request towards that end to the Nigerian Government. Her government, however,
publicly denied that a formal extradition letter had been given to the Nigerian
Government though Liberias Information Minister Johnny McClain confirmed
the existence of a briefing note on this topic. At various fora during a mid-March
state visit to the United States, however, Sirleaf confirmed that a request had been
made by her government to Nigeria for TaylorResponding to a suggestive
concern of why so soon with the Taylor issue, President Sirleaf said, international
pressure, pressure constraining our effort to ... raise the resources that we need for
our development had, in part, motivated her to request that Nigeria extradites Taylor.
She said, however, that such pressure had been unfair. On March 16, 2006,
Representative Jim Kolbe stated on the House floor that President Sirleaf had
verifiably informed Representative Nita Lowey and himself that she had requested
that Nigeria extradite Taylor. Nigeria later acknowledged that the request had been
made.. Still interestingly, prior to the confirmation by Sirleaf of her extradition
request to the Nigerian Government, some in Congress had suggested that the
continued provision of substantial US development aid to Liberia would need to be
conditioned upon her making of such a request. During the February 8, 2006, House
Committee on International Relations hearing on Liberia, Representative Royce, after
outlining diverse reasons why Taylor should be promptly extradited, stated that
[t]his friend of Liberia (referring to America) has very little interest in providing
more [U.S. assistance] money to rebuild Liberia until its President brings Taylor a

known force for destruction one step closer to justice by calling on Nigerias
President to send him to the Special Court. (Nicolas Cook, Analyst in African
Affairs: Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division: US Congressional Research
Service, the Library of Congress, from his Report titled, Liberia: Post War
Developments Key Issues and US Assistance etc.). * Note: The demningly
dangerous sides of all this are that (1) Taylor is not being punished for all of the
untold atrocities committed in Liberia, but instead, for his role in the Sierra Leonean
crisis, because Liberians are pigs in the eyes of America, who do not deserve any
form of reprieve or reparation for harm done to them; (2) The very America, Ellen,
and most of her government officials, who are rushingly turning Taylor over for
justice, have so much blood stains on their hands from this very activity that led
Taylor to this sin, but they all are now behaving like angels. The Liberia Truth and
Reconciliation Commission Report and numerous other empirical evidence can
substantiate this claim of our revolution. (3) Taylor willingly resigned his elected
position, and relinquished his responsibility to fight on till the end although after
much pressure and consultations for the sake of his people, after it was generally
agreed reportedly by all parties that he would never be sought after when he takes an
asylum out of the country. This became a pillar of the current peace. (4) Ellen is
explicit from the account above that she was not turning over primarily for justice,
but instead for so-called development aid. For her information, she was instead
sowing seed of chaos and discord, as no development achieved from stabbing a
fellow citizen in the back can ever be sustained.
b. Here is another gist of how America treated Charles Taylors son, Chuckie Taylor, out
of complete hatred, again in the name of justice all because this worlds superpower
cares less about the implications of such actions to our peace in the future. The story
goes like this, again, in short. Strangely in the dispensation of fair justice, Charles
Taylors son, Chuckie (called variously as Emmanuel, Roye Belfast etc.) was struck
three different times in roll with US Court convictions, while already in the hands, or
under the custody of judicial authorities. Here is the trend: On March 30, 2006,
Chuckie Taylor was arrested at the Miami International Airport in Florida for
passport fraud; taken to court, found guilty on September 15, 2006, remanded to
prison, awaiting formal sentencing for 11 months, which was to be done on
December 7, 2006. One day prior to his formal sentencing i.e. on December 6,
2006, Charles Taylor Jr. was indicted for multiple counts of torture, based on one
Liberian, of Americas interests complaints against him (Chuckie), with the support
of Human Rights Watch and others. To handle this new torture case against Taylor Jr.,
the US Congress had to quickly draw from the shelf a dusty 1994 crafted statute the
US Federal Extraterritorial Torture Statute, 18 USC & 2340 A, that had never been
used on anyone before, amend it quickly, and use it to indict and subsequently
convict already incarcerated Taylor Jr. of five counts of torture, and one count of
using fire arm during a violent crime. In October 2008, Chuckie was subsequently

convicted of these torture-related crimes and sentenced to 97 years in prison on

January 9, 2009 (BST). While in custody facing this 2nd and most destructive
sentence to his life concomitantly with the first conviction, a group of 5 Liberians,
again, in America, and of Americas special interest, brought torture charges against
already-suffering-97 year-imprisonment Chuckie, in what they called a civil case,
sometime around late 2009 or early 2010. On February 5, 2010, US District Judge
Adalberto Jordan convicted jailed Chuckie for the 3rd separate time, and ordered him
to pay $22.4 million in damages to the 5 Liberian plaintiffs names withheld. In a
two page order, the Judge awarded at least US$5 million each, to four of the 5
Liberians, and US$1.8 million to the 5th, all for physical pains and mental sufferings,
and to punish Chuckie Taylor for his actions in Liberia (Associated Press,;;
Note: One Liberian in America became so important that Chuckie Taylor, Jr. had to
face the American Justice System and receive a 97 year jail sentence for torture
against this Liberian; moreover, 5 Liberians in America became so important that
Chuckie Taylor, Jr., by directive of the American Justice System was ordered to pay
reparations to them in the tone of US$22.4 million (Boston Globe Newspaper and
other sources above), but over 500,000 Liberians were murdered and over 1 million
made to suffer in refugee life by a war organized, prosecuted or aided and abetted by
Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Tom Woewiyou, a host of current Liberian
Government officials, the United States Government or Elements within the United
States Government etc., but a Supreme Court under a government heavily backed by
America, has ruled against any provision aimed at making any major amends for all
this huge damage and suffering borne by a single set of people as unconstitutional.
This is what the Americo-Liberian Supreme Court did against the Truth and
Reconciliation Commissions key recommendations to bring relief to the poor people
of this country. To add insult to injury, while some pressure from other quarters,
including the UN presumably, are being brought to bear on the US-backed cruel
Americo-Liberian Government to still implement these key TRC recommendations,
the Hot Pepper Newspaper in Monrovia uncovers how Liberian President Ellen
Sirleaf is impressing upon her Washington DC based commercial diplomacy firm,
KRL International, who reportedly has enormous contacts within the American
Governmental Circles to push hard on behalf of the Liberian Government for the
abolition or thrashing out of the TRC key recommendations
( Because of Personal Interest, Liberias Oil Block Sold
Cheaply; October 22, 2015)
3. In certain article, published in March 2011 about whether or not foreign aid does more
good than harm, critics argued that foreign aid stifles economic growth, promotes
corruption, and leads to chronic dependence. Others also said that when foreign aid is
not given with good intentions, like for example, when it is given for geostrategic
reasons, or when it is designed to benefit big businesses in wealthy nations, some of the

worst [things under this sun can happen to the receivers] of such aids. To the argument
that Western nations want to eliminate hunger and poverty through their aid packages,
James Shikwati, a Kenyan remarks, Such intentions have been damaging our continent
for the past 40 years. He goes on to say, The countries that have collected the most
development did [like Americo-Liberia] are the ones that remain the worst in shape.
Then a young Zambian, Dambisa Moyo, in her work, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not
Working, she argues that aid perpetuates a cycle of poverty. Then come two Western
writers: (a) James Bovard, in his 1986 article, The Continuing Failure of Foreign Aid,
he argues, Analyzing world events over a period of more than 40 years now, the success
of foreign aid is often measured by intentions and not results. Using the United States
as an example, Bovard writes, Foreign aid has routinely failed to benefit the foreign
poor..the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has dotted the
countryside with white elephants.the biggestof them all a growing phalanx of
corrupt, meddling and overpaid bureaucrats..(The Dark Side of Foreign Aid). (b) In a
column on the website titled, Cash for Conflict, it is said that one
important negative effect of foreign aid, according to new research is civil conflict.
Benjamin Frost of the University of Colorado in Denver and his co-authors looked into
a recent paper about development projects and civil conflict deaths in the Philippines to
draw this conclusion. At the end of the day, these authors found a correlation between
aid dollars and conflict deaths, or between aid and conflict for short.
Coming back to the America Liberia tale, in 2004, the George Bush Administration
complained that other US development programs, like the USAID, were suffering from
many different, sometimes conflicting goals, which often were as a result of political
pressure, thus, making them not to deliver long-term economic improvements to
countries they serve. Congress then authorized the establishment of the Millennium
Challenge Corporation (MCC) to be a more neutral, or more independent, more free of
political influence, and as such, to be much more objective in conducting aid affairs and
providing development packages to needed countries in different style, although the US
Secretary of State heads its Board of Directors/Executives. MCC grades countries on 17
key indicators, against which countries must score between 0 and 100% each, before
subjecting these scores to some scaling method to determine their eligibility for
receiving one of two categories of grants. Some of these 17 indicators include:
Government Effectiveness, Rule of Law, Control of Corruption, Natural Resource
Management or Protection, Public Expenditure on Primary Education, Fiscal Policy,
Inflation Rate, Civil Liberties etc. all of which a candidate country must score some
passing or acceptable mark in. But according to an April 18, 2016 story in the FrontPage
Africa Newspaper, title, Unity Party Government A Rogue Regime, in the last
gradesheet from the MCC, i.e., the 2015 scorecard, mama Americo-Liberia never scored
50% mark in any of these indicators. In fact, her highest mark was 48%, scored both in
Rule of Law and Fiscal Policy, the rest were either 23%, 22%, 12% to 0% etc. For
example, while next door, baby Ivory Coast was scoring such points as 88% for

Controlling Corruption, 71% for Rule of Law, 92% for Business Startup, and 100% for
Natural Resource Protection etc., Americo-Liberia never came close to 50% in any of
these areas. In fact, it scored 19% in Natural Resource Protection. But this same Liberia
won US$256.7 million in MCC grants, with these kinds of scores in 2015. However,
please bear with us as we drive you through the patterns which these kinds of grants, just
as writers like James Bovard and Benjamin Frost etc. have said, have clearly driven us
again to the brink of bloodbath in this poor, dull country.
We put all of the befitting argument therefore this way, using a long string of the
conjunctive adverb, even though, the long argument thus is: Even though Liberia ranks
57th among 203 countries and territories for government officials stealing their countrys
monies and secretly depositing it in Swiss and other foreign banks, according to the
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (,
February 12, 2015,, February 17, 2015); Even though a 2014
report featured on Wikipedia ranked Liberia 4 th among the worlds 7 biggest victims of
capital flight and financial repatriation; Even though Liberia is one of the two counties
that top a few countries in the world which conduct some dubious ship registry program
under the nomenclature of flag of convenience, by which more than 4,000 commercial
ships fly this countrys flag but with nothing substantial coming to its economy; Even
though the US Congress has an instrument that amends its Internal Revenue Code of
1986, designating Liberia as an official tax haven for American Companies, under which
US companies operate here without paying a cent to our government in taxes and other
payable fees (Nicolas Cook, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress:
Liberias Post War Recovery: Key Issues and Developments); Even though the Global
Financial Integrity group ranks Liberia as the worlds second notorious country with the
most illicit outflow of money (, 2015: Liberia Leaks Millions, Ranks
High in Tax Evasion); Even though Liberia never scored up to 50% out of a 100%
required mark each for any of the 17 key Millennium Challenge Corporations indicators
of good governance, with scores in crucial areas averaging between 10 and 20%
persistently, out of 100% on the MCC indicators for the country (FrontPage Africa
Newspaper, April 18, 2016); Even though Global Witness has for years now continued to
cry out very loudly to the whole world, which America heads in many respects, that the
structure called Government of Liberia, from top to bottom, is a massive gang of white-
collar terrorists and economic vampires; for example, the New Snake Oil, 2015, the
Deceivers, 2016 etc.); Even though the US Justice Departments Foreign Agents
Registration Act (FARA) reports sent to Congress explicitly expose the Liberian
Governments illegal use of almost half a billion dollars now to powerful Washington
DC-based law firms, commercial diplomacy firms, and others, including Jefferson,
Walter International or JWI, LLC, LISCR, LLC, Radelet Steven Charles, KRL
International, LLC, BKSH & Associates etc. to mischievously paint every NASTY and
HORENDOUS picture on ground in our country rather positive to the US Congress and
other World bodies, for which Liberian Government officials, including the President,

now walks away with all of the honorary degrees, medals, and countless accolades
(; Is This Ellens Watergate); Even though more
than 50,000 non-residential companies are created and registered at 80 Broad Street in
Monrovia, but their taxes and other fees are collected and expended by a private
American company that is run from the heart of US Military facilities in Virginia, the
United States of America, when flashlights are used to deliver pregnant women in
Liberia due to lack of generators and gasoline to run them in this place (Liberia:
Americas Outpost of Financial Secrecy May 26, 2016, George Turner, Finance
Uncovered, UK;; OECD; Daily Observer Newspaper); Even
though Transparency International, not too long ago ranked Liberia as the worlds
number one corrupt country, with the story carried in the front page of Americas biggest
newspaper, the USA Today (US Flips Flops Over Liberia Say you mean, mean what
you say: FrontPage Africa, December 8, 2015); Even though a leading newspaper in our
country, the FrontPage Africa has categorically blamed the US Government for playing
with the future of the good people of this country (December 8, 2015); Even though
another top newspaper outlet in our country, the Hot Pepper Newspaper quotes President
Obama as naming Liberia among a very few African countries whose leaders are pure
thieves and common criminals ( Obama Names Rogue
President: August 1, 2015); Even though a National Chronicle Newspaper July 2014
publication quotes a recent UN Security Council Report as saying that President Sirleaf
is aware of all of the [funny things] happening in our country, but pretends to be sick,
and in response to these embarrassing realities President Obama remarked, From
Nuremburg to Yugoslavia to Liberia, the US has seen that the end of impunity and the
promotion of justice are not just moral imperatives, but are stabilizing forces in
international affairs, while pledging the US support for the establishment of a War
Crimes Court for Liberian criminals, (National Chronicle or Hot Pepper: US
Government Slams Liberia Again: President Sirleafs fate hangs in limbo: July 24,
2014); Even though the National Chronicle Newspaper draws the publics attention to
the fact that it has been informed that the United States had instructed President Sirleaf
to announce the establishment of a war crimes court on June 27, 2014, but that Ellen
continues to shy away because of her own involvement with those war crimes, to the
acquiescence of the United States (National Chronicle or Hot Pepper: US Government
Slams Liberia Again: President Sirleafs fate hangs in limbo: July 24, 2014); Even
though the National Chronicle Newspaper documented a well-coordinated money
laundering or illicit cash transfer scheme deployed by Government of Liberia officials,
which some US Authorities must be aware of, that goes like this: Liberian Government
officials first made Delta Airlines, an America airline, a conduit for illegally transferring
their stolen wealth in cash to the United States. Some Liberian officials were caught at
American airports with huge undeclared sums of monies. Delta got embarrassed when it
was blamed by Federal Security Authorities for aiding and abetting such illegal process,
and thus, Delta had to pause. Liberian Government Officials then started using the

Liberian Embassy Bank account in the US to run their illicit cash transfer and money
laundering activities; again, the Americans discovered this, closed the Liberian
Embassys bank account in Washington DC, thus halting this second scheme or route. As
a third and most suitable alternative for now, the newspaper reports, Liberian
Government officials channel their monies from a bank on Broad Street in Monrovia, to
a bank in Freetown, Sierra Leone, then from that bank in Sierra Leone, to a bank in
Philippines, then from that bank in Philippines, to another bank in Delaware, the US,
from where these monies are now transferred to individual accounts across the United
States etc. (National Chronicle or Hot Pepper: US Government Slams Liberia Again:
President Sirleafs Fate Hangs In Limbo: July 24, 2014); Even though Liberias score
on the Tax Justice Networks Financial Secrecy Index stands at a walloping 83% out of
100%, far over notorious Panama, which stands at 72%, and Liberia is one the less than
9 countries and territories of the over 200 countries and territories on this planet that
have negatively NEVER passed the first phase of the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Developments Global Forum for Tax and Transparency Peer Review
Test, for which it (i.e. Liberia) is now on some European nations black list of tax
havens, is being and described by countries such as Brazil as a privileged tax haven
etc. ( Liberia: Africas Unknown Tax Haven With Much
To Lose: April 2016); Even though the US Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)
discloses that the very vast majority of Liberians live on less than $1 per day, with
almost zero access to basic social services, and that childhood malnutrition levels are
beyond measure, with 39% of children under 5 years of age stunted (i.e. cant grow well
due to lack of good and enough food), 86% of children 6-23 months old anemic (i.e. pale
and sickly in their bodies always due to lack of good and adequate food), and 53% of
them are deficient in Vitamin A (Liberias Mess and Corruption: The Two Faces Of US
Stance On Good Governance, Human Rights And Democracy In Africa: May 17, 2016); Even though a Liberias Health Needs
Assessment Report, done by the United States National Institute of Health (NIH)
discloses former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as alluding to Liberian women
being the most deprived on Earth while a woman governs their country (Idem); Even
though Hot Pepper Newspaper sources in the United States have informed it that
President Sirleaf is using KRL Internationals Riva Levinson, the woman with all of the
connections and contacts in this world, to help the Liberian Government to block or
disrupt the implementation of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report, thus
rendering the blood of almost half a million of our citizens that were gruesomely killed
in STUPID Americo-Liberian wars of revenge and power in this country to go in vain,
and to dash the hopes of millions of people from ever receiving any reparations for the
kinds of savage treatments meted against them in the place for over two decades
( Because of Personal Interest, Liberias Oil Block Sold
Cheaply; October 22, 2015); Even though the US White House persistently maintained
its stance on this Black American Colony, originating from 2004, according to its

National Emergency Act on Liberia, that this country still remains a major threat to US
Foreign Policy in light of the [broad day] unlawful depletion of our resources and the
removal and subsequent secretion into other countries, of our nations funds and
properties etc. (, July 24, 2014;,
March 16, 2014) until KRL International, LISCR, LLC and other big firms cajoled the
US Government to change this music a bit in 2015, just to make way for the MCC to
dish out quarter of a billion undeserved dollars to this criminal Liberian Government in
so-called prize money for good governance; Even though the US State Departments
2015 Trafficking in Persons Report explicitly brands Liberia as a source and destination
country for men, women, and childrens painful subjection to forced labor and human
trafficking (including sex trafficking); Even though the US State Departments most
recent Human Rights and Other Governance Activities report on Liberia substantiate
similar reports of the past, persistently painting the bleakest and gloomiest of pictures
about this illegitimate state, including for example, a country with corruption accepted
and formalized in its public sector; a country where judicial and legal authorities dont,
as yet, even know the very basics of laws, and a country where human beings are still
being treated like animals in this golden age of the Silicon Valley etc. (2015 US State
Departments Human Rights Report on Liberia, Liberian Local Dailies), and
interestingly, in the cover letter of this report, Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who
submits this report to the US Congress, states emphatically with warning that Violent
non-state actors do not come from nowhere. They flourish in the absence of credible and
effective state institutions, where avenues for free and peaceful expression of opinions
are blocked, where court systems lack credibility, where unchecked security forces instill
fear in the populations, and where even the most basic of day-to-day transactions by
citizens with their government are characterized by corruption etc.
Yet ironically, it is this same Honorable John F. Kerry, sitting as Head of the Board of
Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), who approves US$256.7
million to the Liberian Government in prize money for their splendid performance at
good governance and sound economic management, among others. Madam Diana Hyde,
Chief Executive Officer of the MCC, speaking on behalf of all the decision makers,
remarked, This compact is a manifestation of the United States support to Liberia for
the attainment of sustainable development and economic prosperity.
( Liberia, MCC sign $257 Million Compact).
We would like for our good and caring friends of the great United States of America to
explain to us whether the complications derived from these kinds of confused
engagements and postures dont pose great danger to a peoples lives and their future.
Other abbreviated stories or developments/headlines that spell great imminent danger
include the following:

4. Reporting on Liberias extreme vulnerabilities, the Inter press Service (IPS), made the
following points among many more: (a) The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) lacks
civilian leadership and has an ill-defined role in the Liberian Security sector; (b) In their
report, Liberias Defense Minister is quoted as saying, The training period for our
officers is extremely short. As compared to any officer training anywhere in the world, I
think the training of AFL particularly the officers training needs to be thoroughly
upgraded I also believe garrison is not fully adequate for the reality of the entire
country, so there are some challenges there; (c) Liberia remains extremely vulnerable to
a number of destabilizing threats. (Rebecca Murray, IPS, December 26, 2009 etc.)
5. Mr. Fonati Koffa, Chairman of Liberty Party, says Liberia Security operatives the
LNP, AFL, BIN inter-alia like in the past, are still yet instruments of oppression and
repression, and so UNMIL must still be around for some time yet (Voice FMs The
Papers, April 29, 2015)
6. Cllr. Elijah W. Saah emphasizes governments lack of respect for the rule of law,
citizens lack of trust in government, and the police being the greatest threat to peace...
(Voice FMs Costa Show, June 15, 2015)
7. UNMIL boss Karin Langrin expressed fears about Liberias gross inability to provide
security for its people as demonstrated by some foolish and unimaginable LNP
withdrawal from Rivercess County in 2015, when the LNP cut its already negligible
manpower strength in the county by 84% for lack of money (ELBC, May 21, 2015)
8. Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff categorically predicts war if the pending
recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are not fully
implemented [something the government and almost all Americo-Liberian key
elements are bent on dodging] (Farbric FM News, October 26, 2015)
9. Alfred Togba of the Movement for the Defense of the Downtrodden laments how only
2,000 men are in Liberias barracks claiming they can put up security for the whole
Liberian state, while as low as L$150 or less than 2USD could be used at any police
checkpoint in the country by anyone transporting or smuggling arms, or any harmful
materials in whatever quantity (Farbric New Dawn, February 2, 2016)
10. CDC Mulbah Morlu says police officers who arrested civil society activist Vandarlark
Patricks in February 2016 used a penetrating device to place a liquid element (apparently
some poison) into his body, after which he has now contracted some serious health
problem. Mr. Morlu likened this situation to how government handled political prisoner
Charles Julue once, the result of which was Mr. Julues ultimate death immediately upon
his release from governments prison (Farbric New Dawn, March 2, 2016)
11. Rep. Acarious Gray of Montserrado County tells the public, We have to be concerned
about our own security because this whole autopsy thing from government [when people

are killed mysteriously apparently by agents of the very government] is a different

thing(Farbric New Dawn, February 29, 2016)
* Note: The items that follow are newspapers headlines, some with short explanations
all depicting dangers like the issues or stories presented above:
12. Lasting Peace in Liberia Will Require Fairness and Inclusion for All Liberians in
Their Countrys Progress, Top UN Envoy Tells Security Council (Note: In this
article, UNMIL boss Karin Langrin outlines some of the imminent dangers still looming
over Liberias head, especially owing to the countrys own negative comportment)
(, March 25, 2013)
13. Security Council, Adopting Resolution 2239 (2015), Extends by One Year Its
Missions (UNMILs) Mandate in Liberia ahead of their 2016 Drawdown (Note: In
this release the world body worries that Liberia continues to remain an enduring threat to
international peace and security) (, September 17, 2015)
14. US$90 Million Needed To Revamp Security Sector (In this story, Liberia, since
UNMIL came here in 2003, hasnt known yet that it will have to take over her own
security, so within just few months away to UNMILs final, complete draw down, this
Americo-Liberian country is now begging international donors to bring in US$90
million to train people to replace UNMIL) ( September 2015
15. Vandarlark Patricks says President Sirleaf strictly ordered the firing or the shooting to
kill of opposition leaders Tubman and Weah in November 2011 (Local Radio News,
February 24, 2016)
16. UNMIL foresees conflict in Liberia, if, cites corruption as major concern
(, September 23, 2015)
17. Police Connected To Arm Robbery (The New Republic Newspaper, December 2,
18. Simeon Freeman says assassination plot afoot for 10 Liberian politicians
(, February 5, 2016)
19. [Governments] Hit List (Daily Observer Newspaper, February 8, 2016)
20. Armed Ivoirians In Liberian Forests (The News Newspaper, June 10, 2015)
21. Liberia On Time Bomb Ellens Legacy Dented (Public Agenda Newspaper,
March 4, 2016)
22. UNMIL Detects Destabilization Of Peace (The New Republic Newspaper, March 8,

23. Imam Council Vows To Boycott National Referendum (,

March 2016)
24. One Week Ultimatum [For The Release Of Victoria Zayzays Autopsy Report By
Government] (The News Newspaper, April 1, 2016)
25. Human Rights Commissioner Detects Conflict Variables
(, early 2016)
26. Ritualistic Killings, Witch Trials Etc., All Go Unpunished In Liberia [UN
Expresses Concern] ( December 18, 2015)
27. Liberias Future Under Threat: Increased Violence, Wanton Murders,
Infrastructure Destruction etc. Ellen Describes Sinoe Countys School Arson
Uncivilized (Public Agenda Newspaper, March 27, 2016)
28. Ellen seeks to restructure the LNP and the BIN (J. Burgess Carter, Local Newspaper,
September 4, 2016) (*This means that ever since Ellen has been in power for over 10
years now, she didnt know that the Liberia National Police and the Bureau of
Immigration and Naturalization needed to be restructured, until less than 9 months away
to UNMILs going)
29. Opposition Politician Winston Tubman says the Americo-Liberian National Police
(LNP) is not prepared [one inch] to provide security for the state, and therefore,
UNMIL should remain here for some time yet (Farbric F.M. May 1, 2015)
30. Politician Darious Dillon openly predicts a dangerous 2017 polls based on what he
suggests as the already negative prevailing circumstances of growing lack of objectivity
and rationality overwhelming the society (Farbric July 29, 2015)
31. 137 Border Points Remain Vulnerable (Inquirer Newspaper, May 18, 2016). * This
story reports that 39 out of the countrys 176 border points are currently protected by the
BIN while the rest, 137 border points remain very vulnerable
32. A whole statutory district in Rivercess County, the Morweh Statutory District, has
only one police officer, who has no option, but to befriend drug traffickers as they pass
by him in their motor bike convoy (Farbric FM. March 24, 2016)
33. Country devils stormed a police station in Zorzor, Lofa County and freed a
prisoner, their colleague or their interest, one Zoubayei Gayflor, leading to the abrupt
closure of the whole local court, out of fears (ELBC, July 6, 2015)
34. The March 4, 2016 publication of the Frontier Newspaper reported, Another man, or
man, 22, found hanged in police cell Note: This follows the mysterious death of poor,
innocent 21 year-old Victoria Zayzay in Americo-Liberian police cell

35. Focus Newspapers March 7, 2016 editorial questions, How will the government
provide security after UNMIL, when it does not even have money to implement
advanced security plans?
36. Bong County Senator Henry Yallah begs UNMIL to stay because he says security
conditions in the country are not stable and satisfactory (ELBC, September 13, 2015)
37. Four, almost concomitant cases of LNP (Liberia National Police) officers facing bloody
attacks while effecting arrests occur just at one point in time in 2015 (ELBC, September
28, 2015)
38. Rev. Dr. John Russell announces vision from God, but discloses too much blood hanging
or pouring around that must be cleansed or wiped away first.(ELBC, October 28,
39. The Focus Newspapers January 14, 2016 edition brought a story entitled, Police
[Officers] No Different From Criminals Lack Batches And Proper Identification
40. FrontPage Africa brought a story in its January 20, 2016 edition with the caption,
Finance Minister Warns Of Risky 2017, Warns Of Tribal Democracy, As Was In
Kenya In 2008
41. The Insight Newspaper, on January 20, 2016 reported a story titled, Causes Of War
Visible, Presidential Aspirant Discloses
42. Here is a sign of trouble reported by the New Republic Newspaper on January 21, 2016,
Problem Ahead, April 2017 Referendum Could Be A Flop
43. In its January 21, 2016 edition the Guardian Newspaper carried a story titled, UNMIL
Discovers Bombs In Gardnersville
44. The New Democrat Newspaper had this story on February 5, 2016, Fragile Security,
US Enters Greaves Death Probe
45. Analyst Newspapers February 29, 2016 edition carried the story, Secret Deaths And
Disappearances, Dr. Tipoteh Calls For Inter-Religious Councils Intervention
46. Because of greed, JFK becomes Just For Killing (Hot Pepper Newspaper, May 12,
47. On March 7, 2016, the Focus Newspaper had a story entitled, UNMIL Worried, As
Liberia Reneges On Security Plans
48. New Republic Newspaper, March 7, 2016 brought a story that read as its title, Dark
Shadow Over Our Regime
More newspaper headlines that spell ultimate danger for our country are as follows:
49. Killer escapes Police Custody (Womens Voices Newspaper, March 7, 2016)

50. Money Crisis, Ellen Following Adolf Hitler (New Democrat Newspaper, March 10,
51. UNMIL must stay, Protemp pinpoints lapses in security sector (Hot Pepper
Newspaper, March 7, 2016)
52. Asakaba Boys [armed gang] resurfaces, as citizens express concern (National Era
Newspaper, March 30, 2016)
53. Potential terrorists in Monrovia, Civil Society Group calls on Government to act
(Focus Newspaper, April 7, 2016)
54. Ammunitions discovered in Bomi (Womens Voices Newspaper, March 7, 2016)
55. Judge Decries Lack Of Security, Says Judges Are Vulnerable, And Need Security
(Public Agenda Newspaper, March 28, 2016)
56. 36 Parties Registered [Or To Register] For 2017 (New Republic Newspaper, March
25, 2016)
57. President Sirleaf calls on the country to prepare for very tough or turbulent times before
the countrys pending political transition (ELBC, October 12, 2015)
58. Ahead Of 2017 Elections, Country-Congo Divide Dr. Dahn Fears Reemergence
Of Old Order (; August 6, 2015)
59. [Liberia] Emerging Police State (In Profile Daily, February 29, 2016)
60. Corruption Rips Liberia Apart Says Transparency International (Daily Observer
Newspaper, February 29, 2016)
61. Fear Grips Liberians, As Ex-Soldiers Threaten To Seize Barracks
(, September 9, 2015)
62. War Cry: Protemp Statement Termed (Capitol Times Newspaper, 2016)
63. Man found dead in Kakata, fear grips residents - (The Womens Voices Newspaper,
June 30, 2016)
64. Mass exodus engulfs AFL PYJ alarms - (Catalyst Newspaper, June 30, 2016)
65. AFL and Police frustrated over salary delays - (Focus Newspaper, June 20, 2016)
66. Police and AFL clash, marketers run amuck in Red Light - (Insight Newspaper, June
20, 2016)
67. Mysterious death at Speaker Tylers farm police launches investigation - (Hot
Pepper Newspaper, June 23, 2016)

68. In a February 2016 press statement released by the University of Liberias Student
Unification Partys authorities, they expressed sharp uncertainty in the state of the
countrys security as follows: For some time now, our country has been besieged
with great fear due to insecurity and a series of mysterious deaths. As we look across the
nation, who can we rely on for security, especially as UNMIL leaves..Judging from
the prevailing realities, it is a fact that Liberia is moving back to its dark
age.Yesterday, it was Keith Jubah and Fayiah Saah Gborllie. About a year ago, it
was Michael Allison. Few months ago, it was Victoria Zayzay. Today, it is Harry
Greaves. Tomorrow, it could be anyone of us.(Student Group Decries Bad
Governance, Hardship: Wants TRC Convicts dismissed at University:, March 7, 2016)
69. To close this section, at some African Multi-stakeholders meeting held in Monrovia in
January 2015, Finance Minister Amara Konneh complaint about Liberias NASTY crisis
profile or orientation. In his words, We are so fragile that every 3 years or so, one crisis
comes and hits us [hard] (Farbric FM. News, January 23, 2015)
Fellow citizens, what more signs do we want to see before knowing that sound change,
firmly grounded in sound education not the foolish Americo-Liberian style of education
that only restrict learning to fending for todays daily bread is now a MUST. As Mahatma
Gandhi once asked, are we waiting for some drums to be beaten into our ears first before we
wake up?

Everybody knows that this country has a very fundamental problem, a problem with the
very foundation of society; and everyone should know by now that people dont solve
problems of foundation by going to the polls to vote for new leaderships. Solving
foundational problems is more of a revolutionary act than a political assignment. In our case
now, and with the magnitude of our problems, we have only two options: (a) Go to war to
claim our independence, and radically change the way things are done here, or (b) Sit
around the table in a well-planned and organized National Convention never to be planned,
conducted and supervised by anything called government in this place, but to be engineered,
planned and controlled by a revolutionary committee or body of enlightened citizens etc.,
and thats what the Plain Truth Revolution is all about. We in this country can never more
continue to struggle in vain with a societal foundation built by America, through their
American Colonization Society, or a societal foundation laid by the likes of Jehudi Ashmun,
J. J. Roberts and Steven A. Benson. For the foundation laid by these people was laid on
sinking sand, and never in our interest, and we can never, after 200 years, still continue to
struggle fruitlessly with such foundation. For the foundation laid by these proven Black
American criminals greatly violates all of Gods principles, and it tends to mock our
Creator, something which is impossible, because our God is not mocked.
Fellow citizens, we all are now in a battle but this battle requires us to first choose one
side of the fighting forces. We must either join the forces that are satisfied with the kinds of

things happening in this society, and want to keep it at that, or we must choose the forces
that have now emerged for genuine, lasting change, through the grace of God. There will be
no sitting on the fence, as the country belongs to all of us, and we must all together fight to
change it. But to enlighten you to make your choice, God has empowered equally struggling
citizens like yourselves, to search the pages of books and newspapers, and to listen to
variety of voices and developments happening in our country and abroad etc., just to bring
you massive details about all of the issues that are at stake, including solution options for
your perusal and subsequent decision making. All that we encourage you now to do is to go
to the websites that we will be providing below to download our Plain Truth Revolutionary
pamphlets and articles, in both audio and writings, so that any decision you make in this
undodgeable engagement is well informed.
We all have a role to play, but all these roles must be thoroughly informed, thats why we
are encouraging everyone to find the time, download our pamphlets and other articles and
begin to read. Our Facebook page is We also have
three discussion groups: a Facebook group and a Google+ Community, both under the name
Grain Coast (Liberia) Independence Movement (GIM), and are at and respectively, plus Google+ Page named plaintruthliberia, and at We moreover have a Twitter and a YouTube presence, with our Twitter
handle being @plaintruthrev, and on YouTube, we are at
You are also encouraged to Google out any of our key documents or pamphlets by titles as a
last option.
After reading this pamphlet, or any of the other pamphlets, or even reading all of them,
which we highly encourage you to do, please share your thoughts with us at,, or We are further entertaining any historical documentaries
or any other worthwhile articles intended to further encourage us, or strengthen our case for
this revolution, and any other concerns, using the address above.
You are also advised to go to every print media institution in Monrovia and elsewhere on the
globe to find out whether they could help you with hard copies of these documents, as we
managed to send out all of these information to the email addresses of almost all print media
houses in Monrovia and some reputable ones outside of this country like the BBC, Aljezera,
CNN etc. whose email contacts we managed to get hold of .
Thank you for being part of the process of real solid and sustained change in your own
country. With everyone on board this change process, our country is at the verge of
becoming one of the greatest on this planet, as we already have had enough of all of the bad
examples in the Americo-Liberians to now avoid, and very good examples in America or
other productive countries on the planet, like China, Russia, UK, France etc. to emulate.
To be updated periodically..