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Web-based Applica4on
Introductory Course
Understanding on how Internet works, how
Internet-based Applica4on works
Ability to develop an applica4on using various
technologies at server & client side
Ability to design an Internet applica4on w/
considering various quali4es (e.g., security,
performance, usability)
Course Ac4vity
Courses: 2 credits
2 hours lecture Wednesday 07.00 08.40
4 hours independent ac4vi4es (e.g., explora4on,
Assignment 1 3
Final Exam
Note: Assignments are dominant
Course Ac4vity: Assignment
It is done in a group of 3 students
2 students cannot be at the same group for
other assignments
Can be nished at the laboratory/home
It must be submiWed following the procedure
dened by assistants
Some assignments need to be presented to
the assistants
Basic Concepts of Internet and Internet Applica4on
HTML + Java Script + CSS
Client Side: Java Script
Server Side: PHP, JAVA Servlet
Trend Web Framework: <any>.js, RoR, Node.js
Enterprise Framework: .NET, Java EE
SOA Cloud Web Service
Performance and Security Engineering
Server Side + AJAX
Java Web Technology
Web Service + Cloud
Reference (some)
Web Technologies: A Computer Science
Perspec4ve, Jerey C. Jackson, Pren4ce Hall,
Developing Large Web Applica4ons: Producing
Code That Can Grow and Thrive, Kyle Loudon,
O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2010
HTML5: Up and Running, Mark Pilgrim,
O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2010
Reference (some)
The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts, Eric
Jendrock & Ian Evans & Devika Gollapudi &
Kim Haase & Chinmayee Srivathsa, Pren4ce
Hall, 2010
JavaScript: The Deni4ve Guide, David
Flanagan, O'Reilly Media, 2011
Remark: slides and books are just the
guideline to follow the course. Use Internet
for complete references
Mailing list:
Member: lecturers, assistants, students
Purpose :
announcement (esp. lecturer/assistant students)
discussion relevant to the course
Remark: Please obey the ne4queWe
Lecturers email
Remark: This means can be modied as the best
suited to the lecturers
Arrangement of the Class
Class 2 MUST be taught in English
Class 2 will be taught in dierent method
LESS hour in lecture; MORE hour in hands-on & assignment
independent learning
Have prior knowledge in building a web applica4on (i.e.,
Server Side and Client Side)
HTML+Java Script+CSS
PHP/Java/any server side