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Praying in tongues is very powerful. It has a multiplier effect! There is harmony
in spiritual prayer and spiritual songs similer to the songs of heaven.
Spiritual talk is speaking in language of glory (Holy Spirit gives the
Spiritual talk is from human spirit to God (w/o limitations of human mind).
Talk as given by Holy Spirit, tapping into the mind of God (as per will of
Church was born speaking and praying in tongues (on day of Pentecost)
Endued with power (tongue is a conductor of power of God)
Praying in tongues is effective and has a multiplication effect.. probably ten
times, probably much higher. It is endued with power and is according to the will
of God. Use it to :
Solve unsolved problems when you dont know what to ask for
Overcome unmanageable crisisor dangers when faith is lacking
Demolish demonic strong holds and break curses when you do not know


Praying in tongues multiplies the effect of prayer and brings great results. Some
of the benefits are given here
1. To Honor / Serve / Minister to God
Acts 13:1-3 Minister to God (Praise & Worship & Payer in tongues as well)
2. To have more effectiveness in Prayer
1 Cr 14:4 Paul speak in tongues more than all
3. When we lack faith
Rm 8:27 Spirit himself intercedes
4. When we do not know what to pray for
Rm 8:26 Beyond our comprehension
5. To Edify Ourselves
I Cr 14:4 Self edification


Praying in tongues multiplies the effect of prayer and brings great results. Some
of the benefits are given here

1. Praying without doubt! It bypasses mind

Holy Spirit guides us in our weakness.
a. Rm 8:26 Praying in tongues what we ought to (what we may not know)
2. Increasing Effectiveness of Prayer! Hidden Power
There is a hidden power in tongues and is multiple times effective when
combined with personal prayer!
a. Mk 16:18 Tongues (listed along with healing, deliverance, miracles)
b. Rm 8:27 - Ac 1:8 When HS comes upon you, you will receive power
c. 1 Cr 14:18 Paul used to speak in tongues more than others during his time
3. Praying According to mind of Christ! It will hit the target
Holy Spirit knows the will of God at any time!
a. Rm 8:28 HS will help in intercession according to will of God (Jn 16:13)
b. Ac 1:2 Commandments through HS
4. Praying in Tongues Overcomes the Limitation of Language!
Human language has limitations unlike the heavenly language!
a. 1 Cr 14:2 It speak mysteries
b. Rm 8:27 in language that cannot be otherwise uttered
5. Praying in Tongues strengthens & refreshes Us
It strengthens us in weak place, doubting place, discouraged place, fearful
place, broken place or oppressed place and build us up!
a. Jd 20-21 Build yourself in faith praying in HS
b. 1 Cr 14:4 Edifies self
6. Creates Intimacy with God / Glorifies God
Tongues leads to deep intimacy with God and glorifies God!
a. Ps 42:7 Deep intimacy
b. Ac 12:11b proclaim wonderful works of the Lord
7. Tongues is endued with intercessory prayer!
Through tongues we speak directly to God without corruption. It starts with
God and ends with God!
a. Rm 8:36 Beyond our knowledge and comprehension


Belivers can speak in tongues (Mk 16:18). When the baptism of HS comes we will
be able to speak in tongues, It can be for prayer, praise, revelation!

1. Pray in Tongues
Pray in tongues as much as possible! It is a language of Heaven! Start speaking
15 minutes a day and gradually rise to 30 to 60 minutes!
a. 1 Cr 14:18 Paul used to speak in tongues more than others during his time
2. Pray in tongues in special situations

Our Pray in tongues especially when you dont know what to pray, have doubts
or when you are confused and do not have words or when you do not know the
will of God!

a. Rm 8:26-27 Spirit itself intercedes

3. Pray in Tongues when you are Down!
Speaking tongues can edify you and build you up in faith!
a. 1 Cr 4:18 self edification
Praying as per biblical principles get the result! Multiple modes and levels of prayer
produce exponential results. Praying in tongues are especially useful when you are
in doubt and do not know the will of God. Use it to
Bring self-edification
Get right answers when you dont know the will of God
Get answers when you do not have faith