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Qno :3 what measure of performance are typically used by Pakistan state oil?


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of PSOs core values and an integral
part of the Companys overall mission. With operations across the country, PSOs
utilizes its scale of operations as a strength to positively impact the underprivileged
people nationwide especially in the vicinities where PSO operates. By integrating
CSR into our business strategy, PSO is helping to drive shared value amongst its
stakeholders and enhance its corporate brand image amongst the general public.

Our Focus Areas

PSOs CSR commitments include focus on four main areas namely:

Community development and
Disaster relief

About CSR Reporting

As part of its reporting standards, PSO publishes key facts regarding its focus areas
and CSR activities through:

Placement on the corporate website and its social media platforms

Activities regarding CSR activities in the relevant fiscal years are outlined in
the companys Annual Financial Reports

In order to update disclosure information rapidly to the general public, PSO is

disclosing its CSR activities mainly on this website.

Reserved by Pakistan

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) intensified its CSR drive by pledging

support through donations to stakeholders across the platforms of
healthcare, education and community building. According to a
press release issued here on Friday, the PSO in an effort to uplift
the community and adopt greater social responsibility distributed
cheques amongst representatives of 23 social and welfare NGOs
operating in the health, education and community development

Q no:2 ?

What is the main indicatr of Globalization how g effect csr?

Ans: Globalization is a leading concept which has become the

main factor in the business life during the last few decades. This
phenomena affects the economy, business life, society and
environment in different ways and almost all corporations have
been affected by these changes. We can see these changes
mostly related to increase competition and rapid changes of
technology. This issue makes corporation more profit oriented
then a long term and sustainable company. However the
corporation are a vital part of society which needs to be organized
properly. Therefore we need some social norms, rules and
principles in society and business life for socially responsible

Globalization can affects in different ways:

Increasing competition
Technological Development
Knowledge/Information Transfer
Portfolio Investment
International Standards
Market Integration
Intellectual Capital Mobility
Global crises

How Globalization is become a main factor?

Rise in Competition
Rise in Technology and Know How
Rise in Opportunities
Rise in Investment Levels
Meeting consumer expectations and tastes
Choice of location
Information transfer
Increased mergers and joint ventures
Multi-national and multi-cultural management
Globalization of markets
Economic Development
A higher level strategizing

Q:no 5? What leadership style are in pak write down in detail csr or pak army?

Ans: Health
Pakistan Army is providing better health facilities to Baloch people. Pakistan Army has established free
medical camps in different areas of Balochistan. Medical, food and shelter assistance is afforded by
Pakistan Army to different natural disasters like earthquake and flood affected areas. Pakistan Army has
started many long term development projects in Balochistan; some have been completed while others are
still in under progress, after the loyal contribution of Pakistan Army, Balochistan is having rapid social
and economic development.


Pakistan Army had set up a variety of technical institutes in Balochistan in cooperation with
National Vocational and Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC). Army school of
technicians (AST) is offering skill development training programs to jobless youth of
Balochistan. The role of Army School of Technicians (AST) and Balochistan Institute of
Technical Education (BITE) is remarkable; they have given technical training to thousands of
Baloch students. Now via technical education these trained students are earning the livelihood.
Pakistan Army is providing formal and technical education to both male and female students and
polishing their skills and enhancing their knowledge. Short courses giving training of carpenters,
welders, home appliance mechanic and auto car mechanic are offered to male students. Different
computer courses, beautician & embroidery courses are offered to women keeping their interests
in view.


The Army has also been an active participant in United Nations peacekeeping
missions, including playing a major role in rescuing trapped US soldiers in Operation
Gothic Serpent in 1993. Under Article 243 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the
President is appointed the civilian Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of Army Staff
(COAS), by statute a four-star general, is appointed by the President with the
consultation and confirmation needed from the Prime Minister.[4] The Pakistan Army
is currently commanded by -General Ra