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Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity

REV/ EXP + Cont.Cap.

+Cash = + C.C.
(When owners invest money in the business)

+Cash = +Share Cap.

(When company issues stock)

+Cash = +Revenues
(When goods are sold for cash)

+Acc. Rec. = +Revenues

(When goods are sold on credit)

-Acc. Rec. =
(When we collect Accounts Receivables)

-Cash =
(When we purchase goods for cash)

+Inventory = +Acc. Payables

(When we purchase goods on credit)

-Cash = -Acc Payables

(When we pay off our Acc. Payables)

-Inventory = -Cost of Goods Sold

(When Inventory is sold) (COGS)

+Cash = +Loan Payable

(When we borrow money)

-Cash = -Loan Payable

(When we return the money that was borrowed)
Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity
REV/EXP + Cont.Cap.
-Cash = -Int. Expense
(When we pay interest on our borrowings)

= +Interest Payable -Int. Expense

(When interest is due but we still havent paid it)

+Notes Receivable =
Or +Investments
(When we lend money or invest money)

-Notes Rec. =
Or Investments
(When we get back the money we invested or gave to others)

+Cash = +Int. Income

(When we receive interest on our investments)

+Int. Rec. = +Int. Income

(When we are owed interest on our investments, but still havent received it)

+Machine, Property =
Equipment etc
(When we purchase large assets for Cash)

+Machine, Property = +Loan Payable

Equipment etc
(When we purchase large assets on credit)

-Accumulated = -Depreciation Exp.

(When we charge depreciation on large assets)
Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity
REV/EXP + Cont.Cap.
+Prepaid Exp. =
(When we pay for an expense in advance of receiving services or benefits)

-Prepaid Expense = -Expenses

(When the services or benefits of an expense are received)

+Cash = +Unearned Revenue

(When we receive revenues in advance of providing services)

= -Unearned Revenue +Revenues

(When we provide the services associated with the revenue)

+Cash = +/-Profit or Loss
+Accumulated Dep.

(When Assets are sold)