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A Directory of API Certified Companies

How to Use the API Composite List

To order, please call Dear Colleagues,

(Toll-free in the U.S. The book in your hands is a powerful tool. It identifies the best of the best in our
and Canada) or industry. The companies found in The API Composite List represent the foremost
equipment manufacturers and service supply organizations in the oil and natural gas
(Local and
industry. Every company in this book was audited by API. They adhere to proven quality
management systems, sound technical capabilities, enhanced safety practices and
live up to environmental responsibilities. These companies meet industry-written,
globally-accepted management system standards and product specifications.
These are the finest companies in the world, and now you know who they are
and how to find them.

The API Composite List is a directory of over 4,600 companies in 80 countries

supplying the oil and natural gas industry with products and services. These companies
are API Monogram Licensees, API Spec Q1 Registered Organizations, API Spec Q2
Registered Organizations, ISO 9001 Registered Organizations, ISO 14001 Registered
Organizations, and OHSAS 18001 Registered Organizations. You may search for
companies in the Alphabetical List of Licensed and Registered Organizations
section, or you may go to the Classified Listing by API Specification section and
search for companies alphabetically under the API product specification of interest.

This edition of The API Composite List was published in January 2016 and identifies
companies that were registered or licensed at that time. Each week, new companies are
approved by API, while others have their certificates suspended, cancelled, or withdrawn.
The API Composite List is constantly changing, and you can validate the status of
your suppliers certifications any time on our website at

The online API Composite List ( offers many ways to

search for suppliers. You may search by company name, by product, by keyword in
a scope description, by type of certification, by certification number, by country, etc.
You may even perform Advanced Searches, helping you find companies that produce
a certain API product, in a specific country.

The API Composite List is truly a valuable tool. Its the place to turn for the best the
industry has to offer.