We're not even connected to ourselves. We're just experiments under different co ntrols (Ed.

This is very consistent with an 'alien' perspective on Homo sapiens. ..that we are indeed experiments under controls they devise). Don't ever think f or a moment that anybody, any person, no matter how close, that you see, at any time, is ever existent in that form when they are removed from your immediate pe rception of them. When you are with someone else, you create each other, for tha t particular moment, that specific experience. Beyond that moment, countless oth er selves are created, replicated, mutated and transformed by experience: THE EX PERIMENT IS THE EXPERIENCE. Even the control is unreal. For example, I might see my therapist and for that moment (that collection of moments) he and I exist fo r each other; when I leave, and he moves on his daily round, we no longer exist for each other, although we do seem to continue to exist in each other's minds, as memories. Memory is photography: it only takes stills. Life flows and is a mo tion picture (an e-motion picture: a projection of the 'e', or ego). I can be as many people as I want to be or none at all: equivalent states. As I direct I act and as I act I direct. What is my reason for existing? I exist beca use I CAN. My reason for living is the same: I live because I can. Death, the sa me: I die because I can. And I do all of these things many, many times just beca use I can. To be able to do something is to create something. It is the living intention; to actually do the thing is invention; it is the liv ing itself. Everything we see is we. It's just us. What else could it be? Who else could it be? Why else would it be...except for us? And so God instructs us, from humility , in the ways of power. And shows us that just by existing, because we can, and creating, just because we can, we are gods, who exist and create just because th ey can. Why was God brought into existence? Simple necessity: He could be brought into e xistence, and for that which can be brought into existence there is always an in visible, intractable necessity that eventually it must manifest. Everything is necessary, and if you know this then you know everything. The olde st questions mankind has asked are all answered in this empty way: Why suffering ? Because it is possible. Why joy? Likewise. Yes, you know everything, and see h ow necessary it all is. This necessity is paradoxical: It is not needed by, but wanted by, God. And what God wants is necessary. The Source of absolute wisdom c an alone dictate necessity and its manifestation. We exist as the detail, but de tails are so important, there is genius in the details. Something small is much harder to make than something big. When we're born nothing happens and we die nothing happens. There's nothing that can happen but what's necessary. And what's necessary is by its very nature emp ty, invisible and, yes, unnecessary. Everything is paradoxical: its great simpl icity is the very vastness of it. God has tricked our very selves into being, an d now that we are existent we cannot be made non-existent again. So everything i s instantly brought from nothingness to eternal somethingness, everything happen s in the mutual exclusion zone between these two steady states of the UnCreated and the Created: Where two or more are gathered in my name (the two states), so there am I...am I...not I AM...I AM reflected: am I. I backwards...or 0. There i s no time, so nothing is ever actually 'brought into' existence: it always is in its moment what is always is...not what it was a second before or later. This m oment is forever. When you look at anything, the first thing to do is remember that what you are s eeing is not there. When someone speaks to you, try and remember always that the re is no one theyâ re speaking. When you are in pleasure or pain, know that there i s no one there to experience them, and therefore no experience. Krishnamurti sai d that the experiencer is the experienced, but beyond that genius lays a further statement: there is no experiencer or the experienced, only experience itself.

I am an experience. I am an experience of what I think I am. Experience is what I am, and what that experience thinks it is who I am. And why am I? There is only one experience, and we call it God, and that is why I am and who I am.