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Decodable Reader 12

Sam’s Stroll
Written by Julia Jameson
Illustrated by Pam Flarity

Phonics Skills
Long o: o, oa, ow Syllables VCV
We clapped. old most gold go favor
Then we had cake and sweet ice cream. so
Our party was a blast! over croaked bold robot
floated cold goat no
We will read even more to win again. told open strolled


Every day is the same. Sam likes it that way. The sun is gold. But on this day Sam feels different. The grass is green. The soft wind is nice. He sits on his porch most days. 90 91 . Sam is an old farm cat.

as a favor?” 92 93 . “It is time for me Sam saw a boat to go.” Sam said. “Hello!” yelled Sam. Sam went for a slow stroll “Can you row me over there on the dirt road. with three mice and a toad. And so he did.

” Sam hopped out. I will do it. “No. An old goat was at the gate. croaked that bold toad like a robot. “Yes. the cold pond in that boat.” the goat told Sam. 94 95 . Sam floated across “May I open this gate?” Sam asked. we can.

Phonics Skill Sam sat for a while Compound Words with the nice goat. driveway backyard bedroom riverbank Then he strolled home. weekend mailbox cannot mailman birthday mailbag teardrop 96 . Decodable Reader 13 Bill’s Happy Day Written by Molly Pizziferro Illustrated by Michelle Olenick That goat pushed it open.