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2011 Math Challenge Grade 6
Solve each item and write the answer in the blank before the number.

__________________ 1. What number is 17 more than the difference of 95 and 37?

__________________ 2. Use exponents to express 5040 as a product of its prime


__________________ 3. If 3,108 x 235 = 730,380, what is 31.08 x 2.35?

__________________ 4. What is the value of 43 6 x 3 + 52?

__________________ 5. What is the value of 5 in 358 348 129?

__________________ 6. The product of 55 x 75 is closest to which multiple of 100?

__________________ 7. Change 2 to percent.

__________________ 8. Change 4.75 to a mixed number with the fraction in lowest


__________________ 9. What is x in 4 : x = 36 : 63?

__________________ 10. What percent of 1,250 is 450?

__________________ 11. How many millions are there in 5 billion?

__________________ 12. A man travels 56 km in one hour. How far can he go in 2

5/7 hours?

__________________ 13. What is the GCF of 420 and 504?

__________________ 14. What is the LCM of 420 and 504?

__________________ 15. The car of Mr. Burayag consumes 9 liters of gasoline to


84 km. How far can it go on 12 liters of gasoline?

__________________ 16. How many segments can be named from the figure

__________________ 17. The scale of a map is map is 1 cm to 30 km. Two cities are
7.5 cm on the map. How far apart are they?

__________________ 18. An angle is 10 more than its supplement. Find the angle.

__________________ 19. 196 is what percent of 560?

__________________ 20. Three numbers are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. If their sum is 168
find the biggest of the three.

__________________ 21. A family has a monthly income of P18,750. If they spend

35% of it on food, how much do they spend on food?

__________________ 22. A radio was bought for P510 at 15% discount. What was
the marked price?

__________________ 23. If 2/3 of the area of a square is 54 cm2, what is its


__________________ 24. A picture 12 by 7 cm is framed on a piece of colored

board 18 cm by 11 cm. What area of the board can be seen?

__________________ 25. A rectangular tank is 1.2 m long, 0.8 m wide and 0.5 m
high. How many liters of water can it hold?

__________________ 26. A pyramid-like circus tent has a 32 m by 28 m rectangular

base. If it is 15 m high, what volume of air does it enclose?

__________________ 27. The parallel sides of a trapezoidal farm are 210 m by 150
m. If they are 120 m apart, what is the area of the farm in hectares?

__________________ 28. A beach ball has a radius of 5 dm. What is its volume?

__________________ 29. A room is 6 m long, 5 m wide and 3 m high. The 4 walls

and ceiling are to be painted. If the windows and door have an area of 14 m2,
what is the area to be painted?

__________________ 30. How many square tiles of side 1 dm are needed to tile the
floor of a bathroom 2.2 m long and 1.8 m wide?

__________________ 31. The length of a rectangle is 7 cm longer than the width. If

the perimeter is 62 cm, find the length.
__________________ 32. I used 2/5 of my money in one store and 1/3 of what
remained in a second store. If I had exactly P56 left, how money did I have at

__________________ 33. A car traveled at 50 km/h for 4 hours and at 60 km/h for 3
hours. What was the average speed for the whole journey?

__________________ 34. About how many times must a jogger go completely

around a park 120 m by 140 m to make sure he has run at least 3 km?

__________________ 35. A salesman has a basic salary of P3,500. He gets a

commission of 5% on all sales above P50,000. How much did he get in a month
when his sales amounted to P264,600?

__________________ 36. How many circles of radius 5 cm can be cut from a piece
of paper 50 cm by 60 cm?

__________________ 37. A piece of cartolina is 60 cm by 48 cm. What is the least

number of squares that can be cut from it with no material wasted?

__________________ 38. A sewing box is 24 cm by 18 cm by 6 cm. What is its total

surface area?

__________________ 39. A 450-m long nylon string is to be cut into 35 pieces for
kites. How many kites will have string?

__________________ 40. There are 5 red balls, 6 white balls and 7 green balls in a
box. If one ball is taken without looking, what is the probability that it is white?

__________________ 41. Mona Luise has 78 foreign stamps; she has 15 less than
twice as many Philippine stamps. How many stamps has she?

__________________ 42. Karyls garden is 24 m long and 18 m wide. If her fence

needs posts that are 2 m apart, how many posts does she need?

__________________ 43. What is the smallest number that can be divided by all
the numbers 1 to 10?

__________________ 44. A book is 24 cm by 17 cm by 2.5 cm. How many books

can be packed into a box 5 dm by 3.5 dm by 2.5 dm, internal dimensions?

__________________ 45. A rectangular block of wood 56 cm by 16 cm by 12 cm is

to be cut into cubes of side 4 cm. How many can be cut from it?
__________________ 46. One cube has an edge twice the edge of another cube.
What is the ratio of the volume of the bigger cube to the smaller cube?

__________________ 47. A crew of 8 people can build a concrete wall in 6 days.

How long would it take a crew of 3 people working at the same rate, build the
same wall?

__________________ 48. The cost of mailing a letter first class is P29 for the first
ounce and P23 for each additional ounce. A letter weighs exactly N ounces,
where N is a counting number, and the total cost of mailing is P190. What is the
value of N?

__________________ 49. A farmer sold some melons at P40 each and twice as
many mangoes at P10 each. He received a total of P720. How many melons did
he sell?

__________________ 50. Jomariz, Janus and Jolas have P268 together. Janus has
P15 more than Jomariz and Jolas has twice as much money as Janus. How
much money do Jomariz and Janus have together?