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English I 9th Grade

Ms. Lindsey Brown

I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think. Socrates

Materials: You will be provided a Composition notebook in order to keep documents

and notes from this class organized. You will also be provided a reading folder in
order to organize your reading-related goals. Please come to class every day with
writing utensils.

Objectives: To meet 9th grade standards in English & Language Arts. Students
will work with a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, within a supported
structure in order to achieve success.

Overview: Students will read The Scarlet Ibis, The Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird,
Romeo and Juliet and other relevant texts of varying form and genre in order to
improve skills of deep reading, textual analysis, critical thinking, organized writing,
effective presentation, proper use of language, and work ethic.

Philosophy: Students are successful when they are provided a safe learning
environment, clear expectations, and support to achieve their goals. Students will
work with me to create a positive classroom atmosphere. Students will be held
responsible for their actions and choices as members of an academic community
through work ethic grades and both positive and negative behavioral consequences.


Reading Standards 35%

Writing Standards 35%

Speaking and Listening Standards 10%

Language Standards 15%

Work Ethic 5%
English I 9th Grade
Ms. Lindsey Brown
English I 9th Grade
Ms. Lindsey Brown

Grades will be given based on a four point scale. A score of "1" is below standard. A
score of "2" is approaching standard. A score of "3" is at standard. A score of "4" is
exceeding standard. For every assessment, a score somewhere on this continuum
will be assigned. Your overall score for a given standard will be a compilation of all
of your scores that apply to that standard. In order to get a "traditional" grade, we
will use the following scale.

3.75 - 4.0 A+
3.26 - 3.74 A
3.0 - 3.25 A-
2.84 - 2.99 B+
2.67 - 2.83 B
2.5 - 2.66 B-
2.34 - 2.49 C+
2.17 - 2.33 C
2.0 - 2.16 C-
1.76 - 1.99 D+
1.26 - 1.75 D
1.0 - 1.25 D-
Below 1 F

Prompt Completion of Work: Classroom work and assessments should be

completed on time. If there is an appropriate reason, student late work will be
accepted. In order for late work to be accepted, student must schedule a time to
meet with me. During our conference, the student will present their reasoning for
why their work should be accepted and what they will do in order to try to be more
prompt in the future.

Attendance & Tardies: School policy dictates that students not be absent more
than ten days in a semester in order to receive credit. Please keep this in mind.
School policy also dictates that students not be tardy to class. For the first four
English I 9th Grade
Ms. Lindsey Brown

times a student is late, the student will have a classroom level consequence. After
the fourth tardy, a referral to administration will be made.