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Warshaw & Associates, Inc, eeiyea Invoice A 7 Dae 348 Wabash Drive avec ue Sylva, NC 28779 ananv-s eH 219 vari? ante Send Wis Dior OMB Count of Macon Sr West eteron, 108 Floor Phoenix A 85008 woe [Tem oe Nas Dasinon es ada TN TE MATTER: vara CONS Contact €-0.14053.M-00 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Decor 31,2016 Profesional Series include but a et lintel: Telephone soa] 0000] 24120000 Conferences, Court Consttons, Consitationsw/ Pais, On-site Reviow Service, rjet Mangan, Document Policy Reviews, Tectia Assisance, Community Mosing & Preparations, vice Prepraons Rept Wing, Community Contacts, Ooo Management nvesgatve Overnight St Vist Peepartions & Dla Analyt AdmiistatvfFinancial Series 2.00000] 2.00000 Expenses {See Expense Breakdown Shs) tie 168236 68236 Ground Transportation niais tizts Pring 29.0 12900 Leds eso] eaten Pr Diem for Meals “7.00 ‘e700 POV begs 2st 2182 recs ‘S240 S240 / pete tft Jeeahant WA Total $247,812.33 (828) 586-1843 Telephone (828) 586-1853 Fax "AIRFARE GROUND TRANS PARKING “LODGING PERDIEM MILEAGE FEDEX TGTALE® ROUNDTRIP ise 10420] 5559) [sin zl 33830 "ane suas gm so) — Sara, aE] 5020[ $273 TNE t 1680] $337 [cxaNEvaLe I poner 3290] 37839) fawoens Be) 5a 00) $6720] SIT SO) — 5875 Baz 8520) $3535 isos $627.0) Sa $445 a0) $2050] — Sa $338 5| 1600) sa. 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PHOENEX, AZ. 85008 He RENAISSANCE PHCEDE=439¢0080"°*Fax:602-399-5160 cz urapwill RARHENPRFLL| Itinerary Conter Flight Departing Aniving Fare Code ore We ov w somtin Sioa to2sam im iin sot i4e_eonony rra:earven Per cate cant ey eB amor w son Soon sane soba Givin Seatzae__ Economy Fentxoreo rt Foes fot sowie axingonRasgen ss Bihoec tot sane aso sen Givin Seazze Economy Fee sxormcoper fens shinee Resa Roeser woos sarees 6 roma sew eau (OPERATED BY ARWISCONSINASAVERICAN EAGLE monn seni20___Ecanomy Fe: orn Per Receipt Passenger Ticket # Fawusn —_Tgpand Carer Ticket Total Aiomorn _ coeroracass 028 oe 2 Master Cas oG0000000000ee _ Ga) ea etn 24 HOUR SERVICE pate _/¢ [20 //e me 7:20 (/) AMOUNT £0 cape / 27> DRIVER FROM At hteeT to_LEWAISSAMLE 24 HOUR SERVICE pate / 2, & te 2 32401 AMOUNT, ov cape (077 DRIVER rrom _LtNAHS SArve E to _ Are fee T INSERT THIS END UP ROC ATRPORT TKT 168086328 TN A6101609949996 ENTRY TIME: 11/38/16 86:41 EXIT TIME: 12/03/16 18:57 PARK-DUR.: HRS: MIN 31tei 16 AMOUNT: ——~ 4.08 KIND OF PAYMENT: outst ou R a 1706 POLAKOWSKI/MICHAL 00 12/03/16 06:06 1213 coe ihe TPMTCHAEL/ Y5R-00 18/09/26 06:06 ak Tifaosis 18 248 4291. 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UOT," PLeRSe-caut THe FRONT Desk’ OR PRESS” MERU ON FOUR'TW AENOTE cowTRoL TO: access WoEO CHECK-OUT. GET ALL Your HOTEL eTLLs BY EMAIL BY UPDATING YouR, EUARDS PREFERENCES OR, ASK" THE FRONT DESK TO ENATL YOUR BHUtRPGR? HHS STAYS” SEE'*INTERNET PRIVACY STATERENT® ON aaROTT CON Your Revards points mi Wart foverea beets Ravards aecgune. stat fiorrfott & A Wonan’s R 100 M. 1ST. STREET, PROeMix, Az 88008 reNalsqance: PHE602=i93-0000 "FAX: 602-333-5180, Southwest Atines Ready fr takeoff Thanks for choosing Southwest() for your trp, You'l ind everyting you seed to know about your reservation below. Happy travels! Air tinerary Confirmation Date: 11/17/2016 PASSENGER'S) RAPID REWARDS # exer exirarion EST. POINTS EARNED. ANDERS/DONALD K ema Wed Nov 30 198 DDepart SAN JOSE, CA (SIC) on Southwest Anes at 3:25 PM ‘Arrive in PHOENIX, A2 (PHN at 6:10 PM Travel Time hrs 85 mins Wanna Get Away [12] bate Fant Departur/Arival FriDec2 aus DDepart PHOENIX, Az (PHX) on Southwest Altines at 5:50 PM Arve in SAN JOSE, CA (SIC) at 6:45 PM ‘Travel Time hrs 5S mins Wanna Get Away 13], Cost and Payment Summary nR- SERWIC Base Fare ‘ 343.03 Excise Taxes $ 2573 Segment Fee 8 8.00 Passenger Facity Charge s 9.00 September 11th Security Fee $ 1120 Earibird $ 2000 TOTALAIR COST 3 426.96 Payment Information Payment Typ: Vise 30000000000016073, Date: Nov 17,2016, Payment Amout Payment Type: Visa XO0750000006073 Date: Nov 17,2016 Payment amount: $25,009 Payment Type: Visa X900000000006073 Date: Nov 37,2016 Payment Amount: $15.00 ie (AKA YELLOW Ca 480-888-8666, ‘ELLOWEABAZ. Com cape 333 DRIVER 195400 TRIPE 61649 NOV 30, 2016 18:53 ~' 19:08 DISTANCE 6.0 HE Fane 421,79 eqs 30,00 SUBTOTAL $21.79 1. 6 cHaReeD suri 92016 NOV 30, 16 19:09 oF 26-204 26204 bee + YostAGE FedEx. ‘Tracking 1D Summary _ tt ita = = sence rs “nn — = = == = oe oa = a thes tte re mn FedEx. ‘Bina nome ‘oases mt nne Sour recromuetomsit ee ‘ecpnomatan me = &