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Morristown Power Operations Power Rates Power Rules & Regulations Underground Poliey Other Links Electrical Safety General Power Rate Schedule ‘The fue cst astm changes monthly as explain inthe FA section onthe msn Power Rates page “Toview the base rates without the uel cost adjustment, ek hee, The bas energy rate changes wth the season as defined elon + Summer June, Jy August September + Trantor May, October, November + Winer: December, Janu, Febuary March Commeecal Servce-GSA-L (Current Rates Effective February 1, 2017) {ess than 50 kW) Customer Charge (per dativery Single Phase soe ran) Thee Phase 010 Basetnergy Fuel Cost te Adjstnent (cent) ents). nergy charge ‘tion 023 nin Commercial Service-GSA2 (Curent Rates Efective February 1,2017) {Between 50 kW and 3,000 KW) Customer chargeiper delivery $13850, point Demand charge Firstsone so Excess ove son sas fase Eergy —FuelCost rate ‘Adjustment (eens) (ets nergy Charge Fistisc00 7713 aia sun aionalkwn 4122 as Totatcnts perkacost Tota cents peck Cost Commercial Service -GSA3 (current Rates Effective February 1, 2017) (Between 1,000 kW and 5,000 KW) Customer Charge perdelivery 527508 pein) Demand Charge Fist ,00088 s238 cess over Lon0 KW sis Basetoetgy —uelCost ——_Totalcnts rte Adjustment perkh (eens) ees Cost Energy Charge kun sn 2055 ex sty hoe ony questions, please col custome serio 429 5-412