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Agilent University

At Agilent University, you can find a wide range of learning options to meet the needs of
your lab, optimizing productivity on your new or existing equipment.

Agilent Customer Education and Consulting Services helps by partnering and collaborating
2017 Edition Malaysia with you and your team to meet the requirements and desired outcome you seek.

We deliver:
Innovative insights on Agilent instrumentation, software and consumables.
World class training, method, and application services when and where you need it.


Classroom Training Online Learning

Introductory level to in-depth, hands-on From foundation to expert offerings when
training for lab hardware or software held and where you need it at your own pace.
at Agilent University Training Facilities.

On-Demand Courses Customized Training

We can offer courses that are currently Customized training gives you the
not scheduled in your area. Register your flexibility to structure your course with
interest with us and we will place your the information unique to your laboratory
name on a wait list. to create a highly effective training course
targeted and relevant to your team.


Assign education dollars now for future training. Prepay for training credits, then use them for
courses over the next 24 months without having to choose specific dates or topics.
Simplifies budgeting Easy to track and redeem
Flexible planning Automatic course reminders

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Course Title Course Code Type Fee^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Gas Chromatography
Practical Gas Chromatography - 4 Days (R1915A) GC-0GEN-2000c Hands-On 2000 3120 24-27 23-26

Agilent 7890 GC OpenLab ChemStation Data Analysis and Reporting - 3 Days GC-OLCS-2100c PC Only 1800 2808 9-11 27-29

Agilent 7890A/B GC and OpenLAB ChemStation Operation - 4 Days (R1778A) GC-7890-2101c Hands-On 2000 3120 6-9 2-5

Agilent 7890A/B GC Maintenance and Troubleshooting - 2 Days (R1914A) GC-7890-2202c Hands-On 1200 1872 6-7 22-23 8-9 13-14

Introduction to 7890 GC Routine Maintenance - 1 Day **NEW** GC-7890-2206c Hands-On 600 936 3 6
Liquid Chromatography
Techniques of HPLC - 4 Days (H1186A) HPLC-0GEN-2000c Hands-On 2400 3744 20-23 11-14

Agilent Infinity Series HPLC (3D) ChemStation C Operation - 4 Days (R1739A) HPLC-INF-2100c Hands-On 2000 3120 10-13 9-12

Agilent Infinity Series Troubleshooting and Maintenance - 2 Days (R1743A) HPLC-INF-2200c Hands-On 1200 1872 20-21 15-16 5-6 19-20
Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry
Techniques of GC/MS - 3 Days (H4040A) GCMS-0GEN-2000c Lecture 1500 2340 17-19 25-27

Agilent 7890B/5977 GC/MS Operation with MassHunter Data Analysis - 4 Days (R3900A) GCMS-5977-2100c Hands-On 2400 3744 13-16 10-13
Agilent 7890B/5977 GC/MS Operation with ChemStation Data Analysis - 4 Days
GCMS-5977-2103c Hands-On 2400 3744 5-8 4-7
GC/MSD ChemStation Data Analysis and Reporting - 3 Days (H4076A) GCMS-CS-2100c PC Only 2400 3744 19-21 12-14

Agilent 7890B/5977 GC/MS Maintenance and Troubleshooting - 3 Days (R3902A) GCMS-5977-2200c Hands-On 1800 2808 18-20 15-17
** Please note that course dates and prices listed on this calendar are subjected to changes without prior notice. Kindly check with our Training Coordinators before your registration.
^ Course fee are exclusive of GST


Online, self-paced learning through eLearning modules and recorded lectures
Online training gives you ultimate learning flexibility and offers a comprehensive range of modules so that you can learn what you want,
when you want, and at your own place.
You can find the rest of e-learning course at

Contact us at or call us now Self-paced eLearning

Course Structured and easy to follow - provided both theory and hands on
Training - course materials are detailed and helpful
Course Title Course Code Type Fee^
On-Demand Courses Technologist | Food Manufacturing Company
Agilent 7890 GC with OpenLAB EZChrom Operation - 3 Days (R2255A) GC-7890-2104c Hands-On 1500 2340
Agilent HPLC Data Analysis and Reporting with ChemStation C (3D)
HPLC-OLCS-2105c PC Only 2700 4212
- 3 Days (R1981A) The notes are very comprehensive and relatively comprehensible.
Agilent OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting Workshop - 1 Day (R2256A) SW-OL-3170c PC Only 600 936 The instructors are approachable and helpful

Agilent 5975/5977 GC/MS and MassHunter Enviroquant Operation

- 3 Days (R3941A)
GCMS-5977-2300c Hands-On 2400 3744 Research Assistant | Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer
Agilent 7890/9000 GC with OpenLAB 2.X Essential and Advanced
GC-9000-2101c Hands-On
Operation - 4 Days **NEW**
Agilent Infinity Series HPLC with OpenLAB 2.X Essential and Advanced This training is very helpful and knowledgeable for the end users
HPLC-INFII-2101c Hands-On
Operation - 4 Days **NEW** Contact Us that are using routine system analysis
Agilent 5977 SQ GC/MS with OpenLAB 2.X Essential and Advanced
GCMS-5977-2109c Hands-On
Operation - 4 Days **NEW** Senior Executive Quality Control | Pharmaceutical Company
Laboratory Skills for HPLC Operators - 2 Days **NEW** HPLC-0GEN-1001c Hands-On
** Classes are opened when minimum class size is met. Please contact Agilent for more information.
^ Course fee are exclusive of GST
I am able to clarify some of the questions that we have encountered
while using the instrument in our own lab

Senior Executive | University Research Lab

VIRTUAL INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING (V-ILT) The training provided practical advice / information on operation,
maintenance and a little of troubleshooting aside from learning the
V-ILT is an interactive, Live, Instructor-Led Training that is delivered online at the convenience and
basic of HPLC
on your workstation. This is also ideal for group learning.
Course Title Course Code Type Training Fee^ Date Technologist | University Research Lab
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (V-ILT)
Agilent 7890 Service Mode Trap Check (1 hr) **NEW** GC-7890-2262v Online 100 156 21-Apr Training Center Toll Free Number:
Agilent 7890 Service Mode Leak Check (1.5 hr) GC-7890-2261v Online 100 156 18-Aug
Ensuring Daily System Performance for Agilent LC/MS Systems LCMS-MULTI-
Agilent Technologies Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia 1800 88 0805
Online 100 156 1-Dec Unit 201, Level 2, Uptown 2, 2 Jalan SS21/37 Option 3 (Sales & Marketing) > Option 1
(1 hr) **NEW** 1200v
Damansara Uptown 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Instrument & Service)
^ Course fee are exclusive of GST
Please direct all enquiries and payment to:
Agilent Technologies, Malaysia
Contact us at or call us now Tel: 1800 88 0805 | E: | W:
Prerequisites Rescheduling Policy
THE VALUE OF LIFETIME LEARNING It is important to adhere to the prerequisites In the event that a paying attendee must
described in each course in order to ensure the reschedule a registered course (rescheduling will
Investments in continuous education improve laboratory staff productivity by uplifting knowledge and skills best use of time and permit equal instructor include substitution by another person),
necessary for routine procedures. Education leads to utilizing the full potential of instruments, as staff members gain attention to all class attendees. he/she must notify Agilent Technologies at least
knowledge and insights into the latest techniques. Well-educated staff members taught by subject matter experts 10 working days before class commencement.
and certified trainers are more dedicated to your organization and feel more confident in their accomplishments. Registration / Payment Efforts will be made to place the attendee in the
All course schedules and course fees are subject next available class.
YOUR RECOMMENDED COURSES to change without prior notice. Course fees
Beginner include material and instrument usage (where There will be a 50% billing fee if rescheduling
Operational Readiness applicable). notice is received less than 10 working days
before class commencement.
I am a new employee in my Registrations for scheduled courses can be made
directly from the website: For attendees taking the complimentary
company and I have limited Foundation & Theory
New User course, less than 10 working days of notice for

experience rescheduling is not allowed and will result in the
OR Hardware, Software Overview Alternatively, contact Agilent Technologies on complimentary training being forfeited.
1800 88 0805 or email to inquiry_lsca@agilent
I want to learn a new instrument .com Class Times
Operation Essentials
operation skill Registration begins at 9.00am on the first day
A confirmation letter will be sent two weeks of class.
before class commencement Class runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm each day.
Intermediate Training Center Address
Becoming Productive Prices
Unit 201, Level 2, Uptown 2, 2 Jalan Prices are listed on the Agilent customer training
SS21/37 Damansara Uptown 47400 website. These prices are subject to change
Experienced User

Petaling Jaya, Selangor without notice.

Operation Workflow
I have at least 1-3 years On-demand Courses
experience handling an
Cancellation / Refund Policy
Trouble-shooting Cancellation or rescheduling must be made at Some of the courses described on this website
Agilent instrument least 10 working days prior to start of the course are offered on an on-demand basis. If you
to avoid a 50% billing fee to attendee. A one- are interested in a course that is not currently
Maintenance scheduled, or if a course is not offered in your
day cancellation notification or non-attendance
will result in full billing. Agilent reserves the area, please contact our Training coordinator and
right to cancel any course 10 working days place your name on a wait list.
Advanced prior where minimum enrollment is not met.
Customized Courses
Accelerating Productivity The purchase of non-refundable airline tickets
is NOT recommended due to possible class Depending on your specific training requirements,
cancellations. Customized training classes can be organized
at your facility or at Agilent. Please contact our
Expert User

I have mastered operations Technique Optimization Training Coordinator to find out more.
of my Agilent instrument, and
Workflow Optimization
Overseas attendees
want to learn new skills to take The purchase of non-refundable airline
productivity higher tickets is not recommended due to possible
Application Workflows course cancellations. Please do not make any
travel arrangements before receiving course
confirmation from the Training coordinator.

Proper training quickly leads to greater productivity and increases the value of your investment. Information, descriptions, and specifications in this publication are subject to change without notice.
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2017
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