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Simon: Whats all that?

Hilary: Its a news report about the upcoming execution of Perry Hickock.

Simon: Thats barbaric. We shouldnt have capital punishment in this day and age.

Hilary: This guy killed an entire family while trying to rob them in their own home. He
was convicted of multiple murders and given the death penalty. This is
about justice.

Simon: This is about vengeance. He could have been given a life sentence without
the possibility of parole. As it is, he has spent 22 years on death row.

Hilary: Oh, I see, youre one those people who is soft on crime. You think our
criminals should be coddled.

Simon: No, I dont. But aside from my moral objections, executing someone with
a lethal injection or the electric chair is inhumane. Many executions
are botched each year.

Hilary: So what? These are people convicted of serious crimes. They deserve all the
punishment they get.

Simon: Im going to have to start calling you Hang em high Hilary.

Hilary: And Ill have to start calling you Soft- hearted Simon.

Oscar: So youre back from your mothers birthday dinner. How was it?

Priscilla: Same old, same old. It isnt a family gathering without a

major meltdown or blowup.

Oscar: Yikes, what happened?

Priscilla: You know how it is. It starts out with bickering and somebody taking
offense at some slight or dig, or bringing up some old grievance.

Oscar: Well, that happens in most families.

Priscilla: Yeah, but in mine, they often turn into screaming matches. We
all raise our voices and somebody always storms out.

Oscar: Even at your mothers birthday dinner?

Priscilla: The occasion doesnt matter. My mother tries to be the peacemaker,

but it doesnt take much for tempers to flare.

Oscar: That never happens in my family.

Priscilla: What?! Your family doesnt fight when it gets together?

Oscar: No, we try to sweep things under the rug and put on a brave face.

Priscilla: What happens when you get mad at each other?

Oscar: Nothing.

Priscilla: What do you mean nothing?

Oscar: A lot of our family meals are eaten in stony silence.

Priscilla: Wow, I think I prefer our knock-down, drag- out fights!

Salima: Hello.

Jake: Hi, this is Jake Nagano at Fixit Corp. How are you today?

Salima: Oh, hi, Jake. Im fine. How are you?

Jake: Good. The reason Im calling is that wed like to offer you the position you
interviewed for last week.

Salima: Oh, thats great. I was really impressed with Fixit.

Jake: Im glad to hear it. Were prepared to offer you a starting salary of $55,000.
You will get full medical and dental coverage, and vision coverage is optional.

Salima: I see. And vacation time?

Jake: Vacation days, personal leave, and sick leave accrue one day per month in
your first year, and then increase with your tenure with the company.

Salima: What would be my job title?

Jake: Youd be a junior specialist and youd be working under Monique Stansfield,
the department manager.

Salima: Is the salary negotiable at all?

Jake: Well, we would consider any counteroffers, but this is a

typical compensation package for new hires in these positions.

Salima: I see.

Jake: Why dont you think about it? Ill need to hear back from you by Wednesday.
Will that work?

Salima: Sure, no problem. Just one more thing: I heard that the company has a box
at the stadium...

Jake: Let me stop you right there. I hope thats not a deal-breaker because its taken
me...I takes years for employees to get invited.

Salima: No, not a deal- breaker at all. Im just a fan.

Jake: In that case, it would be a pleasure to welcome you aboard

Angela: Wait! I need to put sunscreen on Davy before he goes to the game.

Juan: Its not sunny today. He doesnt need sunscreen.

Angela: And here are four water bottles to make sure he stays hydrated and
doesnt get heat stroke.

Juan: One of the other parents is bringing drinks for the kids. Its fine. We
dont need that.

Angela: Make sure Davy warms up and cools down before and after the
game. I dont want him to strain or sprain anything.

Juan: The coach makes sure they do that. Are you done?

Angela: And heres a first-aid kit in case he skins his knee or gets any
other scrapes. We dont want to risk infection.

Juan: The reason we signed up Davy for organized sports is that all of this is
taken care of. Theres even a certified athletic trainer at each game, one of
the parents.

Angela: But the other kids can be so rough. He comes home with bruises all
the time. I cant stand seeing him hurt.

Juan: Do you want to come to the game? You can see for yourself that
everything is fine.

Angela: How can I watch Davy running into danger? Id want to run onto the
field and save him.

Juan: Youre right. Its better that you stay here. If you did that, your son would
never live it down!