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Daily Lesson Plan

Teacher: Thomas Gribble Course: Algebra 2

Date: 2/3/2017 Period(s): 2, 4

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Topic/Concept Being Taught: Arizona State Standards:

Multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting, and solving HS.A-APR.A.1, HS.A-APR.D.7
rational expressions. Language:
ELL Stage V: Listening and Speaking, Standard 2, HI-
Specific Objectives:

I will communicate effectively with my group about mathematical concepts.

I will simplify and solve rational expressions and state discontinuities.

Materials Needed: Common Core Mathematical Practices Used in

Running for Cards materials1,
See other document.
Instructional Strategies:

Cooperative Learning, Direct Instruction, Guided

Investigation, Visual aids

Warm-up Activity:

Assignment or Homework: Closure:

Study for test on Tuesday. Google exit ticket on impressions of this review
Assessment Used:
During the review activity, the teacher will monitor students accuracy and speed at solving problems of
increasing complexity related to rational expressions. This information may be used to modify length of exam
next week and identify any students who are struggling with content.

Timi Task Analysis Teaching Strategy Student Act

Going over homework assignment to Guided instruction at the whiteboard. Correcting homework. (Not
clarify any misunderstandings and After reading answers, students Reflection on where
providing support where needed. conference with each other to resolve wrong.
(HS.A-APR.A.1, HS.A-APR.D.7) any minor mistakes they may have Correcting and learn
made in the homework assignment. mistakes.
Teacher asks students to call out
problems they struggled with that need
to be reviewed as a class.
(Teacher also takes attendance as students
Return graded homework Providing students with feedback on their Retrieve papers.
3 assignments. homework and ensuring they will have those
minutes assignments to study with.

Running for Cards review activity. Purposeful grouping, Running with Cards Working in groups to compl
Utilizing research that physical activity. (Running with Cards activit
activity helps keep students engaged Ideally students collaborate to Working WITH clas
in task at hand. Forces a collaborative efficiently solve provided problems. Using correct L3 m
working environment. (Team only as Teachers only role is to check correct vocabulary.
strong as the weakest member; rising answers and limit chaos. Ensuring accuracy.
47 tide lifts all boats). Promotes not only No single student should be left out of Reviewing/cementin
Minutes speed but accuracy. activity due to rules. advance of chapter
Budget some time towards explanation
(student- (HS.A-APR.A.1, HS.A-APR.D.7) of rules and organization of classroom.
Assess group performance and identify any
weak links that teacher might need to target
for extra help.