Spring 2017

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Books and Paying
Some of the groups require books. If you sign up using the form in this catalog,
prepare a check for your book (write the group name in the memo) and place

in the offering or bring to the office.
If you sign up online,
• You will have the option to “pay now” with a credit/debit card.
• (Then pick up the book at the office or on the first day of your group
from Pastor Charity & the Better Together Coaches from the facilitator.)

The vision of becoming a church of groups continues to call us forward. We • You may also choose to “pay later.”
have had as many as 150 people in groups of all sizes and types, which is • Write a check with the group name in the memo and place in the
awesome! Why groups? Groups make our large church feel smaller. Groups offering, bring to the office or give to the facilitator.
provide a place to struggle, ask questions and be known in community. In a • Books will be in the office for pick up or at your group’s first gathering.
Better Together Group, you will be part of a gathering of people who meet You can also purchase your book on your own through Amazon or your favorite
weekly and share together in learning, service and fun. bookseller.
My prayer is that you’ll find a group that will be just what you needed,
just when you needed it.
New Here?
Welcome to Missouri...if you are new to the church or have been attending
Here a few things you may not have heard about groups: regularly, this is a thank you for joining us and an invitation to participate in a
• They are for our friends, co-workers, family and us. You don’t have to group. I know that can be a little scary for some, so feel free to email me and
attend Missouri or call yourself a Christian, so invite any people you know! we can chat online or in person about a group for you... I love to put names
• Joining a group is not a life-long commitment. Groups range from as little with faces, hear your story and connect you with others. Any guidance I can
as six weeks or as much as a year. We want you to find a good fit. provide, I’m honored to do so.

• You can drop in on Sunday morning groups at any time! So here we go on the faith ride of a lifetime! We’re no longer riding alone,
but going on an adventure with others. Who knows what you’ll discover about
Better Together Fair Sunday, Feb. 12 in the Connector yourself, or others? How will you will feel after experiencing group life—full
Meet group facilitators and participants, see the curriculum, ask any and all and supported? What surprises lie ahead? You’ll only know if you choose to ride!
questions you may have. When you sign up for a group you’ll get a cool Better
Together Button to show your support for the month.

Two Ways to Sign Up:
1. In the back of this catalog is a form you can complete and place in the
Sunday offering or drop off at the church office. Charity Goodwin, Pastor of Discipleship
2. Sign up online at www.moumc.org/forms (Choose “Better Together Group
Sign Up” from the list of forms.)

New for Fall 2017
New to the booklet and the sign-up page is a section about groups coming Fall
2017 in which you can start giving your input and thoughts into to help shape
them. One is an entrepreneur group, the other is for single moms. Last year
we revived Disciple Bible Study, and with certainty we will offer Disciple II in
the Fall. We think it will be a large group, so if you already know you want to
do it (no other Disciple studies are required) go ahead and check your interest
on the back page under the heading Coming Fall 2017.
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Painting The Stars (Everyone)
Sundays @ 2pm in CLC 108

Better Together
Celebrating the communion of science and faith, Painting the Stars explores
the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality.
Facilitators: Bill Allen & Janet Deneke

Groups (Listed by day of the week)
Social Justice
Mondays @ 6pm in CLC 107/109
Sundays The racial events of the past year and the prayers we have prayed lead us
to know more and do more. This is a start. We read and act so that we begin
Becoming a Praying Church (All Ages, Men & Women) making new decisions and finding our voice as a church against racism. This
Sundays @ 8am, 9:15am, 10:30am in the Library (2nd floor) group will be discussing the book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The
Inspired by the Breakthrough Prayer series, you’re invited to pray during one or Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit by Parker J. Palmer.
more services. A great way to practice praying is silently or with others. Facilitator: Roy Robinson
Convener: Julia Goodell
Feed Your Faith (Couples)
Seekers (All Ages, Men & Women) Mondays @ 6:30pm in homes
Sundays @ 9:15am in Room 302 With a home-cooked meal and table talk, this group will be discussing the book,
This adult group fosters open thinking and works to provide meaningful faith Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer and Faith Sharing by Martha Grace
development. The group began a 12-week study on Jan. 8 of First Light, Jesus Reese. This book shares about the church today coupled with a daily devotion
and the Kingdom of God by John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg. The study and practical tools to begin sharing your own faith story.
features a 20-minute video, reading material to study before each session and Facilitators: Kendall and Gale Waller
time within each class for extended discussion.
Facilitator: Mark Headley Tuesdays
Adult Bible Study (All Ages, Men & Women) Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It
Sundays @ 9:15am in CLC 107-109 Tuesdays @ 9:45am at Lenoir Woods, 3710 S. Lenoir St.
We share a passion for the Scriptures. Class includes shared prayer concerns, Residents at Lenoir or those who can visit will join an a robust and thought-
reading and discussion looking both at the Biblical context and the application provoking conversation based on this book by Adam Hamilton.
of Scripture to our lives as Christians. We also serve local missions such as The Facilitator: Cynthia Beverley
Wardrobe and sometimes gather for lunch during the week.
Facilitator: Julia Goodell Christian Century (Everyone)
Tuesdays @ 6pm at in homes
CONNECT (All Ages, Men & Women) The Christian Century is a progressive, ecumenical magazine that explores
Sundays @ 10:30am in CLC 110 what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in our time. The
Join us as we discover how we can understand current events in relation to our magazine remains a voice of generous orthodoxy, both loyal to the church and
Christian faith and United Methodist heritage. open to the world.
Facilitator: Karen Hayden & Adam Jenkins Subscription: One-year online-only subscription for $19.95, or one-year print
subscription (includes online access) for $24.95. Go to christiancentury.com
Covenant (All Ages, Men & Women) Facilitator: Rev. Glen Lashley
Sundays @ 10:30am in CLC 108
The Covenant group is a free-wheeling discussion group based on Christian
study and books.
Facilitators: Bruce & Lisa Miles
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Wednesdays Seasons; Symbols, and Sacraments (Everyone)
Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (Women) Learn what’s behind the things we see and do in worship. The colors, the light,
Wednesdays @ 8:30am in CLC 108 Book $15 the order all have a meaning.
This overview offers 12 weeks of exploration of the New Testament. Facilitator: Rev. Joan DeBoe
Facilitators: Jo Lee & Paula Donoho
Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (20- & 30-somethings)
Open Sharing (Everyone) Thursdays @ 7pm in homes Book $15
Wednesdays @ 9am at the Columbia Area Senior Center, 1121 Bus. 70 E. This group will focus on the new Testament. In addition, social gatherings will
Offering a place for people to explore their faith, talk about scriptures and be promoted throughout the year.
pray. This is a no-agenda, drop-in format group. Facilitators: Logan and Jessica Cole
Facilitator: Ted Craig

Coffee, Cards, and Conversation (Everyone) Fridays
Wednesdays @ 9:30am in the facilitator’s home, 106 E. Stewart Rd. The Last Week: Jesus’ Final Days (Everyone)
Designing and sending greeting cards to people we catch doing good, when Fridays @ 11:30am in the Library Book $15
we hear of celebrations as well as needed encouragement. Mickey is all about The Last Week: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus’s Final Days in
relationships and she loves designing custom greeting cards. Come learn how or Jerusalem by Marcus J. Borg & John Dominic Crossan is about the last week of
share your own expertise. Jesus life, a week of extraordinary importance for Christians. This book will
Facilitator: Mickey Havener help shape our Lenten worship.
Facilitators: Bill Allen & Linda Robb
FX: Family Experience (Families, All Ages)
Wednesdays @ 6pm in CLC 103 (Performs at different times/locations)
Families with children in elementary school work together (set design, production,
singing, acting) to create a high-energy shared experience that puts parents, kids
Coming Fall 2017!
and leaders in the same room for an equal dose of truth and laughter. DISCIPLE II: Into the Word, Into the World (Everyone)
Facilitator: Walt McManus Tuesdays @ 6-8:15pm at the church (32-week study with some breaks)
Focus on Genesis and Exodus in the Old Testament and Luke and Acts in the
Men’s Group (Ongoing) New Testament. In this study, participants explore the beginnings of the people
Wednesdays @ 6:30-7:30pm in CLC 102 of God and what it means to be a child of God as well as the beginnings of
The men’s group discusses men’s topics, prayer concerns and volunteer the Church of Jesus Christ. If you think this might be a fit for you, go ahead
opportunities. We are currently focusing on Rev. Waller’s challenge to pray in and indicate that on the back page of this booklet. We may need more than
various church settings, and we are looking at passages from Psalms. one group. Your feedback helps us plan. No previous Disciple study needed.
Facilitator: Wade Sanders Facilitator: Gary Beahan
Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (Everyone) Entrepreneurs Group
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm in CLC 110 Book $15 If you are a business owner, support businesses or an aspiring entrepreneur,
This overview offers 12 weeks of exploration of the New Testament. there’s a group forming for you. With your input, this group will take shape
Facilitator: Julia Goodell over the next few months and be ready to blast off next fall.
Facilitator: John Beverstein
Koinonia (Everyone) Single Moms Group
Are you a Single Mom with a desire to connect with other Moms going through
Thursdays @ 8am in the Library Book $10
the same struggles as you? OR maybe you have a heart to support single moms.
Participants will discuss daily scriptures and readings from Upper Room
Thecaringpeople.org supports churches to create care and support for single
Discipline-2017 A Book of Daily Devotions.
moms. If you want to learn more about forming this group check the box on the
Facilitators: Sondra Flaker and Melissa Clarke
sign up and info sheet at the back of the booklet.
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Other Growing Options United Methodist Women
Music Ministry: Choir Rehearsal UMW purpose: To be a community of
Agape Singers Choir Rehearsal Wednesdays @ 6:15pm in CLC 101 women whose PURPOSE is to know God and
This choir rehearses to sing for the 8:50am Sunday worship service. Repertoire to experience freedom as whole persons
includes gospel, contemporary, and folk, accompanied by keyboards and drums. through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative,
Chancel Choir Rehearsal Wednesdays @ 7:30pm in CLC 101 supportive fellowship, and to expand
This is an adult, mixed ensemble that provides primarily traditional choral concepts of mission through participation
literature for the 11am worship service. in the global ministries of the church. The
Wesleyan Ringers rehearsal on Tuesdays 6:30pm on 4th floor Unit - the full body – meets together three times a year. Individual circles and
interest groups meet as decided upon within the group.
Service Opportunities For more info, email Georgia Nolph, UMW president, at nolphkg@gmail.com.
Watch for details!
Missouri UMC is a church rich in service opportunities UMW Circles
as we reach into our surrounding community and the UMW Circles gather for fellowship and support, pray together, and study and
global community. There are a variety of ways to be in learn about the needs of and ministry with women and children around the
mission and service – through small groups, all-church world. The women of UMW also raise money and give their time and talents for
efforts and individual interest. Contact Rev. Hank mission. All circles and interest groups are open and welcome new participants.
Jenkins at hank@moumc.org.
Breakfast Group Circle
Spiritual Connections 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 8:30am at Upper Crust, 3919 Providence Rd.
Let’s celebrate the joys of everyday life as part of our Christian fellowship and discussion of problems confronting Christians
spirituality, interlacing fellowship, stillness, prayer and
attentiveness to God. Opportunities to participate, Esther Circle
such as a fellowship dinner, Advent event and Lenten 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 9:30am in room 304
event, will be announced throughout the year. For Works on fabric projects for MUMC and missions
more information, please contact Debbie Luchenbill, Terri Williams or Julia
Goodell at cf7cf7@gmail.com. Bratton-Cunningham Circle
3rd Wednesday of the month @ 9:30am at members’ homes
Wednesday Night Workout Stays informed about current mission needs and current societal events
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm in MPR Atrium
Wear comfy clothes, bring an exercise mat and a bottle of water and be ready Searcy-Feely Circle
to move! Drop in and join us any time! 3rd Wednesday of the month (January-May and September-November)
at 10am in the Parlor. Focuses on education, spiritual growth, hands-on
mission and fellowship

Gibson Circle
3rd Thursday of the month @ 9:30am in the Parlor
Mission emphasis is Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home

Wesley Circle
2nd Thursday of the month @ 1pm in the Parlor
Works helping those inside and outside of the community

Sophia Circle
2nd Thursday of the month @ 7pm in the members’ homes
Collects kits for the Festival of Sharing as well as projects meeting the
needs of the community
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Recovery Support
Val’s Circle
3rd Thursday of the month @ 5:30pm at a downtown restaurant followed by
a meeting and program at 6:30pm in the Parlor

Educates on needs and mission issues

Eagle Online Circle
Anytime, all the time! A devotion is posted online weekly.
Designed for women who are comfortable with the computer and desire to The church offers space to these groups which are independently facilitated.
communicate from home and/or work

Monday Evening Book Club
First Mondays @ 7pm in homes
Join us for fellowship and conversation as we share in reading a variety of
books from various genres and various service projects.

MUMC Book Club
Second Wednesdays of odd-numbered months @ 10am in the MPR Atrium
Books are chosen by the group and lively conversation always ensues.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
2nd Wednesdays @ 1:30pm in rooms 204-205
(January, March, May, September, November)
This group knits or crochets prayer shawls to provide warmth and comfort to
people in our church and the community that are going through a significant
event. Please let us know when someone would like to receive a prayer shawl.

Thursdays @ 1pm in Room 303
Anyone interested in hand-quilting is welcome to join us as we quilt and
fellowship together. We charge for hand quilting and all proceeds are donated
to UMW mission projects.
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For Kids For Youth
Sundays Sundays
Worship, Kids’ Worship! and Sunday Morning Youth Better Together
Serendipity Choir Group
Sundays @ 9:15am in Whittler Hall Sundays @ 10:30am in the Youth Room
Children participate with their families in worship Group for youth in grades 6-12 focusing on Bible study
and then can be dismissed to Kids’ Worship! and plus life application.
choir. If families wish for children to remain in
worship, Children’s worship bags are available with Sunday Night MUMY
activities to help them connect to worship. Sundays @ 5pm in the Youth Room
A gathering of youth in grades 6-12 that includes dinner, worship, small group
Whittler Treehouse Early Childhood discussion and games. We begin promptly at 5pm, eat dinner and then have a
Ministry, Studio K-5, Worship large group worship and message. We then move into small groups by grade and
Sundays @ 10:30am allow the youth to have discussions over the night’s topic plus whatever is going
Children begin in age-level classrooms, move to a on in life.
large group video lesson and return to small groups
to participate in active learning. Acolytes
Infants (Birth-18 mo.) W5 Sundays @ 9:15am and 10:30am services
Terrific Twos W7 Youth serving as Acolytes is an important part of developing leadership within
PreschoolW4 our youth program. Contact Hank Jenkins (hank@moumc.org) for training info.
K-1st Grade CLC 103
Our 2017 Confirmation Class will begin meeting in January and classes will
2nd Grade CLC 102
continue through April. Confirmation is open to all youth in the 7th grade or
3rd Grade CLC 104
older who have not gone through confirmation. Confirmation students learn
4th-5th Grade CLC 105
what it means to be a United Methodist Christian in today’s world using
Grace Notes Choir Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience as a guide in life decisions.
Sundays @ 6pm in the Chapel (September–May)
Children in grades 2–5 learn together through music. Youth Leadership Team
All youth are invited to participate in the Youth Leadership Team. This team
Wednesdays helps the Pastor of Youth Ministries decide what topics the youth will focus
on, what activities the youth will participate in and they help design and lead
FX (Family Experience and Faith certain youth activities throughout the year.
Wednesdays @ 6pm in CLC 103 Youth Fall Retreat
Families with children in elementary school work In November the youth travel to a local retreat center for a weekend away to
together to create a Family Experience program be in fellowship, worship and to grow closer to God and as a group.
to be performed at different times and locations
throughout the year. No experience needed. You can
help with the performance or work on set design and
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Where’s my group?
For College Age Christian Life
Center (CLC) Ninth St.

g Connector to
historic building

Whittler Treehouse
in historic building Ninth St.



Connector W4
to CLC

W5 Youth
W6 Room
Sign me up!
You may complete this form and place it (and your check if you need to purchase
materials) in the offering or drop off at the church office.You also may sign up
online at www.moumc.org/forms (Choose “Better Together Groups” from the list
of forms.) Please complete one form per person.



□□ Becoming a Praying Church (All Ages, Men & Women)
□□ Seekers (All Ages, Men & Women)
□□ Adult Bible Study (All Ages, Men & Women)
□□ CONNECT (All Ages, Men & Women)
□□ Covenant (All Ages, Men & Women)
□□ Painting the Stars (Everyone)

□□ Social Justice (Everyone)
□□ Feed Your Faith (Couples)

□□ Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It (Lenoir Group)

□□ Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (Women) □ Book $15
□□ Open Sharing (Everyone)
□□ Coffee, Cards & Conversation (Everyone)
□□ FX: Family Experience (Families, All Ages)
□□ Christian Century (Everyone)
□□ Men’s Group
□□ Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (Everyone) □ Book $15

□□ Koinonia (Everyone) □ Book $10
□□ Seasons; Symbols, and Sacraments (Everyone)
□□ Disciple Fast Track: New Testament (20- & 30-somethings) □ Book $15

□□ The Last Week: Jesus’ Final Days (Everyone) □ Book $15

Groups Launching in Fall 2017
□□ DISCIPLE II: Into the Word, Into the World (Everyone)
□□ Entrepreneurs Group
□□ Single Moms Group