Mt Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association – Wed., Feb.

1, 2017
Board members in attendance: Gus Kroll, Andrew Cecka, Meghan Humphreys,
Daniel Portis Cathers
Approximately 25 neighbors attended in addition to board members.

Rob Selva provided an update on a recent church service at Mt Scott Community
Center that experienced a disruption. Some visitors to the church service interjected
with hateful speech against certain religious and ethnic groups, as well as the
parishioners at that service. This same group visited multiple churches and a
protest at the Portland Airport the same day, intimidating those in attendance.
Access Covenant Church at Mt Scott Community Center filed a police report on the
incident. Several individuals have offered support for the church in various ways
and this group would like to invite other faith communities to join together around
healing from hate speech. Gus suggested we use this incident as a catalyst to
make communities safer overall – and that can happen in multiple ways. Specific
suggestions on how to make our neighborhood safer can be taken back to the
churches in question.
One neighbor reported on a meeting held Tuesday with an East Precinct officer who
mentioned that those carrying out intimidation have been identified, and that all the
neighborhoods in the area are seeking to collaborate on making safer spaces.
Access Church says they will have a protocol for peacefully defusing future
situations if they do arise. The neighborhood associations are considering hosting
an all-inclusive event to bring neighbors together. Marina from the Foster Business
Association is working to get details on that event set.
Daniel suggested engaging with Portland Peace Team, which offers training at PSU
on policing peaceful demonstrations and keeping those safe. One neighbor asked if
there are ways to know if our neighbors are at risk from national policies being
enacted. Places to consult mentioned were:
- nonprofits like IRCO, APANO, and other immigrant rights organizations.
- The Multnomah County Library has resources like “Know Your Rights”
information from, particularly at the Holgate Library
- – the neighborhood association plans to post resources for
keeping our neighbors safe, online (on Facebook and website) and
- in our information box in the lobby of the Mt Scott Community Center
We can also promote businesses having fundraisers for these issues neighbors have
in the immediate neighborhoods.
Sarah Iannarone mentioned seeing this area (Foster, Lents, MSA, Brentwood) as a
locus of support and care for vulnerable people in many ways – with shelter, with
support, and other services. Gus suggested Mt Scott Arleta Welcomes Everyone as a
flyering campaign. Some nearby neighborhoods are hosting “raid training”, self-
defense classes, and other resources for residents of their area. It may be that we
need to track better what assets we have in the neighborhood, and learn how to
mobilize those assets and build new ones that we’re lacking.
MEETING LOCATIONS: The group discussed changing locations on some months –
possibly at the Mercado, Bar Carlo, Arleta Bakery Café (though not during open
hours) and other potential locations (churches); Red Castle Games. Andrew will
investigate any new location ideas and we will form a schedule for the rest of the
year and promote any moves away from the Community Center.
HOLGATE LIBRARY: Vickie from Holgate Library presented’s
rules for anyone being approached by ICE who wants to know their rights. There
are resources available at the Library anytime. A very popular and family-friendly
Lunar New Year celebration at the Library is coming up on Tuesday, Feb. 7 th from 6 –
LAND USE / Transportation – An updated letter to PBOT asking for updated on Foster
Streetscape Plan engineering and implementation schedule was sent in advance of
the meeting to all Board members. The letter was approved unanimously by the
board, and will be sent ASAP to elected officials and head of PBOT. The letter will be
simultaneously posted on our blog and other.
Meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

Submitted by Meghan Humphreys, Secretary