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Directors Agreement

We are pleased to confirm the mutual agreement (Agreement) between

_________(Producer) and ____________ (Director) in connection with the
film project tentatively entitled ___________(the Picture).

The parties hereto hereby agree as follows:

1. Conditions. All of Company's obligations hereunder are subject to and

conditioned upon Company's receipt of copies of this Agreement fully
executed by Director, and Company's receipt of all documents which may
be required by any government.

2. Services. Director shall render all services as are customarily rendered

by a Director in production of a first class motion Picture (the "Services"),
when and where required by Company, and including:

(a) Pre-Production: Director shall be available for Pre-Production from

to -- on a first priority but non exclusive basis.

(b) Photography: Directors exclusive services shall be ------, with the

scheduled shoot days to be 5 days inside of April 22-26.

(c) Post-Production: Directors post production services shall be

rendered from time to time including:

1. Possible retakes, dubbing, adding scenes, processing shots

or making other versions of the film subject to the Directors
professional availability at the day rate of ____ per 8 hour
2. Input and ideas and other advice on the edit, cut, and
other story ideas as available.
3. Input on the subtitles and translations (when submitted to
festivals with Italian subtitles).

3. Compensation: The Director shall receive:

(a) $___ Pre-Production Fee to prep and create and collaborate shot
lists locations and other prep work paid at signing. (or Day rate per day of
pre-production, prefer a flat fee if possible)

(b) $____ per week of shooting Fee, paid at the end of each week.
Each day is defined as 8 hours plus lunch. (Please modify based on schedule,
OT considerations, whether the flat fee includes all time, etc)
(c) Assigned ownership as outlined in the Company Operating
Agreement. (if the director is DGA, if they have significant ownership,
generally they can have different rates than DGA rates if they agree to it).

4. Performance standards.

Director shall render Services in an artistic, conscientious, efficient and

punctual manner to the best of Directors ability and with full regard to the
budget and schedule established by Producer. It is understood that Producer
will have final decisions in order to take care of the budget and schedule.

5. Publicity.

a. Likeness: Director hereby grants to Producer and its licensees

and assigns the nonexclusive right to film, photograph, record, reproduce
and use Directors name, biography and likeness in and in connection with
the advertising, exploitation, merchandising, and publicizing of the Picture in
any and all media, forever and throughout the universe.

b. Appearances. If publicity appearances occur, Producer will do

take commercially reasonable efforts to secure all travel and other expenses
for publicity. Director is not required to attend, but will be alerted to each
publicity opportunity on a reasonable basis and given the opportunity.

6. Ownership.

Director hereby acknowledges and agrees that all contributions of every kind
made in connection the Picture, including, without limitation, all materials
created and/or furnished by Director, and all of the results and proceeds of
every kind of the services rendered by Director in connection with the
Picture, including, without limitation, the Services are and shall be deemed to
be "works made for hire" specially ordered or commissioned by Producer for
use as part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work or as a contribution
to a collective work. All rights granted to Producer shall vest in Producer
immediately upon creation without reservation, condition or limitation and
shall remain vested whether or not this Agreement expires or is suspended
or terminated, in whole or in part, for any reason. No rights of any kind are
reserved to or by Director or shall vest in or revert to Director. Director
hereby waives any so-called "moral rights".

7. Incapacity.
a. If by reason of disability or conduct, Director is incapacitated from
performing any Services for a consecutive period of 2 days or aggregate of 3
days during Production, then the Producer shall have the right to terminate
this agreement upon notice. Compensation will be evaluated on a pro-rata
rendered basis.
b. If by reason of bonding agency or insurance which takes over the
film due to their procedures, Director shall be terminated and Compensation
given pro-rata to services performed.

8. Default. If Director fails or refuses to perform services during Production

then Producer may terminate this agreement. Prior to termination the
Producer must send notice to Director and Director will have a period of 72
hours to cure. If it is not cured within 72 hours, the Producer may terminate
the agreement. If during pre-production, a period of 8 business days is given
to cure.

9. Director's Name and Likeness: The Director grants to the Producer the
perpetual non-exclusive right to use and license others to use his name,
picture, likeness and biography in connection with the screenplay, and in
advertising or exploiting the television program or programs embodying the

10. Credit: Subject to the release of the Picture and provided Director meets
all material obligation, the Producer shall accord credit of __________ as
Director. No casual or inadvertent failure on the Producer's part to comply
with the provisions of this clause, and no failure on the part of others to
comply with their contracts with the Producer, shall constitute a breach of
this agreement by the Producer.

11. Employment of others. Director agrees not to contract on behalf of the

Producer for any reason without written approval from Producer.

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution. This Agreement,

the rights and obligations of the parties hereto, and any claims or disputes
relating in any way thereto shall be governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to its
choice of law principles which would require application of the laws of
another jurisdiction.

13. Miscellaneous. Should any paragraph or provision of this Agreement be

held to be void, invalid or inoperative as a result of any judicial or
administrative proceeding or decree, such decision shall not affect any other
paragraph or provision hereof, and the remainder of this Agreement shall be
effective as though such paragraph or provision had not been contained. This
Agreement is not a partnership between or joint venture of the parties hereto
and neither party is the agent of the other. This Agreement constitutes the
entire understanding of the parties and replaces any and all former
agreements, understandings and representations (whether oral or written)
relating in any way to the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may be
amended or modified only by the written agreement of the parties. This
Agreement is not subject to any guild or union agreement.
14. Notices. Unless otherwise provided all notices shall be sent via
registered mail or e-mail if e-mail is awknowledged.

SIGNED __________________________________________________
DATE _________________________

SIGNED __________________________________________________
DATE _______________________