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Third Quarter Exam

Molave Vocational Technical School

Molave, Zamboanga del Sur
Grade IX English STEM
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Directions : Read the selection given then do the activities as directed.

Dasharatha was the King of Ayodhya and had three wives and four sons. Rama was the
eldest and his mother was Kaushalya. Bharata was the son of Dasharathas second and favorite
wife, Queen Kaikeyi. The other two were twins, Lakshmana and Shatrughna whose mother was
Sumithra. In the neighboring city the rulers daughter was named Sita. When it was time for Sita to
choose her bridegroom (at a ceremony called a swayamvara) princes from all over the land were
asked to string a giant bow which no one could lift. However, as Rama picked it up, he not only
strung the bow, he broke it. Seeing this, Sita indicated that she had chosen Rama as her husband
by putting a garland around his neck. Their love became a model for the entire kingdom as they
looked over the kingdom under the watchful eye of his father the king.
A few years later, King Dasharatha decided it was time to give his throne to his eldest son Rama
and retire to the forest. Everyone seemed pleased except Queen Kaikeyi since she wanted her son
Bharata to rule. Because of an oath Dasharatha had made to her years before, she got the king to
agree to banish Rama for fourteen years and to crown Bharata, even though the king pleaded with
her not to demand such a request. The devastated King could not face Rama and it was Queen
Kaikeyi who told Rama the Kings decree. Rama, always obedient, was content to go into
banishment in the forest. Sita and Lakshmana accompanied him on his exile.
One day Rama and Lakshmana wounded a rakshasas (demon) princess who tried to seduce Rama.
She returned to her brother Ravana, the ten-headed ruler of Lanka. In retaliation, Ravana devised
a plan to abduct Sita after hearing about her incomparable beauty. He sent one of his demons
disguised as a magical golden deer to entice Sita. To please her, Rama and Lakshmana went to
hunt the deer down. Before they did though, they drew a protective circle around Sita and told her
that she would be safe for as long as she did not step outside the circle. After Rama and Lakshmana
left, Ravana appeared as a holy man begging alms. The moment Sita stepped outside the circle to
give him food, Ravana grabbed her and carried her to his kingdom in Lanka.

Rama then sought the help of a band of monkeys offer to help him find Sita. Hanuman, the general
of the monkey band can fly since his father is the wind. He flew to Lanka and, finding Sita in the
grove, comforted her and told her Rama would come to save her soon. Ravanas men captured
Hanuman, and Ravana ordered them to wrap Hanuman's tail in cloth and to set it on fire. With his
tail burning, Hanuman escaped and hopped from house-top to house-top, setting Lanka on fire.
He then flew back to Rama to tell him where Sita was. Rama, Lakshmana and the monkey army
built a causeway from the tip of India to Lanka and crossed over to Lanka where a cosmic battle
ensued. Rama killed several of Ravanas brothers and eventually confronted the ten-headed
Ravana. He killed Ravana, freed Sita and after Sita proved here purity, they returned to Ayodhya
where Bharata returned the crown to him.

I. VOCABULARY. Directions:
A. Find the word from the story that is a synonym to the underlined word in
every sentence. Write your answer on the space provided.
_______1. The king had made a promise to the queen and it was not easy for him to fulfil
_______2. The king had to exile Rama to the forest for fourteen years.
_______3. It was hard for the distressed king to send his own son away.
_______4. The demon king planned to kidnap Sita.
_______5. He made a plan to take her to his own kingdom.
B. Find the word from the story that is an antonym to the underlined word in
every sentence. Write your answer on the space provided.
_______6. So he disguised himself as a swan to distract the princess.
_______7. Sita had to prove her impurity so she could be worthy again.
_______8. A battle ended between Rama and Ravana.
_______9. The monkey army built a barrier to be able to cross from the tip of India to

_______10. Rama befriended Ravana and killed him.

II. COMPREHENSION CHECK. Directions : Encircle the letter which
corresponds to the correct answer.
11. How did Rama react when he learned that he would not be crowned?
a. He pleaded to his father.
b. He peacefully accepted that he would not be king.
c. He declared war against his brother.
12. Why was Rama banished?
a. Because he was not a good son
b. Because it was the promise granted by the king to the second wife
c. Because he did not deserve to be king
13. How would a prince become worthy to be Sitas husband?
a. By pulling the sword from the stone
b. By singing a sleepy song
c. By lifting and stringing a bow
14. How did the second wife succeed in making her son as king?
a. She asked the king to fulfil a promise made long time ago
b. She would kill Rama
c. She told him she would go away
15. What happened to the king after granting the wish to Kaikeyi?
a. He went to the forest
b. He was happy
c. He got sick and died
16. Which of the following reasons persuaded Rama to return to Ayodha?
a. The people wanted him to rule
b. Bharata will be a cruel king
c. He was the rightful king since he was the eldest
17. What was Sitas reason for accompanying Rama to the forest?
a. The wifes right place was to be with her husband
b. Kaikeyi would kill her
c. He would need her skills
18. Why did Sita need to prove her purity?
a. To make her worthy to be Ramas wife
b. To let the whole world know that she was clean
c. To kill her impurities from the demon
19. How was Sita captured by the demon?
a. She stepped outside the protective circle
b. He kissed her
c. He sent his men to take her
20.Which of the following statements suggests a figurative language?
a. Sita was miraculously born on earth.
b. The love of Rama and Sita is an inspiration to the entire kingdom.
c. Rama did not only strung the bow but also broke it.

III. Identification. Directions : Underline the verbal in each sentence and tell
whether it is a gerund, participle and infinitive. Write your answer on the space

_________21. The king had to grant the wish of the queen.

_________22. Accepting his fate heartily, Rama went to the forest with Sita.
_________23. Giving the queen what she wanted was hard for the king.
_________24. Lakshmana went to the forest to be with his brother.
_________25. To stay with her husband was Sitas request.
_________26. The devastated king got sick and died.

_________27. The purified Sita went back to the kingdom.

_________28. The contest, lifting and stringing the bow, was hard.
_________29. Hanuman was a flying monkey.
_________30. Despite the burning tail, he went back to the Lanka.

IV. Matching Type : Directions : Match Column A and B by writing the letter of
the correct answer on the space provided.
Column A Column B
___31. Setting a. refers to the people who take part in the play
___32. Plot b. refers to the series of events that occur in the play
___33. Character c. refers to the opposing forces
___34. Conflict d. refers to the general truth expressed
___35. Theme e. refers to the place and time of the play

V. Sentence Completion : Directions : Fill in the blank with the correct

possessive form of the noun or pronoun as required to complete the
36. Because of _______ winsome smile and confident poise, she stood out among all other
contestants in the pageant that night. ( Michelle )
37. _______ speaking the truth sets him free. ( He )
38.The class knows of _____ being diligent and obedient. ( she )
39. Please forgive _____ being frank sometimes. ( I )
40.The visitors did not like ____ being unwelcoming. ( we )
41. _____ planning for the party eases the burden of the preparation. ( you )
42. _____ and _____ mother got sick. ( Lucy and Ana )
43. I understand _____ rejection to my proposal. ( you )
44.The ______ party is scheduled today. ( teacher )
45. The _______ decision is final. ( family )

VI. Identification : Directions : Encircle the letter which contains the

set of words that does not have the same vowel sounds.

46.a. key, quay, may

b. cool, wood, took
c. pit, sick, lip
47. a. go, bowl, tone
b. sweet, suite, suit
c. nut, but, cut
48. a. stake, bake, steak
b. pill, mill, sill
c. weak, meek, peal

VII. Writing : Directions : Using Simile, Metaphor, Personification

and Hyperbole of the literary device learned, write a dialogue
between Romeo and Juliet. Choose any of your favourite scene.