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Marilyn Smith Vocal Music Education Please detach and return with your child.

W.H. Oliver Middle Prep

I have read and understand the 2016-17 OMS Vocal Music Grading Policy,
T (615) 332-3011
Discipline Policy and Syllabus. I have read
Childs Name________________________________________________
RE: Vocal Music Grading Policy, Discipline Policy and Syllabus Parent Signature____________________________________________
Date ___________________
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers,

Your child is currently enrolled in Chorus for his or her Related Arts class for the next nine weeks. Your childs grade will be determined by his/her
progress in the following areas:

Skills Tests
These tests assess singing, playing classroom instruments, reading, notating, improvising, and aural harmony. Students are assessed on accuracy
and effort according to a pre-determined grading rubric.
Listening Tests
These tests assess listening, analyzing and describing the genres and styles of music heard in the classroom. The number correct is divided by the
total number possible for a percentage grade.
Writing Assignments
These are short assignments given to reinforce literacy in the music classroom. Students may be asked to respond to a prompt, summarize an
article, create a story using their vocabulary words, or reflect on listening selections. Students are graded on content, effort and neatness. Practice
writing assignments are given each week, but graded only 2-3 times during each 9 week grading period.
Vocabulary Quizzes
Students will be required to demonstrate mastery of content specific vocabulary. Vocabulary quizzes will be given bi-weekly.
Performance Grade
There will be one after-school performance this quarter. The March To The Music chorus concert will be on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 at 6 p.m.
Students will receive a grade for this performance. Students who have excused absences will complete an alternate take-home assignment to
make up for the missing grade. Students with unexcused absences will receive a failing grade for the performance.
During each quarter, there will be approximately 3-4 skills tests, 3 listening tests, 5 vocabulary quizzes, 1 performance grade, and 2-3 writing
assignments. All grades are then averaged into a single final grade for the quarter. As per the district policy, the grading legend for grades 5-8 shall
A = 100 93
B = 92 85
C = 84 75
D = 74 70
E = 69 and below
Requests for re-takes on quizzes or tests must be signed by a parent or guardian. Re-take forms are available from Mrs. Smith or downloadable at
Each day, your child will need a sharpened pencil or other writing utensil. Though we may not write each day, your child should be prepared to do
so. I will provide paper when necessary. Students may have bottles of clear water with them in class.
Discipline Policy
The following are the chorus room rules:
Speak with good purpose.
Pay attention.
Wait your turn.
Follow directions the first time without argument.
Use care when handling tools and instruments.
Talk and leave your seat only with permission.
Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
Keep gum, candy, food and drinks out of the classroom. (Water is the exception.)
Your child will be expected to adhere to these rules. Rewards for good behavior choices include, positive calls home, novelty items, OMS munchie
cart, participation in school-wide incentive initiatives, and Related Arts incentive initiatives. Consequences for poor behavior choices are as
1. Verbal warning
2. Phone call home
3. Loss of privilege
4. Phone call home
5. Notify administration
On the reverse of this paper you will find a general course description. I hope you will take a few moments to review this information. Please
contact me should you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to making beautiful music with your child.

Mrs. Marilyn Smith, MM Voice