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Paper Publications Dr. S.

Zahoor Ul Huq
Academic Title of the
S.No. Conference/Journals
Year Paper
A Hadoop Framework for International Journal of Innovative Research in
1 2016-17 Addressing Big Data Computer and Communication Engineering, vol 4,
Challenges: A Survey Issue 6, pp9157 - 9166
A Theoretical Approach
towards Dealing with
International Journal of Innovative Science,
2 Planning and Searching
Engineering & Technology, Vol. 3 Issue 3, pp 85 - 89
in Automated Designing
2015-2016 Systems.
International Journal & Magazine of Engineering,
Using Sensors to the
3 Technology, Management and Research, Vol 2 Issue
Smartphone functionality
7, pp 1223-1226
Peer to Peer Distrubuted
Data Storage with International Journal of Engineering Sciences &
4 2014-2015
Security in Cloud Research Technology Vol 3. Issue 6 PP 402-406
Load Rebalancing for
International Journal of Engineering & Science
5 distributed file systems in
Research vol. 3 Issue-6 pp 4121-4130
To Provide security for
International Journal of Computer
6 storage services in Cloud
Trends and Technology vol 4 issue 8 PP2576 - 2581
Springer, Communication in Computer and
Ensemble Approach for
Information Science, Vol. 296,
7 IP Auto-Configuration in
642-35863-0, 2012
Solitary Approach for IP National Conference on Advances in Information,
8 Auto-Configuration in Communication and Networking Technologies,
Providing MDM for
Pharma-Industries to
International Journal of Advanced Research in
Bolster Profitability and
9 2012-2013 Computer Science & Software Engineering, Sept
Reduce Operational
Costs and Adhere to
Regulatory Compliance
Development and
Performance Evaluation International Journal of Computer Science and
of Ad-hoc Wireless Test Technology, August 2012
International Journal of Computer Science &
11 Reconfigurable Ad Hoc
Communication Networks, August 2012
2011 - 12 Quality of service metrics
International Journal of Engineering Trends and
12 for data transmission in
Technology, June 2011
Mesh topologies
13 A Study on wireless International Journal of advanced Engineering
multicast and resource sciences and technology, vol 9 , Issue no 1, August
allocation in it 2011
Springer Link, Communications in Computer and
Dynamic IP Auto-
14 Information Science, 2011, Volume 142, Part 3, 452-
Configuration in MANETs
Results Analysis of IP
Address Auto- International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Configuration in Wireless Vol.3 (5), 2011, 318-326
An Effective Instrusion
National Conference on High Performance
Detection in
16 Computing and Networking, HPCN-11, 13th 14th
Homogeneous and
August 2011
Heterogeneous Wireless
Securing Binding
Updates in Routing ICGST-CNIR journal, Volume 10, issue 1, December
Optimization of Mobile 2010
Security Analysis of
Binding Update Protocols 2010 International Conference on Recent Trends in
in Route Optimization of Information, Telecommunication and Computing
Analysis of efficient
address allocation International Journal of Engineering Science and
19 2010 - 11
schemes in mobile ad hoc Technology Vol. 2(3), 2010, 227-231
Study of Detection of IP
Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology
20 Address Conflicts in
Vol.10 Issue 1(ver 1.0), April 2010.
An Efficient Hierarchical
Certificate Based Binding
Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology
21 Update Protocol for
Vol.10 Issue 2(ver 1.0), April 2010.
Route Optimization in
Mobile IPv6
A Certificate Based
Inquisition Approach for International Review on Computers and Software
22 2009 - 10
Routing Optimization in (I.RE.CO.S)Vol 5 N 1 January 2010 issn: 18286003
Mobile IPv6
International Journal Of Computer Science And
EMMR-A Multicast
Network Security IJCSNS-APRIL 2009
23 protocol for mobile Ad
Hoc Networks
2008 - 09
International Journal Of Computer Science And
A Secure Route
Network Security IJCSNS-APRIL 2009
24 Optimization Protocol in
Mobile IPv6
Hybrid Packet Marking All India Seminar on Computer Network Security,
Scheme For DoS Attacks January 2006
Security Mechanisms In National Conference On Wireless and Mobile
Wireless LANs Communications, March 2006
Hybrid Packet Marking National Conference On Recent Trends Information
27 Scheme For Network Technology Prospects For Global India Brand, Feb
Security 2006
National Conference On Recent Trends Information
Hierarchical Secure
28 Technology Prospects For Global India Brand, Feb
Wireless Networking