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Project Name
Sales and Inventory Management System is an integrated software
which includes computerized accounting systems and inventory
management. Every transaction will automatically update the company’s
database to reflect the corresponding requirement in terms of inventory and
finance. Generating sales from multiple transactions would no problem;
because it is a sales and inventory management system in place, the
information will be in real time and there will be no delays in the
transmission of information especially to the inventory unit.

Project Description
The purpose of a sales and inventory system is to ensure that the
company has the right amount of inventory. Sales and inventory systems
track both sales and inventory figures continuously so that the number of
each item on hand is more likely to be accurate. It can help a business avoid
excess inventory by predicting customer demand.
The sales and inventory system will reduce the total amount of
inventory the company needs to monitor at any time.
The primary goal of the sales and inventory management system is to
acquire ample amount of the items used within the business.
The advantages of the Sales and inventory system are: (1) improve
accuracy of recorded information, (2) reduce excess amount of inventory, (3)
predict customer demand, and lastly, (4) maximize company’s profit.
The success criteria depend on:
• The accuracy in maintaining records of the inventory levels
• Ease of use when it comes to updating inventory levels
• Ease of use when generating reports specifically inventory and
sales reports

The manager and owner Mr. The project budget will include the cost of the computer set at approximately P17. . The sales and inventory management system will be available for use of the company before the end of April 2017. The researchers will include status report. Project Key Deliverables A key deliverable is an item . Project Budget The project budget is needed for the implementation of the sales and inventory management system. Project Sponsors The project sponsor is the one authorized to approve and provide funds for the project.produced as a part of a project. 000. system software and the user’s manual for the desired outcome of the sales and inventory management system.either tangible or intangible .Project Completion Date The researchers will make the system which will be presented to the Patrick Tatakan @ Iba Pa. Patricio Mendoza of the Patrick Tatakan @ Iba Pa will fund the project proposed by the researchers. It is defined as the authorized amount of financial resources to be allocated to carry out the project goals and objectives.

PROJECT SCOPE Project Characteristics/Requirements .