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December 3, 2001 ORDER: SPHR1

Internal Spark Plug Thread Chaser
Starts threading
at the bottom of the spark plug port

Avoiding potential cross threading. Most thread damage occurs at

the top of the port. By starting the rethreading at the "good" treads,
chances of cross threading are eliminated.

Filing are brought up & out of the spark plug port.

No need to pull the cylinder head!

Easy to Use
turn to expand to 14mm

use with socket or wrench

debris & filings cling to tool instead of falling into cylinder head

expands to exactly 14mm

slim profile slips inside the spark plug port

Spark Plug Hole Thread Restorer

Wear safety goggles. (User & bystanders)
Do not use with air tool.

2001 Snap-on Tools Company Kenosha, WI Copying permitted for Snap-on customers only.
Printed in U.S.A. Sales Communications Department

Catalog 321
see it sooner on
Page 2 SPHR1

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Number +Description Category LBS/(KG)
SPHR1 Spark Plug Hole Rethreader, 14mm D 0.25/(0.11)

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Sales Material: Front Page of this Sheet;

Family Code : 00NMB0990990
Commodity Code: 8203100000
Parts Reference: N/A
Branding/Product: None
Branding/Package: Blue-Point
Available for Export: Yes
Country of Origin: USA
Warranty Code: S4
+Inventory Class: 1
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Field Assembled Sets Affected: None

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