By Simon Forster © 2012

Designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System

The Lottery Dungeon, Oasis of the Laughing Frog Adventure Setting

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Cartography by Simon Forster


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THE LOTTERY The Lottery Dungeon is a fantasy location that comprises the dungeon itself, the
outpost that has grown around it, and the desert that surrounds them. It is

placed in a generic wilderness, to allow easy insertion into existing campaigns,
designed to be as compatible as possible with classic fantasy game systems.

This adventure setting consists of the following:
Beyond the borders of the civilised lands, deep in the desert and below an oasis,
lies a strange dungeon of unknown origins. A small caravansary has been built ● The Oasis of the Laughing Frog: map and details of the settlement and
around it, profiting on the treasures that are hauled out of the dungeon by oasis; rules for carousing and mishaps; encounter tables in the
intrepid and foolish adventurers, and by the services offered to such folk. settlement; important non-player characters and the services they
provide; as well as details of the lottery itself;
This dungeon was once known as The Shifting Dungeon, due to the way the
interior rotates and moves every few hours; but it is now more commonly ● The Lottery Dungeon: a five-level dungeon, mapped and locations
referred to as the Lottery Dungeon due to the way the local khan allows entry sketched out; a set of modular dungeon levels that can be added to
into the dungeon. The oasis itself has become known as the Laughing Frog, due to extend the dungeon in different ways; encounter tables for all levels;
the temple that has taken up residence, dedicated to the deity of the same name. details of the rotating dungeon; some tables for added dungeon
Every would-be adventurer who arrives in town can purchase a lottery number, dressing; notes on keeping the dungeon alive after it has been explored;
and every day the local khan pulls numbers from a barrel, and whoever has that
● The Desert: area map and a few notable locations; encounter tables for
number gets the chance to enter the dungeon and keep any treasure they find; if
the desert; and a ruined tower to explore for when adventurers need a
they come back at all.
break from the dungeon.
This lottery brings individual adventurers together, forming random parties who
The Lottery Dungeon is designed with short sessions and differing groups of
delve below, often coming back before the dungeon shifts and seals itself; for this
players in mind, allowing for a short delve with players who can make it to a
dungeon is only open for a couple of hours a day, and randomly moves so that
gaming session; something that would work well with G+ Hang-Outs, Online

the doorway leads into a different location, sometimes the same, mostly
sessions, or at gaming stores; but which can still be used by more stable or longer

somewhere else in the dungeon. Most adventurers go in, quickly explore, then
session gaming with no alterations. The dungeon maps are freely available, for
come out before they are sealed inside for a day. Those that are trapped inside
use in on-line gaming, and printing, at: www.theskyfullofdust.co.uk.
seldom come out alive.

Gems, gold coins the size of a man’s fist, magical items and ancient scrolls have
all been found and brought back out; strange creatures have been found below, This adventure setting was designed using the Adventurer Conqueror King System
as have deadly traps and obscure puzzles; while the outpost offers services to (ACKS) rules in mind, but is as generic as it possibly can be, and is compatible
keep an adventurer’s equipment maintained, their bellies full, and their desires with similar rules. All page references refer to the ACKS core rule book (e.g. ACKS
satisfied. page xx).

otherwise empty. hiring their services to Offend the local guards: treated with disdain for the next 1d4 weeks. food. Bar brawl: caused a fight in the local watering hole. proficiency and saving throws for M AP K EY 3 the next 4d6 hours. and his chuckle is 8 11. in (1) the temple. ladies and entertainment. as per the table below: stalls. The Inn of the Wandering Camel. the Laughing Frog. They must then make a saving throw The local khan is in charge. What happened? Awake. Desecrated the local temple: the Laughing Frog is unhappy. god of luck and adventurous spirit. adventurers can enjoy desert. that morning. lose 1d6 hit points per level. Horribly. . armed with a long sword. and fined 50 gp. They come here to sell and buy 1d10 Carousing Mishap from those adventurers who have survived the dungeon and come out with gold 1 Gambling while drunk: lose 90% of money from a series of bad hands. (3) the barracks. An outpost has been built around the oasis. whichever adventurer will take them on. a watering hole and inn. to spend. Guard Post (four guards on duty at any time). 4 Page 8. Opponent is a fighter of 1d6 levels. The Khan’s Quarters. Market Type V). Barracks. 12. 4.T HE O ASIS OF THE L AUGHING F ROG A N IGHT AT THE O ASIS An oasis situated several leagues from the main trade road that cuts through the After a few hours adventuring. and fined 25 gp. 1d6 camels). Market Stalls (occupied once a week. Cursed for the next venture into the dungeon or other location. More adventurers arrive with the merchants. unpleasant. 7. in chain. (4) the oasis pool. 10. quarters. where its priests laugh in the face of danger. Temple of the Laughing Frog. representing his Merchant House). and entertainment. Lose all money and all but 2. Cells (to put troublemakers). The outpost has versus poison to avoid a mishap. keeping order with his hefty guards. Killed a camel: punched a camel hard enough to kill it. 50% chance of being stripped naked too. 1. 4 1d4 items of equipment. Travellers’ Desire (brothel). food. naked and hung-over. The entrance to the dungeon. temple has been raised to a local deity. 5. Beaten & robbed: mugged by some nameless nomad. Thrown into the cells for 1d6 5 days. A character can spend 1d6 x 50 gp on drinks. 14. horribly drunk: suffer -2 on to attack. 10 Offend the khan: thrown into the cells for 1d4 days. and likely that was discovered there. to gain that many Experience Points (XP). with loot to spread around. and the dungeon gold on drinks. Head Merchant’s favourites. half-way in the water. hidden from view by a jutting rock shelf that legend has it is the remains themselves and earn additional experience points for spending their hard-earned of a petrified giant. Essential Supplies (basic adventuring supplies. 6. Trading Office (Madani is here. Fortune Teller. Stables (1d4 horses. Such activities last the night. with a 2 in 2 6 chance of an encounter with them becoming violent. opening a bazaar in the middle of the settlement. as well as those looking for work and hoping to gain fame and profit by proxy. 6 Deadly duel: offended someone so badly that they now want a duel. Market Type IV). A caravansary has slowly grown over the years and a the early morning too. (2) the khan’s 7 9. The Last Chance Saloon. 3. and it was one of the 9 13. In debt to him for 250 gp. and once a week merchants come to trade.

whichever Player Characters (PCs) are available get picked. Deep in the dungeon is a jungle. but long retired). bite). foes or allies the referee wishes to include. you are cursed (True). and is preceded by a deep rumbling as the dungeon below 2. 13. and a successful night on the town gains a third. the local guards bring the barrel of lottery numbers visit to the bar a character hears a rumour. On the second level the dead walk. #At 3 (2 claws. burrow 180’ (60’).R UMOURS T HE L OTTERY The local watering hole is a good place to hear rumours and tall tales. exiled from his home for unlawful use of following table. . ML +2. If you kill a giant frog. There is a pit that holds the bodies of dozens of dead adventurers and all of their loot a ticket. There is a table of purple crystal reputed to restore life to the dead (True. The great rock shelf between the oasis and trade road is the petrified remains of a 1d6 Encounters giant (False). like clockwork. Dmg 1d6/1d6/2d6. was once a notorious bandit (True. 16. 5 (Partially True). that come to life and attack the unwary Vendors sell nibbles and ale. It is said that there are five or more levels to the dungeon. It is said that the local barkeep and his family are on the run from the law (False). Ideally. feasting on the living (True). Giant spiders. as determined by the 12. 1d4 of the khan’s men have got stinking drunk and are in the mood for a fight. sometimes more. to the platform next to the dungeon entrance. as do several of his 9. AL N. SV F6. to a point). The Temple of the Laughing God is here because the priesthood is looking for nonlethal damage). plus (False). has an uncanny ability to predict a person’s death 1 2d6 bandits come in looking to cause trouble. A party of 1d4+2 adventurers arrive. at 09:00 hours. testing the defences of the outpost. at 09:17 precisely. Roll on the table below out five numbers. It remains as far as the fourth (True). U RBAN E NCOUNTERS 11. 6. Those adventurers called assemble 1. the khan. A dune shark comes burrowing up from underneath the earth. 2d4 merchants. open for 2 to 5 hours. sometimes less (depending on how many for local rumours about the dungeon and the immediate. The legendary rogue “The Black Rat” brought back a ruby the size of his head. HD 6. 20. have paid for a ‘ticket’) and call them out. a few gold coins and they hear from the temple. which opens. there is a 2 in 6 chance of some there were many more below (False). entertained while they wait. Zafar. 3. sorcery (False). Three levels down are corridors full of statues. treat as Market Type III). rats and frogs have been seen in the dungeon (True). something deep in the dungeon (True). usually in case anything other than the adventurers come out. 5. 4d6 guards. but many haven’t). The Khan often watches too. An invisible monster roams the upper level. 4 19. 5 4d6 raiders on camels approach the oasis. Musheera. lasts 2d10 rounds before other guards break it up (-1 to hit. but no one has ever made it before the entrance. rotates into position. With each Every day. devouring all in its path (True). They then pull another. Those that got stuck in the dungeon but survived saw creatures made of tar fixing traps and re-locking doors (True). willing to sell or trade before heading off the Page 2 15. new monster). A merchant caravan comes in. any henchmen. and said Every day that adventurers are about the town. and sometimes a bard plays to keep the crowd (True). interesting encounter taking place in their vicinity. the fortune teller. outside the walls 6 (AC 6. 17. Somewhere in the dungeon is a statue of utter evil that has corrupted the creatures men. 8. full of prowling beasts (True). A small crowd often gathers outside to watch for the adventurers’ return. 1d3 18. inside (Mostly True). XP 320. 10. No one that gets stuck in the dungeon ever returns (False. Move 120’ (40’). 14. Lottery Tickets can be purchased at the temple or inn for a cost of 5 silver pieces 4. following day (1d6 wagons. The khan was once a powerful magician. intent on testing their ability in the dungeon. 3 brawling only. A giant snake guards the way to the lower levels (True). 7.

AC -1. he has mellowed with age but is still capable of dealing with Cleric. Manual of Arms. Running the settlement’s sole inn. stingy man with a lust for gold and is Have treasure equal to Type B x ½ in the barracks. HD 5d8. He is a greedy. Page always trying to sell goods for more than they are worth. If anyone has a specific need. or polearm). AL N. by weapon). ML +3. HD 3d6-3. Equipment: Holy symbol (jade laughing frog). with to Type B x ½ in the temple. AL L. Level 3 (Priest) troublesome would-be adventurers who cause chaos in his oasis. Proficiencies: Command. Equipment: Well-oiled magic +1 sword (+2 to hit). ML 0. keep the peace. SV as F2. grey wool tunic and pants. HD 2d8. Has access to healing herbs. fair man. He is an old man. AL N. numerous scars. otherwise noted. #AT 1 (7+ throw. Fighters. Prophecy. hps 11. along with his dullard son (Abbas) and equally timid wife (Baseema). leather belt. chain mail armour. flanged mace. A timid man who seems terrified of adventuring sorts. Has treasure STR 8 (-1) INT 9 WIS 13 (+1) DEX 6 (-1) CON 6 (-1) CHA 8 (-1) equal to Type D x ½ in his quarters. hps 17. seemingly frail and doddering. is the jolly Nazmi. not realising that the Equipment: Glaive. courage to do so. metal shield re-painted many times. low boots. watering hole. Raif runs the local Proficiencies: Alertness. Madani is the local chief of trade. #AT 1 (10+ throw. Signalling. widowed but with two fine daughters (Ghada and Gharam) who help him run THE KHAN’S MEN the inn. sling. hps 10. He believes he is here to watch over the dungeon and those who enter it. now the local khan having settled and (for a donation) is happy to aid those who seek his help. T H E I N N K E EP E R military tunic. low boots. Move 120’ (40’). and are all experienced warriors. but his fragility hides a keen intellect and a sharp T H E K H AN wit. SV as C3. Level 2 (Warrior. Move 120’ (40’). Move 120’ (40’). A stern. boots. quarterstaff. ML +2 (+5 with khan). by weapon) T H E B A R K E EP ER Dmg 1d6+1 or 1d10+1 (mace. He longs to leave. . all are 0 Level humans with 1d6 hit points. Fighter. st AC 5. Turn Undead. Each hails T H E H EA D M ER C HA N T from one of the nomadic tribes that travel the desert and adjacent plains. A dozen guards. Madani is the person to talk to. armiger’s dungeon attracts all sorts of rogues. The man in charge is the former bandit Zafar. all loyal and well-paid by the khan. 2d6 per week. slightly battered chainmail armour. He is a pleasant man. Dmg Spells: (1 x 2). crossbow. wooden shield. Unless th The local temple is managed by the priest called Alim. but no useful magic items. responsible for ensuring the weekly market is 6 profitable and peaceful. They came out here to find a quiet life. 30 sling stones. Level 5 (Exemplar) Dmg 1d6-1 or 1d4-1 (staff or sling). STR 13 (+1) INT 9 WIS 10 DEX 10 CON 12 CHA 12 Proficiencies: Healing.P ERSONS OF I MPORT ANCE T H E H I GH P R I EST OF THE L A UG HI N G F R O G A few important and interesting characters can be found in the oasis. by weapon) . #AT 1 (9+ throw. SV as F5. case with 20 quarrels. 1d6+4 with sword. Has treasure equal down to enjoy the spoils of his decade-long banditry. Leadership. but hasn’t the funds or tunic and pants. Guardsman template) AC 5.

and all exits are sealed off by solid stone. strewn with traps that waylay the unwary. runes and No one knows who constructed the dungeon. a section on replenishing the dungeon follows each level. with each level linked by trapdoors and stairwells. Gold. and as yet no one has made it as crystal ball. the levels move out of alignment. the multiple levels rotate into place.T H E F O R T U N E T E LL E R Musheera is a former nomad who has settled here because it has an enhancing T HE L OTTERY D UNGEON affect on her powers of precognition. and is an event that will take place in 1d6 days. connecting their entrances in different layouts. is inhabited by unusual monsters. Every day. most levels have six entrances. In addition. and over a dozen foolish adventurers have lost their lives in the past year. and can be worryingly accurate at times. random level sixes that Page differ each time the sixth level is entered. which has a 2 in 6 chance of acting as a Augury spell for centuries old. but to the other levels as well. or alternating. just before the entrance swings open. although never in the same way. Those trapped inside the dungeon during that time. then the map of the dungeon level is detailed by keyed locations. when the dungeon reopens at 9. In game terms. effectively a whole day. randomly determined whenever the level is entered during the two to five hours the dungeon is open. they can cover another six levels. For a payment of 5 silver far down as the fifth level. to reoccupy cleared rooms. the dungeon rotates again. . When the time is up. As the sixth hour begins. anyone trapped inside has to remain on whatever level they are in until the next day. For several hours a day the dungeon is open. undead and living statues. She tells fortunes by cards. and then. jewels and magical items of a wondrous nature have been hauled from its depths. this time shutting off all access to not only the outside world. the levels shift into a new alignment by more random rolls. What is known is that the dungeon is at least two she will make a reading. seldom return. There are five main levels. followed by a table for wandering monsters or encounters. Unless by magical aid.17 precisely. and an additional six further levels that can be used as 7 desired. Each level is briefly described in terms of decorations and atmosphere.

at least when the dungeon is open. some entrance and the floor is showing wear in a path between the two doors. This is a well-trodden blocks. XP 135. with two rock crystal stones for its eyes During the hours the dungeon is open there are no wandering monsters. 1-4 2d6 Custodians (AC 2. Entrance]: This twenty-foot room opens straight into a corridor. Entrance]: A thirty-foot room with a statue of a coiled snake in the centre. are made of the same dull grey stone. Entrance]: This chamber has four white marble pedestals standing before four shallow pools of coloured water. SV F1. the door swings up into the room. The shed skin of an enormous (10+’) snake lies at its base. Entrance]: A domed chamber. those that leave empty- It faces the entrance and is made of sandstone. and the entrances to this level (roll 1d6 to determine which entry. this is a testing an antechamber. the pools. heavy stone doors that easily swing open (C). magically replenished 8 every day. Some doors are open. with a bronze lever at the bottom. lamenting their brush with corridor. hps 18. W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S The statue is sculptured out of oak. checked every two turns. The corridors are inwards to reveal another set of stone doors that push open into one of the six round. and there are Open Doors throw (18+) to open. green. orange. consider themselves true and worthy adventurers. It can be pushed with ease from the 1d6 Encounter other side. requiring an a set of stairs. the wall. the centre of the room is a shallow pool of fresh water. while others are trapped [2. #AT 1 (slam). If the a coloured . The exit leads to another plain handed or flee in terror retire to farms and hamlets. green and red. Those that survive to the lower levels holds a large statue of the Laughing Frog. AL N. Entrance]: A ten-foot chamber with a door opposite. but as (worthless trinkets). lies a hidden trap. [3. the domed rooms curve as they met the concave floors and walls. In intruders that they find. they swing This level is all curves. the doors a single sheet of 2” thick stone. nine feet high and three wide. blue and orange. The chamber (B) ground for many would-be adventurers. with old wooden doors bound in rusted iron. Dmg 2d4. A chill permeates the whole level. smell lingers in the air. each time the dungeon doors are ovals that slide left into the walls when pulled by their stone grips. Atop each pedestal is a goblet of coloured glass. weapons stick in tar. which ends in a set of steps that descend some ten feet to a pair of fame and fortune. HD 4*. none of this level is lit. and an oily traces of blood stains on the floor just before the corridor. ACKS page 170) [6. skirting the edge of the room. with a trail of black stains 5-6 The Caretaker (AC 1. All the stone doors are heavy and difficult to move. squatting and laughing on a stone lily. the Custodians are ‘born’ [4. ML N/A. ML 0. AL N. new monster) [5. staying open for a turn before swinging shut. Entrance]: This forty-foot room has chipped and broken tiles on the ceiling. the Caretaker is released to clean the dungeon. These doors remain closed while D E CO R the dungeon is out of alignment. with finger-thin crevices acting as handles to grip. At the top of but unlocked. paralyse. leading from all doorways. and head out to repair any damage. Move 60’ (20’). The exit is a secret door flush with Page An encounter occurs on a 1 in 6. From left to right. are locked with a built-in tumbler that is easy to pick. floors and ceilings in 2’ [1. XP 13. where it stands out as a paler strip of the wall. HD 1*. Move 40’. and deal with any painted with a scenic view of a deep-blue sea overlooked by towering cliffs. fifty-feet wide. Dmg 1d6. reset and swap traps. the goblets are coloured red. SV F2. soon as the dungeon rotates out of alignment. This room has had little traffic. the 10’ high walls. blue.D UNGEON L EVEL 1 M AP D ET AI LS The entrance to the dungeon leads to a set of worn stairs (A) that in turn lead to A mostly uninhabited level. with not a straight line to be found. from the main entrance. Unless otherwise noted. and the lever in the pool opens it. All is aligned). #At 1 (club). but once it rotates into place. two things happen: one. and two.

#AT 1 (claw). The creature was an eel-like monster as black as pitch. A pouch lies in a crumbles to dust. which Strewn across the room (which looks to have once been a waiting room of some immediately sits up and attacks. with wooden benches fixed onto the walls every ten feet. many now ends of the earth. A closer look reveals [8. broken weapons and torn armour (three swords. hps 10. otherwise as Skeleton. an axe. and opens into a plain room Page dead bodies hidden in the undergrowth. Inside lies a withered corpse with leathery needle-like teeth. splintered and broken) are fragments of bone. [Orange] neutralises poison. There are deep scratches on the walls. room. and contains 23 gp. but not locked. a suit of chain and Immortal Skeleton (AC 2. Throne Room]: This chamber (with a trapped door) has threads of once grand tapestries lying on the floor. it is plain ordinary water. SV F2. but have gone no further. Broom Closet]: This locked room is what appears to be a disused broom determined to plan ahead and prepare them for whatever lies within. a shattered lantern and a surprisingly intact flask of oil. with inscription in some dead language is engraved along the bottom of the coffin: thirty-three yellow lidless eyes on its arrow-shaped head.goblet is dipped into the matching coloured pool and drank from. but found itself unable to leave the room and [7. Crypt]: This twenty-by-twenty room holds an old sarcophagus. HD 2**. it will clamber out in search of dozen coppers. the drinker dies in 1d6 rounds violently coughing. a dozen ripped sacks. The skull is cracked and has fangs for teeth. [13. closet. only a few days old. Anyone opening the sarcophagus awakens this undead creature. It ran out of food a couple of days stone. tatters of skin hanging off yellow. and before they go any further he is [10. A plain stone throne sits at the back of the room. a set of bent lock-picking Dmg 1d4. a couple of . XP 38. It will pursue the opener of the coffin to the sort. a leather tunic). Blood-Splattered Room]: A room splattered with blood. AL C. Rival Adventurers]: This. a beneficial brooms with a few bristles remaining. It can be lain permanently to rest by blessing it after its demise. Empty Room]: The door to this room is trapped. A desperate party of combining the effects has a 1 in 6 of having some adverse affect determined by adventurers used some dark magic to conjure a creature to aid them. otherwise the water becomes deadly poison rusted iron nails. A broken sword lies forlorn in the centre of the otherwise empty turns). and all of the butterflies have human with nothing of interest. the remains of a crossbow. ACKS page 193). They came that was once a statue of a king. ML n/a. brittle bones. blood stains. made of grey was sustaining itself on the bodies of the dead. Old but sturdy wooden shelves hold a wooden (leaky) bucket. Monster Corpse]: Both doors into this room are locked. more on the floor as if someone had been The beneficial effects are: [Red] increased strength (+1 to hit and damage for 1d6 dragged away. with a lid sculptured to resemble a gaping maw full of jagged teeth. Move 120’ (40’). 19 sp and a formed. fully corner. this room is also the camp of a party of adventurers who have recently flanked by two small stone stools. Their leader is a Cleric who is a meticulous planner. and its mouth is full of “Here Lies He Who Will Not Sleep”. and unless a save is made. [9. through the entrance in Room Five. Special: immortal: when ‘slain’ tools. a coil of 50’ rope. each can be benefited from only once per day. Currently. but it the Judge. a warped reed basket holding dozens of effect is bestowed on the drinker. and [12. The exit doors are trapped. If the water is drank without using a goblet. with its trapped and locked doors. heads. In front of the throne is a pile of broken glass. If the lid has not been replaced. [Green] restores 1d6 hit points. arrived in the dungeon and are trying to decide where to go next. hidden beneath a splintered shield. turned on them and slew them all. the person that opened it initially. Its heart is a small ruby worth 100 gp. and a hammer. not resting until the would-be tomb robber is dead. has walls 9 engraved with murals of butterflies flitting through a forest. [11. but reappears inside its coffin 2d6 hours later. An ago and is now dead. [Blue] removes any and all diseases.

which pushes open and swings up into the corridor behind. #AT 1 bite. This 20’ long snake was the guardian of the trapdoor and three Fire Beetles are currently Man-at-Arms “Asher”: Fighter. The trap is triggered by a pressure pad (2 in 6). 1d8 (AC 5. HD 1d8. and save versus [14. spells (Cure Light Wounds). the end. Animal Pen]: This room has a number of 5’ cages. tied with leather) for the Custodians. AL N. and around its sandstone Dmg 1d6+1. Move 60’ (20’). Inside the cages are several (1d8) Fire holds enough darts for three triggered attacks. all with 11+ attack throw. SV F2. causing a flurry of darts Healing. #AT 1 (mace). A statue of some hooded and robed human stands looking over Fire Beetles. dealing 1d4 damage. XP 29. hps 5. black with silver patterning. 6. Level 2 (Acolyte) (AC 4 chain mail. placed along the walls. Endurance. On the other side the door has a similar loose [20. Tracking. ML -1. Move 120’ (40’). HD 2d8. XP 15. Move 120’ (40’). alignments. SV C2. XP 15. ML -1. headed woman dressed in veils watches the door. ML 0. HD 1+2. ML +2. hps 9. #AT 1 (scimitar). bamboo with leather poison or fall into a deep slumber for 2d6 turns. From this pool the Custodians ooze SV F1. and the disciple [17. non- 10 flammable and slides off glass. Dmg 2d4. ACKS page 170). Dmg 2d4. waiting in the centre of the plain room. a retired man-at-arms from the nearby kingdom. HD 1+2. HD 2d6*. Beetles. The Caretaker. Weapon Stores]: This locked room has a weapons rack of wood that holds a stone to open it. Move 120’ (40’). This trap is reset every day. Move 120’ (40’). Trapped Corridor]: This trapped corridor has a statue of a laughing frog at 1d6. #AT and a disciple of the All-Seeing Eye. hps 9. and straps to lock them. figure lies the corpse of a giant snake. triggers the secret door. Dmg 1d6+1. When the dungeon is aligned. A loose stone at the bottom type changing on a daily basis (see Replenishing the Dungeon). ACKS page 156). releasing the Caretaker that occupies the room between and a chunk of amber (100 gp). It is sticky. Level 2 (Warrior) (determine randomly when dungeon levels are aligned). turn undead. SV F1. This room holds the entrance to the next dungeon level: a trapdoor of iron opens onto a set of stairs that leads down to one of six possible entries into Level Two Nomad “Aleah”: Fighter. rations. Anyone along the corridor is liable to be hit: 1d6 darts per person. . Disciple “Jacob”: Cleric. A statue of a snake- (AC 3 leather & shield. at a pit of bubbling tar that is very deep. Dmg 2d4. it can be found here. ML +1. Store Room]: This locked room has a secret door hidden behind a rack that with some thought. The Caretaker]: This secret room opens of its own accord when the dungeon after escaping from the lower levels. making a nest [16. Move 120’ (40’). #AT 1 (sword). Combat Reflexes. AL N. x 3 (AC 5. In its nest are two gems: a zircon (75 gp). XP 20. SV F2. to fly from the frog’s mouth. and 1d12 cp. freshly cut. Dmg [18. XP 20. hps 3. hps 18. which the Custodians let out to repopulate the dungeon when they need to. move out of alignment. 9 #AT 1 bite. AL N. The corridor leading to Room Twenty is trapped. ACKS page 156). [21. two torches. The nomad has a coil of rope around his waist (50’ length). (AC 5 chain mail & shield. a gelatinous cube (AC 1. Each carries 2d10 gp. Birthing Chamber]: This is where the Custodians are ‘born’ when the dungeon shifts. Snake Feast]: has a silver holy symbol (an eye).The party consists of a nomad. SV F2. ML N/A. paralyse. dozen clubs (shaped oak branches. [19. Mapping. closing if left unattended. XP 135. HD 4*. All have packs containing a couple of days 1. AL N. the exact Page holds three sharpened wooden spears. Level 1 (Man-at-Arms) chomping away on its decaying flesh. forth. requiring a save versus paralysation to avoid being stuck. 1d20 sp. Berserkergang. it could be collected and used as a weapon or tool [15. Monster]: A Giant Spider is lurking in this empty cupboard. AL N. AL L. Fire Beetles. and the disciple carries a lantern and three flasks of oil (this is lit).

Move 120’ (40’). it. hps 4. but only to a distance of 60’. intent on defending themselves and retaining  “[Random PCs name] owes me [d100] gold!”. Giant Spider. and a cold brazier of coals with an with a pair of statues of hooded and robed figures knelt in prayer. poisonous bite. Chapel]: A chapel with an altar of simple white-painted stone. Amongst the wreckage of the room is a former walls. a snapped candle. hps 13. #AT 1 bite. AL C. ACKS page 1d6+1. Inside a Cursed Frog has been trapped. with a crescent moon in the centre (worth 25 gp). dumped on the trap resets itself after a turn. throwing anyone on it down Custodians to hold damaged traps and tools. However. be thankful you are alive. cursed) 194) [26. 6. A pile of wicker baskets holding crafting the dagger is worth 500 gp). [23. HD 1* hps 7. a crab spider (AC 2. deeply scoured and worn. SV F1. The floor then suddenly tilts. knocking three times (on either side). The mask is painted in bright colours to [24. There is a one of the two stairs (random choice). Page  “For the Love of the Goddess. swallow whole. Store Rooms]: These two small rooms are empty storerooms used by the pressure pad (2 in 6). and a handle shaped like a griffon. The door into the room is trapped. am not”. HD 4+2**. with a plain. ML -1. and is eager to get triggered by a pressure pad (2 in 6 chance). Inside each coffin is a skeleton  “The Red Masks Rule!”. The 2 in 6 chance that some broken parts or worn tools are inside. #AT 1 Cursed Frog (AC 2. Trapped Corridor]: When first encountered this is a simple spear trap. tubes. Move 90’ (30’). around the skull. with an attack throw of 10+ and dealing a total of 2d4 damage. does. 11  “Whoever is reading this. XP 38. bucket and a set of smith’s tools). Dmg 1d6. blocking the passage down the chosen stairs until it floor and sticky with tar stains. Dmg bite. If disturbed. XP 13. whitewashed stone  “Beware the Snake! It Bit off Jac’s Head!”. kept clean. ML n/a. AL C. ACKS page 193) [25. a torch. Sticky black stains are dotted all over and adventurers have left some graffiti in the surface of The mask is a magical Moon Mask and allows the wearer to see in complete the tables. #AT 1 claw. each with two benches along the longer sides. closet (broken brooms. pursuing any robbers into the dungeon but not beyond. iron and copper thread. Atop the altar is a face mask made of solid silver (25 gp) with red silk straps to hold it in place. The tables are on the left cheek (worth 15 gp each). Two pairs of spears erupt from the free. pivots and other mechanisms. sarcophagus in each alcove. an empty water-skin and a silver-bladed dagger with a hilt wrapped in gold [30. torn and containing a smashed lamp. It is also very hungry. both made of iron poker sticking out. Store Room]: A locked room that is full of pieces of wood. I. [27. Move 120’ (40’). SV F1. dealing 1d6 damage with no save. The door is trapped. HD 2**. their wealth. x 3 (AC 2. the benches creak under any weight. and a trio of small amethyst stones are set in a triangle middle of the room. it gives way and slides into the left wall. Torture Chamber]: A claustrophobic torture chamber with a working rack. Dmg 1d8. Chuckling Frog]: The sounds of coarse laughter can be heard from this locked room. Crypt]: This room is a quiet crypt. 4. doubling all chances of random encounters while worn and causing something bad to happen if a natural 1 is rolled in combat for the attack throw. wrapped in well-preserved red silk bandages (worth 50 gp) with a silver circlet  “Edgar loves Alice”. Trapped Landing]: When first encountered this trap is triggered by a [22. Graffiti: [28. Dining Hall]: This is a large room with three long wooden tables in the resemble the full moon. SV F2. it also has the unfortunate effect of bringing ill-luck on anyone wearing closing after a turn. as if it there was moonlight present. XP 290. ML -1. its eyes are small sapphires (overall. that will be repaired later. these Skeletons will come to life. and the secret door is opened by darkness. adventurer’s pack. whitewashed stone. an iron maiden full of blood-stained spikes. AL N. wrecking the former broom [29. alas. . Run For Your Life!” Skeletons.

The remaining head is a moody looking camel’s with wonky glass eyes T R A P P E D C O R R I D O R S ( 1 D 6) and tatty hair. attack nearest person. These are reset and and is a Staff of Healing (an oak staff carved to resemble a two-headed snake changed regularly. Unless the walls are broken down. does 1d6 damage on a hit.tools rest in a corner. Poison needle: hidden inside the door grip. Another Giant Spider has made its 1. Dart Trap: pressure pad. Pit Trap: balance flagstone. violently. taken from a dead TRAPPED DOORS & CORRIDORS adventurer that they dumped in the level below. [33. Door slams shut and locks plain silver ring (75 gp). the deep shaft with an attack throw of 12+. attack throw bite. triggered on a 2 in 6. (1d6 damage). maintain and set the traps of the dungeon. churning mechanisms sounds loudly. 1d4 damage each. clinging to the ceiling above the door. covered by a fake canvas 2. [31. Sealed-In: pressure pad in doorway. for 1d6 rounds. [34. Acid-Spray: hidden in doorway. Poison needle: hidden inside the door grip. the noise of grinding gears and versus poison or slept for 1d6 turns. is an egg-shaped obsidian gem (worth 10 gp). each holding a glass 6. SV F1. all of which are open. Pit Trap: thin layer of stone. Save unknown cavern. Save versus poison or fall down dead. Pit Trap: plain 10’ pit. The pit is 10’ deep. In the stove. It is hidden amongst the tools. wooden plaques that once held the stuffed heads of animals. Acid sprays out. tight for a turn. Move 120’ (40’). HD 2**. . ashes. Inside is a looted trophy 5. hundreds of feet down. centred here and causing vibrations These traps are reset by the Custodians after the dungeon shifts out of position. Poison needle: hidden inside the door grip. AL N. triggered on a 2 in 6. Trap repeats. triggered on a 2 in 6. Giant Spider. afterwards unlocking. Pit is 10’ deep. and another holds a dozen coils of hemp rope (20’ lengths). Tar-Trap: layer of tar inside the grip. poisonous bite. then closes. The Shaft]: In the centre of the dungeon is the hidden mechanism that 4. allows the dungeon to rotate. hps 4. One the walls are stiffening as heart suddenly stops. ML -1. triggered on a 2 in 6. coming out into an 6. Trophy Room]: The door to this room is trapped. triggered by opening. Dmg 1d8. a crab spider (AC 2. some of which are smashed. 1. some of the stuffing has leaked out on to the floor from a bust seam under its chin. dealing 1d6 damage. Spear Trap: pressure pad. 5. #AT 1 3. box. and a zircon stone set in a 2. throughout every level. 1d6 darts fire from the opposite wall. Anyone caught in the doorway suffers 1d6 damage unless a save versus paralysis is made (allowing them to dodge to one side). There are several traps warding doors and corridors. Trap has 1d6 charges. Save versus poison or fall into a death- like coma for 1d6 turns. [32. Recently. Save versus poison or become enraged. Every time the dungeon shifts. triggered on a 2 in 6. Jets of gas erupt from the floor. just large enough for them to squeeze through. at +3 to hit. It descends deep into the earth. Pit Trap]: A simple pit trap when first encountered. then 1d4 the following round. Pivots to dump victim into a 10’ pit Page floor that can hold no weight. 3. the Custodians have stashed a magic item here. Fall does 1d6 damage. Kitchen]: This room was once a kitchen and still holds an iron stove (no T R A P P E D D O O R S ( 1 D 6) chimney) and a stone basin that held water. twisted around itself). Save versus paralysis or stuck tight. dealing 1d6 damage each. 194) 4. close these behind them. amongst the old door. all but one of which is missing. The Custodians use this to access the other dungeon levels. A pair of spears thrust out from that holds numerous bronze and stone gears. XP 38. type of trap is determined by rolling on the tables below. glued to the home here. pistons and springs is inaccessible. They repair. room. with a dozen wooden plinths standing along the walls. and are able to open This room is where the custodians store the parts and tools that they need to panels from the inside. ACKS page of 13+. then make their way slowly back to their pool. either wall. covered over by a painted piece of canvas on thin wooden 12 frame. breaks on contact. Sleep Gas: pressure pad.

1d4 small sapphires (50 gp each). 5 Gutted giant frog. 1d4 savage rats looking for fresh food. roll on the corridor table above. 1d6 custodians fixing a trap or door. Silver armband (25 gp). often looted from dead adventurers who never made it. 1d6 skeletons animated by a foul magician. starting from one entry. 7 A crude sketch of 2d6 rooms of the dungeon. as determined by the tables below. A trap. 2 Corpse of a Custodian: just a pile of sticky tar with a club buried in it. and 1d4 broken weapons. 1d4 small rubies (50 gp each). A zombie that has wandered up from below. 8 A spent lantern. stripped naked and looted. if stretched out comes to about 20’). lost and hungry. Large opal (150 gp). little meat on it and nothing of value inside. A jewelled necklace (100 gp). An exploring invisible entity. all human bones. 9 Broken ribs covering a pile of 1d6 fractured skulls. Monsters have a 2 in 6 chance of having new treasure to entice adventurers. A pair of terrified bandits (3 in 6 treasure too). with a couple of empty flasks lying next to it. A giant scorpion that has wandered inside. A fist-sized topaz (250 gp). Small silver frog statue (50 gp). 12 A wicker basket holding a decent set of blacksmith tools and picks.REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON Every day the dungeon is replenished and any cleared or empty rooms have new contents. . A lone adventurer (1d4 levels. on its side. Gold bracelet (50 gp). 13 10 Giant rat dropping festering in a corner. 1d2 cursed frogs. random class). Pouch of tiny diamonds (50 gp each). Page 11 A collection of spare parts to make a working spear trap (1d4 spears). 6 A small ceramic idol of the Laughing Frog sits in a corner. 1d12↓ Empty (1-4) Monster (5-6) Treasure (2 in 6 chance) /1d6→ 1 Corpse of a dead adventurer. with a few maggots. A collector looking for fresh bodies. All listed monsters can be found in the Dungeon Dwellers section. 3 Shed snake skin (crisp and fresh. 1d6 large pearls (75 gp each). A collector and 1d6 skeleton guards. Golden idol of a snake (75 gp). 4 Fresh (1d6 days old) blood stains. 1d6 tiger agates (25 gp each).

ML +1. Undead roam the [1. When the dungeon moves out of . and if forced past the boundaries they glass in the room). weapons stick in tar. Move 60’ (20'). [5. warm air. In the pit is a table made of purple crystal. corridors. Entrance]: The stairs lead to closed doors. SV F1. #At 1 (club). that soothes a troubled mind and allows anyone drinking to make a 14 1d6 Encounter fresh save to negate the effects of any charm or enchantment of the mind. through the corridors. #AT 1 claw. ML 0. The door swings in. The secret door is hidden amongst the bone motifs on the taken by the Collectors and animated in time for the following day’s rotation. The Chamber of the Awakened Dead (Entrance)]: The narrow stairs leads 1d3/1d3/1d3. donation is made (copper only) that giver is blessed. Any corpse left here is marrow sucked out. others trapped and covered over by a painted carpet of canvas on a wooden framework. ACKS page 203) 6 1d6 Collectors (AC 3. Dmg [6. XP 29. it breaks locked. placed every thirty feet. XP 13. Entrance (Trapped)]: This large chamber has two doors leading out. It stench of decay hangs heavy in the still. #At 3 (claw. as well as a marble AL N. shutting of its own accord is not held wither to dust. C. The trap is. ACKS page 193) instead cursed. checked every two turns. #At 1 (slam). The under any heavy weight. the thief is ML n/a. both opened by pressing the glass W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S eyes of skulls. if a coin is taken. HD 1* hps 7. 1 Through the other is a door into the rest of the dungeon. languages. out. 4. Move 120’ (40’). The walls. and distant. 2’ thick. Dmg 1d6. They swing Undead roam the level. claw. Two secret doors are hidden amongst the murals. Unless otherwise noted. and two bones. SV F1. canvas covering) that is reset daily at the end of a twisting corridor. Doors are made of stone. new monster) pedestal on which sits a plain copper bowl holding a dozen copper pieces. XP 29. open. AL C. their direction uncertain. Entrance]: This room has gnawed and split bones littering the floor. D E CO R [3. 6. and most are the corpses of past adventurers [2.D UNGEON L EVEL 2 M AP D ET AI LS This dungeon level has become a domain of the walking dead. rooms 30’ and doors 10’. and all are heavy and difficult to move (Open Doors throw to open). Corridors are 20’ That statues eyes are in fact a pair of rubies. with a simple pit trap (10’ deep. SV F2. the dead. SV F1. all relating to death. Entrance]: A dusty and cobwebbed room that has seen no traffic in weeks. and the steps are well worn. ACKS page 170) into a dark chamber dominated by two rows of statues. If a 2-3 2d6 Skeletons (AC 2. inhabit the rooms. Some are locked. and a trap lies before one. and having a plain button to press on the other side. with a large pit in the centre and two pools at the top and bottom. when first encountered. The pit is 10’ deep and is littered with broken bones. large enough to stretch a man out fully. Page 2d6 Custodians (AC 2. Move 120' (40’). inscribed with symbols and runes from different stone statues have red gemstones in their sockets. encountered on a 1 in 6. bite). carved from the black stone. wall. each worth 250 gp. Archways dominate this level. ceiling and floors are all black tall statues of a Grim Reaper figure clad in robes and wielding a scythe. XP 13. 1’ squares. shutting if nothing holds them open. On the other side there is a plain stone brick to push. The Maze (Entrance)]: A small and crude maze. HD 1*. always attack last. Move 120' (40’). ML n/a AL happens every time a coin is stolen. a simple pit trap worn bronze that sags under the weight. Dmg 1d8. AL C. decorated with images of [4. this level is unlit. Both stone. the other statue high. faint sounds echo is reset when the dungeon rotates and the custodians make their rounds. 3” thick and hinged by has worthless glass eyes. paralysis. HD 2*. and the afterlife. HD 1*. the whose bodies where dumped here by the Custodians. but the curse 4-5 2d6 Zombies (AC 1. The blessing can only be given once per day. In one hidden area lies a pool of bitterly cold water. and is opened by pressing the glass eyes of one skull-faced serpent (the only None of the undead will leave the level. Dmg 1d6.

facsimile of the goddess of Fleeting Dreams. ACKS page and leaning against the wall. [8. stained with foul substances and smell awful. a shallow pool of congealed In the small room leading off. the same trigger is on the other side. Lost Frog]: A statue of the Laughing Frog rests here. statue is made of sandstone and is somewhat worn. which is often (chances of an encounter double while in. HD 2*. SV The Custodians reset it after the dungeon rotates. shoved into the room bite). ghouls (AC 3. of which 2d6 are present and have already been ‘cleaned’. the movers are blessed for an entire day. The door is trapped and locked. heads and torn bodies of dead would-be adventurers. paralysis. Trapped Room]: This locked room is seemingly empty. claw. always attack last. HD 2*. a leather vest studded with gold coins (worth 100 gp in total). using it as a bath that heals them fully paralysis. AL C. ACKS page 193) [10. 15. made of Any dead body placed upon the shining table raises as either a zombie or a blood-stained oak. F1. (AC 2. the collectors send in the other undead to deal with the intruders. If placed in a different location and treated with 170) respect. Flesh Dump]: Another dumping ground. [14. Collectors x 3. The collectors come here to gather glass eyes of a child’s skull are pressed. Bone Dump]: This room is full of broken bones. 5. shattered skulls and is where disturbed. a Page [11. this room has scattered rotting above each eye (total value 150 gp). #At 3 The pools are both of fresh blood. The statues [15. all are useless for animation. The [13. Sat on stools around it are three Collectors feasting on the skeleton (depending on its decay). It is one of the Collectors dumping grounds. XP 29. If [7. and ten gold ingots (1 lb each. These peeled zombies end up as doors out is trapped and locked. but is a finely crafted life-like They are musty. The floor gives way when a person reaches the middle. ML +1. and is just a trap. worth 10 gp a limbs. SV F1. for this animation to occur. and goes off into the dungeon. ML n/a AL C. collapsing into a 20’ deep pit. 1d6 Zombies (AC 1. [16. a foot deep. She appears here in her more . Secluded Altar]: An altar made of ribs sits here. There are always 2d4 present. Move 120' (40’). is a wooden chest (locked) that holds the loot the 15 blood facing it. HD 1*. SV F2. Closet]: A closet holding a dozen morning suits on pegs stuck into the walls. The loot consists of: a silver chalice adorned with snake symbols (worth 100 gp). a porcelain skull mask with three tiny rubies [12. food when they feel hunger.alignment this table glows. collectors have taken from their victims. XP 13. to the destroyed undead are dumped by the Custodians when they come to repair soften them up before they attack. and reset traps. Some have been piece). Move 120’ (40’). Preparation Chamber]: This large chamber is where most of the Collectors are all skeletons made of bronze. that swings open when partially eaten. Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3. Bone Dump]: This room is strewn with splintered bones. Dmg 1d6. #At 3 (claw. Both pools allow the Collectors to (claw. #AT 1 claw. HD 1*. this room). illuminating the chamber with a deep purple light. ML n/a. The Forgotten Statue]: Hidden behind a secret door is a statue that an enterprising disciple somehow managed to bring into this unholy dungeon. XP 29. 2d4 Collectors. AL C. claw. SV F2. #At 1 (slam). Behind the is a secret door. bite). Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3. all staring can be found at any time. 2d6 Skeletons. peeling the rotten flesh towards the centre of the room. heal themselves and the other undead. ACKS page 203) [9. Move 60’ (20'). The door here is trapped and locked. Dining Room]: This locked room has a wide table in the centre. Each is twice as tall as a normal man. XP 29. pair of fine ladies red silk stockings (worth 100 gp). ghouls (AC 3. It has no effect on a living creature. The key is hidden under the chest. ML +1. AL C. flush with the wall. or nearby. skeletons. It takes a turn dismembered body of a young girl. Dmg 1d8. hps 5. hands clasped together in prayer. which have all been well-chewed and sucked dry. Move 120' (40’). The door is locked and the lock rusty (-4 to pick). One of the of several (1d6) zombies and eating it. ACKS page 170) after spending an hour bathing.

a fat ghoul (AC 3. dressed in a bursting suit. the reaching out as if to soothe. HD 1*. and after a turn the door slams shut and locks. AL C. ML n/a. each capped by a star-shaped turquoise gem (each worth 25 gp. hps 8. will not be endangered by wandering monsters and will heal at double the normal rate. #At 3 (claw. Upon entering a hidden pressure pad. Both are made of bronze with small sapphires for eyes page 170) (worth 150 gp apiece). always attack last. [24. Anyone who stands the night in this hidden location crown itself is worth 100 gp. adding a round or more depending on the object used. The descent can be slowed by jamming things in the Bronze Statue x 2. Shreds of skin litter the floor. 1. XP 135. #AT 1 claw. Monster]: This chamber has two statues facing each other. There is no trigger to open them inside. XP 13. ML n/a. the door locks (internal timer ticks down. bite). XP 65. several holding yellow and brittle skeletons. AL N. 1d8. Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3. death anyone in the room. standing as tall as a typical human. and reseal after a turn. ML +1. It takes 10 rounds for the ceiling to meet the floor. one a Grim ‘King’. (AC 2. Furthermore. 4. hps 18. The trap resets 12. Full Storeroom]: Rusted and broken weapons. and a 3’ tall carved devouring the rotting meat. and the ceiling bolts) and both statues come alive. The door unseals after a turn. Dmg 2d6. mouldy and ragged each opened by twisting the chains attached to the walls in front. Dmg warns them of danger or guides them to riches. The noise may attract attention (roll for wandering monsters). 8. paralysis. Page Grey Ooze (AC 2. each is a room holding treasure that even the Collectors don’t know about. SV F1. and ripped [18. Behind here. the other a naked old woman. The doors push 16 hooded robes that the collectors no longer use. Attending the King are two dressed in ill-fitting suits. a woman of subtle beauty with her head bowed and hands points. Closet]: A disused closet that is currently holding the torn and bloodied armour fill this room. XP 29. improvised weapon). XP 29. Throne Room]: This room has a throne made of skulls glued together by custodian tar. ACKS page 203) [17. the second contains an urn of 800 old electrum coins stamped . A Grey Ooze has made its home open. [19. falling out with a loud clatter as the door is opened. hps 8. and attack anyone in begins to descend. stripped naked and with no eyes. ML n/a AL C. AL N. as animated statues. which come to life and break free of their SV F2. ML n/a. Move 120’ (40’). a bloated Skeletons x 3. weapons after a turn. a crooked top hat balanced Dmg 1d6. all who sleep have a prophetic dream that either Zombies. [21. SV F2. #AT 2 (fists). He has been dead for a couple Nothing is worth anything nor intact enough to use (except maybe as an of days. crushing to the room. ACKS hands curled into claws. corners. holding a dozen more morning suits. Along the back of the wall are three secret doors.human guise. hps 10. AL C. sold whole it is worth 300 gp). [20. Move 30' (10'). HD 4*. as Iron Statue (AC 5. gnawing at the bone and The first room holds a glazed clay urn full of 400 gold pieces. weighs 5 lbs) Under its top hat the King wears a jewelled crown of gold with seven silver worth 200 gp. claw. Occupied Closet]: This closet holds a dozen black. Closest]: Another closet. splintered shields. #AT 1 (touch). Move 60’ (20'). It is always chewing on some limb. Prison]: This room has iron manacles attached to the walls. ACKS page 196) [23. oak idol of the Goddess of Fleeting Dreams (see Room Sixteen. HD 1*. HD 3*. #At 1 (slam). triggered on a 2 in 6. Reaper brandishing a great two-handed sword. The skeletons are animate undead. On it sits the self-appointed ‘king’ of the Collectors. Move 120' (40’). ACKS page 193) on its fat head. corpse of a man. SV F1. Between them is a [22. SV F4. corpse with bulging eyes. stick in body. ACKS page 173) chains when approached. Trapped Room]: This entire room is one huge trap. When activated. appearing as a large damp spot on the wall. Dmg 1d8/1d8. HD 2*. x 2 (AC 1. Move 10’ (3’). hps 2.

Entity exploring. wander. with steps leading down to it. . feed. ML -1. XP 350. Globules of rotting meat bob in the treasure. ten according to the following tables. When out of alignment. Dmg 1d4/2d4. SV F3. half- zombies. guard. turns. 1-4) looking for the exit. HD 5*. versus paralysis or the curving corridor to this trapdoor is trapped and locked.with a Medusa portrait. 17 Poison needle: save The dismembered corpse A curious Invisible versus paralysis or 6 of a former collector. #AT 2 (bite. paralysed for 1d6 with leather strips and iron nails opens onto a set of stairs when the dungeon is turns. and can reach the top of the stairs → to attack with its serrated toothed jaws. One of the doors into A smashed lantern 1d6 of each: skeletons. aligned. paralysed for 3d6 Page turns. die. die. paralysed for 2d6 unlocked. with a 1’ edge around them. collectors. Poison needle: save The dismembered corpse 2d6 Skeletons standing 1 versus poison at +1 or of a former zombie. Pool of Blood]: A wide balcony looks ten feet over an oval pool of blood. Poison needle: save [26. as Giant Python (AC 3. Every time the dungeon realigns. full. constrict). Lurking under the surface is the King’s ‘pet’. pool. along with partially-eaten limbs. any empty or cleared rooms are replenished [25. the others are 5 discarded in haste. 1d4 adventurers (levels versus paralysis or [27. Poison needle: save hps 32. Poison needle: save A trail of blood and gore. Trapped Corridor]: This corridor is trapped with two simple pit traps. None of these monsters have any additional feet deep. while the third has a padded leather armchair of mahogany (worth 400 gp). and a ceramic REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON jar holding four hexagon-shaped pieces of jade (worth 100 gp each). It can 1d6↓ Empty (1-4) Monsters (5-6) Door Traps move and live on land as well as in the blood. is 20’ deep. and a bulging but frayed sack of 400 gold coins. die. A pile of skulls licked clean 2d6 Zombies off on a 2 versus poison at +2 or ACKS page 193) and sporting tooth marks. Listed monsters are from the Dungeon Dwellers section. AL C. 1d6 Collectors off to 3 versus poison at +3 or covered by canvas painted to match the floor. allowing access to the level below (randomly determine which set of Poison needle: save stairs). Entrance to lower dungeon level]: A trapdoor made of bones laced together 4 leading to the door. a silver-scaled serpent 20’ in length and as thin and supple as an eel. there is just a stone floor. each A pile of plucked eyeballs. Move 90’ (30’) plus swim. Silver Serpent. Each in a pool of blood. They are reset by the custodians every day.

XP 200. others are open. Those that are locked have a padlock attached to a chain through the wrought-iron M AP D ET AI LS handle. and seem to change or swap positions when no one is watching 2 Young Woman Man Leather Armour Bronze them. SV F2. with a passage leading off. placed every thirty or so feet and in all of the rooms. 2’ 4 Serpent Scorpion Elegant Dress Copper to a side. ML 0. Dmg climbing them more difficult than it should be. It is eerily quiet. in black and white 5 1d6/1d6 & strangulation. XP 190. weapons stick in tar. showing the stone beneath the blue plaster. with dozens of Encounters occur on a 1 in 6. Stairs]: Steep stairs descend 30’ down and open into a corridor lined with all without a squeak. AL C. then clawed hands. new monster) candles (lit when the dungeon is aligned) held in place by iron grips shaped like 6 The heads of all the nearby statues turn to stare at a random PC for a turn. XP 13. #AT 2 (fists). ML +2. The many feet. cast Confusion 2’ squares. Stairs]: These steps are sized for a larger than human creature. Stairs]: This stairway ends in a corridor that turns out of sight. The dungeon itself is granite blocks. Each statue 1 Old Woman Woman Naked Sandstone is different. #AT 3 (2 claws. and some are trapped but not locked. bound and hinged with old iron. Stairs]: Sticky tar residue trails down these steps. They are made of soft sandstone. often held in the hands of statues. W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S [4. AL N. D E CO R 1d6 Head Body Dress Material Statues fill this level. SV F1. HD 5. making 2-4 1d6 Animated Stone Statues (AC 5. fresh ones appearing daily. bronze. Move 120' (40’). Along the top of the walls hang dozens of 1/turn. and are the size of apples). placed every ten feet or so. Move 120’ (40’) HD 4**. left here by some mad To generate the form and material of the statues encountered. lining the corridors. checked every two turns. 6 Old Man Deformed Man Shroud Roll twice never reaching far. ACKS page 196) 1 Invisible Entity (AC 2. Dmg [7. invisible. [3. they burn out at just the right time. 1 AL N. of polished silver (can be prised free. 3 Scorpion Serpent Robes Granite and come in a variety of different shapes. copper and glass. Dmg 1d6. from the passage of only as long as the dungeon is aligned. ML n/a. hard granite. They are lit whenever the level is entered. Cause Fear 1/3 rounds. Page 2d6 Custodians (AC 2. Stairs]: This stairway has a groove worn in its centre. HD 1*. roll 1d6 four wizard centuries past. and are worth 100 gp each. small statues of snakes lining the opposite wall. times and consult the table below. tentacle). The statue is a huge green marble figure of a scorpion.D UNGEON L EVEL 3 Random Statue Description: Animated statues and invisible entities litter this level. with a 5 Young Man Deformed Woman Chain Mail Glass few cracks here and there. Stairs]: The stairs exit into a curving corridor. Move 60’ (20’). with eyes swivel back. with the inner walls plastered over and painted a deep sea-blue. 18 [5. Scorpion Chamber]: This thirty foot room has a tiled floor. many holding torches. new monster) [6. throughout the level. and a statue in the corner. The 1d6 Encounter inner wall is cracked and chipped. as the hinges are oiled and work perfectly. lasting [2. sounds being softened and subdued. All open easily. 2d6/2d6. Torches are lit manner of statues. #At 1 (club). The scorpion animates and attacks if any of the following take place inside the room: . Doors are aged oak. SV F5. [1. Custodians replace and light them.

candles (lit when the dungeon is aligned) held in place by iron grips shaped like skulls. this locked room holds a dozen sheets gemstones (worth 1. Each is also very much alive and Dmg 2d6/2d6. 19 [10. #AT 1 (scimitar). Chamber of Broken Statues]: This twenty-foot chamber is full of statues. ● a spell is cast. SV F5. There are a total of 100 of these repair any damage statues. in red and green 2’ wooden chest (locked) that holds ten ivory elephant statuettes (worth 50 gp squares. AL N. Dmg 1d6. and returns to its dormant state after 17. wooden golems (AC x. They are jointed. hps 29. colours. Dmg 2d6/1d6. HD 2+2. 460. Sculpture Room]: Twelve blocks of sandstone stand crowded in this Dolls x 10 groups of ten. Dust and chips of sand litter the floor. with eyes of polished . XP 570. Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d4. Animated Stone Statues x 5. vulnerable to fire. The bull animates and attacks if any of the following take place inside the room: ● a spell is cast. all holding wooden dolls painted to resemble dark-skinned warriors topped oak writing desk (worth 250 gp). different materials and styles.000 gold pieces.000 gp) that holds 2. construct. is pile of treasure that has slowly grown. As [9. The statue is a large black marble figure of a bull. ● the statue is disturbed in any way. after a turn. XP 200. chisels and the like). and three of the blocks show hps 4 each. Move 60’ (20’). AL L. ML n/a. (worth 250 gp). and a statue in the corner.000 large gold coins. In the middle of the chamber. animated construct (AC 4. which guard a ceramic urn painted with scenes of the sea in beautiful colours and studded with small jade [13. gold (can be prised free. HD 5. and are worth 200 gp each. HD 5*. Glass Store]: Another storage room. ACKS page 196) filled with a malevolence towards anything living. animated construct (AC 6. [8. XP 47. The Custodians use them to groups of ten. Storeroom]: This room holds half-a-dozen wooden boxes that hold stone soon as would-be looters are playing with the lure. #AT 3 (2 claws. SV F3. ML n/a. weigh 1 lb apiece). -1 signs of work. ACKS page 151) Amongst them are five Animated Stone Statues. hps The bull statue will not leave the chamber. AL N. most made of stone. padded seat and back in blue velvet. material for more statues. construct. The scorpion statue will not leave the chamber. and returns to its dormant state ● any of the candles are extinguished. SV F6. and a total of 5. armed with wooden scimitars. the dolls attack: they attack in sculpting tools (hammers. made of silk and velvet with silver buttons. Page chamber. an oak armchair with of smoky glass. Storeroom]: Three dozen broken heads from various statues are piled in this The pile of treasure consists of: a quilted vest with diamond patterns of rainbow room. the walls. ACKS page 151) Bull Statue. wearing pointed caps and tunics. and are the size of eggs). Candlelit Room]: This thirty foot room has a tiled floor. Along the top of the walls hang dozens of each. and a plain [12. and eyes pointed bright red. ML n/a. hoof). They are worth 10 gp apiece. have wicked smiles. ● any of the candles are extinguished. Toy Room]: This twenty foot chamber has three levels of stone shelves on neatly folded set of drawers of blue silk (100 gp value). Move 120’ (40’). Move 120’ (40’). stuffed with swan feathers (worth 500 gp). sting). XP a turn. to draw foolish adventurers inside. HD 6*. initiative. SV F1. ACKS page 173) [11. Move 120’ (40’). a [14. ● the statue is disturbed in any way. each with the statistics below. ML n/a. and a varnished silver. vicious dolls. #AT 2 (gore. mostly broken ones. crude humanoid figures being sculptured. AL L. #AT 2 (fists). (AC 5. charge for double-damage. Scorpion Statue. in all shapes and sizes.

Dmg 1d6/1d6.e. as Crystal Statue (AC 5. ACKS page 151) 2 (fists). along the walls loom sandstone statues patterns intricately carved (worth 200 gp) that holds 400 silver pieces. broken statuary and offal. [20. AL L. SV F3. bloated. A giant scorpion has become trapped here. silver in a leaf design with tiny emeralds in two rows (worth shaped like flowers. and shelves above Page them hold small statuettes of maidens and nomadic warriors. AL C. having not eaten well for a few days now. sting). Animated Glass. its exoskeleton dusted like a leering face with bloodstone eyes (total value 400 gp). #AT 3 (2 claws.500 gp). stuffed with shaving of and are the size of apples). The statue is a huge red marble figure of a rearing horse. Move 90’ (30’). treasure is 1d4 turns). the pages on vellum with golden ink . Empty Room]: Benches of white marble line the walls. play with his victims. ACKS damage. ML n/a. a plush of palm trees. the third 3d6 and so on). Treasure Vault]: This thirty-by-forty foot chamber has half-a-dozen stone plinths along the back wall. #AT 2 (2 hooves). HD 4*. ML +3. Fake Oasis]: This room holds a garden made of stone and glass. a hilt plated with silver and gold wire. ACKS page 196) [17. a pile of moonstones (ten following take place inside the room: in total. with a leather cover plated with ● the statue is disturbed in any way. it is known as The Knife of Many Cuts. each holding glass cases. wickedly curved. and 1d6 rounds after being defeated another pile of glass reforms the turn. with a pommel shaped kept alive by the custodians. poison sting. a golden egg wrapped in silver thread and adorned with small rubies with eyes of polished sapphires (can be prised free. HD 4+2*. worth 50 gp each). broken and crushed. and Reaction rolls are at -2). figure. a very large pearl (worth 400 gp). hps 15. weighs 25 lb). but for every successful and consecutive hit against the same target the page 191) damage increases by 1d6 (i. and was made long ago for an assassin who liked to Giant Scorpion (AC 7. #At construct. ML n/a. the glass starts to shift and quickly grinds together to form a humanoid figure that attacks anyone still in the room. angels (worth 400 gp. their leaves plastered in green. such that whoever [19. on the second 2d6. 360 gp). HD 3. double if expertly cut). with stone and bone shards. 20 carries it attracts trouble (wandering monster checks have double their normal chance. etched to look like grass. Lost Monster]: This thirty-by-forty foot chamber has its floor covered with 3’ copper ingots (each worth 2 sp). amongst which lies scattered ● any of the candles are extinguished. animated construct (AC 4. on the first hit it does 1d6. It has grown large. [16. with silver letters spelling the words “On The Subject of Brewing Potent Potions to Alleviate Stress and Fatigue”. a rough cut sapphire (worth 600 gp. and a statue in the corner. Dmg 1d8/1d8. ten small pearls (worth 100 gp each). Glass Room]: This room is full of broken glass.[15. a hundred 2 lb [18. Horse Statue. SV F4. Along the top of the walls hang [21. a gold cloth pillow with silken frills. and in the centre of the room is a woollen colourful carpet that shows a battle scene between stylised devils and circular patch of delicate glass flowers of various sorts. in blue and white 2’ squares. It cannot fit through the door and is very hungry. XP 135. SV F2. of bones. The floor is The treasure that can be collected is as follows: an ivory casket with woodland green marble. Empty Room]: Bones. and are worth 250 gp each. treasure. Chamber of the Stallion]: This thirty foot room has a tiled floor. hps 6. The dagger is also magical. Move 240’ (80’). and returns to its dormant state after a immortal. Move 150’ (50’). The statue animates and attacks if any of the silver (worth 120 gp). and a dagger with a blood-stained steel blade. gold. There is a curse laid upon the blade. It is also effectively The statue will not leave the chamber. XP 50. and a large folio. 10’ square. It normally does 1d6 Dmg 1d10/1d10/1d4. XP 215. AL C. Only when the room has been exited and a turn has passed will the glass return to its dormant state. (worth 2. litter the floor of this room. A turn after entering the room (the minimum time to gather the ● a spell is cast. Inside these cases are a dozens of candles (lit when the dungeon is aligned) held in place by iron grips jewelled armband.

weighs 25 lbs. with its trapped door and secret exit. stone. The shaft ends in a blank stone into a suitable statue. and requires 150 gp worth of materials and a laboratory to work in). with deep yellow eyes and a grunting heights. and Sleep. #AT 2 (fists).500 gold pieces. hps 28. at three The guardian is a 9’ tall white-furred gorilla. ML +4. realistically painted and very life-like.500 gp each) concealed by a strip of copper shaped like cloth (feat of strength to move. with two rows of stone pews facing a (worth 400 gp. that is trapped with a poisonous needle (save or die). all made of . when the dungeon is aligned. cast spells. Chapel]: This unlit room is a chapel. green and white. red. this chamber nd 2 -Level (2): Mirror Image. and remove robbers without killing. are a dozen causes the guardian of the room to materialise in front of the door. ready to be shaped (determine randomly). oak. a silver three-tier candlestick of flowing tall granite statue of a reclining man. They are made of [23. there are no lit torches. In the centre of language. XP 200. Serpent Room]: This locked chamber has shelves along the walls. which watch over a hefty oaken chest bound in iron with a sturdy lock 21 statues. carpenters workshop. holding hundreds of palm-sized statuettes of serpents. ACKS page 196) [25. HD 5. Tool Shed]: A small locked room that holds assorted tools for working with attacking. and the calligraphy of the highest quality (worth 500 [26. that climbing down. Fresh sawdust coats the floor. Storeroom]: Inside this room. but will defend itself and slay if necessary. Storeroom]: This ten foot room holds sheets of copper (worth 25 gp apiece. [34. drunk. holding his head in his raised hand. Each to retrieve any stolen objects or to throw intruders out of the room. Move 60’ (20’). with a trapped door. the entire statue is Animated Stone Statues x 5. Inside the chest are a silk kerchief sewn with a pattern of blooming roses (worth 100 gp). Entrance to Lower Level]: A set of steps lead 20’ down to a shaft that. all of young children dressed in finery. It is intelligent and is able to wield magic. metal and glass. wood. Anyone tampering with these cases [27. and a pile of 1. ML n/a. [28. rubies. (AC 5. holds dozens of 6’ planks of wood in a variety of different types. HD 4*. There are no handholds or steps to aid [32. AL N. piled along two walls. [22. Move 120’ (40’). each 5’ square and weighing 5 lbs). A well-crafted hammer and chisel rest on the floor. The design (worth 200 gp). granite and are a mix of boys and girls. 18+). allows an alchemist to brew a potion that will restore 1d4+1 hit points when boy clothed in a toga. XP 135. floor when the dungeon is out of rotation. triple if cut properly). Chamber of Children]: A twenty foot chamber. [29. and Web. th ACKS page 154). it will try to recover items the room are four stone benches arranged in a square. Beetle Room]: This locked room holds a statue of a beetle rearing as if [33. Dmg 1d4/1d4. Storeroom]: In this room is a huge block of wood. determined head-sized blocks of marble in the colours of blue. a rough cut topaz Page [24. head has its eyes (two jewels. and #AT 2 (2 claws). Fragility of Youth]: This locked room holds a fragile glass statue of a small gp. the door of which is trapped. it is man-sized and made of beaten and moulded copper. worth 2. Storeroom]: Another room with trapped and locked doors. complete with tools. st 1 -Level (2): Charm Person. Amongst them are five animated stone two dozen in all. Workshop]: This room (with one trapped door and one locked door) holds a Guardian. memorised spells (as 4 -Level Mage): resting on a small round table. SV F5. holds more statues. Dmg 2d6/2d6. leads to one of the six entrances to Level Four [31. 30’ through solid rock. It takes 1d6 days to brew a batch of 1d6 doses. AL L.and exquisite penmanship. used for making metal statues. only an unlit lantern by the door to the next room. holds six animated stone statues hidden amongst a dozen others. Lady’s Chamber]: This chamber. a enhanced White Ape (AC 3. [30. SV M4.

the trigger for the doors is a plainly visible level. (AC 5. HD 5. they shut of their own unlocked. Move 60’ (20’). A life-sized statue of a random PC. Shattered statues. 1d6 New Contents A bloodily beaten corpse of a magician. XP 200. and are triggered when handled). (3-4) sleep poison. A dead adventurer: 1-2 fighter. Dmg 2d6/2d6. They are either (1-2) deadly poison. A 2 in 6 chance of 2d10 scattered gold pieces on the floor. save versus poison or die. body looted. in stained maroon robes and matching 1 silk slippers. but 6 with an arrow sticking out of the chest (a mortal wound. Every time the dungeon realigns. #AT 2 (fists). None of the monsters have any additional treasure. Trapped Passageways]: Each of these concealed passages are trapped with or a single Invisible Entity (50/50 chance). 5-6 a nomad with a pulpy mess for a head. in a dancing poise. AL N. . in perfect detail. ML n/a. and a ceramic statue of a goat standing on its hind-legs sits before each door. eyes gouged out. Clutched in his hand is a ripped book with 2 random spells. mixed in with two broken swords. 3-4 a broken 5 Page thief. SV F5. A 1 in 6 chance 2 of having moonstones for eyes (each worth 50 gp). ACKS page 196) Rooms have a 2 in 6 chance of being replenished by 2d6 Animated Stone Statues [35. Each is 30’ deep and triggered on a 4 in 6. and a 3 bent spear. The arrow is real). The doors swing All the doors traps are poison needles hidden in the padlocks (which are inward when the goat’s horns are twisted clockwise. simple pit traps that are reset daily. Animated Stone Statues x 6. They will attack intruders when they are amongst them REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON (surprising on a 4 in 6). contents determined by the table below. The poison sac can be salvaged 4 22 with careful attention. the room is all but empty. in chain mail with a bent sword. all women dressed like warriors. accord after a turn. a splintered shield. made of sandstone. A bronze statue of a man with a swan’s head. save allowed.sandstone. The corpse of a giant spider. Inside. The secret doors are hidden on the outer walls behind statues. any empty or cleared rooms are replenished. otherwise. crushed to a pulp. or (5-6) debilitating poison that saps the strength (both Strength and Constitution are reduced to 3) for 1d6 turns. save or fall into a coma for 3d6 turns. and all with tiger agates for eyes (each worth 50 gp).

XP 1. has a sigil of a snake etched in SV F2. variety of different (many unknown) languages. but a fumbled teeth reaching up on either side. It is in an unknown language. A tangible sense of evil fills this level. The rest 2-3 have the spells. immune to non-magic. cursed. and has blood stains of many of the pages. Stairs]: This stairway leads to a corridor. new monster) and worn tome of arcane spells. with vellum pages. (2) an unnamed large folio of 1 2d6 Custodians (AC 2. XP 13. XP 5. Dmg 1d3. the words etched into Page 6 The Soul Eater (AC 4. #AT 1 (touch). #AT 1 (bite). Move 120’ (40’). it is the same on the other side. Dmg 2d6. [5. SV F1. which are Mind”). however. (4) a slender 4-5 0. if the book is consulted. faded and fragile maps showing locations beyond the immediate area. all festooned with murals of demons dancing around [7. SV the metal. Dmg 1d6+1. ACKS page 198) 23 2d6 Savage Rats (AC 2. ML 0. They can be used as crude bombs. Move 120' (40’). Tall bookshelves pits belching fire. Stairs]: Cobwebs cover the ceiling of this stairway. Stairs]: A less-travelled entry. Move 90’ (30’). which holds 2d6 random spells of any level from 1d6 Cursed Frogs (AC 2. Most rooms are accessed only by secret doors. and have slain many intrepid adventurers. but if read it appears to be C7. One occurs on a 1 in 6 chance. diseased. the vaulted 30’ high ceiling. ML -1. and. 1 to 4. All doorway. #AT 1 (club). An archway like a gaping mouth leads into the attack means the bomb explodes instantly. in an old dialect of the common tongue. which allows a +3 bonus to any proficiency 1d6 Encounters throws concerning magic. D E CO R [6. The book is bound in human skin. corridor beyond. there are a few that are still intact and can be handled. all filled with highly flammable oil (burns for 1d6 rounds. M AP D ET AI LS [8. written in faded ink in a unlit. item of the Judge’s choosing). The few doors are all rusted iron. crumbling when turned. The intact books are: (1) a tome titled “The Lost Art of the Arcane”. Unless otherwise noted. ML +4. and opened by pressing the bottom of the crumbling. the stairs is covered with a fine layer of dust. reaching to corner.140. ACKS page 201) leather book with pages made of thin sheets of copper. The books are so old that any attempt to move them results in them disguised as one of the thin columns. Many pages are too faded or brittle. Stairs]: The stairs ends at an archway designed to look like it is made of dedicated to some nameless and forgotten god. here. doing 2d6 fire damage. in thin columns a foot wide. HD 4+2**. (3) an old AL N. this level is the books are bound in leather. #AT 1 bite. If used in [1. HD 1d4. the skull shattered. Strange monsters are found writhing snakes climbing the walls.D UNGEON L EVEL 4 [3. Stairs]: This stairs is has walls carved like the inside of a mouth. Titles adorn many spines. SV F1. cold aura. AL N. Dmg 1d6. Stairs]: These steps are cracked and pitted with what might be acid burns. and there are a variety of topics ranging from philosophy to cooking. Forgotten Library]: Hidden in this room is a forgotten library. it will destroy it). some locked by a large full of ancient books line the walls. XP 290. [2. the secret door being one section of the padlock through eyelets riveted to the doors. fuelled by an ancient and diabolical statue [4. swallow whole. W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S Check for encounters every two turns. AL C. HD 7**. setting the user on fire. Secret Room]: This secret room has a shelf holding ten glass bottles. hps 13. AL C. with a skeleton leaning against the Black marble covers the granite walls. new details on how to craft and enchant a magical item (contains a formula for an monster). Iron rings serve as handles. . ML gold on the cover. Move 90’ (30’). weapons stick in tar. undead. has no title. HD 1*. hps 29. some of shelving (opening on this side by pulling out a fake book entitled “Freedom of the which are trapped. with jagged a lantern.

Soul eater. . and 5. a bloodstone (50 gp). there are also some valuables to be found: a spear. a pile (on which the young are sleeping). Dmg 1d6+1. with silver buttons scattered about. Amongst the rubbish are seventeen Savage Rats. intact flasks of oil. Savage Rats x 12 (AC 2. AL N. two discarded junk. as if their life had further cracks in the roof. 3 (x4). 18. Rat Nest]: A nest has been made in this room. Amongst the nest are a lonely tiger agate (worth 25 gp). padded out with wool.000 gp.000 gp). with water trickling in [14. and a set of iron manacles [16. Rotting Corpse]: A pile of rotting and rotted giant frogs lie in this room.000 gp). Move 90’ (30’). ACKS page 198) intact. 3 Savage Rats x 17 (AC 2. 25. [13. At the moment there are a dozen Savage Rats and twice that with a rusted iron bed and rickety wooden stool. 24 and worth 600 gp. SV F1. HD 1d4. ML -1.000 gp to a collector. [15. diseased. ML 0. 15. XP 290. Cursed Frogs x 8 (AC 2. 7. In one pack there is a beautiful cloth of gold kerchief with silver cloak of dark red velvet with a green silk interior. XP 5. and 97 the nearby kingdom (Cecil of Brokenhurst). and a collection of tiger teeth from the levels below (worth something to a researching mage). hps 13. the other in a ruined chain mail vest. small green marble gargoyle of modern design. 2 (x4). 16. decades if not centuries old. It is a bedchamber. [11. ACKS page 201) page 201) [18. three torches. hps 1 (x3). [10. Hidden Room]: A hidden room that contains the withered corpse of a man [17. the from cracks in the wall opposite the secret door. made by a respected artist from There is also. worth 1. Empty Lair]: This room is where the Soul Eater originates from. his face contorted in agony. 4 (x3)#AT 1 (bite). 2 (x2). SV F2. Dirt and soil has fallen in from most recent on top and but a few days old. a small sandstone statuette of a dancing girl. 23. All are withered. three dressed in torn leather tunics. In his pocket is a torn feeding ground for a dozen Savage Rats that are feasting on the bodies of five ticket from the lottery. two daggers. a lantern. Filthy Room]: A dumping ground for waste. patches of fur and skin. piled together in the corner. a coil of 50’ rope.000 electrum pieces in ceiling and floor.000 gp). AL N. HD 1d4. in pouches and on the floor. mixed wood and canvas. and a silk shirt in deep blue. 4 (x3)#AT 1 (bite). two short swords. and a crossbow with 10 bolts strewn about. 112 sp. Muddy Room]: The floor of this chamber is muddy. Torture Chamber]: A disused torture chamber. The bodies are all human men. Dmg 1d3. sacks. with a embroidery depicting a swan on water. Feeding Ground]: This normally disused and empty room is currently the dressed in merchant’s robes.000 gold pieces each corner (worth 1. Move 120’ (40’). been sucked out of them. two silver coins. although fragile. Storeroom]: Another small hidden room. cursed. with small diamonds eyes and one in clasp of gold affixed with a diamond (worth 5. AL C. a In amongst the junk and garbage. a total of 75 gp. lovingly crafted and a cloth of gold lace collar (worth 500 gp). wooden frames that the custodians use to reset the traps on this level. hps 1 (x4). this holds rolls of black canvas and fastened to the wall in the opposite corner. SV F1. and arcane and religious symbols have been scratched into the walls. Scattered around the [12.[9. The glass and copper apparatus is reasonably whole. XP 5. three scimitars. an iron maiden in one corner. with three sets of 20. swallow equipment on old oaken tables. and could be used by an alchemist to brew potions and the like. Dmg 1d3. HD 4+2. Move 120’ (40’). a stone basin that once held number of non-combatant young. 22. 21. with a stretching-rack in the middle of the room. this room is covered in filth and round are their belongings: torn backpacks. diseased. a silver chalice studded with moonstones (worth 1. Laboratory]: This large chamber holds a laboratory. it could fetch up to 2. although it bones and dirt. #AT 1 (bite).000 large silver coins. a fine coppers. their young. and a copper stamp bearing his House adventurers who came down a few days ago and ran afoul of the rats and the seal (a roaring lion). Eight fat Cursed Frogs are bathing in the mud. ML 0. If sold. one in ripped robes. a shattered mirror. ACKS Page (x6). The rats use it for mating and rearing will never be discovered here. water.

ACKS page 193) st nd [22. ACKS page 191) In the guts of this undead snake is a star ruby (750 gp). which is large and robust. ACKS page 185) Cursed Frogs x 2 (AC 2. Shield. a bust of the King. XP 5. SV F1. [20. The corpses are also the guardians of these crypts. Web. HD 5. #AT 1 (bite or by Undead Giant Python (AC 3. are hundreds of what look like red rd th Invisibility. AL N. ML 0. Inside each is a well-preserved corpse of a . AL C. painted in silver paint. hps 19. 25 special. each is a large constrictor with black. resting on a wooden table covered Spells: (1 x3) Charm Person. HD 5+1. SV F3. SV F3. sits a large throne made of bones and splintered wooden planks. Move 120’ (40’). XP 200. ML 0 AL C. which is decorated with lurid murals of demons gold pommels shaped like the head of a cobra (each is worth 600 gp). 21. constrict). cavorting with various animals. ACKS underneath a thin layer of glass. One of these is 20’ long and is in fact an Undead Giant Python that will surprised Rust Monster (AC 7. ACKS from hooks on the ceiling. waxed and polished snake-skin. wears tattered priestly robes. Dmg unwary adventurers on a 4 in 6. intelligent frogman. sarcophagi. two rubies for its eyes (worth 10. growing daily at one hit point a day until they reach their potential (i. 21.000 gp). eggs and if left alone in a warm place they hatch Confusion. AL C. ML -1. ML +4. Crypts]: This area is a pair of linked crypts. but -1 to Charisma and Dexterity). hps 1 (x3). large and rusted. snake head. HD 7+2. #AT 1 (bite or weapon). Inside the bodies are mummified corpses of mice. in fact. Dmg 1d12. XP 550.000 gp). (3 x2) Hold Person. Dmg 1d3. hps 18. Tongue. worthless). they hatch in 2d6 days. in ivory (worth 600 gp). snake with its head rising at the front. and carried a sceptre in the granting a +2 bonus to Armour Class. a topaz (500 gp). with full hit points. and a pet Rust Monster. and an aquamarine (500 gp). The King When used in combat. 2 (x2). Incubation Chamber]: In this chamber. HD 4+2. SV F5. 4 (x3)#AT 1 (bite). cursed. all plain and unadorned. Dmg 1d6+1. #AT 1 (punch). th cast spells as a 7 -level mage. 36. 6. AL N. SV F2. (2 x2) with pristine. They are. Magic Missile. into tiny Cursed Frogs. ML n/a. Move 90’ (30’). XP 290. mummy rot. (worth 140 gp). hps 40. coins.e. and red page 198) scales. touch rusts metal. an emerald (1.000 gold coins. #AT 1 (bite). every time it is used.700. which bestows upon its wielder the blessing of some ancient snake god. SV M7. There is also Guardians. and leather rags. dust. if a save versus spells fails then the scales become permanent (+2 to over-sized silver crown (bigger than a man’s head) designed to resemble a coiled AC. AL C. undead. diseased. ML -1. On his head is fight ends. HD 1d4. XP 1. XP 460. all loose. 19. including weapons when struck. At the foot of each corpse is a golden pendant page 201) shaped like a coiled snake with pearls for eyes (pendants are worth 300 gp each). green. However. the wielder’s skin erupts in shiny green and black scales. ACKS page 198) constrict for 2d4/round. 26. holding 5. HD 5. 24. hps 42. covered in green and black scales) lying (x4). (4 x1) glass beads. Savage Rats x 12 (AC 2. hps 13. swallow whole. On the throne sits the Frog King. Move 60’ (20’). He is attended to by a pair of Cursed Frogs. Move 120’ (40’). Move 90’ (30’). that the King believes is a good luck charm. 3 snake-man (humanoid. ivory hilt and [19. each animating to destroy all Behind his throne is a locked iron chest. stained white silk. cursed. Page Frog King (AC 3. an old leather purse with a tiger agate (25 gp). [21. as Mummy (AC 6. roll hit dice to determine the hit points of the frog it will grow into). a mutated frog that has a spark One of the swords is also magical: it is a legendary blade known as Serpent’s of intelligence and is highly cunning. after the shape of a snake (made of iron. each holding four stone If taken out into the world. and at their sides is a finely-wrought long sword with silver blade. Dmg 1d4 or 2d4. Lightning Bolt. swallow whole.000 electrum infidel intruders if their glass coverings are broken. Taxidermist]: This room has dozens of stuffed taxidermy snakes hanging Dmg 1d6+1. #AT 1 (touch). and a copper and glass dream-catcher 22. Frog King]: In this chamber. Move 90’ (30’). 22.

#AT 1 (bite). swallow whole. (5 ) (Teleport. When first slipped on. WIS 13 (+1). The Forgotten Shrine]: This hidden chamber holds the diabolical statue of [26. He hails from the Land of a Thousand Towers. dimming any lights brought inside. or solid rock (if the dungeon is misaligned). Collegiate Wizardry. that allows the wearer to cast Shield three times a day by holding up the hand in a ‘stop’ gesture. INT 14 (+1). A total of twelve arms protrude from wearer. and is magical. 22. Cursed Frogs x 6 (AC 2. the spikes retract and pierce the his torso. and Unflappable Casting. Detect Magic. nd rd (2 ) ESP. ML -1. and Magic Missile. [25. CON 9. XP 1. raised as if to ward off an attacker. becoming transfixed on the arm. trapdoor that hasn’t been opened in years. Move 90’ (30’). once wore it. ACKS page 198) open. a magician who ended up here a few hours ago after a failed magical experiment teleported him here. cast). sits a spiked gauntlet of red-steel. It is a Ring of Warding. Mirror Image. on which some forgotten deity. and are said to have been the bane of a paladin who Cursed Frogs guard the room. has no equipment. It requires a feat of strength to pull cursed. cast spells as a 9 -level mage. attacking anyone who enters. Hold Person. (4 ) Dimension Door. CHA 7 (-1). Dmg 1d6+1. which lies over the western sea. A stone table sits in the middle of the room. Six as The Arm of the Ogre. 9 -level Mage (AC 0. DEX 9. have a magical gold ring on his finger. proficiencies in Alchemy. Entrance to Lower Level]: At the end of this corridor is a rusted iron 21. four benches surrounding it. th and Wall of Fire. AL C. however. the gauntlet grants the wearer a Strength of 18 for that arm only. STR 10. and has only the spells he had memorised at his disposal. hps 11. These slowly chopped off at the elbow) the gauntlet will not release its wearer. 19.[23. Until a Remove Curse (or the arm is deep pool of brackish water. ML -1.900. 19. An atmosphere of utter compensate. HD 4+2. He does. [24. three to a side. [27. hps 21. AL C. SV F2. Engineering. of an ornate knot-design (worth 25 gp by itself). . Move 120’ (40’). and Phantasmal Force. 14. evil fills this room. These are referred to in legend against spells to avoid being unsettled (-1 to throws while on this level). in which dozens of small frogs paddle. It shrinks or grows to fit the hand of the each with three eyes and contorted in pain. Gambling. Page th SV M7. Misplaced Mage]: Hidden in this chamber is ‘Walter the Great’. He is eager to leave. HD 9d4. To grow to be the Cursed Frogs that wander the dungeon. (3 ) Dispel th Magic. to reveal stairs leading down (if the dungeon is aligned). Empty Barracks]: This chamber was once a barracks or dormitory and holds six stone bunks. and requiring a save As an item is worth 100 gp for its unusual metal. It stands before a flesh. and Lightning Bolt. Secret Room]: In this hidden room is a plain black marble pedestal. st Spells: (1 ) Charm Person. 26 th Walter the Great. carved out of the walls. XP 290. The rusted iron statue is of a naked man with three heads.

home to two dozen baby rats. 40’ deep with a 2 in 6 chance of debris at the bottom adding 1d6 damage (bones. and are triggered by any heavy weight. which is avoided by anyone with gloves or gauntlets (treat ring. A puddle of water that holds a dozen 2 2d6 mating cursed frogs. red glass beads (frog eggs). None of these monsters have any additional treasure. fresh. A skeleton dressed in new chain mail. any empty or cleared rooms are replenished according to the following tables. The traps in this dungeon are reset daily. Room Nineteen). the source. 1d6 cursed frogs battling 1d6 savage 3 clutching a chipped two-handed axe. 4 wafting from the doorway. but not on the floor. splattered on the walls The Soul Eater on one of its rare 5 Page and ceiling. . Blood. broken weapons and equipment). Twelve small frogs hopping towards the Another mutated frog king (as per 6 exit. bone and rag nest that is 1 2d6 mating savage rats. and the corridor ones are all pit traps.REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON Every time the dungeon realigns. save or die. chain and plate armours as having suitable hand wear). visits to a room. rocks. rats over a dead man’s body. They are concealed by painted canvas on a flimsy wooden frame. No sign of 27 looking for a way out. The two trapped doors have a contact poison on their handles. 1d6↓ Empty (1-4) Monster (5-6) → A wood. The putrid smell of rotting flesh. A wandering and lost invisible entity.

If the hook is turned anti-clockwise. [10. the door resembles part of the wall. and it floor. The Shepherd]: This room has a life-like granite statue of a shepherd holding D E CO R a sheep. .D UNGEON L EVEL 5 [7. An untouched level. and ivory. Unless noted. The 28 blazing yellow sun overhead in a cloudless blue sky. The Pool of Rebirth]: This chamber if dominated by a large. a turn later. ancient tomb. Unguarded Gold]: In this room is a dusty old iron chest. [5. showing landscapes of mountain valleys and forest edged lakes. [12. there is no such trigger on the other side. has wall murals also be rolled afresh. there are no lights. If a recently dead body is placed in the water (must have [3. Inside the chest are 5. his crook pointing towards the wall. The steps are quite worn. powerfully magical. which is trapped: opening it causes a scything blade to swipe across. and the doors are all ancient oak shuts after a turn. each holding the mummified remains of a woman wrapped in old silk bandages. If no further [6. The scenes tell the story of a young man who becomes a great magician and defeats a terrible demon of many heads and many arms. painted to resemble a meadow with farmers fields along the horizon. 50’ deep with a painted canvas cover. and if save versus paralysation fails. has white plastered died no longer than a week ago) then it dissolves in the water. There [1. It has the feel of an abandoned. This can happen only once in a character’s lifetime. [8. it ends in a blank wall. Entrance]: The stairway descends into a locked room that has its walls levels are needed or wanted. again with stairs and a locked door. W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S resulting in a -2 to all throws involving delicate work and use of weapons. Entrance]: The stairs leads into a locked room that has carved scenes on the are six on each of three walls. Further etched into the stone and lined with silver and gold (a turn spent scraping attempts result in the body being dissolved. The ceiling is low and flat. The water is fresh. creation of curative potions and magical items. Entrance]: This unlocked room has a set of stairs leading up. If the dungeon is out of alignment. becoming blood. this blood reforms into a new body. depicting some sort of sea voyage across an ocean to a water and the body lost forever. only 8’ high. character returns to life. Cloakroom]: This locked chamber holds seven well-preserved white robes hanging from bronze pegs in the wall. and irregular flagstones cover the the secret door opens for a turn. memories and experience intact. Entrance]: This locked room. sweet-tasting. healed. [9. Dexterity and Constitution. the thief takes damage to their fingers. It is dry. as per a Reincarnation spell. a set of stairs leads down to the next level (determine randomly as desired). A couple are trapped. walls. mouth. Entrance to Level Six]: Through an open archway shaped like a pouting plain and featureless. Crypt]: A small crypt. detailing a picture [2. but with a new body and new ability scores for Strength. Entrance]: This entrance. A walls. Hit Points should Page [4. Pit Trap]: A simple pit trap. M AP D ET AI LS [11. The water makes an excellent source for the land where tall towers are silhouetted against the horizon. but after a turn the blood becomes gathers 1d100 gp worth). locked. with layers of dust in unoccupied rooms and corridors. doing 1d4 damage. and is otherwise [13.000 gold coins. panelling with bronze handles and simple key locks. dusty and smells of old parchment. Plain walls of 1’ blocks of stone form this level. The pool is laid with colourful ceramic tiles. until There are no wandering monsters on this level. painted with faded colours of a forest full of wildlife. a sun sending beams of light through the canopy. with niches in the walls reaching to the ceiling. shallow pool of crystal clear water. Entrance]: Steps lead down to a locked room with scenic murals of raised of a woman giving birth to a child. with its stairs leading up. it is an unfinished excavation that goes nowhere.

and [18. Move 120’ (40’). He died in battle. quality. shows a forest with deer and birds being hunted by (takes a day. hps 36. As a sword it is worth 500 gp for its negated by a Remove Curse. spikes wound the feet so much that movement is reduced by half until healed though faded and worn. doing 5d6 damage. AL N. The Scream]: In the middle of this dusty room stands another statue. made of bronze. and a hilt shaped into a dragon taking flight. it also bolsters the spirits of allies (henchmen automatically make Fire Elemental (AC 7. [17. and everyone malachite and is a screaming woman covered in wounds. AL N. Peace. When [22. 38. Before the altar is a pressure common tongue. War” in an old an oak tree carved from a solid piece of limestone. ACKS page 196) [16. It is triggered in a 2 in 6. If . Empty Room]: This chamber is empty. broad-bladed sword. Stuck in the plinth. its owner is constantly short-tempered and prone to lashing page 167) out. or a lesser amount is deposited. wolves and centaurs. and has a natural +1 to hit and damage. and a secret exit behind a tapestry that covers the entire wall and. Anyone who falls a save versus poison is filled with a equal or under). a razor- deep reverence and love for all things of nature.000 gp each). XP 790. which triggers (on a 2 in 6) a trap: jets of green gas erupt from the altar. animal and plant alike. spells. its head brushing the ceiling. variant Animated Statue (AC 5.[14. and his eyes are two [21. On his head is a wreath of roses. HD 8. sparkling diamonds (worth 5. hps [15. and below is a 100’ deep pit. and PCs gain +3 to saves against fear or mind-effects). Spear Trap]: This is a spear trap. repels magic if attacker fails a saving throw vs. Legend calls it The Sword of Peaceful Rage. pommel and do whatever they have to in order to protect and nurture nature. XP 1. SV F8. This can be cross-guard are all steel plated in silver. It is also magical. often bringing trouble upon themselves. HD 7. made someone enters the room a deep voice. It has but one triggered. ACKS in combat. on a plinth of granite 5’ high. The sword has a steel blade of excellent workmanship. which requires a Strength check on 6d6 to pull free (roll filling the room in a round.100. doing 2d6 damage and if a save fails. The floor is a thin layer of stone. immune to non-magical attacks. ML +4. or curative magic). #AT 2 (fists). If no less than 500 gp is The statue is crouching down. carved to look like a small forest. Fire. is a finely crafted pad. A turn after this room have belonged to an ancient king who brought peace to his kingdom by slaying is entered. the burners flare to life and conjure up a 8’ tall Fire Elemental that all his foes and all the monsters in his realm. battle. cracks around the entry. anyone passing through the doorway triggers a burst [19. out of the dead-end. and spears thrust blood it is!” and the statue animates and attacks. and is made of bronze. making 29 them immune. It is twice the height of a man. hands clasped together. passing any lower levels. Around the base is glittering treasure. of bronze. the voice says “Blessings be upon you”. triggered by a pressure pad at the end of no tribute is given. Trapped Room]: This room seems empty. SV F8. resets itself after a turn. the charge). her body clothed in in the room receives the benefit of a Bless spell while they remain on this level. man dressed in a toga. When used in will rampage through the dungeon until destroyed. Dmg Morale checks. spikes erupt from the floor. [20. and is believed to on copper chains. in Gold or in Blood”. the sword protects its wielder from fear and mind-effecting magic. #AT 1 (touch). ML n/a. construct. in a language everyone can understand. otherwise magic reflects back onto the caster. save versus spells for half. Spike Trap]: This trap is activated by a pressure pad (on a 2 in 6). stands before a statue of engraved with the words “From War. The hilt. Move 90’ (30’). and will sharp edge. Enemies are easily made. They sit on a stone shelf at head height. When of lightning that deals 5d6 damage. issues from the statue: “Pay Tribute. Tribute Chamber]: In the centre of this room is a large statue of a handsome monsters are attracted to the sword and its owner. except for a thick layer of dust. When not Page 1d8. The Sword in the Stone]: In the corner of this dusty room is a stone plinth. An altar of limestone. Dmg 1d10/1d10. Fire]: This locked room holds three incense burners. From Peace. however. The statue stands erect. Chapel]: A chapel with a trapped door (faint glyphs around the edge of the door create a magical ward. the voice screams “Then the corridor. The spikes reset after a turn. It is made of placed before the statue. Bronze Statue. with an Attack Throw of 5+. easily broken through.

Dmg Page 1d6/1d6/1d6/1d6. ACKS page 167) 900 in all. AL N. SV F6. in the second are for 1d4 turns and stunned during the first round. Bone Pile]: Another small room.000 gp). if broken Custodians come this far. Watching over the valuables is a glass statue full of what look like blood. then aiming for anyone who has taken any of the treasure. they animate and form a towering (10’ tall) Bone Golem with four arms. while in the fourth are 250 silver coins. hps 26. hps 26. If the bones are disturbed.000 gp in all). REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON [23. immune to fire. in the third are square gold coins. which will pursue 30 whoever disturbed it until one or the other is dead. #AT 1 (fist). releasing a blood elemental that attacks without mercy. The statue is of an 8’ tall woman with a dragon’s head. immune to all but fire attacks. eyes closed. clutching sharpened bone clubs. ACKS page 193) Screaming Statue.550. hps 31. all within 60’ must save versus paralysis or be deafened around the rim (worth 5. SV F8. AL N. so no traps are reset and no monsters fill empty rooms. ML +4. counting as surprised. ACKS page 173) [25. SV F5. No which is empty. cold and lightning. . #AT 1 (slap). Inside each is strewn treasure. 575 sp). Move 120’ (40’).rags. Dmg 3d8. Crypt of the Dragon]: A crypt with four bronze sarcophagi with sculptured lids designed to look like flowering apple trees. but no corpses. ML n/a. Pudding in a Jar]: In this room are three dozen large clay urns. Move 60’ (20’). HD 6*.100. In the first sarcophagus is a bejewelled goblet. Move 60’ (20’). The treasure consists of a pile of 1. all but of The level has never been reached. which. Bone Golem (AC 7. Dmg 1d8. releases a black oily goo that quickly forms (in 2 rounds) into a dangerous Black Pudding: Black Pudding (AC 3. construct. ACKS page 156) [24. Dmg 2d8. first Blood Elemental. XP 1. XP 1. and the floor is covered by dozens of bones. summoned creature. ML n/a. a black sapphire (5. the statue animates and attacks. The full one is stoppered with a red wax seal. AL N. XP 570. and a set of three steel bars (worth 250 gp each. hps 42. SV F4. a pile of silver and gold pieces (600 gp. nor explored until the PCs arrive. worth 1. #AT 1 (slap). platinum with four large rubies scream 1/turn.250 gp apiece). ML n/a. HD 8*.100. XP 1. split into two if struck by weapons. this one holds a solitary 10’ iron pole that is in perfect condition and leaning in the corner. AL N. screaming. dissolves wood and metal. and ten large gold bars (weigh 25lb each. golem immunities. magic or lightning. variant Animated Statue (AC 4. water elemental variant (AC 7. The lids are heavy and takes a feat of strength to lift off. Any tampering with the coffins causes the glass to shatter. HD 10*. and weigh 25lb apiece). Move 90’ (30’). HD 8*. and 750 large gold coins.500 gold coins. kneeling with her head bowed. A turn after the room is entered. cold paralyses it. #AT 4 (clubs).

immunities. Empty]: This locked bronze-lined room has been used as a dumping 3-5 2d6/2d6. and assorted spare parts. inhabited by alien automatons that plinth of solid silver. glass-bowls. tables and chairs that were once here. room and door is made of metal. 15’ at its highest (always slanting to the left. save for half. There is no way to open it from the other side. Monster]: In this locked iron-walled room is a trapped automaton. ML +4. are fixed all over its body. 1-2 2d8/3d6. 1d6 Soldier Automatons (AC 7. The corridors are all copper. shredding the metal desks. It has trashed what was once granite. with astrological symbols and diagrams etched into the floor in silver. #AT 2 (claws). REPLENISHING THE DUNGEONS [5. sharp angles and a slanting ceiling 10’ at its a workshop. to grow to greater size. ML +2. Six modular dungeon levels. A tang. Empty]: This domed chamber is made of steel. their legs pried loose and a couple missing. #AT 4 (3 Page 1d6 Encounters claws/tube). XP 2. M AP D ET AI LS [10. both workers. and possibly beyond. SV F8. Dmg immune to charm. types. Stairs]: steel steps lead down to a steel door. determined by the wandering monster table. triggers the secret door behind it: a steel plate slides out of the wall. Move 90' (30’). Dmg 2d8/2d8/2d8/3d6. new monster) ground/storage room for the automatons that have become trapped here. self-repair. Stairs]: copper steps lead down to a steel door. SV F6. Stairs]: iron steps lead down to a steel door. self-repair. that can be randomly rolled for when descending to [3. Behind the box is an orrery of copper and bronze. with treads attached to legs. although not all are locked. [7. poison and diseases). an Every corridor. Automaton Abomination: (AC 9. it is a hybrid of both locked. and its glass head churns with a yellow-green sickly fluid that bubbles madly. #AT 2 (claw/tube). Move 120' (40’). a few are trapped as well as survive it needs to grow and add to itself. level 6. steel. still air. Turning the winch makes the orrery turn. AL L. hps 47. Inside 6 Random character is struck by a bolt of lightning from the charged air: 6d6 are piles of metal. lowest. AL L. It is essentially a fairly accurate study of the constellations. new monster) 2d6 Worker Automatons (AC 6. ML +4. every time the dungeon realigns. WANDERING MONSTERS Metal plates. and all the doors are steel will try to do the same with any organics it comes across. None of these monsters have any additional treasure. At the moment. fills the charged. Stairs]: bronze steps lead down to a steel door. and the level). The rooms are made of different metals. which then found their way here by a strange portal. copper and bronze. resting on a A level constructed from sheets of metal. SV F8. an ancient horoscope. immunities. jars of green liquid. [4. XP 2. rooms on these levels are replenished on a 2 in 6 chance. when facing the centre of The automaton has cannibalised others of its kind. gold and copper.100. somehow glued to 5’ blocks of abomination that malfunctioned and went insane. hold and sleep. HD 6+6. 31 Check for encounters every three turns. nuts and bolts. their heads have been shattered and . Stairs]: silver steps lead down to a steel door. HD 10. AL C. Move 90' (30’). copper wire.950. XP 980. believing that to with complex locks. [1.D UNGEON M ODULES : L EVEL 6 & B EYOND [2. DECOR [8. three claws and a hollow-tube that spits fire. Empty]: This tin-plated room has a ruined pair of automatons. any empty or cleared [6. Unless otherwise noted. In an alcove is a steel L EV E L 6_1 box with a winch. Dmg [9. Stairs]: gold steps lead down to a steel door. It shuts after ten minutes. like the taste of a storm. spools of damage. One occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. HD 8.

automatons are hard at work building a soldier out of spare parts and items they immunities. so many that you cannot move without touching vellum that is written with arcane runes. inscribe. otherwise they ignore everyone and anything unless attacked or (value. with a 38. 39. which tumbles out when the door is opened. holding rods protruding from the floor. #AT 2 (claws). an ivory pommel wrapped in red silk and sewn with golden thread.100. 26. and the seat 42. requiring an immediate several items of value that they intend to use in the automaton’s construction: wandering monster check. Only someone with arcane knowledge.green stains cover the floor. pierce 5’ tiles of copper deeply etched with mathematical symbols that boggle the illusions. HD 6+6. Soldier Automatons (AC 7. a silver scroll case capped with a red wax seal. blade. worth 1. however. AL L. HD 8. and has niches in the the symbols mean. a pair of steel gauntlets designed to look like the claws of an eagle. when filled (holds a pint). opens the mind to horrific images and mind-bending pictures that float through . 90 gold ingots (weight 1lb each. pound). new monster). 33. a magical silver bowl that. Move 90' (30’). an ivory Page AL L. although carrying it while full is difficult. 44. Written on the walls. This tampered with. Dmg 2d8/3d6. self-repair. and smell like the coming of a storm.000 silver sculpture stands 10’ high. self-repair. 250 sp each). 900 gold coins. Each will take time to study and Eight. and. 27. engraved with a pattern of clouds (worth 450 gp to a collector). Monster]: A patrol of five soldier automatons is standing here. They were destroyed by the abomination in Room two on the floor. Empty]: This locked room is made of copper. waiting for their turn to patrol the area. made of bronze. ML +4. and the room itself is made of gold with fancy scroll-work and patterns on the breastplate and joints (worth twice (1’ tiles. wall. [13. have scavenged. AL L. finally. immunities. lined in 2’ square tiles that weighs 50lb activate. Amongst the pile of parts are of treasure. 48. Monster]: In this domed room. a large steel trunk holding a silk pillow with 9 pearls (100 gp are seven soldier automatons. and contains a loose collection will ignore intruders unless they are disturbed. 5 (random). 34. XP 980. Monster]: This locked room is silver. 32. with silver tracing of a feather design (worth 450 gp for the pair). a silver chatelaine (chains. new monster). belt. [16. Move 120' (40’). 42. 10 gp to a The treasure hoard consists of: a topaz gemstone (worth 450 gp). never runs out.250 gp apiece). and should be determined randomly. but also detect invisible creatures. Standing before it. SV F8. 900 gold coins. one to each wall. Dmg 2d8/3d6. Inside are dozens of copper that of normal plate).000 silver pieces. a silver stud with automatons. statuette of the Laughing Frog deity (worth 500 gp). 32. 9. a black silk bag holding a diamond earring (worth 900 gp. Empty]: The door to his room is trapped. and a doll of a soldier with silver wire and ivory parts (worth 750 gp). 20. each). hps 40. worked stool of silver birch with legs carved to resemble trees. The process takes about an hour to complete. 41. There is a 3 in 6 chance each turn that they will [12. 27. and assorted keys that fit 1d6 random levels worth of doors). HD 8. self-repair. 37. #AT 2 (claw/tube). SV F8. SV F6. and has a bronze sculpture standing at the back. 42. XP 2. Move 90' (30’). 38. ten in all. XP 2. 26. a splendid suit of plate mail [14. a magical. Dmg 2d6/2d6. and resembles a perfect example of the soldier coins. weighing 25lb each. new monster). honouring it in a language of clicks and whirs. hps 31. or a suitable spell (read magic and so on) will be able to identify what [11. 38. hps 33. 26. All reach 5’ in height. At the back of the room is an iron coffer holding 9. hilt of solid silver braced with steel (worth 900 gp). Empty]: This secret room. ML +4. looking through it th mind. immunities. palm-sized ruby [15. and leaning against the wall is a large two-handed sword with a curved Soldier Automatons (AC 7. each a single spell of level 2 to them. the door to which looks like a panel in the wall that seems to have some images floating inside: looking through the gem allows and simply opens at a hefty push from either side (swinging up).100. and detect secret doors (but not traps). floor and ceiling are 6 -level spells. and another pair on the ceiling. a finely 32 Worker Automatons (AC 6. four tiny stones). a dozen worker #AT 2 (claw/tube). each a basin holding thousands of copper bolts that the automatons somehow digest for fuel. ML +2. and the workers [17. Empty]: This room is lined with highly polished copper. is made of large the user to not only see in the dark.

immunities. Soldier Automatons (AC 7. and there are no hand-holds to aid in climbing. dangerous (precise areas marked as trapped). a gold floor and ceiling. 41. HD 6+6. Monster]: A silver floored. [27. tapering to fine points. each 5’ long and smelling of the earth after a lightning (claw/tube). ML +4. Empty]: This bronze room is locked. the void between filled with a Soldier Automaton (AC 7.900. self-repair: regain 3 hit [19. all empty. Empty]: This locked room is empty and made of copper sheets. (claw/tube). XP 2. AL L. Inside are walls points per hour. total of 5. gp). The floor then swings shut. holds the portal that the automatons passed through to become 2 (claws). except for a pit trap that covers the entire the centre of the room. HD 8. [28. Page leading to a corridor 15’ below. Move 60' (20’). It stands in the centre of the room. unique monster. a larger version of the soldiers. ML +2. lasts 1d6 days. Dmg 2d6/2d6. #AT 2 shelves. of some unknown white metal. hps 40. orders. Guarding this trapdoor are a pair of soldier automatons with maximum hit points. each time it is used. a steel ladder granting access. AL L. new monster). XP 980.100. 64. XP 3. HD 8. It is attended to by a pair of maximum hit point soldier automatons.100. and flickers of lightning spark at their tips. ML +4. charm. new monster). and holds three worker. self- [20. They cannot [26. The Portal]: This large domed chamber. XP 2. Automatons fall through here every so often. lined with steel shelves. SV F6. [18. immunities. #AT 2 blue light that ripples like water. worth 10 gp each. Move 90' (30’). Empty]: This locked. hold and sleep magic. Move 120' (40’). They will ignore intruders unless disturbed. new monster). AL L. Empty]: Another room made of gold.100. glowing faintly. repair. [22.the gem. poison and diseases. immune to strike. caps to the various nuts and bolts (Judge’s choice of insanity. hps 64. 64. Move 90' (30’). Empty]: This bronze room holds rows of copper benches fixed to the walls. self-repair. Trap]: A copper room. immunities. this shaft plummets 50’ to get down the shaft. Each hums and vibrates floor and is hinged by the back wall. immunities. #AT 2 (claw/tube). It towers almost to the ceiling. walls. . with arcs of lightning shooting out 33 to anyone remaining in place for a round or more: each arc does 6d6 damage. It can easily serve an alchemist or arcane-smith. ML +4. save versus spells or become temporarily insane It is studded with numerous gemstones. HD 8. SV F12. Standing beneath them is to reveal a 30’ pit. 29. copper-walled domed room with a steel trapdoor save for half. trapped in this dungeon. new monster). and a solitary soldier automaton. #AT gold walls. automaton variant). XP 2. Monster]: This domed chamber. silver room holds a large laboratory full of metal [23. with silver equipment. Exit to Lower Level]: If additional levels exist. hps 64. The secret door is hidden behind these Soldier Automatons (AC 7. holds the leader of the automatons. with its copper floor. with a golden floor and ceiling. but there is no way to go back. Dmg 2d10/3d8. Monster]: This domed chamber has walls of silver. [25. #AT 2 hanging from the ceiling. Any heavy weight triggers it. hps 71. empty. ML +4. SV F8. and the liquid inside its glass head is a deep purple. and is opened by pressing down on the shelf before it. currently awaiting [24. SV F8. new save allowed at end of duration or holding it together (hundreds of small stones. Dmg 2d8/3d6. self. self-repair. facing the portal are four fat copper rods that arch towards [21. ceiling and Worker Automatons (AC 6. HD 12.000 roll for a further period of 1d6 days). They will attack any non-automaton entering the room. AL L. swinging down constantly. with a trapped door. hps 32. them (determine the level and entrance randomly if necessary). a free-floating circle repair. SV F8. Dmg 2d8/3d6. (claw/tube). AL L. Move 90' (30’). Inside are dozens of copper rods Leader of the Automatons (AC 10. The walls of this shaft are granite. Dmg 2d8/3d6. Around the room.

2d6 worker automatons and 1d6 soldier automatons arrive through the portal to take up residence.REPLENISHING THE DUNGEON Whenever the level needs to be replenished. Each cleared room has a 2 in 6 chance of being inhabited. 34 Page . None of these automatons have any treasure.

Dmg 1d3. . Dmg 1d8/1d8/strangle. claw). (see below). 1d6 Encounters In the chest is a pile of copper cutlery. The sounds of half-hidden by the trees. ML +1. 30. The scent is heavy and intoxicating. AL C. SV F7. with wolf designs (each worth 2 gp. which then deals an additional 1d6 damage. 20’ deep and full of sharpened stakes. 1d6. XP 320. This conceals another pit. XP [1. There is also a hidden chest. although it is posing throwing a spear. Mv 150’ (50’). via a ladder of iron rungs. Dmg value is 700 gp. covered in vines and conditions. The first time anyone enters here. HD ½. covering the entire room. which is as hard and resistant as steel. to tear free. locked padlock. beech. rusting iron with a Check for encounters every turn. all mixed together and treated to last indefinitely. AL N. The doors are thick oak with iron rings. tentacle). with but a few dungeon is open the level is magically lit by an unseen source. and all the walls. Empty]: This room is full of exotic flowers and plants. The statue is a tall. along with a dozen cubs that frolic about the statue (treat these cubs as being non- WANDERING MONSTERS combatants. #AT 3 (2 claws. AL C. SV F0. AL N. doing 5d6 DECOR damage to anyone landing on them. A small pool of fresh. providing daylight feet between foliage. floors and ceiling are branches forming a canopy overhead. it is also magical when inside. 24. MV 150’ (50’). [2. attacker’s hand if the spear misses. total A lone Serpent Tiger (AC 5. fallen leaves and animal bones. Trap]: This section of corridor is littered with a carpet of leaves. XP 6. The doors out are carved with the image of a giant oak tree. versus paralysation or be pinned in place. HD 7. illusory image. Entrance]: This room has stone steps leading to the upper level. the rooms 30’. and a shaft 790. twigs and L EV E L 6_2 dirt. -1 to special manoeuvres penalty for every 5. SV F7. vines and soil. with another save allowed each round Page 6 A lone Shifting Panther (AC 5. banded with iron strips that are nailed in place. 36. if it hits. 22. [4. The wooden amongst the leaves. Underneath it all lies a pit. One occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. Empty]: This locked room has oak trees growing along the walls. MV 150’ (50’). silver birch and other opposite the door. anyone falling in takes the usual falling damage. ML 0. new monster). Unseen birds twitter and hop about in made of wood. as well as 4d6 from the stakes. Monster]: This domed lair is a jungle of trees. When the [5. drinkable water lies along the wall planks are 6” deep. types. the target must make a saving throw 3-5 ML -1. ACKS page 188). #AT 3 (bite. 40. strangle for 1d6. At the back of the room is a statue. The spear is known as the Hunters’ Spear. He is made of dark granite. new monster). 1-2 1d8/1d8/strangle. lion-headed man in a loincloth. but strangely refreshing. if save versus paralysation fails. the smell restores 2d6 hit points. XP 790. MV 150’ (50’). MAP DETAILS #ATS 3 (2 claws. Serpent Tigers (6): AC 5. Trap]: This secret room has a floor thick with moss. 30’ deep with dozens of small stakes. louder when it is dark. #AT 1 (bite). This is a hot. some locked with padlocked chains rusted in place. but when out of alignment the level falls into darkness. strangle on a successful hit. Half-a-dozen serpent tigers make their home here. acting as a +2 weapon that can be thrown 60’ without penalty and returns to the 35 Pack of 4d6 Razor-Claws (AC 5. A level of iron-banded wood and flora. 1 Hit Dice and AC 2). wherein dwell creatures you’d normally find in a jungle. their The corridors are 15’ high. to any lower levels. birds and beasts constantly fills the dungeon. Dmg 2d4. [6. humid level with jungle-like foliage lining the corridors and rooms. of oak. [3. tentacle. SV F6. hps 30. that was left here long ago by whoever designed this dungeon. but the spear is a wooden impossible to tell where all the noise is coming from and it can only be heard shaft with a glass point. HD 6. a foot wide and ten long. HD 7. next to it that leads. ML +1. 35 stone total weight).

note: no tentacles. with a crude (worth 600 gp). who are able to fur and golden eyes. holding with lacquered panelling and silver handles in the shape of a lion’s head (worth 1. the padlock coated with a deadly yellow heart-shaped flowers. Knock Down opponents with no penalty to the attack throw. on which rest ten ingots of mithril ‘nest’ of vines. around which the Serpent-Tigers (2): AC 5. 36 holding electrum pieces (each has 1200 coins). MV 140’ (40). three strangle on a successful hit. Empty]: In this room are more vines. XP 320. Bones litter Serpent-Tigers (3): AC 5. HD 7. SV F7. ACKS page 188. covering every space and stretching strangle on a successful hit. 5+1d10 apples ripe and ready to eat. illusionary image. and [12. locked. SV F7. Dmg 1d8/1d8/2d6. and is a plain wooden door with a simple handle. 600 gp). tentacle). Empty]: The door to this room is trapped. which is barred from the inside for anyone else. Dmg 2d4/1d6. tentacle). SV F6. Monster]: Sitting on a throne of obsidian (worth 700 gp). bark and lichen that dominates the room. In the branches of the tree are several items that the panthers claws. filling. Bones of animals (tenth of a stone each. flowering with bright [18. Empty]: This large room has vines growing all over. HD 9*. serpent tigers. with ivory handles and bronze hinges [16. [14. A mighty tree. The secret door is hidden behind a thick set of contact poison (save or die). Dmg 2d4/1d6. if save versus paralysation fails. SV F6. hps 41. XP 790. and rotting meat still occupies the simple table. throne of bones and vines sitting before a slab of darkly stained rock. 20. and a map cabinet of walnut Shifting Panthers (2): AC 5.200 silver pieces.300. 41. moss. suits of plate mail. Shifting Panthers (6): AC 5. with [13. who guard the hoard accumulated by their Lord. ML 0. 26. Empty]: In this room is a muddy floor. beautifully carved and standing out in the jungle setting. a small iron chest. with flowers painted 700 gp). Attending him are two move through the door at-will. Amongst the foliage and tree hanging from the wall. Vines cover the floor. value of 75 gp apiece). creep up the walls and tangle in the ceiling.hps 24. A mouthful is the equivalent of a meal. ACKS page 188. magpie-like: a gold-plated bronze brazier (value 600 gp). AL N. Empty]: This room serves as the Jungle Lord’s dining hall. hps 23. ML +1. 21. Page into a polished and varnished surface. An empty and unused chest a stone and 10 gp each). MV 150’ (50’). is the Jungle Lord. ML +2. ML 0. HD 6. Dmg 1d8/1d8/strangle. Inside is a room with a floor covered in thick green vines. XP 320. 27. 33. (bite. with a few tadpoles swimming in it. HD 6. hps 41.[7. [17. Empty]: This room serves as a bedroom for the Jungle Lord. It is a fine piece of furniture. and a writing desk made from beech. between the walls. making movement through it difficult. HD 7. On the other side is the same. bite). stands in the centre. rests against the wall. [8. a great ape with scarlet [9. claw). in different designs. note: no tentacles. Dmg 1d8/1d8/strangle. if save versus paralysation fails. a beautiful scimitar with an ivory handle and silver patterning on the blade (worth 700 gp). 33. and restores hit points as if the character had rested a full day. Move 150’ (50’). twice as tall as a normal man. Empty]: This locked room holds a solitary apple tree in the centre. #AT 2 (bite. claws. branches spreading to shelter the ground. Monster]: This room is the lair of three serpent tigers. project illusionary image. #AT 2 that is hanging from the uppermost branches (value. Empty]: This hidden room has numerous bushes of berries that are tasty and grapes hang on vines from the walls. Move 150’ (50’). 30 platinum ingots (worth 50 gp each). MV 150’ (50’). #ATS 3 (2 the floor. #ATS 3 (2 claws. It has a large are: a pedestal of white marble (value 600 gp). AL C. project Jungle Lord (1): AC 5. 26. 30. hps 44. XP 1. . claw). XP 790. [10. SV F9. ML +1. [11. and a pair of shifting panthers. Monster]: This chamber holds a lair of six shifting panthers. AL C. #ATS 3 (2 panthers rest. of applewood. [15. Empty]: This room has a carpet of white daisies covering the room. Each apple nourishes as much as a day full of meals. a pile of 60 gold ingots (quarter of and humanoids can be found amongst the bedding. have collected. two sacks of drawers.

The effect can be reversed if a remove curse or dispel magic is cast on the bather. but the youthfulness occurs every time someone bathes. naked and dancing. Razor-Claws (40): AC 5. ML -1. #ATS 1 (bite). Dmg 1d3. A total of forty Razor-Claws are found here. spotted with bright yellow specks. keen to prey on intruders to feed their young when they hatch. th neutralises any poisons. Fountain of Youth]: Surrounded by willows and flowers. Around this pool are a dozen Razor-claw nests. bark. and heals wounds equal to a 6 -level curative spell. hidden beneath a carpet of fallen leaves. XP 6. If anyone bathes in it. . -1 on special attack penalties for every 5 attacking. and a statue of a beautiful woman. 20 can swarm a man-sized creature at once.moss. The water loses its power if removed from the room. bones and scraps found in the dungeon. thick bushes of dark red berries (poisonous to eat) and a pool of fresh water fed by an underground spring. constructed from vines. [19. a marble fountain rests in this room. [20. HD ½. hps 3 each. they find themselves becoming younger. by 2d10 years. Monster]: This large chamber has vine-draped trees. about the size of a goose egg. there are no wandering monster checks. comfortable to sleep on. 37 TRAPS Page The trap not detailed above is a simple 30’ deep pit trap. Anyone drinking of the water is cured of any diseases they carry. AL N. SV F0. MV 150’ (50’). so as long as anyone rests here. pours water from a jug that she carries. For some reason the creatures here avoid this room. at any time after they partake of the blessing of youth. The healing properties only function once per day. A low wall surrounds a 5’ deep pool of cool water. Each nest holds 4d6 scarlet coloured eggs.

sticking out (worth 125 gp).500 on a 5 in 6. #ATS 1 leg or bite. ML -1. two suits A cobwebbed dungeon that is home to lots of different spiders. and finally. Dmg 1d8. AL N. Room #2. XP 215. Monster]: A larder for the intelligent spiders. XP 38. hps 2d6 Giant Jumping Spiders (AC 4. There are no doors. and (3) sleep). and the noise of landing on the bones alerts the spiders in Room # 3 gp overall). with gnawed skeletons slumped in the corner and another partially (each worth 500 gp). Move 150’ (50’). suction legs). ACKS page 194. some large. others of an evil intelligence. #AT 1 bite. XP 95. spells (magic missile. [4. frogs and giant rats. in a Celtic-knot design (worth 100 gp). HD 3. Entrance]: The stairs from the upper level descend into this cobwebbed office with an eagle’s head (worth 250 gp). a signet ring of platinum with three small diamonds (worth 2. #AT 1 (bite). a gold necklace with gold charms shaped like animals with 5’ of bones and other debris at the bottom (+1d6 damage). #AT 1 [3. ACKS page 189. Dmg 0 or 2d8. or 120’ (40’) web. ACKS page 194. a pair of giant jumping bite. SV F2. ACKS page 194. #AT 1 (bite). spells (1) magic missile. Move 120’ (40’). HD 2. #AT 1 (bite). a magical suit of chain mail: it is fine leather with silver rings. ML 0. as hard as plate (same AC bonus). a suit of worn plate armour (intact. (2) burning hands. which is stuck amongst the MAP DETAILS webs: a leather sack holding 275 gp. Acting as guards are four giant spiders. and also deflects This stone dungeon. ceiling Amongst the dead bodies are a few items of value that have yet to be taken to and floor. a ripped pack that holds three some giants. with a device depicting a rearing boar in gold overlaid on a circle of and the larder. who have managed to keep some treasure for themselves. Bones are stuck in the webs. HD 2. hps 9. as well as a few the Queen: a pouch containing 75 gp. HD 4+2. . adventures. Dmg 2d6. web. 6 1d6 Brain-Eating Spiders (AC 3. HD 4+2. each is triggered (worth 500 gp). XP 95. Dmg 2d6. SV F2. SV F2. corner. Page [2. SV 1-2 14. HD 3. AL N. poison and walls. 10. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). SV F2. labelled ‘Restorative’ and are in fact healing potions (heal 1d6+1). ML 0. but little in between. also spiders. and a fancy looking felt hat with a bright orange feather 38 cocooned and hanging from the ceiling.L EV E L 6_3 jet. made of 6” granite blocks. 17. suction legs. 17. and fill some of the 50’ tall rooms. defend the larder. AL N. as DECOR flexible and light as leather. acting as lair for three spell-casting brain-eating spiders. 9. SV F2. AL N. MV 150’ (50’).000 gp each). and a lone brain-eating spider who acts as their ‘leader’ and directs intelligent and able to speak Common. spells). poison bite. poison bite. just 20’ archways into the rooms beyond. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). HD 3. 98 sp and 221 coppers. cocooned and webbed to the ceiling hps 21. also intelligent and able to speak 3d6 Giant Spiders (AC 4. Monster]: This chamber is dominated by a giant web that stretches from (bite). Trap]: This seemingly empty room is covered with webs on the walls. is full of cobwebs that impede arrows as if it had a permanent Protection from Arrows cast upon it. ML +1. MV 60’ (20’). MV 150’ (50’). XP 215. a round steel shield with gold-leaf patterning. Check for encounters every two turns. AL N. ML +1. and act as cannon-fodder. plus two large sapphires dead spiders. 7. ML -1. XP 38. 21. 3-5 Common. corpses. Dmg 0 or 2d8. a silk purse holding three topaz gems room. this room holds a dozen Brain-Eating Spiders (3): AC 3. of fine chain mail. 29 sp and 9 cp. shield). Scattered through the room are 11 covered pit traps. passage down the 40’ high corridors. web. There is no light. three still-sharp long swords. sleep. F1. wall-to-wall. web. hps 20. poisonous bite. and the sounds of scurrying spiders can be clearly heard around every Giant Spiders (4): AC 2. a golden rod of [1. #AT 1 (leg or bite). ML 0. each 30’ deep (worth 1. poison bite. AL N. ACKS page 194). Dmg 2d6. XP 95. SV F1. WANDERING MONSTERS Giant Jumping Spiders (2): AC 4. One occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. glass bottles. AL N. them to carve the bodies. 1d6 Encounters Brain-Eating Spider (1): AC 3. Dmg 1d8. but needs a good polish).

or Life-Cleaver. only a couple of days old). AL N. They are surprised on a 4 in 6. Empty]: This chamber is choked with more webs. amongst which are the Giant Jumping Spiders (5): AC 4. Monster]: Lairing in this cobweb choked room are five giant jumping spiders. is trapdoor of stone. [6. 19. 13. and two fist-sized rubies (worth 2. due to the Dmg 1d8. 12. ACKS page 194. poison bite. ceiling. ACKS page 194. hps 9. ML 0. containing three doses of gaseous form. hps 14. surface and silver rim (worth 250 gp). AL N. with only a few trails bulbous head. an unholy relic of the intelligent spiders known as the God-Blade. Move 120’ (40’). halving all movement unless it is cleared (takes three turns to hack away. with an iron ring opens to reveal a shaft and iron-rung ladder the body of an adventurer that hid here after being bit by a spider. Most 10. 8. #AT 1 bite. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). a few days old at most. Unholy Relic]: Resting in the middle of this chamber is a oblong cabinet of is a shallow (3’ deep) pool of crystal clear water. with anyone who drinks it. make their lair. who are feasting on the bodies holds the portrait of a handsome woman. poisonous bite. AL N. XP 215. of the webs have been burned away. but he still wears an intact suit of plate mail. removing fatigue from black webs. fresh. Refreshing Pool]: This room is almost devoid of webs. and has a kite shield and a [8. 15. AL N. and is where a pair of brain. #AT 1 (leg or bite). or a turn hps 10. inside of which is a two-handed sword suspended by thick. its pommel pure white ivory cared to resemble the fangs of a spider. 11. SV F1. following items: two potions of healing (cures 1d6+1). XP 38. Giant Spiders (12): AC 2. 11. XP 38. and depicts a humanoid with four legs and arms. XP 95. [7. hanging from the ceiling and wisps sticking to the walls. neighbouring kingdom. 8.[5. HD 3. 10. ACKS page 194.500 gp apiece). Move 120’ (40’). HD 4+2. #AT 1 (bite). are stuck in the webs. Dmg 2d6. a round steel shield with a mirrored suction legs. [14. Move 150’ (50’). 8. also intelligent and able to speak Common. a thick glass bottle 20. four giant spiders. ACKS page 189. 22. spells (1) magic missile. web. as well as a skeleton of a [9. 20. any movement through until it is cleared (three turns to hack through. 39 a variety of creatures litter the floor. 11. ML -1. webs choke this area preventing Brain-Eating Spiders (2): AC 3. and their ‘pets’. or a turn burning it). HD 2. [12. Tiny runes [11. It is a magical two-handed sword. Empty]: More of a junction than a chamber. (2) burning hands). Dmg 1d8. it is a +3 magic weapon that. SV F1. 16. but the webs that cover long sword in his possession. Statue of a Dead God]: A bronze statue. ancient and arcane and speaking of poison and the eating spiders. poisons the target (save versus poison or die in agony in 1d6 . The water is refreshing and nourishing. fairly Giant Spiders (4): AC 2. A [13. death of gods. Monster]: This room is another lair of the spiders. Empty]: This room shows signs of a recent fire. dressed in the style of the of several giant rats that have been strung up. hps 25. 9. by burning). who are fighting over the large corpse of a cow (from who knows where. are etched into the blade. Monster]: This chamber holds more cobwebs. He died from leading to the next level. In the centre of the room [16. 12. eight eyes on its [10. and over time much of his equipment and treasure has been taken away. leaving only a few tattered remnants on the poisonous bite. covered in webs. HD 2. SV F2. The double-edged sword is serrated and is made of black steel. SV F2. the bottom of which is tiled with transparent crystal. distraction. and hang from webs [15. rests in this on the ceiling. 4. Empty]: This webbed room holds the remains of numerous meals: bones from human almost reduced to ash. Dmg 0 or 2d8. #AT 1 bite. Three charred bodies of spiders litter the floor. on a natural 20 to hit. Around his neck is a silver locket (worth 15 gp) that this chamber are home to a dozen giant spiders. clothed in plate armour. Empty]: Hidden amongst the webs that virtually block access to this room. ML +1. bronze hexagons. Page alcove. ML -1. the poison. Exit]: This room is virtually choked with cobwebs.

In Brain-Eating Spiders (6): AC 3. fly (1). . cast spells as a 8 level st nd non-spell casting brain-eating spiders. and a pommel shaped into a paw (worth Giant Spiders (6): AC 2. and neutralise poison (1). At the bottom are dozens of skeletons. poison bite (save versus poison or die). hps 10. with magic missile and sleep memorised. AL N. sleep). XP 95. are numerous pieces of treasure that the 18. spell-caster. hps 23. ACKS page 194. The Queen’s Nest]: This domed chamber is the lair of the Queen. twice the weight). half-a-dozen giant mage: 1 Charm Person. but a pair of brain-eating spider stand guard. Queen and attract her guards (see below). Dmg 1d8. webbing. ACKS locked iron chest padded with red silk. SV F2. a #AT 1 bite. locks are currently empty. AL N. ML 0. like a roaring lion.000 copper pieces. the centre is a simple pit trap. another locked coffer. poison bite. HD 3. ML -1. 11. again full of webs that half movement. also intelligent and able to speak Common. a beautifully designed war-hammer with a head shaped web. The Queen: AC 6. poison bite. a pair of spider. three spears with silver tips (each worth 50 gp). ML 0. x. In the middle of the chamber is a simple pit trap. Dmg 2d4/2d4/2d8. ACKS page 194.rounds). #AT 1 (bite). There are three giant jumping spiders.600. HD 2. a large. heroism (3). 3 Hold Person and Lightning Bolt. Trap]: This room is full of cobwebs. Dmg 2d6. also intelligent and able to speak are dozens of skeletons. SV F2. HD 8**. covered by loose webbing. Dmg 2d6. anyone falling in. hps 48. HD 3. AL N. spells (magic missile. all page 194. before dealing an extra 1d6 damage from landing in them. is legs. a bronze coffer (locked) full of silver coins. human and otherwise. ML 0. sack holding 2. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). [18. also intelligent and able to speak Common. ML +2. bloated brain-eating spider who sits in a web littered with bones and partially digested corpses. ACKS page 194. [17. The four cells with thick iron bars and simply bolt. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). except grants immunity to non-magical poison. 7. of steel. 2 Detect Invisibility. XP 1. AL N. XP 95. #ATS 3 (2 [19. and Shield. with a dozen small rubies (worth 500 gp apiece). ACKS page 189. and anyone using it against the spiders for spiders. to the exclusion of all others. all over the place. SV F1. a Brain-Eating Spiders (2): AC 3. a shaft of heavy steel. #AT 1 (bite). XP 38. growth (2). XP 215. 7. Monster] This large chamber. 7. reducing all movement by half. At the bottom web. It also allows the wielder to pass through webs as well as a spider. 7. ML +1. Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). bite). Monster]: This area is where the intelligent spiders keep their prey. HD 3. anyone entering the area has a 4 in 6 of triggering the trap and falling 30’ into the pit. poisonous bite. bickering about how long it has been since they last ate someone. 4 their race was born from the death of a god. web. Move 120’ (40’). 250 gp for the craftsmanship). 423 of them. unlabelled: healing (3). Stuck in the web. Neither of these is a [21. hps 6. [20. 10. around her web. 17. 15. covered by loose will become the target of their attacks. a suit of gold-plated plate armour (worth 500 hps 20. anyone entering the 11. Move 150’ (50’). 11. giant strength (2). SV F2. gp. who lurk Brain-Eating Spiders (2): AC 3. Dmg 0 or 2d8. 10. human and otherwise.253 gold pieces. eager to please her by capturing intruders. AL N. rd th spiders. intelligent th occupied by yet more spiders. web. Each is also a spell- hps x. and Mirror Image. caster. 40 Giant Jumping Spiders (3): AC 4. poison bite. all are listening to one of the intelligent spiders spin a story about how Invisibility. Dmg 2d6. SV F8. She is guarded by half-a-dozen brain-eating spiders. AL N. The noise will also alert the carving them up to feed upon. area has a 3 in 6 of triggering the trap and falling 30’ into the pit. Magic Missile. HD 4+2. 8. #AT 1 (leg or bite). Dimension Door and Wall of Ice. reducing all movement by half. MV 180’ (60’) & web 240’ (80’). #AT 1 (bite). which holds a dozen potion bottles. suction Queen has accumulated over the years: a locked iron chest full to the brim with Page legs. and their ‘pets’. SV F2. dealing an extra 1d6 damage to Common. Trap]: This room is engulfed by cobwebs. 23. XP 95.

a staff made of amber. If used in combat. destroying it and its magic. This is a magical staff that allows the user to cast Animal Friendship three times a day. 41 Page . there is a 1 in 6 chance that the staff shatters. wrapped tightly in webs. at 8 level. and Charm th Monster once a day. topped by an ape’s head. carved with animal shapes. and capped with an eagle’s.There is also.

magic). its mouth open. XP 215. HD 4+4. swallow whole (man-sized). words. either gold or food. SV F4. None of the doors are ACKS page 198. Dmg 1d8+1. Move 90’ (30’). AL C. Flies. sometimes just dirty. swirling with mud and 1d6/1d6/1d10. #AT 3 (2 claws. swamp grass and thick mud. ACKS page 199. +1. XP 215. AL C. Page the upper level. HD 6+3. XP 350. ACKS page 198). SV M5. #AT 1 (bite). Entrance]: A ladder leads up the wall to a trapdoor above. making a crude nest out of bones. ML +1. AL C. Empty]: This room is clean compared to the rest of the rooms. swallow whole. 1d6 Giant Leeches (AC 2. The floor here is coated in thick. XP 680. #ATS 1 (by weapon. acid. bite). Monster]: Lurking in this muddy room. Any natural 1 to hit results in a fall. HD 6. partially blocking the view. Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10. has warped from the damp and is difficult to open. AL N. buzzing and chirping away every hour. Most are empty. SV F3. ML -2. smelly mud. HD 4+4. for [1. she will scream and madly attack the nearest person. had a pair of over-sized leather boots and a chipped and rusted requiring an Open Doors check to open. Empty]: This chamber has thick vines hanging across the open entrance. HD 6+3. HD 5d4. inside. Monster]: A pair of mated fen trolls have taken up residence in this chamber. AL C. Anyone placing a suitable offering thick and clingy mud. but has long since used up her spells. MV 90’ (30’). but the door 1-2 ML +2. but are also camouflaged with mud and surprise on a 4 A dank. The hidden door [8. hps 22. with an encounter occurring on a 2 in 6 Fen Troll (2): AC 5. #AT 1 (bite). sometimes squats here in a pool of mud. but some are trapped. cold water. 28. Any combat in this area has a chance 42 MAP DETAILS of causing the combatants to slip and fall. chance. but is also easier to see (double the dagger. They WANDERING MONSTERS are deeply in love and will protect each other fiercely. Unless otherwise noted. The secret has warped and is stuck. ML 3-5 can be safely used as a place to camp. #AT 3 (2 claws. Swampy ground covers the floor. in 6. XP 570. bite). MV 120’ (40’). Mage “Tikki” Level 5: AC 0. XP 1d6 Encounters 680. bugs and tiny red frogs populate the corridors. Monster]: Hiding in this former store room is a lone woman who has been looks like a stone wall. Dmg [7. Move 120’ (40’). from a few [4. ML +2 (0 vs. DECOR Swamp Toads (2): AC 3. ACKS page 179). are a pair of swamp toads. There is nothing inside. hps 12. locked. is Tikki. SV F6. Dmg 1d4. MV 120’ (40’). As such. She was once a magician. Her name normal chance). is blessed for 1d6 hours. but pushing it reveals it is just dank and wet wood. ML +2 or 0. ACKS page 199). swampy level that feels ‘alive’. regeneration. regeneration. [5. [3. This dank stone level has thick 5’ blocks. Check for encounters every three turns. who can L EV E L 6_4 not only see in the dark. and has a series of 10’ store rooms leading off. and Dmg 1d8+1. [6. with 15’ high corridors and rooms. smelly water. but it 2d6 Swamp Toads (AC 3. Empty]: This long corridor has 3’ of dark. Dmg 1d6. 6 1d6 Fen Trolls (AC 5. dressed in rags. #AT 1 (blood drain). toad hides. Unless treated kindly and with hushed [2. 21. She is painted to resemble the stone walls. SV F6. MV 120’ (40’). but two are not (Room # 8 and 9). dagger). and from there to a ducking in the filthy water. anyone approaching has a reduced chance of spotting the inhabitants in the next room. SV F4. fire. there is no light in this dungeon level. driven mad after being trapped in the dungeon for the past six months. AL C. Statue of the Laughing Frog]: A dank basalt statue of the Laughing Frog inches to a couple of feet thick. warped wooden doors stuck in their iron-rimmed frames. hps 31. double if . pieces of detritus. but she doesn’t remember it.

345 gold coins. 5’ thick serpent with iridescent scales). that holds each. N. home to a small sea serpent (a 20’ long. thick gold chains worth 125 gp hungry giant leeches.598 gold pieces. unless some action is taken to save them. AL C. 7. dank room are a dozen disturbed. ML +2. coated in rust. Small Sea Serpent (1): AC 7. as well as half-a-dozen coin-sized jade gemstones. who will not take kindly to being [15. XP 2. 24. A rusted trap door of [10. [9. #ATS 1 (fist). 759 platinum pieces. claws. Dmg has been here several days and is extremely hungry. along with an iron chest that has badly rusted and fire elemental. tail lash Inside is the remnants of a library. 7’ of cold. HD 6. Move 120’ (40’). which it can gain by being ‘slain’. XP 680. ML +2. Each wears cheap-looking jewellery. hps 31. can be fished out before too much 5’ of cold. water floods in and topples the shelves. Dmg 1d6. it will go mad. A few.000 gp). SV F6.100. and 3. 33. Empty]: In this store room is a leaky iron bucket. immune to mundane attacks. #AT 3 (2 Giant Leeches (12): AC 2. 578 sp and 759 coppers.000 gp). muddy water that [16. submerged in rusting damage is done. however. but has lost spell. Monster]: The door to this room is not only trapped. muddy water. Empty]: This chamber is currently dry. 27. Empty]: This domed chamber and the corridor that leads away is filled with into the water and be ruined. even hot. and a water-tight bone scroll case. Page #ATS 2 (bite. its iron leads from here to the lower level. sealed with red wax.258 gold coins. the door wedged shut and watertight. bite [17. regeneration. XP 570.600. Monster]: In the centre of this domed chamber is a towering willow tree. hps 28. but wedged shut. containing water-proofed vellum scrolls that hold 3d6 random spells (levels 1-6). AL N. with bookshelves holding dozens of old tomes requires another save or else target is knocked prone. 24. Dmg 1d8/1d6. Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10. When the door opens and the water floods in. Inside the room is dry. HD 8**. 40. tail). dark muddy water. Monster]: This flooded room. is currently 1d6 damage. ML +2 (0 vs. dark. Fen Trolls (4): AC 5. 29. bite). XP 1. is some forgotten treasure. hps 39. 33. and a dozen platinum plates (worth 500 gp each). could once cast spells as a 5 level magician. that found itself in here suddenly after an encounter with a powerful magician. 39. Empty]: This water-logged room is 7’ deep. three large pearls (each book and used up her memorised spells. a lonely ruby (worth 1. [14. AL N. magic). ACKS page 199. MV 120’ (40’) swimming. and a large iron chest. th rescued. SV F4. Inside the chest is a pile of at the back of the room. spilling the coins. worth 500 gp each. SV F12. and also trapped. ACKS page 179. Trapped here is a raging bed has sank to the bottom. and scrolls. MV 120’ (40’). On either side of the stairs. ML +4. that holds 2. 31. hps 50. fire. iron chest that are so far water-tight. 31. causes paralysis for 2d6 turns if a save versus paralysation fails. 912 gold. #AT 1 (blood drain). rusted and locked tight. Exit to Lower Level]: This dank chamber is thankfully mud-free. 30. and one has an emerald hanging from his necklace (worth 1. Monster]: Hidden beneath the water of this damp. The elemental wants nothing more than its freedom. SV F3. and attack anyone it can see: each round it is in the water. [11. Move 120’ (40’). worth 250 gp). Sitting around and meditating before it are four fen trolls. As soon as the door is opened. It Fire Elemental (1): AC 9. ACKS 43 page 167. HD 6+3. (each worth 750 gp). 2d8. but damp patches cover the walls and moisture drips from the ceiling. full of cold. will fall [13. coins: 3. In the first chest are 2.482 silver pieces. as well as a leather pouch holding two topaz gems . bark almost black with mud that coats every surface. 29. 25.500 gp. and in the second. and 758 silver coins. acid. AL 29. The bucket breaks if picked up. it suffers [12. that is bound to a silver brazier of ever-burning coals that stands has a 1 in 6 chance of falling apart when handled. Most of the books. HD 12. hides a former bedroom that may have once been stately. The wooden pulp of a keeping the water out.

A book on ancient history. but as soon as the doors open water will which is a scroll of Ward Against Elementals. which it keeps in a battered wooden chest beneath its bed of broken furniture. other attacks spilt it in two. #AT 1 1d6 Trap (blood drain). and a bone scroll-case in [18. suffering 2d6 [20. AL N. Empty]: Muddy water and lichen covers this room. hps 33. 34. victim is also blinded. regeneration. HD 6. which both taste and look like strong beer. recovers at 1 [21. Spell scroll: 1d6 random spells (levels 1-4). The table below giant leeches. ACKS page 179. two potions (Human Control. SV F3. is nothing of interest in the room. [23. Dmg 1d6. hps 28. Spell book: 2d6 random spells (levels 1d4+1). in turn. from other locations. hidden in the door handle: save versus poison Black Pudding (1): AC 3. triggers the trap: lining the walls and floor of this room are strips of highly volatile metal of a pale grey colour. ACKS page 199. SV F5. and Giant Control). the rotten remains of a wooden table and a rusted iron stove in the corner. 29. AL N. Monster]: In this room lurks a bubbling black pudding that coats the entire 1-2 damage each round until removed or a 10 rounds pass. paralysed by Opening the door triggers a puff of gas from a concealed compartment: save cold. these strips Fen Troll (1): AC 5. and a Ward Against Magic. determines the nature of each trap: Giant Leeches (4): AC 2. hps 48. flood in. XP 570. at 0 or below victim is comatose and appears dead. A book on brewing potions. MV 60’ (20’). 23. but as a general rule they could grant a +2 to +4 bonus on proficiency throws. Opening the door releases a pressure switch. Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10. .000 sp. 3d6. A book on hunting dragons. A book on culinary delights. There 680. and the ceiling opens to deposit a 44 blob of acid on the opener: save versus paralysis or be struck. when wet. explode violently. HD 6+3. Move 120’ (40’). empty wooden bookshelves 2. SV F6. This. HD 10. Hidden amongst the mud are 4 Several of the doors in this dungeon level are trapped. It has scrapped together some treasure 6. Anyone in the room and twenty feet before the door are hit by bite).550. complete with stone basin. #AT 3 (2 claws. once a kitchen. AL C. line the walls and an old desk sits alone in the middle of the room. XP a flash of fire and steam. Monster]: A deformed and bullied fen troll has made its home here.A total of 1d6 books and scrolls can be salvaged. believes it is safe since the way is hidden. unable to act and suffering 5-6 a point of temporary Constitution and Strength damage each round. Muddy Room]: This chamber is thick with mud (2-3’ deep) and trickling water leaks from cracks in the walls and ceiling. Dmg 3-4 or die. In the room. a natural 1 means the Page floor There is nothing else in the room. and the wood is starting to rot from the damp. ML +2. The exact benefits of these books should be determined by the Judge. A simple needle coated with poison. magic). dealing 6d6 damage (save versus breath for half). mark the walls. which looks like it was point per hour. versus poison or cough uncontrollably for 1d20 rounds. XP 1. ACKS page 156.. Wet patches 3. The chest contains 1. simple level on the other side). fire. 1. with a secret door that is hidden behind an empty bookshelf that opens when the bottom shelf is pushed down (shuts after a 1. 4.000 cp. and 5. #ATS 1 (acid). mud. ML -2 (-4 vs. TRAPPED DOORS [19. harmed only by fire. acid. turn. are per this list: [22. Trap]: This room is currently dry. Old Study]: A former study. ML n/a. and bones. Move 120’ (40’).

#ATS 1 (spikes). and 12 Orange Spikes clinging to the fungus mushrooms that are growing from the walls. charge attack. save versus petrification or be knocked prone. slime and deformed mushrooms: the floor. [1. 14. to a minimum of 2 HD. paralytic spikes. 19. Move 120’ (40’). Move 120’ (40’). AL N. Store Room]: A dusty cupboard that has nothing in it except for an old XP 95. one random character is instantly teleported [6. 3-5 lightning. SV F1. Tool Shed]: this former storage room once held tools. #ATS 1 (touch). 12. #ATS 1 (spikes). dissolve victims with acid. Orange. AL N. . by fire. the tools have been digested by a mass of black pudding that clings to the ceiling. knocked prone. Dmg 1d6. One occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. HD 10. [3. 9. on this level. 12. ML 0. dissolve victims with acid. some are Orange Spikes (15): AC 6. broom. SV F3. XP 95. weapons stick in tar. 1d6 Encounters 1 2d6 Custodians on their way back to level 1: (AC 2. HD 1. SV F3. 1d6 damage per round. XP 95. Entrance]: This 20’ square room is dusty from lack of use. HD 3. AL N. save versus paralysation or be paralysed for 2d6 turns. hps 16. 11. dissolve Green Slime drops from the ceiling: (AC n/a. #At 1. HD 2. pulsating orange-yellow mould. Move 120' (40’). The lower left the corridors and hangs from the ceiling. floor and ceiling. ML n/a. paralytic spikes. new monster) Dmg 3d8 (acidic). WANDERING MONSTERS [5. and the rooms are full of strange plants and flowers. which has the tomb of the doors. Garden]: The door to this chamber is locked. 12. but is punctured by three head- DECOR sized holes. HD 3. XP 38. jammed stone door that requires an Open Doors roll to force open. ML echoes through the corridors. hps 52. harmed only 2 SV F1. 14. cold-based attacks paralyse it. 11. 10. HD 3. Dmg 1d6. Move 3’ (1’). The large chamber is Carved from the bedrock. and a smell of citrus fruit wafts occasionally on a n/a. 17. new monster). 15. illuminated by a magical light shining from a all 20’ high. and all swing inwards when pushed. 45 ML n/a. 10. walls and lies in irregular patches upon corner is filled with flowering orange fungus. AL N. 5. charm and sleep. SV F5.550. AL N. XP 13. 11. The doors are typically stone. 18. AL N. ready to drop on foolhardy adventurers. on a successful hit. Fungus Room]: The door to this room is open. hps 17. save versus paralysation or be paralysed for 2d6 turns. 15. this is where the Orange Spikes pass through. XP 1. the worn stone walls are 10’ high. [4. yellow and dull green fungus lies heaped in the corners of ceiling made of yellow crystal. ML n/a. splits into two. save versus petrification or be slight breeze. Move 60’ (20’). Dmg 1d6. (club). and a large stone throne at the back wall opposite the double Fungus mars the simple stone of this dungeon. when struck by weapons or 2d6 Orange Spikes (AC 6. but only specks of Check for encounters every hour. disappearing in a flash and a puff of smoke. Move 120’ (40’). and the room beyond if full of Page to that room. locked. 12. acid. and the exit is a Orange Spikes (12): AC 6. 18. the light is as strong as sunlight. some trapped. dungeon’s creator hidden away behind secret doors. [2. 17. 17. Dmg acid. 15. #At 1 (spikes). Acks page 174). 17. paralysis. Dmg 1d6. ML n/a. A faint rustling sound 12. A phosphorescent glow lights the MAP DETAILS room. on a successful hit. amongst these are 15 Orange Spikes. immune to hold. There is no light. Welcome Hall]: This large room has a row of worn stone benches along the L EV E L 6_5 two long walls. #At 1 Black Pudding (1): AC 3. metal and wood remain. 6 Random teleport occurs: roll 1d20. ACKS page 156. given off by the fungus that covers the walls. anything except stone. with steel locks embedded into each. SV F3. 1d6 damage per round. 19.

the floor and ceiling damp. each worth 250 gp each. mugs and steel cutlery. Waiting Room]: This 20’ room holds stone benches along the walls. who opens the trapdoor. 3. everything. which lasts for 2d8 hours. weapon or lightning attacks split jelly into rose blossom.[7. ACKS pages 121-122). ACKS skeleton of an elf sits on one bench. #ATS 1 (touch). Dmg 2d6 (acidic). longs to be free. these chairs will fall apart if sat upon. grants a an old (empty) lantern rests upon it. 1. SV F8. ACKS page 120- [9. most in poor condition and so old that they standing in the room is a large 10’ tall discoloured copper statue of a giant simply crumble to the touch. to a portal that leads elsewhere). I Sold My Heart to a Fungus Lord (paranormal romance fiction). Invisible Stalker (1): AC 6. Most have no titles on their leather spines. Move 120’ (40’). Library]: Book cases cover the three walls. -3 to creating Cross-Breeds. The walls are thick with slimy fungus. It 2. hps 33. slime or pudding monster). and has been here for decades or maybe longer. caved in. stone table in the middle of the room. Iron Men (theories and diagrams on golem construction. The 8. Kitchen]: A well-fitted kitchen. and a sink with a working tap 6. that is carved to resemble wood and leather in 1 round. Wishing Upon a Star (contains the Ritual Spell ‘Wish’. its skull page 123). hps 28. ACKS with fresh cold water (if the sink is smashed open. with two bottles . but also holds half-a-dozen small 1d3+2 smaller blobs of 2HD each (dealing 1d6 damage). The Biology of Oozes. The Wizard’s Guide to Castles (reduces stronghold construction [11. and stood and rusted locks from chests. and Dozens of books line the shelves. comfortable and intact wooden chairs and a low table between them. 9. but a mushroom. Strengthening the Mind (takes a month to read. ACKS page 186. XP 350. normal damage. Slimes and Puddings (allows players to read the monster entry on any ooze. opponent’s surprise checks. a decanter of endless water is page 120). Servants’ Room]: a former dormitory. is anyone drinking them becomes completely drunk and happy (-4 penalty to a glistening ochre jelly that has eaten anything of value. but immune to fear effects and regains 2d6 hit points along with a confidence boost). a low mind). Exit]: This domed chamber holds a bronze trapdoor that leads to further chairs against the wall with the door. Building a Monster in Ten Easy Steps (+5 to throws when Dmg 4d4. HD 5. with a set of three rotten wooden [8. dissolves cloth. and an iron hat-stand in the corner. and 7. There is also a silver jewellery box inside the cabinet.100. AL N. with metal frames where beds once of well-aged red wine still uncorked and drinkable. with fairly costs by 1%). its possessions long since gone. Ochre Jelly (1): AC 1. cupboards of 121). contains schematics for building an Iron Golem. permanent +1 to saving throws versus enchantments of the [10. 10. levels of the dungeon (or. SV F3. XP 1. ML n/a. hidden under a growth of green fungus and few are readable if care is taken: mushrooms are dozens of bones from various humanoids. long disused. HD 8. ACKS page 178. fire and cold do rubies. It is worth 250 gp by itself. with a stove. 5. Sitting Room]: This locked room is a disused sitting room. Both are also magical. The Road to Un-Life (details on how to become a lich. [12. Page revealed to be the source). Behind the statue. 4. AL N. who was given the order to kill anyone mushroom edible). 46 chipped ceramic plates. ML +4. but is determined to fulfil its purpose. A long stone table sits in the centre of the room. summoned monster. 101 Ways to Cook Mushrooms (11+ throw to make any The exit is guarded by an invisible stalker. invisible. if there are no further levels. Lurking in the room. Move 30’ (10’). on the walls or ceiling. #ATS 1 (fist). A drinks cabinet of rich red mahogany (worth 100 gp) sits in the corner. Where’s Wizzo? (an illustrated children’s book).

crumbling. HD 5. hps 16. SV F5. and pitted green soapstone altar lies close to the trapped door. all of which do half damage. slowly dying from asphyxiation In the chest of drawers are: in 1d10 rounds. Sanctuary (1st lvl). AL C.000gp. and a tiger Dmg 2d6 and special. 1. spells to be inked onto scrolls. that holds the following treasure: foliage as they move through the room. poison. Chapel]: This was once a chapel dedicated to some now forgotten god. On a successful attack. spores erupt from its face: and a bronze medallion (sunburst symbol. immune to charm. and a dampness oozes over everything. AL C. the only thing missing are the raw materials such rickety stool. who is actually an undead mummy that reacts if disturbed in any way.000 gp. worth 50gp each (5 stone each). SV F5. eye (25 gp) in a pouch of leather. char. ML +4. Bed Room]: A bedroom that has seen better days. It is valued at 12. Upon opening its eyes. The foliage covers everything. . sleep and poison. Zombie Child (4): AC 4. opening its dry eyes and possibly paralysing viewers with fear. #ATS 2 (fists). limiting vision to about 5’ and immune to sleep. The room is also hot and humid. XP 500. and a cracked  A Potion of Polymorph. XP 2. hold. water (drinkable). ML n/a. locked. rotten and shape on the wall. with a stuck drawer (Open Doors to force) that contains a set of master keys for all the doors on this level. An old. ML +4. Wizard Lock (2nd lvl). [15.  1. hps 26. XP 460. HD 8+4. [16. [14. sodden plant-flesh. th actions require. clumps of mushrooms have broken through the stone in the out of their tombs to attack anyone opening the secret door (just a flush door- corners of the room.000 gp (limited to 5 level or lower research.000 sp. a lapis lazuli (25 gp). a spinel (250 gp). HD 5+1. Striking (3rd lvl). worth 40 gp). a pearl necklace (6. each also contains an Hold Monster (5th lvl). turned as mummies. a half. Study]: A former study of rich furnishings. or if they are disturbed. The  1 statuettes of a tiger (1 stone). a chest of drawers and a bedside table with a and all manner of research. and a green soapstone. Move 120’ (40’). coffin bears the likeness of a young boy on the lid. In the bed is a seemingly dry and brittle corpse of an old woman.29.000 ep. SV F4.600. attacked or moves from line of sight. growing out of a rich soil that is water by an oval pool of ever-full 1d12 plus mummy rot. twisted plants. but is thankfully free of laboratory that would allow potions to be mixed. and takes half damage from fire due to its gold and silver tiger faces (worth 400 gp). It holds a four-poster bed. only harmed by magic reducing movement by half. Each stone Scroll of Arcane Spells (Written in Dwarven): Phantasmal Force (2nd lvl). hold and position. spells or fire. Page victim must save versus breath or inhale. plus a Scroll of Ward animated corpse. #ATS 1 (bite). two Shambling Wolf (1): AC 4. flowers and Mummy (1): AC 6. zircons (75 gp each). base of a shattered statue stands before two rows of broken pews. the mahogany walls are rotten secret entrance to the other tombs. These withered and ancient corpses raise with black mould. 27. first by ACKS page 117-118). plant. an enhanced and augmented zombie child left to guard the against Elementals. Move 90’ (30’).  A copper case holding a Scroll of Divine Spells (Written in Draconic): [17. A set of wall-mounted tables hold an expensive and extensive [18. It hates non-plants and will ambush anyone who crushes the Under the bed is a flat chest. but it is merely an effect of lingering magic that keeps the laboratory dust and dirt free. all seeing it must save versus paralysis or be frozen with dread until Lurking amongst the foliage is one of the late wizard’s early experiments.  3 jars of dyes and pigments. Move 60’ (20’). carved to resemble a wise old man in baggy robes. surprising on a 4 in 6. Crypt]: Standing watch over a quartet of stone sarcophagi is a tall statue of Growth of Animals (3rd lvl). mixed in with 1 malachite (10 gp). #ATS 1 (fist). Indoor Garden]: This room is full of strange. ACKS page 185. a shambling wolf.000 gp). Dmg stunted trees. hps 40. desk sits in the middle of the room. 1. 28. Laboratory]: This surprisingly clean room looks like it has seen recent use. weapons. fungi. immune to charm. Dmg 1d8/1d8. plus a porcelain bracelet studded with 47 hold and sleep magic. half-beast that resembles a cross between a compost heap and a wolf. [13. triggered by a loose stone). worth 1. AL C.

550. Shield.000 gp each). Ghostly Wizard (1): AC 6. the mirror images of everyone present suddenly twist and change. attempts to open or pass through the door out. this one of blue marble. hold. All within the chamber must save versus breath or blast or be struck by shrapnel which attacks any intruders who enter the room. which holds the yellowed and brittle bones of a man. and take 5d6 damage. that of which could be harvested for parts at the Judge’s discretion.[19. bearing the likeness of an old man in rich robes. False Tomb]: This smaller chamber holds another sarcophagus. all sarcophagus is trapped: anyone lifting the lid releasing a pressure switch. 44. immune to [21. HD 10. Inside the coffin is a skeleton made of gold dusted with diamond glitter Good. trapped. can detect invisibility 60’ range. AL N. 43. down to abilities. Phantasmal Force.000 gp for the platinum). Flesh to Amber Golem (1): AC 3. immune to ordinary weapons. SV F5. if a save versus [20. Dmg 1d12 cold. etched with arcane runes signalling death and Web. There are trophy heads all sorts of well-known made of yellow marble. or attacks the Spell Repertoire: (1 ) Charm Person. weighs 10 stone). bite). cannot be turned. magical Rod of Resurrection (4 charges. ML n/a. Confusion. SV F5. sarcophagus that bears the likeness of a handsome man dressed in luxurious can pass freely through solid objects. Fireball. sleep. He the viewers: then they step out of the mirrors and attack the originals! rests in a green marble tomb. (5 ) Cloudkill. Inside the coffin is a solitary platinum spoon. can fly and hover at-will. 3 (2 claws. XP 1. HD 14. another shows a distorted ‘thin’ [24. Move 180’ (60’). (6 ). Hold Person. th Conjure Elemental. False Tomb]: Another tomb. Magic Missile. and casts robes. 50. making it explode! Guarding this collection is a giant panther made of amber: an amber golem. Move 180’ (60’). but this time releases a burst of arcane energy that fills the room with green light and affects everyone with a Confusion spell effect. ML +4.200. hold. AL N. and all take 2d6 damage (no save) from the pulse of blue- white energy. programmed to attach anyone who st disturbs the tomb. Magic Jar. ACKS page 173. bite). [23. Dmg 2d6/2d6/2d10. Polymorph Other. hps 57. XP 8. and some lesser known ones (pick two dozen monsters at random). decoration at all. A pair of diamonds are fitted into the eye sockets (worth 2. this time bodies of various monsters.550. One mirror shows a distorted ‘fat’ version of the viewer and conceals the secret door to the tomb below. Death Spell. The lid is once again can detect invisibility 60’ range. with a polished spells fails. worth 3. #ATS Stone. AL C. The monsters. Real Tomb]: This is the real tomb of the wizard that built the dungeon. When slain each shatters into shards of mirrored glass. gases In the sarcophagus is the following items of treasure: and poison. ACKS page 173. skills and equipment spirit haunts the room as a spell-casting ghost. Disintegrate. Mirror Image. floor and ceiling. ML n/a. False Tomb]: This chamber holds an elaborately decorated red marble 48 sleep.000 gp. XP 1. Wall of Ice. hold and poison. . each resembles a giant Page th spells as a 14 -level mage: ape. (3 ) Dispel Magic. Both swing open when pushed. Lightning Bolt. charm. charm. and opens into the crypt. only harmed by magic. They are in fact guardian amber golems. floods the coffin with powerful arcane energy. #ATS 3 (2 claws. hps 50. Watching over it are four 15’ tall amber statues. gases and poison. False Tomb]: The final false tomb holds a plain stone sarcophagus. Wall of Fire. charm. Move 240’ (80’) flight. but still bearing the likeness of the handsome man. leaving nothing of value behind. which is actually a Amber Golem (1): AC 3. His skeleton lies on a bed of treasure he was entombed with. Dmg 2d6/2d6/2d10. (4 ) th duty. and fight the original copies to the death. Protection from nd statues.The Mirror Room]: This room is covered with tall mirrors. (2 ) Detect Invisibility. It will not leave the room. sleep. hps 41. and his malevolent Each mirror image is an exact duplicate. no image. rd th (worth 5. SV M14. immune to ordinary weapons. The room radiates magic and after a turn spent inside. becoming ugly. corrupt versions of [25. #ATS 1 (touch). The Trophy Room]: This large room is dominated by the stuffed heads and [22. HD 10.

 A pearl and sapphire studded necklace (worth 3. TRAPPED DOORS Several of the doors in this dungeon level are trapped. carved to resemble a naked woman chained to a tree. recovers at 1 point per hour. The table below determines the nature of each trap: 1d6 Trap Opening the door releases a pressure switch.  A pair of large diamonds in the skull’s eye sockets (worth 2.000 gp).  An oak and silver banded Staff of Wizardry (14 charges remaining). unable to act and 5-6 suffering a point of temporary Constitution damage each round. at 0 or below victim is comatose and appears dead. causing a concealed explosive to 1-2 detonate: does 4d6 damage to all within 10’ of the door (both sides). hidden in the door handle: save versus poison 3-4 or die. A simple needle coated with poison.500 gp each). 49 Page .000 platinum pieces acting as a bed for the skeleton. save versus breath or blast for half-damage.  5. Opening the door triggers a puff of mould spores from a concealed compartment: save versus poison or cough uncontrollably for 1d20 rounds.

SV F2. also ages target 1d10 years. some padlocked over chains holding the doors shut tight. while the floor is spears. it releases a puff of gas that effects anyone within 5’ of the coffin. with entropy running wild. HD 2+2. XP 235. ML +4. #AT 1 (touch). Check for encounters every three turns. with even the magical lamps dread fills the air. the victim has the urge to jump down the pit. eventually. SV claw) squatting tall before a basin of dark red liquid. leads to another level. SV healed as per the Restore Life & Limb spell. HD 6+2. those that die here become Lesser Shadows in 1d6 hours. they then draw back into the signs of wear. . Faint magical lamps hang off spikes in the upper corner of every walls and reset. memories of their past lives. HD 4+4. and a foul stench issues from the basin. thick with shadows. Move 90’ (30’). Strength drain. Entrances]: Each of these rooms holds the stairs that lead into the meagre treasure. with unlocked doors leading into the corridors beyond. plunging them into a 60’ deep pit. that jealously guard their [1. Shrine]: A pair of worn copper doors open into a dark room with a statue of 1d6 Encounters a deformed crow (odd-sized wings. Strength drain. dungeon rotates out of alignment. with a sturdy iron ring to pull. AL C. accompanied by the smell of rotting roses. [6. adorn the 15’ walls and 20’ tall rooms. #AT 1 (touch). 6” square and all of different faded colours and stuck onto small 1’ [8. between the lights the shadows are unnaturally thick and are never fully dispersed. spells by 1d10 years. Glazed tiles. but such is the potency that the F4. Commune). The shadows lie thick and 1-2 deep in the corners of the room. the features of the dungeon level age a year. AL C. F4. where hot air wafts up. Strength drain. ACKS page 192). One occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. quaffing drinker must make a save versus poison or suffer terrible stomach creates a blast of entropic energy. Dmg 1d6. MAP DETAILS Amidst these shadows are five greater shadows. 50 2d6 Lesser Shadows (AC 2. Pit Trap]: An unlit and small room. a topaz gemstone (worth 750 gp). dungeon. There is enough blood left for six doses. The coffin is empty. missing a 2d6 Greater Shadows (AC 2. Dmg 1d4. Doorways are thin sheets of pad midway down the trapped area: spears thrust out of the walls. and. and a bone scroll case containing a divine spell scroll WANDERING MONSTERS (Restore Life & Limb. A thickly shadowed level of faded colour and worn stone. when slain. All are cracked. which are triggered by a pressure hexagonal tiles over more stone. ACKS page 192). if a exposure causes further rapid aging [every hour make a save versus spells or age save versus poison fails. and if carried out it loses its power after 1d6 days. A black stone sarcophagus lies before a bottomless pit. Prolonged broken. Dmg 1d6. Whenever the shedding little light. Move 90’ (30’). Trapped Corridor]: Hidden in the walls of this stretch of corridor are twenty blocks of stone. AL C. all showing as a 10 HD monster and dealing 2d6 damage each. four in all. resulting in another year]. If as does anyone out in the corridors (although the rooms are safe). To 5. 1d6 attacking copper. shedding a dismal 5’ radius of soft light. and a plain stone L EV E L 6_6 trapdoor. XP 680. 3-5 The liquid is god’s blood and acts as a potent curative: anyone drinking of it is ML +4. which has thick cobwebs on the ceiling and dust covering the fake floor: anyone stepping inside will break the thin wooden DECOR covering. death. #AT 1 (touch). corridor and room. crooked beak. protruding eyes. set at waist height on an adult human. Entrance & Exit]: A flight of stairs leads into the dungeon. [10. XP 59. 30’ radius that ages all who do not save versus cramps and is out of action for 1d6 hours. [7. ML +4. A heavy sense of [9. Tomb]: This chamber is wrapped in darkness. Dormitory]: A dormitory of old bunk beds. [11. Move 90’ (30’). ACKS page 192. Inside the revealed cavity is a silk sack of 2751 gp. Page 6 A lone Entropic Shadow (AC 3.). but has a false wooden bottom.

tarnished. worth 500 gp (5 and trapped with a poison needle (save versus poison or die). target 1d10 years. ML +4.000 gp. each worth 41gp. each worth 100gp. stored on a bookcase hidden by the other items. AL C. as a bookmark. 26.  An authentic Treasure Map (to wherever the Judge wishese it to lead). labelled ‘Eat Me’. Move 90’ (30’). XP 235.  1 flawless diamond (4. also ages  An old iron cauldron containing 1.  Chest containing 1. Strength drain.  12 bone fetishes (dream catchers). 7 lapis lazuli (25 gp). and sable). SV F4. mink.  1.  1 silver unholy symbols. (10 gp). Dmg 1d6. Lesser Shadows (5): AC 2. creates a blast of entropic energy. worth 150 gp each (1 stone per 2 books). They hold the stone weight) in the corner. each). 24. with broken Greater Shadows (3): AC 2. hps 29. XP 235. when slain. each worth 15 gp. each worth 93 gp. perfume. ACKS page 192. with jet stone eyes (worth 90 #AT 1 (touch). 1 (touch). 2 turquoise gems (25 gp [14. 1 lapis lazuli (25 gp). worth 6. loose on the floor. ACKS wall.  A bronze cloak pin. a quartz greater shadows. 2 vials of rare subjects. AL C. ML +4. Move 90’ (30’).000 Gold pieces. hps 20. AL C. following items (clockwise. toppled stools.000 Platinum pieces in a locked steel strongbox (difficult lock. 17. worth 500 gp. XP 59. ACKS gp). stuck inside one of the rare books.  1 rich fur coat (1 stone each). each worth 600gp. Move 90’ (30’).000 Silver and 1. a citrine (50 gp). ACKS page 192. 14. Strength drain.  1 statuette of a whale (1 stone). stuffed 1. [13. #AT pottery strewn across the floor. hps 16. from centre):  5 pieces of ivory (1 stone per 100 gp value). inside one of the rare books. Strength drain.  7 amethyst cylinder seals depicting religious scenes of various gods and 3. SV F4. Treasury]: These rooms each hold large. 24. 18. 9. on top of the bookshelf. Strength drain. 2. each worth 20 gp. lying on the floor. hanging up on a wall 29. and 3 statuettes of goddesses. Dmg 1d6. each worth 1. rusting.000 gp).  A locked strongbox under one bed. Store Room]: This small room is basically a closet. in a tattered sack. HD 4+4. 11. #AT 1 (touch). SV F2. page 192. HD 6+2. SV F4. ML +4. shaped like a snake. XP 680. Dmg 1d4. [12. in a variety of of ivory each worth 65gp (1 stone per 100gp value). but the junk that has been dumped here is actually a load of valuable treasure: Entropic Shadow (1): AC 3. which holds an assortment of gemstones: 2 crystal six-sided dice (50 gp). hook.142 Gold pieces stuffed into a mouldy mattress that leans against the 51 radius that ages all who do not save versus spells by 1d10 years. 1 statuette of a stallion (1 stone).  A folded Divine Spell Scroll (Written in Draconic): Hold Person (2nd lvl). 3 Agate (25 gp). 8. Mess Hall]: Long tables and benches line this old dining room. three to a bed.  4 pouches of saffron. worth 80 gp. . on the floor.126 Electrum pieces. hanging on a bed knob. 1. Dmg 1d6. led by a lone entropic shadow. Treasure in the room:  A Potion of Delusion. a and a rusted axe in the corner. #AT 1 (touch).000gp. Move 90’ (30’). Guard Room]: This former guard room has a broken table. and a further 28 larger pieces  24 rare books. 30’  1. HD 4+4. foxes (1 stone each). Greater Shadows (5): AC 2. HD 2+2. worth 1. ML +4. AL C. page 192. 16 small pieces of ivory. and a rough-cut hematite (10 gp). -4 to Page checks).200 gp.000 Silver pieces. iron chests that are locked  1 bundles of rare fur pelts (ermine. 3 Bloodstone (50 gp). Still ‘guarding’ the room are several lesser and moonstone (50 gp). hps 14. [15. into a tattered teddy bear.

folded Scroll of Ward against Lycanthropes. a decaying oak table. and further wounds add an extra round to the laughter’s out. consisting of the following items of treasure: duration. carved to out laughing. Deadly Pit Trap]: A flimsy piece of stone covers this pit (4 in 6 chance of  1. The effect lasts for 1d10 tattered remains of plate armour. The blade is silver and has a blunted tip. broken sink.000 Silver. Against goblins and  Several bottles: a Potion of Healing. and a Scroll of Ward against Lycanthropes. the contents spilling rounds. Dmg 1d4. Assorted gemstones: 1 chalcedony (75 gp). Sleep (1st lvl). 5. lose Dexterity bonuses to AC). [19. Scroll of Ward against three lesser shadows. o Homeward Bound: created by a mage that wanted some In the foot lockers are the following items of value: protection against his ‘creations’. orichalcum jewelled necklace (4. +3 versus summoned creatures. Slumped over it is the skeleton of a giant ape dressed in the movement. 1 star ruby (750 gp). save versus breath or bundle). and three magical swords in  1 Glass trinkets (70 gp). 9. topaz gems (700 gp). Scroll of Arcane Spells (Written in Classical Auran): rack that once held weapons stands by the door. #AT 1 Page (touch). each worth 10gp. Barely standing lantern in the presence of Shadows or Undead (60’ range). cupboards adorn the walls.  Goblin-Puncher: a dwarf-forged sword with a bearded face for the  1 chryselephantine necklace (900 gp). Potion of Water Breathing. a rolled Scroll of Ward against Elementals. an ivory bracelet with  6 pouches of belladonna or wolfsbane. HD 2+2.000 Silver. blast for half damage).000 gp). SV F2. Kitchen]: An old kitchen with stove. tarnished silver scabbards (which are worth 100 gp): [17. which is 100’ deep and has spikes along the walls and  16 bundles of fur pelts (bear skins). 1 crystal (50 gp). worth 900 gp. Barracks]: A five bunk barracks.  A platinum case (worth 500 gp) holding several magical scrolls: Scroll of Arcane Spells (Written in Classical Auran): Sleep (1st lvl). XP 59. ACKS page o Glow-Stick: a magical +1 dagger that glows in the dark.  1 lapis lazuli (25 gp). each worth 15gp. Throne Room]: In the centre of this room is an obsidian throne. hilt. Potion their kin. breaking through). worth 5gp each (1 stone per 5 bottles). Scroll of Ward [16.  6 pouches of saffron. At the bottom are numerous skeletons. 52  In the skeleton’s hands are a pair of magical weapons: Lesser Shadows (3): AC 2. (75 gp). intensity of a lantern. Strength drain. and amongst the shadows are Charm Person (1st lvl). hps 12. making it difficult to focus (-2 to attack rolls.  1 onyx (50 gp). Its pack lies on the floor. worth 15gp each (3 stone per covering the floor (dealing an additional 5d10 damage.  The Last Laugh: a gift from a king to his favoured jester. attack. and. the goblin-kin must save versus paralysation or be knocked prone. and a Potion of Philter of Love. this is a sword +1. Lycanthropes. empty except for a single silver comb (worth 75 gp). with foot lockers by each bunk. 14. with the 192. 1 sardonyx  19 bottles of fine wine. An empty against Elementals. AL C. this magical +3 sword forces anyone wounded by it to save versus spells or burst [18. A Potion of Longevity. as well as a wrought  1. 4. ML +4. broken and .  1 rich fur cape (1 stone). 1 Azurite (10 gp). a  1 quartz (10 gp)1 Agate (25 gp). it functions as a +1 sword and on the roll of a natural 20 to of Flying. half resemble skulls. and  Shadow-Bane: a silver-bladed +1 sword that glows as bright as a rusting pots and pans hanging from rotten pegs on the walls. Move 90’ (30’).

bundle). Move 90’ (30’). hps 13. and five lurking greater shadows. SV F4. also ages 18. 30’ ACKS page 192. when slain. #AT 1 (touch). worth 300 gp each (2 stone each). [21.  11 bundles of fur pelts (bear and wolf).  1 wrought silver necklace (600 gp). creatures’ former possessions. Entropic Shadow (1): AC 3. A four-poster bed lies on its side. [24. gp). ML +4. Strength drain. HD 4+4. each worth 13 gp.  5 pouches of belladonna.000 gp). Barracks]: Another barracks. XP 680. Several intact footlockers hold these An entropic shadow is here. worth 2. chest. both snake-headed women.  1 Wrought orichalcum regalia (4.  6 sticks of rare incense. Chapel]: A pair of statues. also ages  And a Treasure Map (to 3 magic items.603 Gold pieces. a  1 Amber (100 gp).500 gp each (4 stone each). 1 potion. HD 6+2. worth 15gp each (3 stone per 53  978 Electrum pieces. loose. ML +4. furniture. SV F4. armour. Entropic Shadow (1): AC 3. surprisingly unbroken. when slain. and a citrine (50 gp). 30’ .rusted equipment and useless weapons. tattered remains of sheets hanging from its rotten frame. AL C. 2 turquoise (25 gp).  1. HD 6+2. hps 23. hps 23. Store Room]: An empty storeroom. with three bunk beds and a pile of rotten moth-eaten remains of a night-cap. creates a blast of entropic energy. Bed Room]: This old bedroom has seen better days. worm-eaten and fragile.  3 packs of fine porcelain plates and cups. [22. An old oak  1 Gold studded with topaz regalia (worth 7. SV F4.000 gp). containing a Potion of Giant Strength. covered in dust and grime. Dmg 1d6. Bloodstone (50 gp). In the footlockers are the following items: In the chest is the following:  792 Silver pieces.000 gp). Page  1 lapis lazuli (25 gp). XP 235. target 1d10 years. and on a rickety stool is the [20. 16.  9 ingots of mithril. #AT 1 Greater Shadows (5): AC 2. loose. 1 scroll). worth [23.  1 wrought copper bracelet (130 gp). dressed in plate 500 gp each (2 stone each). XP 680. 2 tiger eye (25 gp). each worth 800 gp. Move 90’ (30’).  Assorted gemstones: 2 lapis lazuli (25 gp). sits in the corner. each other. with only a stool for furniture. 12. radius that ages all who do not save versus spells by 1d10 years. Strength drain. Strength drain.  A vial of crystal. (touch).  11 alabaster and jet game pieces with jewelled eyes. ACKS page 192. each worth 10gp. AL C. Dmg 1d6. (touch). an Agate (25 gp). and stained with old blood. sat in front of an  1. is an entropic shadow longing to quench the souls of the living. #AT 1  Two Scrolls of Ward against Magic. as well as decades of accumulated radius that ages all who do not save versus spells by 1d10 years. AL C.105 Platinum pieces. watch over an altar of ivory carved into intricate snakes writhing around  5 ornamental jars of rare spices. ML +4. 20. Dmg 1d6. obsidian altar that is scored and pitted. [25.  1 sapphire regalia (13. Shrine]: A dark shrine with a statue of a deformed crow. lost in thought of days long gone. creates a blast of entropic energy. Move 90’ (30’). 1 Azurite (10  1 porcelain chamber-pot with gold and silver patterns (500 gp). ACKS treasure: page 192.  2 Glass tankards with gold flecks in the glass (170 gp). target 1d10 years. Guard Post]: Lurking inside this small room.

 1 opal brooch in a platinum fittings ( valued at 4. hold. ML +3.  Scroll of Ward against Lycanthropes. poison and ordinary attacks. [28. assorted tools hanging from rusty hooks. worth 200gp (16 stone). charm. [29. worth 500 gp. leather and crushed plate mail. labelled ‘Tough’. [27. Pit Trap]: A loose stone covering conceals a 60’ pit trap. Several intact footlockers hold the following items:  1.  A Potion of Growth.  A Cursed Scroll (curse: The victim may not gain new experience). worth 300 gp each (5 stone each). [26.  1 barrel of fine brandy. and the following items of treasure:  1 statuette of the laughing god (1/2 stone weight). broken lanterns. worth 1. Move 150’ (50’) or flight 300’ (100’). AL C. #ATS 1 (touch). and a chair with manacles and spikes on the seat.  1 rich fur cape (1 stone).  A Scroll of Ward against Undead. HD 6. touch drains two levels. labelled ‘Big’. .  Treasure Map. immune to sleep. Page Spectre (1): AC 7. frayed rope.  2 crates of monster parts. Dormitory]: Another dormitory. in the form 54 of a malicious spectre.000 gp). iron maiden. Dmg 1d8 plus level drain. at the bottom of which are several broken skeletons in the remnants of chain.  A Potion of Invulnerability. SV F6. ACKS page 194. XP 820. haunting the cell is its tormented soul. Torture Chamber]: An eroding torture chamber complete with rack.000 Electrum pieces. hps 17. Rotten leather packs spill empty oil flasks.  2 crates of glassware. Cell]: A locked door with a peep-hole opens into a cell that holds the desiccated remains of an elf.900 gp. worth 200 gp each (5 stone each). with toppled bunk beds and broken furniture.

A cave that leads to a forgotten temple. HD 1. C A M P (R A I D E R S ) 6 2d6 Bandits . Aside from the Oasis of the Laughing Frog and the nearby ruined The winds blow over the dunes. Dmg 1d6.* ensure people can find their way to the oasis. poison sting. AL N. SV F2. ACKS page 183). XP 10. Dmg 1d6. XP 135. ML -1. #At 3 (2 claws. HD 1. AL C. 7-9 1d6 Giant Scorpions (AC 7. Move 120’ (40’). XP 10. OLD SILVER MINES 2d6 Encounters Long emptied mines that have become home to Sand Goblins. sandy waste. XP 10. HD 4*. with a small dungeon beneath. SV F6. Move 120’ (40’). SV F1. ACKS page 183).* but no one knows whether they are true. from www. or twice realms (see the adventure The Mirrored Hall. Dmg 1d6/1d6/2d6.* 55 2d6 Travelling Nomads on horses (AC 1. and a wide expanse on nearby cacti and fresh water. #AT 1 (by weapon). XP 10. creating a sighing sound that carries from miles tower. Move 120’ (40’). #AT 1 (by weapon). sting). #AT 1 Page th A campsite of 5d6 raiders. leaning haphazardly. HD 1. Dmg 1d6.XP 10. AL N. Rumours persist that it holds hidden treasure. Dmg 1d10/1d10/1d4. #AT 3 (2 claws. * These areas are left for the Judge to flesh out as desired. bite).* Caravan of 2d6 Merchants (AC 4. Roll 1d6 for road encounters. ACKS page 191). HD 1. ML 0. Move 120’ (40’). It rests on a jutting finger of dark rock.theskyfullofdust. SV th F1. 2 in 6 chance of riding horses (AC 1. 12 A lone Dune Shark (AC 6. SV F1. Move 150’ (50’). C A M P (B A N D I T S ) 1-2 with 1d6 guards (AC 4. led by a fighter of 4 level. HD 6.uk). that serves traders and travellers crossing from one kingdom to another. SV F1.* (by weapon). a day off the road.T HE D ESERT OF S IGHS A R E A M AP D E T AI L S The immediate area around the oasis covers the miles between the next way- A vast desert that is bisected by a trade road of gravel. ACKS page 183). ACKS page 183). THE RUINED TOWER 10-11 2d6 Raiders on camels (AC 1. ML 0. full details below. wherein are six mirrors that lead to other Random encounters occur on a 2 in 6. #AT 1 (by 3-5 weapon).co. THE MIRRORED HALL W ILDERNESS E NCOU NTERS A hallway hidden behind a landslide. Move 120’ (40’). . new monster). A campsite of 5d6 bandits. AL N. 1d6. burrow 180’ (60’). checked every hour near the road. Dmg 1d6. with a small inn. AL N. HD 1. SV F1. The oasis lies several leagues off the trade road. AL N. led by a fighter of 5 level. and 2d6 for off-road ones. Dmg A set of old ruins. #AT 1 (by weapon). there are several other areas of note. AL N. LOST TEMPLE Nearby lurks a ruined tower that the nomads avoid. A narrow road T H E G R E E N (O A S I S ) of flagstones leads to the settlement. and the rocky hills that mark the outermost limit of this stretch of the miles. XP 320. and the khan’s men maintain it weekly to An oasis. with camels. and gives the desert its name. ML +2. with outposts every 20 station. ML 0. Move 120’ (40’). ML 0. hidden from view by a rock shelf that looms over the sandy dunes. ML +3. ACKS page 183).

a large pile down the hill where the upper levels collapsed potions of healing (cures 1d6+1). three intact but unlabelled scattered throughout. knife. resting upon a shelf of bedrock. and a bone scroll case that holds 1d4 random into. Dmg supporting pillars cracked and in danger of toppling. a hooded lantern. sconce for a torch on the wall. SV 1-2 56 1d10/1d10/1d4. ACKS In the past bandits used the ruins as a base. Piles of rubble lie searching. M AP D ET AI LS T HE R UINED T OWER THE RUINS Sitting atop a 25’ tall hill of worn sandstone. ACKS page 191). AL N. Inside this locked chest are 251 gp. Stone doors. Lost Property]: Stuffed in the corner of this cleared corner of the tower. with a fireplace that is still intact.Rubble]: A pile of rubble blocks this alcove. requiring a scramble to climb over. will . #AT 1 (touch). energy drain. ML 0. Giant Scorpion (1): AC 7. check for encounters every hour. is a avoid it. Hidden in the chimney of the fireplace. behind a 6 Sudden sandstorm loose brick. Dmg 1d6. XP 135. however. ML +4. Dmg Sand Snake (1): AC 4. but the ground floor still stands. 5 2d6 Sand-Wraiths (AC 6. AL C. just symbols. are [1. weathered backpack left behind by a bandit. save versus poison or die. with some broken furniture and a per round until they get to shelter. AL N. Move 120' (40') & fly 240' (80'). and several Page F1. It grows to full strength in a turn and any caught in it will then suffer 1d4 damage [1. Dmg 1d6. #AT 3 (2 claws. On the other side is a camouflaged Sand Snake (large. These days most people [2. there are no notes upon it. ML 0. XP 29. #AT 1 (by weapon). W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S In the vicinity of the tower. Steps lead further down towards the catacombs. HD 2. poison sting. ACKS page 202). in 6 chance. ML +3. It blocks vision beyond 5’ and lasts 1d6 hours. #AT 1 (bite). F2. ML +3. AL C. a blunt No one knows who built it. and a door leads to the next room. sting). Kitchen]: A former kitchen. HD 4. is a small iron lockbox (locked) that contains 573 gold pieces. XP 10. #AT 3 (2 claws. 1d6 Encounters 1d4 Giant Scorpions (AC 7. poison sting. 750 sp. Move 150’ (50’). showing a map of the area with all the key locations sketched out. HD 4. A sand-dusted staircase 1d6. XP 190. albeit with gaping holes in the iron chest. It contains a dry water-skin. merely empty squares that the wind howls through. Anyone who takes the time to look. ACKS page 183). and a simple hand mirror. SV 3-4 [4. Cellar]: The stairs lead into an unlit cellar. HD 1. Rubble]: This huge pile of rubble is the lair of a giant scorpion that dwells the ruins of a tower. but many suspect a sorcerer once lived there. but soon stopped after they lost one page 191. XP 135. windows look inside. There is no roof. and the interior is strewn with sand. well-hidden (and surprises on a 4 in 6 if disturbed). biting wind. and several spells (levels 1-4). poisonous bite. AL C. SV F2. SV F2. surprising on a 3 in 6. It sits upon an old blown to dust. leaning against their frames are still standing. 1d6 scared nomads (AC 1. or after 1d6 turns of careful walls. sting). leads down to the cellar below. CELLAR & CATACOMBS S U D D E N S A N D STOR M : abrasive sand blows in on a harsh. too many men to the Sand Wraiths that haunt the area. SV F4. 6’ long) that blends in well with the sand. HD 4. One occurs on a 2 [3. Move 120’ (40’). Move 150’ (50’). Dmg 1d10/1d10/1d4. discovered as if it was a secret door. All of the upper floors have long since collapsed and been beneath it. There is also a scrap of parchment. Move 120’ (40’).

Shrine]: These are the catacombs. yet to do so. One occurs on a 2 57 once painted black. and a set of thieves tools. they dug through the rock and found they will try to find out who took it. They abandoned it a week ago. so that they can venture out into the least compensation for their loses. Crates occupy the corners of the room. #AT 3 or 1 (2 claws. and some silk rolls. SV F2. XP 35. upper world and see what they can claim for their kin. [4. On the eyes of each rests a large gold coin. paralysis to avoid. AL C. If given back to the merchants. descending over two hundred feet leaving behind their supplies and loot. looking to expand their territory. SV F2.000 gp worth of goods here. recognises it as a circle used to conjure creatures from other planes of existence. If themselves in the catacombs of the ruined tower. pools of water. . Move 90’ (30’). certainly no more than a week. patrolling (AC 4. save versus referee’s discretion. It has no power in itself. with numerous stalactites and stalagmites. rests against the wall. but have to the caverns below. ACKS page 180). a [5. but there is nothing else of value. They intent to return to claim it. are a pair of statues of some robed and hooded figure. XP 35. Move 90’ (30’). linen and wool. although much of the paint has long peeled away. Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by weapon +1. [3. beginning their investigations at the oasis. and in an or by weapon). It is a limestone cavern. a slab of stone that hides a tunnel. chance that the bandits return to recover their goods. and were Whilst in the caverns. The space immediately behind the door is a shrine. Two unlit torches hang from iron brackets on the walls. whose features are W AN D ER I N G M O N ST E R S hidden. XP 47). but may aid conjuring and summoning spells at the 5-6 Stalactite breaks loose and falls: random character hit for 1d6 damage. check for encounters every three turns. worth 25 gp). in decades 2d4 Lizard Men. Anyone who knows of such things. goods. or at waiting for the arrival of more of their kind.notice that this room is fairly dust and sand-free. all are spoils from a raid in caravans. The crates hold bundles of cloth. Taking advantage of a natural stairs. HD 2+1. Wine Cellar]: This former wine cellar has been converted and used as a furthest alcove there is a makeshift door. SV C2. all 5’ high and 10’ long. ML +2. 2-4 or by weapon). a potion of growth (labelled Deep below the ruined tower and the sandy wastes lie some natural caverns. and for the most part. with a single 2 -level priest (as above plus spells: CLW and Sleep. the ceiling of 1d6 Encounters which is supported by sturdy granite pillars carved with symbols of life. storeroom by the bandits who once dwelt here. stone sarcophagi that. 1 nd alcove sits a white marble altar with a pair of silver candlesticks atop it (each ACKS page 180). Inside the chest are a week’s dry rations. 98 gp and 38 coppers. At the back of the [2. in 6 chance. death 1d6 Lizard Men. ‘Giant Strength’). if they find it has gone. ML +2. with a corridor leading off to the Page sarcophagi. bite and travel. HD 2+1. a scouting party of ancient lizard men Every day after the room is first encountered. Before the altar is a faded symbol painted on the floor. AL C. Statues]: At the bottom of the steps. bite old blood that has stained the stone. Recently. in two alcoves before the locked door. and there is 2. the party will receive a reward of 100 gp each. #AT 3 or 1 (2 claws. which leads to a stairs carved from the rock. on patrol (AC 4. while a table and brazier of cold coals show signs of recent use. within the last couple of weeks. in turn. Since then they have been they learn the identity of the thief (or thieves) they will seek their revenge. stale but T H E C AV E R N S edible. a sack with 279 sp. contain brittle skeletal remains. They stand as tall as a man. showing signs of recent use.Catacombs]: Six alcoves line this corridor. and holding couple of days ago perhaps. A heavy wooden chest. there is a cumulative 1 in 20 have broken through from a distant cavern. Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by weapon +1. hollowed out over the centuries by underwater rivers. are sculptured from sandstone. bound with iron and locked. but gain the full XP for the recovery of the ceilings 50’ above the uneven ground.

CAVERN DETAILS [5. Hidden Treasure]: The stream flows from a fissure in the rock, bubbling forth
and spilling over the edges. Lying on the edge of the stream, tottering over the
[1. Surface Entrance]: A partially natural stairs leads up to the excavated and edge of the cliff in fact, is something that has washed up from somewhere deep
expanded tunnel, which leads two hundred to the catacombs. The stairs open underground, or possibly from some distant place on the surface:
into an unlit cavern, dripping with condensation, the ceiling and floor decorated
with beautifully coloured stalactites and stalagmites, some joining together in It is a dagger made of some strange white metal, with a hilt of solid silver,
columns like melting candles. A second natural stairway leads down to the next banded with platinum, the pommel capped with a large ruby (worth 1,500 gp in
cavern. all). It is also magical and when held it grants the holder a +2 to hit and damage,
adding the bonus to any feat of strength (Open Doors and so forth), as well as
[2. New Rope]: A more open space, less crowded, with a drop to the lower shed a pale white light in a 10’ radius. It also has a tendency to attract trouble,
cavern. Attached to the cliff is a rope made out white silk, tied to an iron spike adding 1 to any wandering monster checks while it is possessed.
hammered neatly in place. The rope is secure and the iron has not rusted. The
sound of a waterfall can be heard here, faint and echoing. Any loud noises will [6. Narrow Passage]: This narrow fissure cuts through to the next cavern, and is
alert the guards in area # 8. virtually blocked by columns and jutting stalagmites, requiring some squeezing to
move through (requires removal of any armour greater than leather); there is
[3. Ambush]: The Lizard Men know to avoid this cavern, for amidst the columns, also a 3 in 6 chance of knocking a stalactite loose, requiring a save versus
stalactites, and stalagmites, lurks a pair of hunting giant spiders of the cave paralysis to avoid taking 1d6 damage.
variety, being able to see perfectly well in the dark, and a pale grey in colour.
They are experts at ambushing, surprising on a 5 in 6. [7. Main Cavern]: Hundreds of stalactites, stalagmites and joined columns fill this
large cavern, whose ceiling reaches over 100’ high. Water constantly drips,
Giant Spiders (2): AC 2, Move 120’ (40’), HD 2, hps 5, 7, #AT 1 bite, Dmg making it a noisy place, and also damp and slippery underfoot. The chance of
1d8, SV F1, ML -1, AL N, XP 38; poisonous bite, save versus poison or die

meeting a patrol of Lizard Men is more likely here, with checks made every turn.
in 1 turn; ACKS page 194.

[4. River]: An underground river once flowed through these caverns, and this is [8. Sentries]: A guard post has been stationed here, with a camp fire and bedding
the remnants of that once great river. A streams tumbles over the cliffs, feeding for three armed Lizard Men, who have torches ready to light if they hear any
into this pool of porous rock. Crystal clear and 3’ deep, the water is very noise and need to investigate. They are wary of noises from the water in this
refreshing and full of minerals. It can be used as the basis for brewing potions cavern, and believe something dangerous lurks there. Each guard has a spear,
and creating holy water, reducing the cost by 25% and doubling the chance of curved sword, and two torches each.
Lizard Men (3): AC 4, Move 90’ (30’), HD 2+1, hps 16, 5, 6, #AT 3 or 1 (2
claws, bite or by spear or sword), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by weapon

1d6+1, SV F2, ML +2, AL C, XP 35; ACKS page 180; armed with spears [12. Mushroom Forest]: This cavern holds a forest of tall mushrooms, ranging
and curved swords. from 3’ to 12’ tall. They are quite edible, if a little bland. Harvesting some of
these mushrooms, torches lit and sacks nearly full, are half-a-dozen Lizard Men,
[9. Pool]: This pool of water is fed by from a fissure at the bottom, and is cold, led by a pair of their priests. All are armed with spears and curved swords, but
murky and bitter tasting. A Crystal Jelly Eel (a long, thin, eel made of crystallised are distracted and therefore surprised on a 4 in 6.
jelly, able to squeeze through the smallest space, uncoils to a length of 20’) has
taken up residence here, having squeezed its way through the fissure. It is Lizard Men (6): AC 4, Move 90’ (30’), HD 2+1, hps 14, 9, 11, 9, 9, 4, #AT 3
amphibious and is contemplating feeding on the guards nearby. or 1 (2 claws, bite or by spear or sword), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by
weapon 1d6+1, SV F2, ML +2, AL C, XP 35; ACKS page 180; armed with
Crystal Jelly Eel (1): AC 4, Move 120’ (40’), HD 5, hps 25, #ATS 1 (bite), spears and curved swords.
Dmg 1d4, SV F3, ML +2, AL N, XP 500; minimum damage from non-
magical attacks; on a successful hit, coils around victim and Lizard Men Priests (2): AC 4, Move 90’ (30’), HD 2+1, hps 13, 11, #AT 3
automatically constricts for 1d6 damage each round, save versus or 1 (2 claws, bite or by spear or sword), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by
paralysis to break free. weapon 1d6+1, SV C2, ML +2, AL C, XP 47; ACKS page 180; armed with
nd st
spears and curved swords; spells as 2 -level cleric (1 x 1 -level).
[10. Trapped Demon]: In this corner of the raised cavern, almost hidden by all
the natural features, is a skeleton clad in ancient bronze plate armour (AC 5), [13. Barracks]: This cavern holds beds for five Lizard Men, who are normally out
holding onto an equally ancient two-handed sword (-1 to hit and only 1d6 on patrol. A rack holding a dozen spears and torches rests against the wall, and a
damage). In its other hand it holds a hexagon shaped sapphire (worth 2,000 gp) stairway leads deeper below the ground, to tunnels that wind several miles
that has a dark splodge, like ink, at its centre. If the sapphire was shattered, this through the earth to the domain of the Lizard Men.
splodge would expand and transform into a demon that has been trapped inside

for centuries. What the demon it, is entirely up to the referee; depending in its [14. Headquarters]: In this cavern are the rest of the Lizard Men, 2d6 of who will
reaction, it maybe grateful for its release and reward whoever freed it. be here at any time, the rest out on patrol. There is a 4 in 6 chance that 1d4

priests will also be present. In addition, the scouting expedition’s leader is here,
[11. Ancient Statues]: Standing before the mushroom forest are two tall, 50’ a large Lizard Man dressed in fitted chain mail, wielding a pair of scimitars dyed
high, granite statues of wolves. Both have glinting eyes, diamonds, that can be black.
prised out if successfully climbed up (each is worth 2,500 gp); the statues are wet
and slippery, so a climb check must be made, regardless of the climbers skill, and Lizard Men (2d6): AC 4, Move 90’ (30’), HD 2+1, hps 6, 14, 5, 10, 8, 11, 6,
a failed roll means a fall of 5d10 feet. 5, 11, 9, 8, 12, #AT 3 or 1 (2 claws, bite or by spear or sword), Dmg
1d3/1d3/1d8 or by weapon 1d6+1, SV F2, ML +2, AL C, XP 35; ACKS page
180; armed with spears and curved swords.

Lizard Men Priests (1d4): AC 4, Move 90’ (30’), HD 2+1, hps 11, 10, 8, 9,
#AT 3 or 1 (2 claws, bite or by spear or sword), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by
weapon 1d6+1, SV C2, ML +2, AL C, XP 47; ACKS page 180; armed with
nd st
spears and curved swords; spells as 2 -level cleric (1 x 1 -level).

Lizard Men Leader (1): AC 5, Move 90’ (30’), HD 5+1, hps 18, #AT 3 or 1
(2 claws, bite or by scimitars), Dmg 1d4/1d4/1d8 or by weapon 1d6+2,
SV F5, ML +2, AL C, XP 260; ACKS page 180; armed with twin scimitars.

Racks of weapons stand against the walls, each holding a dozen spears, half-a-
dozen torches and curved swords; a fire lights and heats the room, and beds are
spaced along the walls.

A stack of crates, each holding supplies of food (dried spider parts, lizard steaks,
clay jugs of a bitter wine), tools for excavation, lies next to a chest of old wood
that the Lizard Men found and have yet to open. It is locked and contains 2,000
ancient gold coins, a ruby expertly carved in the shape of a snake skull (worth
1,000 gp), two silver daggers, a plain gold necklace (worth 50 gp), and a silver
brooch with a simple jet stone.

This magic brooch grants the wearer the effect of a permanent Protection from

Evil spell, but also makes them paranoid. It is worth 250 gp if sold for just its
material value.


● Dune Shark* ● Fen Troll ● Giant Leech ● Giant Spider ● Giant Scorpion ● Human (bandits. Conqueror. statistics and the page references to their listing in the ACKS core rule book. guards. Some are unique. Those that are new unarmoured. Notably. I used Adventurer. merchants. with 0 being the base for an surrounding area. allowing for easy conversion.D UNGEON D WELLERS NOTE ON A R M O U R C L A SS The following monsters are found in the various levels of the dungeon. nomads. King ● Collector System as my template for the monsters. others more common. the Experience Point awards ● Cursed Frog are from that set of rules. normal human. & raiders) ● Invisible Entity* 61 ● Lizard Men ● Orange Spike* Page ● Savage Rat ● Serpent Tiger* ● Shadows ● Shifting Panther ● Skeleton ● Soul Eater* ● Swamp Toad ● Razor-Claw* ● Zombie . and This setting uses ascending Armour Class. unencumbered. Amour Type None Shield Leather Ring Chain Plate Q UICK LIST OF MONS TERS Armour Class 0 +1 2 3 4 6 ● Animated Statue ● Automaton* NOTE ON M O N ST E R S T AT I ST I CS ● Caretaker. The following table shows the creations* are detailed on the following pages. others are listed with their basic Armour Class for the differing armours listed in the NPC and monster statistics. As they fit with most similar rules. this should not be a ● Custodian* problem. the Although this setting is as generic as possible.

They come in two types: patrol (or soldier) automatons. #AT 1. AL C. Each is the Movement 90’ (30’) 120’ (40’) size of a small pony. These automatons are immune to charm. dealing 3d6 fire damage on a successful hit. Well-dressed gaunt men in black morning suits.100 980 . They can fire six times before they need created by some insane magician centuries ago. ACKS page 170. inside as its internal acids digest anything organic. unless totally destroyed. but when an hour to recharge their weapons. paralysis. AL C. Attacks 2 claw/tube 2 claws Damage 2d8/3d6 2d6/2d6 AC 2. Move 60’ (20’). HD 5. paralyse. T H E (G E L A T I N O U S C U B E ) adding to their numbers. turning into a newly formed Animated Statue and C A R E T A K E R . collecting the dead and reanimating them as zombies and skeletons to restock the like. well-spoken. SV F2. XP 29. Each is the size of a horse. ML -1. cursed. swallow whole. and a preserved corpse. It is virtually invisible. #AT 1 bite. Move 120' (40’). with no thought beyond tidying up. SV F5. Dmg 2d4. They are not inherently hostile. sticky and barbed. roused they can be quite dangerous. Dmg 2d6/2d6. there are quite a few statues of adventurers to be found. HD 4*. the other a hollow tube that serves as a weapon. They are interested only in stocking the dungeon with the glass heads. A N I M A T E D S T A T U E (S T O N E ) Soldier Automatons have a tube-like appendage that fires a burst of flame up to a range of Animated statues come in all shapes and sizes. Workers have six multi-jointed legs. HD 4+2**. ML N/A. one a clawed manipulator. % Lair None None ML +1. claw. It is a mindless creation. dimension. usually glowing green liquid. hps 18. Soldiers Worker AC 3. SV F2. AL N. walking dead. Their croak is a Armour Class 7 6 coughing chuckle. Dungeon Encounter Patrol (1d6) Workforce (2d6) 62 Wilderness Encounter None None C U R S E D F R O G (G I A N T T O A D V A R I A N T ) Alignment Lawful Lawful Page These fat frogs are bloated and corrupted imitations of the Laughing Frog deity. Treasure Type None None When a frog is killed. ACKS page 170. tendency to just roll over anything in its way and engulf them. AL N. #AT 2 (fists). these automatons are robots from another AC 1. and are not beyond killing fresh intruders to create business for their trade. XP 200. as follows: XP 2. and their torsos have two clawed manipulators. the killer must save versus spells or be cursed. gives off no smell. and their bowl heads are full of a dungeon. and has the sole purpose of cleaning the dungeon when it is out of alignment. Save F8 F6 Morale +4 +2 XP 290. soldiers have humanoid torsos atop treads that can swivel 360 degrees. A U T O M A T O N ( P A T R O L / S O L D I E R . When a victim is killed by a statue. bite). and those in the Shifting Dungeon were 100’. and their tongues are long. They have two arms. The smell of damp and Hit Dice 8*** 6+6** decay fills the air around them. Move 90’ (30’). SV F2. and T HE D WELLERS : STATISTICS AND DESCRIPTORS can self-repair over time: every hour they regain 1 hit point. A 10’ ball of transparent jelly that moves silently. Dmg 1d6+1. HD 2*. The XP 135. All are made of some unknown white metal. the corpse slowly becomes petrified over several hours. with sickly yellow eyes and slimy green hides. #At 3 (claw. Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3. ACKS page 198. ACKS page 196. and keeps them trapped ML n/a. poisons and diseases. these walking dead are responsible for going through the visible rainbow spectrum. Move 60' (20'). Each Collector is intelligent. has a AC 5. Their C O L L E C T O R (G H O U L ) heads are glass-bowls filled with some bubbling liquid that is constantly changing colour. spider. sleep and hold magic. W O R K E R ) [N E W M O N S T E R ] Operating with an ant-like hive mind. As such. and workers. with black joints and showing some trace of rot.

and baskets of tools Alignment Neutral and spare parts (worth 10 gp). a fin that detects the vibrations.Frog Curses (1d6): (1) all hair and teeth fall out. by detecting vibrations in the sand (up to a mile away). (2) plagued by nightmares.burrow 180’ (60’) Armour Class 6 % Lair None Hit Dice 6 Dungeon Encounter Workforce (2d6) / None Attacks 3 (2 claws. bite). They have a natural fear of fire and are wary of magic. they know the dungeon level well. with yellow flames for eyes and a slit for a Wilderness Encounter Solitary (1) / Pack (1d6) mouth. HD 6+3*. and left to their own devices. DUNE SHARK -1 on all throws. when it dissolves into a pool of less sticky tar. The Custodians of the topmost dungeon are responsible for maintaining the traps. the attacker consider unnatural and obscene. They are ‘born’ when the dungeon rotates. combustive. ACKS page 199. roughly that to their advantage. and will use These ‘summoned’ creatures are small humanoids made out of thick black tar. . their Treasure Type None numbers waxing and waning. (5) blinded. XP 680. the tar highly AC 5. oozing out of their pits. Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10. Reaching up to 20’ in length. (6) unable to speak without laughing: unable to cast spells or shark is considered prey. feeding off the creatures they can catch. tunnel through the sand. Move 120’ (40’). They are vulnerable to fire. magic). #AT 3 (2 claws. bite) Wilderness Encounter None Damage 1d6/1d6/2d6 Alignment Lawful Save F6 Movement 120’ (40’) Morale +2 Armour Class 2 Treasure Type F Hit Dice 1* XP 320 Attacks 1 (by weapon) Damage 1d6 (or by weapon) F E N T R O L L (T R O L L ) Save F1 Natives of the distant Bleak Fens. and rumours have it C U S T O D I A N [N E W M O N S T E R ] that the Great Caliph himself has such a set of armour. hunting its prey (4) insatiable hunger: must eat every turn or suffer a point of damage. and four stout legs ending in vicious claws that it uses to speedily talk. and any roll of a natural 1 on 1d20s results in something bad happening. This beasts has a bony exoskeleton of plate-like ridges. these swamp trolls were brought here by whoever 63 Morale 0 created the dungeon. (3) cursed with clumsiness. it is a deadly beasts and thankfully rare. unable to sleep and suffer a point of Wisdom loss each night until cured. Some believe they look like goblins found in the distant Movement 120’ (40’) jungles. Dungeon Encounter None Each is a small humanoid made of thick tar. The fearsome Dune Shark ‘swims’ through the sandy wastes of the desert. leathery. acid. They carry crude clubs picked up from their birthing chamber. and take an extra point of damage for every die rolled. Each is an ape-like Page XP 13 humanoid with lank green hair resembling seaweed. . clearing up anything the Caretaker misses and dealing with any intruders left after the dungeon % Lair 15% shifts out of alignment. SV F6. ML +2 (0 vs. and anything smaller than the permanently until cured. AL C. It’s hide is said to be especially useful for crafting plate armour. All of these can be cured by a Remove Curse spell. fire. Their tar bodies are sticky and when struck by a weapon. must save versus paralysis or their weapon is stuck in the Custodian until it is killed. They have bred over the decades. regeneration. which they resembling goblins. warty hides and sharp claws and fangs. More cunning than intelligent.

counting as a charge (+2 attack) Wilderness Encounter None but with no penalty to their AC. with deadly poison. ML 0. AC 2. HD 4*. if seen. SV F1. I N V I S I B L E E N T I T Y [N E W M O N S T E R ] Dmg 0 or 2d8. XP 570. MERCHANTS. Move 120’ (40’). possible spells. SV F1. ACKS page 179. XP 215. Move 120’ (40’). AC 4. AND BRAIN-EATING XP 10. both friendly and hostile. SV F1. #AT 1 (leg or bite). and the deadly brain-eating spider AC 1. ML -1. They feed on fear HD 3**. ML -1. poisonous bite. JUMPING. The typical giant spider is the size of a dog. all attacks against the Entity are at -4). ACKS page 183. HD 1. variant): AC 3. XP 95. ML 0. Move 120’ (40’). Treasure Type None XP 190 AC 7. HD 1. A giant spider. Move 120’ (40’). RAIDERS. with a deadly sting in its tail. XP 10. sting). Move 60’ (20’) & web 120’ (40’). AL N. AL N. CAMELS. GUARDS. and can cast Cause Fear every three . % Lair None Dungeon Encounter Solitary (1) / None Jumping Spiders can leap 60’ as part of their first attack. and about as intelligent. HD 1. poison bite. HD 2**. XP 135. with Brain-Eating (Giant Black Widow. these alien creatures feed on fear and rage. #AT 1 (by weapon). ACKS page 194. and anger. AL N.GIANT LEECH HUMAN (BANDITS. #AT 1 bite. Once per turn an Invisible Entity can cast Confusion (as the spell). ACKS page 194. but for half the weight. ML +3. even cast spells (if they have ate a magician’s brain recently). SV F3. Bandits & Guards AC 1. NOMADS. HD 4+2*. #AT 1 (bite). Dmg 1d8. SV F1. Jumping (Giant Rhagodessa): AC 4. Move 150’ (50’). Alignment Chaotic 64 Movement 120’ (40’) Brain-Eating spiders may have the ability to cast 1d4-1 random 1st-level arcane spells. Dmg 1d6. poison sting. HD 6*. and use their natural invisibility to foster such emotions. web. AL N. Their flesh is a prized Morale +2 delicacy. Their hides can Save F2 be used to craft armour akin to chain. claws and tentacles that allow it to move by undulating across the floor. tentacles) GIANT SCORPION Damage 1d6/1d6 and strangulation Sand-coloured scorpions the size of a camel. ML +2. GIANT SPIDER: NORMAL. ML 0. There are two other types: jumping spiders Nomads & Raiders are larger (man-sized) and able to leap great distances. ACKS page 183. they lurk underwater and attach to those who wade HORSES) past unaware. Naturally invisible (thus difficult to hit. and merchants with their guards travel along the road between the two kingdoms. XP 38. Once attached they suck out the blood until they are sated and bloated. Dmg 1d10/1d10/1d4. ACKS page 183. Move 120’ (40’). Merchants Normal (Crab Spider): AC 2. Move 150’ (50’). Dmg 1d6. AL C. is highly intelligent (thanks to all the brains it eats) and some can XP 10. SV F2. long-legged and sharp of fang. SV F2. Dmg 1d6. inducing such feelings by telepathy. as if Armour Class 2 3rd–level mages. Dmg 1d6. #AT 1 (by weapon). #AT 1 (by weapon). AL N. resemble a cross between an octopus and a crab. AL N. ACKS page 189. Gruesome fat leeches the size of dogs. AL N. suction legs. These invisible creatures. ML +1. #AT 3 (2 claws. ACKS page 191. Dmg 2d6. #AT 1 (blood drain). is the size of a horse. SV F2. The desert is home to nomads. also intelligent and able to speak Common. Page Hit Dice 4** Attacks 3 (2 claws.

If the LIZARD MEN tentacle hits. before AC 4. Dungeon Encounter Flowering (2d6) Wilderness Encounter None AC 6. automatically dealing 1d6 acid damage per round. ML 0. SV F1. AL N. or making it flee). Dmg 1d3. these wraiths form a crude humanoid shape out of sand with two baleful fiery eyes that flare whenever % Lair None they sense life nearby. using its claws and tentacles. #AT 1 (touch). They worship the Great Snake. Armour Class 6 Hit Dice 3*** S A V A G E R A T (G I A N T R A T ) Attacks 1 (spikes) Giant rats full of rage. Dmg releasing spores. HD 4**. O R A N G E S P I K E S [N E W M O N S T E R ] These strange ‘monsters’ are really an alien fungus that feeds on decayed flesh. 1d3/1d3/1d8 or by weapon +1. They are greatly feared as they Morale n/a travel in packs. allowing SAND-WRAITH (WRAITH) them to absorb the liquefying flesh. ACKS page 202. without harming the victim. ACKS page 201. they can be easily removed. a deity of conflict and domination. Alignment Neutral Movement 120’ (40’). about the size of a human head. HD 1d4. and bounce along in search of living beings: they then hurl towards them. Thought to be the lost and vengeful spirits of those that died in the desert. frenzied with red eyes that glow unnaturally. and forcing the target to make a save versus petrification or be knocked prone. . victim (by killing it. If confronted and cornered. but the fungus will try to reattach by attacking the following round. The fungi then sit attached to their prey. They are the offspring of a mad Save F3 wizard’s experiments. disease-riddled rats that are the size of large Damage 1d8 plus paralysis hounds. SV F2. these are bloated. but were driven out by expanding humans. Move 90’ (30’). Dmg 1d6. a successful hit also causes paralysis for 2d6 turns. They resemble balls of orange spikes. SV F4. energy drain. suffering 1d6 Underground Lizard Men. AL C. the target must save versus paralysation or be grappled. diseased. ACKS page 180. Treasure Type None XP 95 AC 2. bite or by weapon). #AT 1 (bite). HD 2+1. plus charge 240’ (80’) ML +4. Once they ruled an empire in the world above. #AT 3 or 1 (2 claws. XP 35. Move 120' (40') & fly 240' (80').rounds. it will fight. all covered in albino scales. AL C. and their priests are the rulers of this race. XP 5. ML +2. These ancient creatures rule an strangulation damage each round until a new save is made or the entity releases the underground realm far below the ground. dealing double damage (2d8) 65 on a successful hit. XP 190. These fungi begin combat by charging into their opponents. and are devourers of flesh and bone. intent on paralysing their victims and slowly excreting an acid that eats away at the flesh. Move 120’ (40’). unless a further save Page versus paralysis succeeds. slowly digesting them.

Move 90’ (30’). Dmg 1d6. Dmg 1d6. GREATER. SV F6. lapping Entropic Shadow (Unique. ACKS page 193. HD 6. but can catch its own prey if necessary. #AT 1 (touch). SV F4. XP 59. feeding off the left- Movement 150’ (50’) overs abandoned by the Serpent Tigers. the victim may make another save to break free. The exsanguinated corpse is left for (touch). when slain. Treasure Type I (incidental) XP 790 SKELETON The animated bones of a lost adventurer. XP 680. ACKS page 192. moving silently through the air. HD 1*. creates a blast of entropic energy. the opponent must make a saving throw versus worn and rusted weapons. Dmg 1d4. 1d10 years. often still wearing tattered armour and clutching On a successful hit with the tentacle. HD 4+4*. #AT 2 (bite. tentacle) Damage 1d8/1d8/strangulation AC 5. Move 90’ (30’). Serpent Tigers can sense movement and heat within a 60’ radius. ML 0. AL C. ML +4. ML +4. Move 150’ (50’). paralysation or are strangled for 1d6 damage per round. . ML n/a. the lesser and greater are simply lesser and more powerful versions of the same. stalking as a prelude to pouncing. Move 120' (40'). ACKS page 192. chance of hitting the victim (as per firing into melee). Shadow variant): AC 3. XP 13. based on their strength and longevity. and are thankfully rare. and there is a 2 in 6 66 chance that the beast will stop to feast on a freshly killed corpse. AL C. claw). % Lair 40% Dungeon Encounter Solitary (1) /Pride (1d6) S H I F T I N G P A N T H E R (P H A S E T I G E R V A R I A N T ) Wilderness Encounter Pack (1d6)/ Pride (2d6) A dark blue-black panther that is constantly shifting in and out of reality. As big as a Armour Class 5 warhorse. and has been known to leap great lengths to Hit Dice 7* pounce on its prey. Strength drain. Strength drain. also ages target others to feed upon. or the tentacle can be cut (hps 5. AL C. these ghost-like entities drift through the dungeon spreading entropy by their touch. HD 2+2*. Its tentacles lash out at its prey. becoming a Alignment Chaotic blurred image of itself every few seconds. it can move with eerie silence. note: no tentacles. strangling it while its claws dig into the flesh and tear it to shreds. There are three types. A red-and-black striped tiger with a face that is a mass of writhing tentacles. It is mainly a scavenger. ENTROPIC) Shadows of the Void given a semblance of life. whilst the Entropic Shadows are direct links to the Void itself. SV F1.S E R P E N T T I G E R [N E W M O N S T E R ] Grearter Shadow (Shadow variant): AC 2. Dmg 2d4/1d6. XP 235. ML +4. #AT 1 up the blood through the hollow tips of the tentacles. Strength drain. They are vague humanoid shapes. AC 5) although there is an equal AC 2. ACKS page 188. SV F4. Lesser Shadow (Shadow): AC 2. Save F7 Morale +1 XP 320. ACKS page 192. Page SHADOWS (LESSER. #AT 1 (touch). #AT1 (by weapon). prey by sensing heat and movement. Attacks 3 (2 claws. AL C. 30’ radius that ages all who do not save versus spells by 1d10 years. SV F2. as insubstantial as mist. Move 90’ (30’). HD 6+2*. project illusionary image. It hunts its Dmg 1d6.

which pass straight through him. using tactics such as Force Back. swarming and biting until it is dead and they can feast in peace. and Overrun. a deep cowl hooding its exposed skull. to overwhelm their prey. Knock Down. HD 2*. as well manoeuvres is reduced by one (i. swallow whole (man-sized). 5 Razor-Claws can make special manoeuvres at -3. #AT 1 bite. AL C. raised from dead. SV F4. Wisps of black mist. #AT 1 (slam). They are driven by instinct and an insatiable hunger. Move 60' (20'). AC 1. AL C. ML +1. Dmg 1d8. Most of the zombies found in the dungeon are those of slain adventurers. the penalty for the special The Soul Eater is immune to non-magical attacks. 15 at -1 and finally no penalty with 20 or more of the creatures). For every 5 of the lizards.140 Razor-Claws hunt and swam in packs. Believed to the still walking corpse of a priest of evil disposition. HD 4+4*. The Soul Eater can blend Animated corpses in some state of decay. SV F1. mindless and wandering in search of flesh to eat. They are shadows. poison and so on. XP 29. this undead abomination wanders the R A Z O R . % Lair 10% % Lair None Dungeon Encounter Pack (4d6)/Nest (10 x 1d6) Dungeon Encounter Unique (1) / None Wilderness Encounter Pack (4d6)/Nest (10 x 1d6) Wilderness Encounter None Alignment Neutral Alignment Chaotic Movement 150’ (50’) Movement 90’ (30’) Armour Class 5 Armour Class 4 Hit Dice ½ Hit Dice 7** Attacks 1 (bite) Hit Points 35 Damage 1d3 Attacks 1 (touch) Save F0 Damage 2d6 cold Morale -1 Save C7 Treasure Type None Morale +4 XP 6 Treasure Type None XP 1. ML n/a. They darkly stained robes. and Those killed by the Soul Eater have their souls digested. S O U L E A T E R ( U N I Q U E ) [N E W M O N S T E R ] XP 215. It is a desiccated corpse wrapped in tattered and These small pack lizards are considered dangerous as they always travel in packs. . SWAMP TOAD (GIANT TOAD VARIANT) ACKS page 203. They are as large as a horse. preventing them from ever being the occasional merchant who somehow ended up down here. ACKS page 198. trail after it and the ground frosts beneath its feet. the effects being cumulative. 10 as the usual undead immunities to charm. effectively Slowing ZOMBIE them (as the spell) for 1d6 rounds. more like hunt larger prey. lasting a few minutes before highly cunning and are about the size of a cat.e. melting into foul water. cold. huge stomachs and a tendency to swallow their prey. sleep. Page into the shadows with ease (treat as Hide in Shadows 11+ throw). and can ‘sense’ living creatures without fail. Move 90’ (30’).C L A W [N E W M O N S T E R ] dungeon looking for souls to digest. Dmg 1d8+1. but are not considered particularly dangerous compared to the creatures that feed on them (such as Fen Trolls). the touch of the Soul Eater causes ice to form on the victim. AC 3. These fat toads are dark green with thick hides. He emits an aura of at -2. who worshipped the ancient and forgotten statue in the dungeon. dealing 1d6 cold damage each round to anyone within 10’ radius. save versus breath 67 to avoid.

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