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Business note for unit 8: recruitment, selcetion and training of workers

The work of Human Resources Department

- Recruitment and selection attract and select best candidates for
- Wages and salaries attract and retain right people and be sufficiently
high to motivate employees
- Industrial relation effective communication between management
and workforce to resolve grievances and disputes, put forwards ideas
for improvement
- Training programs assess and fulfill training needs of employees
- Health and safety comply all the laws
- Redundancy and dismissal shed employees, comply with all the laws

Recruitment and selection

Vacancy arises job analysis job description job specification job

advertised in appropriate media application forms and short- listing
interviews and selection vacancy filled

The recruitment process

Job description contains:

- Conditions of employment
- Training will be offered
- Opportunities for promotion

Job specification includes:

- Level of educational qualifications
- Amount of experience and type
- Special skills, knowledge or particular aptitude
- Personal characteristics

Advertising the vacancy

Internal recruitment company noticeboard/ newspaper

Advantages Disadvantages
- Saves time and money - No new ideas or experience
- Already understanding come into the business, not
between the worker and the allow working practices to be
business (liability, ability, spread
potential, way of working and - Jealousy and rivalry
what is expected)
- Motivating for other workers

External recruitment
- Local newspaper clerical (office) or manual (factory) positions
- National newspaper senior positions which required people with right
experience, skills and qualifications to do the job
- Specialist magazines and journals particular technical people
- Recruitment agencies
- Centers run by the government

Job advertisement should be considered:

- Place to be put
- Content
- Cost of advertising
Application forms and CVs/ resumes should
- Name, address, phone number, date of birth, nationality
- Education and qualifications
- Work experience
- Positions of responsibilities
- Interests
- Name and address of references
outline briefly:
- Why applicant wants the job
- Why he/ she feels they would be suitable


- Applicants ability to do the job
- Personal qualities that are an advantage or disadvantage
- General character and personality of the applicant
Panel interviews are for senior positions. Tests may be included:
- Skills test ability to carry out certain tasks
- Aptitude tests potential to gain additional skills for a particular job
- Personality tests for ex, work under stress or fit in a team
- Group situation tests

Contract of employment includes:

- Name of employer and name of employee
- Job tittle
- Date when employment is to begin
- Hours to be worked
- Rate of pay, benefits
- When payment will be paid
- Holiday entitlement
- Amount of notice
Part- time and full- time workers
Advantages of business of employing part- time workers:
Advantages Disadvantages
- More flexible work hours - Less likely to be trained
- Easier to ask employees to - Takes longer to recruit
work at busy times - Can be less committed to the
- Easier to extend business business
opening - Less likely to be promoted
- Fits in with looking after - More difficult to communicate
children worker willing to when they are not in work
accept lower pay
- Less expensive

should achieve:
- Increase skills
- Increase knowledge
- Change peoples attitudes

3 types of training
Induction training introduce the new worker everything about the
Advantages Disadvantages
- Helps new employees to settle - Time consuming
into the job quickly - Wages are paid but no work is
- Legal requirement to give being done
Health and Safety training - Delays the start of employee
- Workers are less likely to make commencing the job

On- the- job training where a person is trained by watching a more

experienced worker doing the job, for unskilled and semi- skilled workers
Advantages Disadvantages
- Individual tuition is given and - Trainer will not be as
in the workplace no need to productive as usual
be sent away - Trainer may have bad habit
- Ensures there is some pass onto the trainee
production from the worker - Not be recognized training
while they are training qualifications outside the
- Cost less than off- the- job business
- Trained to be specific needs of
the business
Off- the- job training- where worker goes away from the place where they
work, more varied and can involve more complex tasks (classroom
learning, use lecture, role play, case studies, computer stimulations)
Advantages Disadvantages
- Broad range of skills - Costs are high
- Business only need to pay for - Wages are paid but no work is
the course but not lose the being done
output of the employee - Additional qualifications
- Can be taught various skills possible for employee to leave
become more multi- skilled, and find another job
more versatile
- Used expert trainers who have
up- to- date knowledge

Situation in which downsizing of workforce is necessary

- Introduction of automation
- Falling demand for goods or services
- Closure
- Relocate the factory abroad
- Has merged or been taken over
HR department then plan to decide on the employees:
- Find out skills
- Count out people who will be leaving soon
- Consult with existing staff if who would want to retrain to fill the new
- Prepare a recruitment plan
This can be done in 2 ways
- Dismissal where worker is told to leave their job because their work
or behavior is unsatisfactory
- Redundancy when a number of employees will no longer be needed,
through no fault of their own
Factors help to decide which workers to make redundant and which to retain
- Voluntary have another job, retire early, start their own business
- Length of time employed by the business have the most experience
and be most expensive to make redundant in case redundancy
payments are paid
- Workers with essential skills
- Employment history of worker attendance, punctuality or appraisal
- Departments

Legal controls over employment issues

- Protection against unfair discrimination
Different race of color
Different region
Opposite sex
Considered too old/ too young for the job
Disabled in some way
- Health and safety at work made to make sure
Protect workers from dangerous machinery
Provide safety equipment and clothing
Maintain reasonable workplace temperatures
Provide hygienic conditions and washing facilities
Not insist on excessively long shift and provide breaks in work
- Protection against unfair dismissal
For join a trade union
For being pregnant
When no warnings are given
- Wage protection
Wage rate to be paid
Frequent of wages to be paid
Deductions will be made from wages (income tax)
Legal minimal wage
Advantages Disadvantages
- Prevent exploiting unskilled - Increases business costs
workers increase prices
- Encourage employers to train - Workers redundant
workers so that they can be unemployment rises
- Encourage more people to
seek work
- Workers are able to spend