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THERAPEUTIC EXPERIENCE Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Thursday, January 26, 2016 Age Group: Grade 4


Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Thursday, January 26,


Age Group: Grade 4




Reason for developing

When I talked to my supervisor at the beginning

therapeutic experience. This could be in response to an observation, discussion with the site supervisor, etc.

of this week she seemed to be worried about the child who is a English language learner understanding the unit they are on in math class. She proceeded to explain that they are on perimeter and she really needs him to


understand what perimeter is and how to

-Document what you saw and heard -Document non-verbal communication (i.e., body language, facial expressions and voice tone) -Document in detail: who, what, where, and when -Documentation should be written in past tense, objective, and in anecdotal format OR

measure it. She explained that one on one work may be of a benefit to him. This is why I created the perimeter activity for today’s math class.


Document the discussion between you and your site supervisor that led to the planning


I decided to encourage the child’s numeracy


skills by creating an activity called measure that

What are you planning in

square where he would have to count using a

response to your

ruler and find the perimeter of squares.






child to

join me

at the teachers


-Label your experience

because the way the room is set up there is a

(e.g. Painting with




barrier so





able to

cars). -What are your 3

concentrate better.


therapeutic objectives?

Therapeutic Objectives:


(eg. Sense of

  • 1. The child will use cognitive skills in order

normalcy, control, independence, etc)

to find the perimeter of the square

  • 2. The






Describe the experience:


-Who will be involved in the experience? -Where will the

-Describe any precautions

communication and language skills when communicating one on with me and when

he is counting, reading, and writing in English

experience take place?

  • 3. The







-List the materials and resources you will use -Describe the

understanding and confidence when he completes the activity because he will be completing the same level of work the

implementation of the experience, with a step by step description

you needed to take with the activity, or any restrictions that existed, effecting the child(ren)’s ability to complete the task

other students are completing as well Who will be involved: The child and I will be the only ones involved in the activity Where will it take place: The experience will take place during the children’s math period in the classroom. Materials: Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, Math Notebook Implementation:

  • 1. Explain to the child what we will be doing today

(Precaution eg. Child has a type of blood

  • 2. Review counting numbers in English to about 30

cancer, so he/she has

  • 3. Review

the numbers


the ruler


to be careful not to get

what centimeters and millimeters are

a cut; Restriction eg. Child has an IV in

  • 4. I will then draw a square and demonstrate how to find the perimeter

his/her dominant hand, limiting use of the hand)

  • 5. I will draw a square four more times and then the child will have to try and the child will have to measure each square and record the measurements of each side. Then the child will record the total perimeter in centimeters

  • 6. Once the child understands this he will then be asked to draw his own squares

and find the perimeters of those

  • 7. After this the child and I will review once

again in English the difference between mm and cm and the purpose of finding

perimeter. I will have written


explanations of this so the child can read with me and practice his reading skills in English Precautions: The child is not motivated to complete tasks independently due to the fact that he is so used to sitting in class not doing anything because he doesn’t understand. I have noticed in past activities that the child sometimes gets frustrated at having to do work. I have to be cautious in reading his emotions and knowing when to motivate him to work a bit harder or know when to take a break.

explanations of this so the child can read with me and practice his reading skills in