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English Mr. D.



Name: _______________

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Knowledge/ Does not Incorporates some of Incorporates most Incorporates all
Understanding incorporates the the elements and elements and elements and
elements and or fails demonstrates some demonstrates a good demonstrates
to adequately understanding of the understanding of the complete
demonstrate a purpose of a review purpose of a review understanding of the
thorough purpose of a review
understanding of the with considerable
purpose of a review effectiveness

Thinking/Inquiry Little or no Summary is either Summary is either a little Writer gives a brief
significant much too short or too long or not long summary of film
summary; no details much too long; may enough but does not give without disclosing
from the movie and be vague or tell too away ending; not quite as ending; includes
little evidence from much; few details compelling; fewer details enough info to satisfy;
summary to support from the movie and from the movie and details from the movie
reviewers opinion little evidence from evidence from summary and evidence from
summary to support to support reviewers summary strongly
reviewers opinion opinion support reviewers

Contains no Contains insufficient Contains some Contains sufficient

significant evaluation of many evaluation of many and knowledgeable
evaluation of many aspects of film to aspects of film to support evaluation of many
aspects of film to support reviewers reviewers opinion, aspects of film to
support reviewers opinion, including including directing, support reviewers
opinion directing, acting acting cinematography, opinion, including
cinematography, editing, scenery, special directing, acting
editing, scenery, effects and soundtrack cinematography,
special effects and editing, scenery,
soundtrack; special effects and


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English Mr. D. Striukas

Communication Review is choppy or Reviews transitions Review is organized and Review is strongly
incohesive; and connections are most transitions and organized with clear
organization is somewhat clear, but connections are clear, but transitions and logical
unclear; few either organization is either organization is connections that create
effective transitions; somewhat lacking or somewhat lacking or the a sense of being
may be unclear on the sense of flow is sense of flow is tightly woven
evaluation somewhat abrupt; somewhat abrupt; review together; review offers
review gives clear gives clear evaluation a clear evaluation

Writing lacks a clear Writing is/can be Writing is adequate but Writing is strong and
voice and original rather bland; has no not extremely compelling effective with a clear
style clear voice and or or original; may be wordy voice and a variety of
sense of originality; or voice may be unclear; sentence structures;
is wordy or diction may not be as strong and effective
redundant; or diction vivid; s/s may not be as word choice
&/or sentence varied
structure may be
Applies grammar, Applies grammar, usage, Applies grammar,
usage, spelling and Applies grammar, spelling and punctuation usage, spelling and
punctuation with usage, spelling and with considerable punctuation with a
limited accuracy and punctuation with accuracy and high degree of
effectiveness some accuracy and effectiveness accuracy and
effectiveness effectiveness
Application -Uses the writing -Uses the writing -Uses the writing process -Uses the writing
process with process with with considerable process with a high
passable moderate effectiveness degree of effectiveness
effectiveness effectiveness
/10 - References are made,
- Limited number of with a high degree of
- Few to no references made to - References are made, effectiveness, to other
references made to other works (films, with considerable works (films, novels,
other works (films, novels, etc.), genres, effectiveness, to other etc.), genres, plots
novels, etc.), genres, plots works (films, novels,
plots etc.), genres, plots


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