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Death Penalty

Proponent: Group 2

Proposed Date: July 28, 2016

Proposed Venue: URS Taytay, Amphitheater


The death penalty, or capital punishment, refers to punishment by death imparted to a person by

a state or a legal framework. Because of the nature of the punishment, the death penalty raises a

plethora of human-rights issues, which, consequently, has led to its abolishment in a majority of

countries across the globe. However, despite the controversies surrounding it, it is still practiced

in one form or another in about 58 countries.

The death penalty has been, for obvious reasons, a massive source of controversy in most

countries across the world in the past few decades. Besides issues of human rights, questions of

the ethical and even legal right of the state to impart punishment by death have been raised

vociferously by advocates of the abolishment of the death penalty. Presently, the death penalty

has been scrapped completely by 97 countries, while the 58 countries that actively practice it

face overwhelming global pressure to abolish this punishment completely. With a progressive

move towards more humane methods of punishment, it is only a matter of time before the death

penalty is struck off completely from all law books.

General Objective:

One of the aims in selecting this topic is to know if the death penalty will lower the percentage of

the crime over the Philippines. Also, in this topic the researchers will explain if the death penalty

is one of the solutions to change the minds of the people for committing a crime.

Specific Objective:

1. To find out if the death penalty will decrease or increase the percentage of a crime in the

2. To be able to know if the death penalty will help our country to live in a peaceful world.
3. To know if this is one of the solutions to prevent the offenders to commit a crime.

Budgetary Requirements

Seminar Items

Item Description Quantity Description Amount

Bond Paper 1 Ream 120.00
Marker 1 Box 70.00
Tarpaulin (Seminar 1 Pc 200.00
Tarpaulin (Welcome) 1 Pc 120.00
Special Paper 3 Packs 50.00
Token 1 Set 500.00
Sound System 1 Set 2500.00
Multimedia Projector 1 Pc c/o Group 2

Food Items
Item Description Quantity Description Amount
Food (Speaker and 5 Meals 150.00
Cupcakes 5 Packs 50.00
Juice 5 Box 60.00


Item Description Quantity Description Amount

Taxi Fare (Speaker) n/a n/a 500.00

Proposed Program

Time Activity Persons Involved

7:00 8:00 am Registration Secretariat Committee
8:00 am Opening Prayer Jeruel Umandac
8:05 am National Anthem Dianil Manalo
8:10 am Opening Remarks Mrs. Rulen T. Velicaria
8:30 am Introduction of Resource Ian Bautista
8:35 10:00 am Part I: Seminar Proper Resource Speaker
10:00 10:20 am Intermission Number Psych Band
10:20 11:30 am Part II: Seminar Proper Resource Speaker
11:30 11:45 am Closing Remarks Mx. Mary Anne Portuguez
Rpm, MP
11:45 12:00 pm Awarding of Plaque of Guests and Speaker
Appreciation and Certificates
Proposed by:
Group 2 IV-A B.S. Psychology

Approved by:
Mx. Mary Anne Portuguez RPm, MP
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