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Calaguing, Samantha Roxanne A.

The resurrection of Jesus is a testimony that he came to redeem the humankind.

It is to save us from all our sins and give us forgiveness. And it is our duty as the
believers of God to live and obey Him in accordance of His will.

Just like Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, we are the disciples of Jesus. We
are all called to spread the good news. We have to listen to the Word of God, and obey
His commandments. It is our obligation to hear a mass every Sunday, and treat other
people the way God commanded us all. But sadly, we live in a modern world where
there are a lot of distractions mainly the advance technology. We live in it every day that
we are neglecting our obligations as the followers of God.

As a follower of God and a saved soul through Jesus resurrection, we should

believe in Gods plans for us and trust Him with all our hearts. Just like how he meant
His promise to save us all, everything is mapped out and we just have to believe in Him.
There may be situations that we would encounter that may make us question God but
all we need to do is trust God no matter how hard life is for us. Because God will never
fail us, never have an never will.

This gospel's message tells us that God provides in all aspects of our lives. And it
is up to us on how to use them. Just like our faith, we connect with God by doing our
responsibilities as His children. It is through spreading the good news and living in
accordance with the commandments and teachings of the Church. And also by
connecting to the people around us with peace.

Cregencia, Jill Pauline O.

The cross of Jesus Christ is meaningful it represents a lot in our life it is a symbol and
that symbol has several meanings. We all have our own crosses to carry. All of us have
our own challenge in life, we have crosses which represent our problems, this cross is
heavy for it contains every ache and pain in our hearts. There is a cross of love which
we carry too, it contains the pain we are feeling or what our loved ones are causing it
also contains the love we have for the world and our brothers and sisters, how big is the
cross and how heavy it is. There is a cross for peace where all our hopes and dreams
for achieving peace. Jesus Christ death signifies his love for us and God giving up the
Lord means that he really loves us. So for me, the love that Christ has shown us must
be spread for everyone, our brothers and sisters. Each of us has our own cross as I
said, however, we can help one another carry their crosses and they shall help us too,
just by showing them love. St. John of the Cross had said: God has loved us first, that
is why we are able to love. Since God is love, we receive the tender love of God. And
we are able to love and be loved. If we want remain in God, we must love one another.
The Lord is commanding us to love one another as he loved us. And if we want and
wish to remain with God, we must love. And when we love to its fullest, we remain in
Him and we will be whole, complete, full. When we love others, we find ourselves. We
just dont define love and make others believe. Love has to be felt and experienced by
all concernedthe lover and the beloved. Love is real and concrete, it is not absurd and
an illusion when done and lived. When we decide to love, we must be willing to give and
to share oneself for our neighbor. To love is not to keep for one self, it is always towards
an outward direction. The movement of giving and receiving is the dynamics of love
to love and be loved. The love of God is beyond compare. It is the greatest gift that
we received and now enjoy. The greatest love of all is not what the song says: learning
to love yourself is the greatest love of all. That is not even a great thing to do. The
greatest love is when one is willing to lay down his/ her life for a friend or for someone,
not necessarily a loved one. Like Jesus who was willing to give his life for us, even if he
did nothing wrong. This concrete expression of the love of Jesus is indeed the greatest.

Loving therefore is offering oneself for others. As God has loved us, we are invited then
and commanded to love in return so that we will bear much fruit, charming fruits to be
shared and celebrated.
De Castro, Agatha

The first thing that I noticed after reading and studying the Resurrection of Jesus
Christ is that the two Mary were emphasized in this chapter. In ancient times, theres no
equality among women and men. Women were considered as slaves and they dont
have the right to control a state or even to study. People nowadays tend to categorize
their own rights by its social situation, its ability, and its gender. If youre poor, woman,
and disabled then you cant have the things that a man has. This kind of thinking is very
rational that it misleads the word equality. Poor, women, and disabled can also learn,
act, feel, and, live just as men can. I remember my mother when I read this chapter for
the reason that I have extensive respect and love to her for her sacrifices for me
especially when she gave birth to me. She gave me this chance to live in this world and
feel the love of her and of God. I also adore those people who are disabled but still they
are working hard at the same time preaching God. We are here to serve God whether
you are a man, poor, a woman, or disabled. God made us all equal so we should not put
labels on the things that we have seen different with one another instead let us respect
and help each other. This chapter inspires me to really respect humanity. Respect in the
sense that whoever you are, you must be treated as the same way I treated the other
people. It reminds me that I should know my responsibility to my family, my friends and
my fellow neighbors that I must love them as I have loved myself. As time goes by, I
also felt that the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter Sunday) seem to
be ordinary to us which is not the way we should celebrate it. The resurrection of Jesus
Christ is the most important thing that we should remember wholeheartedly considering
that this is the day that Jesus saved us from our sins. We should treat every annual
celebration of Easter Sunday as if we see Jesus resurrected from death. We should be
thankful and feel the great joy in our heart just like the two Mary had when they were
running to tell the good news. I also noticed that many people doubting if God is true.
Relating it to this chapter, those people were just like the soldiers in the chapter for the
reason that many people tend to dig and to give everything for power and wealth
without noticing what the real purpose of their lives is. We should know the main reason
why we are here, why were given the chance to live and what is the purpose of our
lives. Our responsibilities and purposes should be accomplished. As I am writing this
reflection, I wonder what my purpose is. Do all people have the same purpose as me?
Then, I realized that were here in this world to serve God simply by praising Him and
helping others. I know that I am living in a society that is full of sin and I know that I
make mistakes, but as I have given the chance to study and to read this chapter, it
made me knew that every day is like a resurrection where God gives you another
chance to repent your sins, to live and, to feel the love of Him.

Gacayan, Izza

Almost all problems that our society face are because of not having a good
attitude toward God and not attaining a strengthened faith in Him. In reading the gospel,
it is clear there that they are all amazed seeing God alive again and we, people, in the
society must be the same as them. We have to be amazed by His grace and for
continuously giving us blessings even though we are not deserving of such. Why we
face a lot of problems? It is because we continue seeking for the things that are not
present and not being able to appreciate what are being offered.

I noticed that almost all of us are not contented for possessing what ours but we
always wanna get what others possessed, too. With having that kind of attitude, we
developed a world full of biases, jealousy, and unfairness. We, people, must change it.
We should be contented for having things that we have and should stop seeking what
we don't have. When we adopt this attitude we will surely have a better world, a better
living. A world that is full of love to each other. We have to think that God gives us the
things that we need, we just have to appreciate it more and use it well too.

For me, this kind of attitude is also the root for not having a world peace because
we want to bring down others and put ourselves on the top. God knows whats best for
us. We should stop making our own best for ourselves that causes others to be down.
Like in the gospel, be amaze for what is happening around. Appreciate things more and
little by little you will realize how important it is to appreciate everything and will it affect
the society today.

The society also lacks of faith in God. When we encounter problems and
challenges we tend to give up already. Some kill themselves in order to escape from the
reality of life. They end their own lives for the sake of not experiencing God's
challenges. Do we really think that it is a good thing to do? No! Definitely no! God gave
us life and who are we to end it? He is the only one who has to right to end our lives and
not us. The challenges and problems that we ate facing are God's way to strengthen our
faith on Him. Do you think when we always get the things we want we will be able to
remember God? No! That is why He is giving us problems in order be us to talk to Him
and take a chance to let Him solve those. We have to remember always that problems
are temporary. They are just one way of God telling us that we still need Him in our
lives, no matter what. So do not ever try to kill yourself, first and foremost, it is not yours
and God did not give you the right to do so.

Lastly, in the Gospel it is clearly shown that God is really alive and He is not
dead. Thus, we, people, have to remember that God is always by our sides. He never
leave us and He never will. So don't you ever think that you are alone and that no one
accompanies you because God is there, God is here. We have to continuously talk with
Him and always have to give Him ourselves.

In this world that is full of chaos, what we really need is God. To have faith in God
enables us to solve the problems that we encounter. Stop worrying but instead start

Gaite, Janssen Jeal B.

This gospel thought me about faith, faith in Jesus that transformed thousands of
his followers. Having trust is also having faith in a person. In order to have trust in a
person you should also have faith in that person since these two words are not the
same. Trust is faith in action because it is the manifestation of our faith in our thoughts
and actions. This is why if a persons trust is broken; it is hard to get it back. Jesus
promised his disciples that he will return and he did that is why his disciples trust him
and have faith in him. Nowadays, people will promise you with a lot of things and it will
turn out to be false hope this is why we have trust issues with other people. Some
people that is your friend is good to you when youre around but when youre not will tell
bad things about you to other person. Some will tell you stories that theyve been to
places like Italy, France and other foreign countries but youve found out that it was not
true. Some will tell you that he/she has a passing grade in subjects and yet he/she
actually didnt passed. Having a friend like the ones Ive mentioned will have trust issues
since you dont know if youre going to believe him/her. It is hard to regain ones trust
since it is like a glass and if that glass breaks, it will be hard to be fixed the way it was
before. Jesus protected that faith and trust of his disciples that is why as he promised
he came back.

As people nowadays are going through the same things with me having a lot of
struggles in life, I told them that they are not alone. I always told them that this struggle
is only temporary that one should believe in oneself and trust oneself because if one
cant do it to his/herself, then itll be tough to overcome that challenge. Even I myself is
struggling I always try to cheer on someone and inspire them that life will always be
hard but if a person does his/her best in whatever way his/her can there will always be a
reward awaiting but if not then he/she should still try harder because life does not stop
there like Jesuss resurrection, he came back from the dead after experiencing all the
things that human does and after us humans abused his goodness he still forgive us
every day and he never gets tired of it. We should always remember that lifes struggles
makes us stronger that God will never give us these problems without a solution and
that will make our faith and trust in God more solid. Never give up, there are others that
had gone the same struggle as me but they never gave up that is why I am inspired and
I tell others these stories for them to be inspired that if they can do it we can. We might
be afraid of what goes wrong but if we have faith we can go through it all like the
Gomez, Aldrin Mark M.

This Gospel teach me in social aspect that we as a follower of Jesus is to be a

leader, to our fellow brothers and sisters in guiding them in discovering and developing
their talents that God bestowed on them. Also by helping our brothers and sisters unlock
their inner leadership skills that need to be guided in order for them to be leader as well.
For me this Gospel teaches us to stand up and to be a true follower of Christ by
practicing our leadership and social obligation that would be beneficial to us and to our
brothers and sisters. Jesus is a transformational leader He sees the good in each one of
us when no one sees it into others. Based on the Gospel of Matthew 28:1-10 Jesus
wants the Mary Magdalene and to other Marys to proclaim that He is alive and tell His
people to meet Him in Galilee, Like in our social setting in todays world Jesus wants us
to remain faithful to Him even though we do not see Him, Because through our faith He
wants us to feel and trust that he is there guiding and watching our actions, that is
according to His will for us. As a student and a catholic I can practice what I learned
from the Gospel of Matthew by practicing my humility and my leadership, and offer all
things to God. For I believe that each and one us has an obligation that God wants us to
be part of, we simply need to open our ears, eyes and hearts in silence to reflect that
what hindrance us to achieve Gods plan for us is just a trial and a challenge that will
strengthen and deepen our faith into Him. Because like Mary Magdalene and the other
Marys did is wait to God with unconditional love and even though God tested their faith
still they never leave Gods side, This is the main idea I got in the Gospel and through
this Gospel I realized that I needed to strengthen my faith by reflect more my purpose
as his follower and also on how can I contribute in this world he created for us. As of
now I can say that by through sharing my ideas and guiding my family, friends and
classmates is all small acts of helping is my act on how will I proclaim Gods love for us
and for myself I can say that through this bible chapter I will become more faithful and
trust to Gods given gifts and talents, that through this blessings I can conquer all the
trails and challenges I encounter along my way, and offer all this things to Him and trust
on his guidance on what wants me to become someday.
Ong, Richard T.

Jesus resurrection was, and will forever be, one of the most glorious, divine, and
happiest moments in Christian tradition. We commemorate this moment in Jesus life
not only during the last moments of the holy week, Easter Sunday, but do it every
Sunday. As the verse starts with; After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the
week . Marking Sunday as the day of resurrection, for the people has followed the
Greek calendar that begins with Sunday and ends on Saturday. According to the bible
verse there is was a violent earthquake that occurred as for God has sent an angel to
welcome his son to his side. His valet, with a familiar address to the son of God as
Jesus, is probably one of Gods arch angels for he shows respect and yet a certain
amount of familiarity with Jesus Christ himself. The Angel said to the women, to not be
afraid for Jesus has resurrected and that they should proclaim the good news to his
brothers. Reflecting on this passage in the bible, I find myself inspired. I was given
clarity that, no matter how much we were oppressed, hurt, glorified, followed, or how
much we sacrifice, we will all be reborn not as who we are with our worldly desires, but
as people who will be able to understand, forgive, and love others unconditionally.
Beginning with the greeting, do not be afraid, just as his message during his
lifetime, he taught us not to fear the power of God, for he is almighty, all knowing, and
all seeing, and yet merciful, loving, and forgiving to us all. In the present state of our
society in the Philippines, we are bombarded with news of death every single day of our
lives, but despite that, we must keep in mind the message of Jesus immediately after he
resurrected do not be afraid. There is no need to fear, for he has suffered for our sins,
for God has forgiven us, for there is always hope. There will be times that we will
struggle, that we will be incapable of understanding the message of God, or even a time
where God himself will present us with a test that will require us to sacrifice. Much like
Jesus from the agony in the garden, we kneel, pray, and cry out to God for we seek to
understand his ways, in the resurrection, we are given an answer. That in him, there is
no need to fear, no need to be weary, for he, his angels, his son, and all those that we
love that joined him before us will welcome us in heaven with open arms. We will be
cleansed, forgiven and reborn.
We as beings of the modern day world, we only think of I, myself, Personally
but Jesus himself, after suffering for our sins and dying for us, did not mention the
previous words. The same words to show how we value ourselves were never used by
Jesus in this passage but instead he immediately thought of his brothers, us. And yet
we are so blinded, so busy, to even stop and think about those around us. In our society
today we grow consciously of ourselves and only ourselves. The only thing that we do
today is to share Facebook posts about people suffering, sitting there with phones in
front of our faces, making other people feel bad for not being able to help. Jesus, he did
not say, Look here, see this wound? I died for you. No, he said go tell my brothers,
and they will see me. He was not angry, he was not blaming us for his death, no, he
was happy enough to be reborn and see his brothers once again. We should not blame
others for our suffering, we can only blame ourselves for being selfish, dense to the
thought of the word we and only concerned by the word I. Stop and think of the
actions we have done to others, and then speak with our actions.
Siddayao, Daniella V.
Reading Matthew 28:1-10 gave me a lot of realization. It made me think of all the
sacrifices Jesus Christ did for us. He died for our sins and His resurrection was the
manifestation of us being saved because of Him. Therefore, for me, the story of the
resurrection of Jesus Christ was all about having trust and faith in Him. Like what I
believe in, faith is the absence of doubt. And if I continue to believe in Jesus and his
plans for me, I will able to understand what is happening within my life and I will also be

This story of Jesus resurrection has taught me things that surely helped me to
grow as a person. Having faith is very important because it is intertwined with having
trust. Trust is an important thing to needs to be taken care of. It we trust in Him, our
saviour; we know that we are capable of trusting, trusting Him, our self, as well as other.
If I know how to trust others, they may see me as an inspiration or motivation. Through
this, I am helping them to be better which please Him above. Believing in others is a
way of believing with Gods creation to be improved. Therefore, I will try my best to have
this mission of not just hearing Gods words but also sharing it.

Another way of how I will be able to apply what I have learned in this story is to
have faith in everyone. Each person has differences and capacities and I believe that
there were people that I should reach out because I know they are the ones who need
encouragement. They need attention and help from people like me who have received
that grace of the Lord. I will do things like this to inspire others to just keep having faith
in God no matter what happens. Though all of us sometime feel like we are at our
lowest, but we should never ever forget that Jesus is there to save us.