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1. For a single phase overhead line having solid copper conductors of diameter 1cm,
spaced 60cm between centers, the inductance in mH/Km is ----------
a) 0.05 + 0.2 ln60 b) 0.2 ln60
c) 0.05 + 0.2 ln(60/0.5) d) 0.2 ln(60/0.5)

2. A 1- load is supplied by a 1- voltage source. If the current flowing from the load to
The source is 10 -150A and if the voltage at the load terminals is 100 60 V . Then
The -----------------
a) Load absorbs real power and delivers reactive power
b) Load absorbs real power and absorbs reactive power
c) Load delivers real power and delivers reactive power
d) Load delivers real power and absorbs reactive power

3. Which of the following conductor has only the External Inductance?

a) ACSR Conductor b) ACAR Conductor c) Solid Conductor d) Hallow Conductor

4. A 3- , 11KV, 50HZ, 200KW load has a power factor of 0.8 lag. A delta connected 3-
Capacitor is used to improve the power factor to unity. The capacitance per phase in
Micro farads is -----------
a) 3.948 b) 1.316
c) 0.439 d) 11.844

5. A line A to neutral voltage is 10 15V. For a balanced 3- star connected load with
Phase sequence ABC. The voltage of the line B with respect to the line C is given
a) 103 105V. b) 103 -75V.
c) 10 105V. d) 103 -90V.

6. The Reflection co-efficient of a short circuited line is?

a) -1 b) +1 c) 0.5 d) zero

7. Concept of an electricity short, medium and long line is primarily based on the
a) Nominal voltage of the line b) Physical length of the line
c) Wave length of the line d) Power transmitted over the line

8. A long wire composed of a smooth round conductor runs above parallel to the ground
( Assuming to be a large conducting plane ).
A High voltage exists between conductor and the ground. The Maximum electric
stress occurs at the
a) Upper surface of the conductor b) The ground surface
c) Lower surface of the conductor d) Midway between the conductor and the ground.

9. Consider the following statements:

1) Characteristic Impedance
2) Propagation constant
3) System stability
4) Charging current.

Which of these statements are correct?

a) 1 and 3 b) 2 and 4 c) 2,3and 4 d) 1,2 and 4

10. The A, B, C, D parameters of 3-phase, 80km, 50Hz transmission line with series
Impedance of 0.15 + j 0.78 /km and shunt admittance of j 5 Mho/km is
a) b)

c) d)

11. A generating station has a connected load of 43 MW and a maximum demand of 20MW,

The units generated being 61.5 per annum. The percentage load factor is ----%

12. Calculate string efficiency for a string of 3-Insulator units. If the capacitance of each
Unit to earth and line be 20% and 5% of the self capacitance of the unit.
a) 74.5% b) 82.1% c) 86.2% d) 91.4%

13. A.D.C 2- wire system is to be converted into A.C. 3- phase 3- wire system by the
addition of a third conductor of the same cross-section as the two existing conductors.
The percentage additional load which can now be supplied if the voltage between
Wires and the percentage loss in line remain unchanged is ----------% (Assume a
Balanced load of Unity Power Factor).

14. A3-phase short transmission line connected to a 33KV, 50Hz generating station at the
sending end is required to supply a load of 10MW at 0.8 lagging power factor at 30KV.
at the receiving end. If the minimum transmission efficiency limited is to be 96%, then
the per phase inductance of line is ---------- mH
a) 2.8 b) 0.28 c) 280 d) 28

Common Data for Q(15) & (16):

A 3- phase equilateral transmission line has a total corona loss of 53KW at 106KV and a
Loss of 98KW at 110.9KV.

15. The disruptive critical voltage between the lines is -------------KV.

16. For the same, system, the corona loss at 113KV will be -----------KW.
a) 110 b) 121.3 c) 140 d) 100

17. A load duration curve for a power station as shown in figure:

The reserve capacity in the plant at 70% capacity factor is

a) Zero b) 10MW c) 30MW d) 50MW

18. Match List-1 with List-2

List 1 List 2
(Type of element) (Application )

1. Series Capacitor A. To improve power factor

2. Shunt Reactor B. To improve steady state stability
3. Series reactor C. To avoid Ferranti effect
4. Shunt capacitor D. To limit short circuit current
a) 1C, 2B, 3A, 4D b) 1B, 2C, 3D, 4A
c) 1A, 2C, 3D, 4B d) 1D, 2B, 3C, 4A

19. A single core lead sheathed cable has a conductor diameter of 3cm, the diameter of the
Cable being 9cm. the cable is graded by using two dielectrics of relative permittivity 5
and 4 with corresponding safe working stress of 30KV/cm and 20KV/cm respectively.
The safe working voltage of the cable is.
a) 24.12KV b) 21.16KV c) 27.68KV d) 38.68KV

20. Consider a 2- bus power system as shown below. The bus of the network is

and take p.u After first iteration, value of V2 is

a) 0.71 -10.12 V b) 0.868 -15.52 V

c) 0.12 15.1V d) 1.21 21 V

21. A power system has a total load of 1250MW at 50Hz; the load varies 1.5% for every 1%
Change in frequency. When a 60MW load is suddenly tripped, then the Steady State
Frequency deviation is.. (The speed regulation parameter R= 0.0025 HZ per MW)

a) 0.5 HZ b) 0.24HZ c) 0.137 HZ d) 0.224HZ

22. The load carrying capability of a long AC transmission line is.

a) Always limited by conductor size

b) Limited by stability considerations
c) Reduced at low ambient temperature
d) Limited by voltage drop across line.

23. The receiving end power factor of a 3 short line having per phase impedance of
(0.3 + j 0.4) , receiving end voltage is 6.3 KV/ph and voltage regulation not to exceed
5% is.

a) 0.75 lagging b) 0.5 leading c) 0.49 lagging d) 0.8 leading

24. The insulation of modern EHV line is designed based on .

a) The lightening b) Corona c) Radio interference d) Switching over voltage

25. The per unit impedance of short transmission line is j0.06. The line has a load
Current of ( 1+ j0.6 ) p.u. with a receiving end voltage of 1 0 pu . The average
reactive power flow over the line is
a) 7.8 pu b) 112 pu c) -15.6 pu d) -0.56 pu

26. In a power system a generator of capacity 700MVA, 3, 50HZ connected through a

Transmission line to load. If the reactive power is 360 MVAR. Active power
Transmitted by the generator to load is..
a) Not possible b) Possible
c) Cannot be determine from given data d) None of these

27. The conductors of a 10 km long, single phase, two wire line are separated by a
Distance of 1.5m. The diameter of each conductor is 1cm. if the conductor are of
Copper, the inductance of the circuit is .. mH.

28. A star connected alternator supplies a delta connected load. The impedance of each
Branch is (6+ j8 ). The line voltage is 400V. Then the reactive power of the load is
.. KVAR.

29. Which one of the following statement is correct?

The elements of each row of a YBUS Matrix for load flow studies in power system add
up to zero.
a) Always
b) If the shunt admittances at the buses are ignored
c) If the mutual couplings between transmission lines are absent
d) Both (b) and (c) are satisfied
30. A 15km long 3-phase over head line is supplying a 5MW load at 11KV and 0.8 lagging
pf . The line inductance is 1.1mH/km/phase and the loss is 12% of power delivered.
The value of the line resistance per phase is ..


31. A generator with constant 1.0 p.u. terminal voltage supplies power through a step-up
Transformer of 0.12 p.u. .Reactance and a double circuit line to an infinite bus bar
as shown below in the figure. The infinite bus voltage is maintained at 1.0 p.u.
Neglecting the resistances and substance of the system, the steady state stability
Power limit of the system is 6.25 p.u. If one of the double circuit is tripled, then
Resulting steady state power limit is .. p.u.

Linked Question for Q.32 and Q.33

A synchronous generator having an inertia constant of 6.0 MJ/MVA is delivering

power of 1.0 p.u. to an infinite bus through a purely reactive network. Suddenly a
fault occurs reducing the generator output power to zero. The maximum power that
could be delivered is 2.5per unit. (Assume frequency 60HZ).

32. The critical clearing angle (cr)degrees.

33. The critical clearing time is (tC).sec

34. The total series inductive reactance and total capacitive shunt reactance of a loss
less overhead EHV line operating at 50HZ are given by 0.045 p.u. and 1.2 p.u.
respectively. If the velocity of wave propagation is 3105km/s, the the approximate
length of the line is.
a) 122km b) 185km c) 222km d) 272km

35. A 3 transmission line has the following parameters:

A = D = 0.96 00 and B = 100 800
If the line supplies a load of 30MW at 0.8 p. f . lagging, 110KV, then the sending end line
Voltage is..
a) 150KV b) 132.86KV c) 76.7KV d) 108.4KV

36. An 11KV, 100MVA alternator is provided with differential protection. The percentage
Of winding to be protected against phase to ground fault is 85%. The relay is set to
Operate when there is 20% out of balance current. The value of the resistance to be
placed in the neutral to ground connection is
a) 0.91 b) 1.91 c) 2.91 d) 3.91

37. A two pole 50HZ, 50MVA turbo generator has a moment of inertia of 9103kg-m2. The
Inertia constant on 50MVA base is
a) 9.10104 p.u b) 9.86104 p.u c) 9.61104 p.u d) 9.01104 p.u

38. A 11KV, 10MVA alternator has 10% sub-transient reactance, transient reactance and
80% synchronous reactance S . it is connected to a load through a circuit breaker and
a transformer. If under no load conditions a 3-phase fault occurs between the
transformer and the circuit breaker, then the maximum D.C. component of the short
circuit current is..
a) 7.4KA b) 8.6KA c) 8.4KA d) 7.1KA

39. A generator operating at 50HZ delivers 1.0 p.u power to an infinite bus through a
Transmission circuit having zero resistance. A fault takes place reducing the
maximum power transferable to 0.5 p.u whereas before the fault, this power was
2.0 p.u and after the clearance of fault, it is 1.5 p.u .The critical clearing angle (in Ele.
Degrees) would be equal to..
a) 48.18 b) 40.6 c) 52.18 d) 70.3

40. The diagram shows the generation of one plant, transmission loss and demand. The
Incremental cost of production is.

What is the incremental cost of received powers?

a) Rs 5/MWhr b) Rs 10/MWhr c) Rs 18/MWhr d) Rs 4/MWhr

41. A 3- 60HZ line has flat horizontal spacing. The conductors have a GMR of 0.0133m
with 10m between adjacent conductors. The value of inductive reactance per phase in
Ohms per km is.

42. A 60HZ, 4-pole turbo generator, rated 500MVA, 22KV is delivering rated MVA at 0.8
Power factor lagging when a fault reduces the electric power output to 40% neglect
losses and assume constant power input to the shaft. The value of accelerating
torque at the time of fault is .KN- m

43. A 100MVA, 50HZ turbo-generator operates at no-load at 3000rpm. A load of 25MW is

Suddenly applied to the machine and the stream valve to the turbine commences to
Open after 0.6 sec, due to governor time lag. Assuming the inertia constant H= 5KW-
Sec/KVA of the generator rating, the frequency to which the generated voltage drops
Before the steam flow commences to meet the new load is?
a) 49.0HZ b) 42.24HZ c) 50.15HZ d) 49.82HZ

44. In a 400KV Network, 360KV is recorded at the 400KV bus. The reactive power
Absorbed by a shunt reactor rated for 50MVAR, 400KV connected at the bus is..
a) 61.73MVAR b) 55.56MVAR c) 45MVAR d) 40.5MVAR

45. Which one of the following statements is correct? Corona loss increases with,
a) Decrease in conductor size and increase in supply frequency
b) Increase in both conductor size and supply frequency
c) Decrease in both conductor size and supply frequency
d) Increase in conductor size and decrease in supply frequency

46. A string insulator has 4units. The voltage across the bottom-most unit is 33.33%. Its
String efficiency is..%

47. A one km long 11KV 3core, 3- metal sheath cable gave the following test results:
1) Capacitance between two conductors joined to sheath and the third conductor is
0.6 .F .
2) Capacitance between all the three conductors bunched together and sheath is
0.96 .F .
The effective capacitance of each core to neutral is together and sheath is 0.96 .F . ,
The effective capacitance of each core to neutral is
a) 0.12 .F . b) 0.74 .F . c) 0.16 .F . d) 0.32 .F .

48. If the fault current is 200A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400:5. The plug
setting multiplier will be
a) 25 b) 15 c) 50 d) 1

49. The rotation of Disc of an induction Disc relay under the poles is
a) From un-shaded pole to shaded pole
b) From shaded pole to un-shaded pole
c) It depends on the magnitude of current
d) It depends on C.T. secondary connection

50. A 50HZ, 17.32KV generator is connected to a power system. The system reactance and
Capacitance per phase is: 10mH and 0.2mF, respectively, what is the maximum
Voltage across the contacts of the circuit breaker at an instant when it passes
Through zero is .KV.

51. Load flow studies must be made on a power system before

a) Making short circuit studies but not for transient stability studies on the power system
b) Making transient stability studies but not for short circuit studies on the power system
c) Making both short circuit and transient stability studies on the power system
d) None of these

52. Two generating stations A and B operate in parallel linked by an 11KV inter
Connector having an impedance of (2.7+j15)/ph. The supply voltage at both stations
are in phase. Determine the boosting voltage required at station A. When a load of
2.5MW of unity p. f . is taken at station B?

a) 405.3V b) 702V c) 6.35KV d) 11000V

Common data for Q.(53) and Q.(54)

A synchronous motor improves the power factor of load from 0.7 to 0.8 lagging. The
losses and other mechanical load on it amount to (250+200)KW while the load which
power factor is considered is 1500KW, then

53. KVA input to the synchronous machine is .

a) 738.8 KVA b) 450 KVA c) 1950 KVA d) none of these

54. Power factor of synchronous machine motor is ..

a) 0.81 leading b) 0.71 lagging c) 0.71 leading d) 0.61 leading

55. A single core cable to be used on a 132 KV, 3-phase system, if the peak permissible
Stress is not exceed 60KV per cm, then the most economical diameter of cable is.
a) 3.6cm b) 1.2cm c) 9.78cm d) 2.718cm

56. A single core-cable has a core diameter of 2.5cm, insulation thickness of 1.25cm and
Resistivity is 4.51014 ohm-m. The insulation resistance per km is ..M.

57. The sending end and the receiving end voltages of a transmission line at 100MW load
are equal at 132KV per phase line impedance is (4+j6). Calculate the maximum
Steady power that can be transmitted over the line is.
a) 358.68MW b) 762MW c) 1076MW d) 2000MW

58. A 50 cycle, four pole turbo generator of rating 20MVA, 132KV has an inertia
Constant of H=9KW-Sec/KVA. If the input less the rotational losses is 26,800 Hp and
The electric power developed is 16MW. The acceleration of rotor is..
a) 3.49 rad/sec2 b) 13.96 rad/ sec2 c) 17.45 rad/ sec2 d) none of these

59. A 132KV, 3- 50 cycles, over head line, 50km long has a capacitance to earth for each
Line of 0.0157 .F . per km, the KVA rating of the arc suppression coil suitable for the
System is
a) 4900KVA b) 4300KVA c) 7444KVA d) 5600KVA

60. In the given network V1= 100 00 , V2= 100 1200 V , V3 = 100 1200 V, the Phasor
Current I (in amperes) is.. 600

61. A 500MVA, 22KV, 60HZ star connected synchronous generator is solidly grounded and
is operating at rated voltage at no-load. Its reactances are Xd = X1 = X2 = 0.15 p.u. and
XO=0.05 p.u. . An inductive reactance (X) is to be inserted in the neutral connection of
the generator to limit the sub-transient line current for a single line to ground fault to
that for a three phase fault . The value of X is

62. The capacitance of a single phase 50HZ over head line 50km long consisting of two
Parallel wires each 0.5cm in diameter and 1.5m apart. The height of conductors above
the ground is 7m. (Taking the effect of ground in consideration) is .
a) 0.55 .F . b) 0.44 .F . c) 0.33 .F . d) 0.22 .F .

63. Maximum rupturing short circuit capacity of fuse is .

a) 5000A b) 100A c) 10A d) 400A

64. Circuit breaker making will be done under. Condition only.

a) Always b) transient period c) Sub transient d) steady state condition

65. The full-load torque angle of a synchronous motor at rated voltage and frequency is
30 elect. The stator resistance is negligible .degree will be the torque angle if
the load torque and terminal voltage remaining constant, the excitement and
frequency are raised by 10%.

a) 46.86 b) 35 c) 33.36 d) 38