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Module 1

1. In a P-type material, which is the minority carrier?

- electron
2. What is the most widely used semiconductor material?
- silicon
3. Why is Gallium Arsenide is not commonly used as a semiconductor material?
- expensive
4. When there is a flow of current, the diode
- is forward with respect to the cathode
5. What element after input the output remain
- latch
6. A bulb is connected in parallel is blown out
- connect or used of fuse or breaker
7. What is the value of watt in horse power
- 746 hp
8. The proportion of energy transmitted by that object which can be transferred to
another object. It is an alternating current waveform
- form factor
9. What primary cell which the electrodes are zinc and carbon with an acidic paste
between them that serve as the electrolytic?
- Le Clanche cell
10. What kind of battery in which the electrochemical is not reversible?
- primary cell
11. What is equals to 270 degrees
- lags signal by 90 degrees
12. In JFET, what element is similar to a garden hose
- channel
13. A bleeder is place parallel in the circuit for the purpose of discharging of what
- capacitor
14. Where do we used bypass capacitor
- feedback
15. FTP stands for
- File Transfer Protocol
16. X is low, what is X NAND Y
- low
17. Drain current is maximum
- pinch of
18. CMOS stands for
- Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
19. What IC is commonly used in computers
- 78XXX
20. Dual in line or DIL package are designated as
- TO-116
21. When a transformer is subjected to high frequency
- high core loss
22. What is the condition of maximum efficiency
- core loss is equal to constant loss
23. R/Z
- power factor
24. Least torque
- DC shunt
25. Diode used in microwave transmitters
- IMFATT diode
26. Advantage of magnetic disk to magnetic tape
- faster retrieval
27. When the ratio of transformer is quadraupled
- 1:16
28. Advantages of JK to RS flip flop
- there is always a predictable output
29. Power output divided by driven power
- maximum power efficiency
30. Disadvantage of transformer coupling to capacitor coupling
- expensive
31. Angle of three phase
- 120 degrees
32. Where do we used large transformers
- television PA
33. IC used in computer
- common IC
34. Push pull amplifier
- class B
35. Advantage of vacuum tube
- can withstand high current
36. The fuse with nothing but a straight wire inside is probably
- a quick break type
37. A fuse is blown out, if the fuse is change by a much lower current, what will
- blows out immediately
- low drift
39. MOS disadvantage
- can be damage by static discharge
40. System analysis
- System Architecture
41. Connection in LAN
- network interface card
42. The output and inputs of datas
- ports
43. Most susceptible to noise
- Transistor transistor logic, TTL
44. Why carbon brush is used instead of copper
- less arcing
45. Step up transformer
- small primary, large secondary windings
46. Step down transformer
- large primary, small secondary
47. Accessible but not written
48. A flip flop which inputs and outputs are coupled together
- clocked
49. Beat frequency oscillator
- detecting CW
50. Measuring instrument which measure current without cutting off the source
- clamped probe
51. Instrument or device used to measure radiation in the atmosphere
- pyranometer
52. What damping method is generally used in dynamometers?
- air friction
53. Characteristic of FET
- negative source
54. Negative feedback
- reduce gain
- gain equals to 1
56. Where LED usually used
- digital display
57. The three terminal voltage regulators, such as 78XXX series has a typical current
rating of 1.5 amperes. If a high current is required, say 30 amperes, how you make
modifications for this regulator in order to provide the required current?
- by the use of external pass transistor
58. Moving permanent magnet device
- moving magnet instrument
59. No break power transfer (NBPT)
- the transformer in line is not remove then the other transformer is
60. Break power transfer (BPT)
- transformer in line is disconnected first before connecting the other
61. Fast moving animation
- fast interlaced monitor
62. Excessive current
- used of crowbar
63. Active devices used in switching regulators may experience large over-currents
during conduction (turn-on-state) and large over-voltages during turn-off. These
excessive currents and voltages may cause distraction or damage of the active
devices. How do we protect it?
- by installing a snubber circuit
64. NMOS can be interlaced to CMOS by providing a
- pull-up resistor
65. Time domain frequency display
- oscilloscope
66. Ratio of magnetic flux in secondary to primary coil
- coefficient of coupling
67. Minimizing the capacitance in both ends of transformer
- by placing toroidal in both transformer winding
68. Difference of two arithmetic numbers
- deviation
69. Crystal oscillator on VCO
- placing a small variable capacitor
70. Parameters are use in oscillation, except
- current in the line
71. All of this are parameters that prevent on oscillating, except
- in phase with current
72. Connection of different computers
- gateway
73. Graph of JFET
- near the center
74. Active devices used in switching regulators may experience large over-currents
during conduction(turn-on-state) and a large over-voltages during turn-off. These
excessive currents and voltages may cause distraction or damage of the active
devices. How do we protect it?
- by installing a snubber circuit
75. Responsible for SCR firing
- trigger circuit
76. Operating at exactly cutoff or saturation
- class B
77. Negative feedback
- not used in oscillators
78. Used in oscillators
- varactor
79. Core type transformer
- shorter magnetic field
80. RF amplifier is best used of core type
- No! air core type is best for RF amplifier
81. Limit the frequency in the PN junction
- junction capacitance
82. The output has reactances
- the impedances is mismatch, no matter what
83. Source follower
- negative drain current with respect to source
84. Input of 1 to be out of 10
- decade scale
85. Limiting distortions, like humming in radio
- by regulation
86. Power of the reactance
- imaginary
87. Beat frequency oscillator
- detecting CW
88. Crystal oscillator on VCO
- by placing a small variable capacitor
89. Device use to differentiate different values
- comparator
90. When JFET is bias, what happen to the channel
- skews
91. Advantage of crystal controlled oscillator on VFO
- low drift
92. Shell method
- provide maximum coupling
93. Removing bypass capacitor will result
- decrease in gain
94. JFET characteristic curve is
- drain current with respect to source voltage
95. Impedance of zener diode
- zener impedance
96. To prevent MOSFET from being damage
- all of the above
97. Voltage doupler
- for circuits requiring low current but high voltage
98. Capacitance parameter in computing capacitor
- frequency(within reason)
99. Using a battery or power cells is expensive, the common solution is by the use of
household voltage
- Rectification