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Progressive Property

Invest For Freedom, Choice And Profit


Multiple Streams of
Property Cashflow


Multiple Streams of Progressive Property
Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom, Choice And Profit

Multiple Streams of Property Income is designed to open your eyes to the multitude
of income possibilities within property investing. That is, the real genuinely
achievable ones.

“Never rely on only one source of income.”
- Warren Buffett

You’re very exposed and possibly only a few weeks away from financial ruin if you
rely solely on one income stream, especially if you’re working and exchanging your
time for that income stream.

The strategies that will be explained below will work to create multiple streams of
property income & will need to align with your values, your vision, your skills and
your passions

My vision isn’t just to open your mind to multiple
streams of property income, and it isn’t just to
open your mind to the strategies available to you
to create multiple streams of property income,
but to open your eyes to the strategies that
are right for YOU to create multiple streams of

So don’t just be tempted by the
highest income streams or the
easiest income streams. Pick
the strategies that fit into your
lifestyle, your vision, your existing
transferable talent, your
realistically available time and
the way you want to spend
that time.


The Progressive BRR strategy.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. in the property investment world. in reality its best to focus on two things. smart investors are using so many creative. right? Well. or even having to apply for a mortgage. without needing a deposit. entrepreneurial strategies. your investment niche and a strategy for using that vehicle. Choice And Profit When you match the right income stream strategies with your vision. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. there’s serious money to be made without even buying property. we’ve bought and sold over 750 using this one strategy. There are many cashflow streams and models you can im-plement for Capital. it’s no wonder most ordinary people feel like they haven’t got a chance. You see when I started in property we thought there was one way to make money.let residential BRR. Equity and Income through property. You buy. There’s people cleaning up in a multitude of different property ‘strategies’ and a variety of different add-on businesses to the bread and butter single. you refurb. But you see. you rent out. right now. While it may seem important to learn everything you can about property investing & cash flowing strategies. And it’s served us well. But you don’t know what you don’t know. it becomes fun and easy to bring in large amounts of recurring income. 3 .

When starting out. So what are they and how can you benefit from them? 4 . Choice And Profit This ebook is going to introduce you to some of the most popular investment strategies for moving forward. become an expert on one or two strategies (70%). As an investor you will utilise a variety of strategies when dealing with property investment to produce wealth.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. that you can invest in to take you on your property investing journey. you can always expand later (20-10%) later as you get more experience and knowledge.

Choice And Profit The many strategies available to create wealth from property can be quite overwhelming and perhaps a little confusing especially finding which strategy or finance options is right for you if you’re just starting out. LHA 2+2 Strategy.. setting up a letting agency. deal packaging and sourcing. and even train them how to be trainers. instalment contracts. mortgage hosting. assisted sales.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. corporate lets [multi-let without the sweat. portfolio building. becoming a ‘bridger’ or ‘hard’ private money lender. 5 . property at auctions [giving a ‘distressed look’ with low guide price] . because we teach the Progressive Community members how to build their own businesses. We’re partly to blame for this. Commercial Conversion (CC . And now you know why? Because it’s a way to faster income through ‘repackaging’ your property knowledge – and it’s just plain smart. lease extensions. such as Buy-to-let [BRR. information publishing. the list goes on For every one of these.. hotels/super commercial. there are people [including Progressive] who are running courses on how to do them. joint ventures. planning gains. commercial property and finance. land options. rent-to-rent]. acting as a property consultant/mentoring. selling leads. buying freeholds. lease options [purchase options / SLO]. serviced accommodation. flat conversions and title splitting. NMLI].converting Commercial into residential). B2S [buy-to-sell] / flip. HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy or Multi-Let) [5 different models].

People are getting creative and partnering with those who have money to form Joint Ventures [JVs]. PPD. because it’s sexy. mentoring people to take the step from corporate to investor. Then there’s the businesses that support buying. Share 50% of your profit with a ‘backer’ or have 100% of nothing – your choice. Yes we run training on that too. Other variations on this such as delayed completions/instalment contracts are different ways to cut the ‘no money in’ cloth. building portfolios and creating bespoke end-to-end services for busy professionals. mastermind and ‘private equity’ programmes and much more. The fees you can get from deal packaging vary from £50 a lead to £6.000 plus per property. AS. especially around needing deposits.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. Choice And Profit Then you have the different strategies of buying such as a variety of ‘option’ purchases. LO/SO & PB are all part of this strategy. Mark and I started this in 2006 before it was neces-sary and we didn’t even really know it was a ‘JV’. uQL. and customer type. 6 . Like combining JVs with deal packaging with HMOs or sin-gle-lets. RMD’s. online continuity programmes. which give ‘control’ rather than ‘ownership’ and remove many barriers. FF. DVDs. and it helps people who wouldn’t normally have a chance to get started. such as selling deals on for quicker cash. QL. And the power of compounding really kicks in when you combine different strategies. particularly where you can combine them with JVs. flipping deals through Estate Agents. time input. and repurposing their knowledge and information into CDs. More investors are relying less on lending from conventional banks. depending on the strategy.

Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. You should very realistically and with low risk be able to make 12% a year using this strategy. you can consider lending your money to other property investors. shadow them. Many investors who become successful in property and make big lumps of cash. and learn ex-actly how they did it. You can use some cash to partner with an experienced investor. You can secure your loan on the property in We often ‘bridge’ money to friends and business associates.5% is easily achievable and relatively low risk. It’s also a great way to ‘buy in’ great contacts and learn how to invest from people who are al-ready doing it very well. and your investment is likely to be almost as safe as if it was in the bank. Most bridging/private lenders get between 1% and 3% a month on their money. often use lending money to other property investors as another stream of their multiple in-come property strategy. Choice And Profit LENDING YOUR MONEY TO OTHER PROPERTY INVESTORS If you have cash to invest and want a better return than the bank and want to be more passive in your investing. You can call upon any contacts in the Progressive Commu-nity if you require help with the strategy. except you’d be making 5 to 10 times the return. the con-tracts. and sometimes even act as moneylenders to ourselves. the legals. 7 . the agreements.facebook. keeping the risk low and setting clear expectations from the start. www. depending on the term of the loan. With loans of six months or more 1% to 1.

Start with one strategy and get good. Stay with us long enough. You’ll also reach more people. multiple income piece of it. Choice And Profit This is everything we do at Progressive.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. And I’m here to open your mind and let you get your large. and multiple streams of property income. and serve and contribute more than you ever dreamed you could. 8 . Rob Moore Lets get started…. and rather than just buying a few single-lets [which will get you started and serve you well]. Know that you’re significantly underesti-mating what you can achieve in the long term in property. you’ll have a whole empire of businesses around property. build a bigger brand around your name. But also ‘start with the outcome in mind’.

credit rating. predictably increase cashflow per unit. They contain the least risk. your goals and ambitions. and ‘cy-cle’ one deposit ‘pot. Hybrid refurb & hold: This is where you purchase a proper-ty in an expensive area (lower yield). The best property strategies for you will depend on a num-ber factors such as your own personal financial situation. making it a NMLI deal [No Money Left In]. With some cash you can build up a good sized portfolio in a relatively short space of time. and protect your money from low interest rates and inflation.’ getting all of your own money [or JV partner’s money] out upon remortgage. PROPERTY INVESTING NICHE: Buy Refurbish Remortgage: This allows you to force the appreciation of the property through refurbishment. that the majority of tenants would want to live in & can afford.Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. your attitude to risk. availability of time. refurb to a high speci-fication. you can get lending on them the most easily and they are the easiest to manage. You might not know of the many strategies which are avail-able to create short & long term wealth from property but the main ones include: 1: STANDARD ‘VANILLA’ SINGLE OCCUPANCY BUY TO LET: This buy & hold strategy is the least innovative but most proven way to make long term cashflow and equity by buy-ing common houses with good yields (cashflow) in local ar-eas. If the property is upside down. 9 . and wheth-er you want short or long terms gains. Choice And Profit One of the great things about using property as a vehicle to achieve your goals and desires is you can tailor it to fit your own personal circumstances. hassle. and hold out until the value appreciates (pension style investing). There is no ‘one size fits all’ or a standard ‘cookie cutter’ ap-proach to property investing strategies. skills and experience. you can use cashflow from some of your positively geared properties to supplement.

increase the value. Choice And Profit Large commercial office space: Buying large commercial buildings & renting out office space to business professionals on FRI (full repairing and insuring) lease NEW CONSTRUCTION BUILD TO RENT/SELL (residential): The process of buying land. building houses with the intent of reselling or holding for the long term Hidden profit in short leasehold flats: Buy the property for cash. remortgage and rent out the unit For Sale 10 . or get indemnity insurance. set up a new management company (if there is a missing freeholder). extend the lease. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom.

Accordingly. you let out individual rooms to increase the in-come. and not as necessary to be right in the town centre. Post grad/professional: one step down in ‘quality’ to the ‘Boutique’ model. maintenance and management are also higher. mini hotel room accommodation for high-end professionals near the town centre or more affluent parts of a town or city. This model commands the highest room rent. The more rooms you can carve out of the unit. but tenant expectations lower and a greater tolerance of higher numbers. and usually within one mile of campus.’ It is also the model that requires the largest initial outlay of cash. where prices are often higher. 11 . Choice And Profit 2: HMO’S (HOUSES OF MULTIPLE OCCUPATION): Instead of letting the property by the house or flat to one family tenant. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. Less input cost. Voids are higher because of hol-idays. STUDENT: Especially effective in University cities. for example near the hospital or a large manufacturing plant. Tenants are less fussy about the quality of the accommodation and perhaps an extra room can be squeezed in per house. but with a slightly larger market Blue collar: A larger market than professional/post grad. attracts the best tenants. rent can be higher. This model provides Boutique. and needs to be furnished accordingly. cashflow & yield. the higher the income. as these can be located close to the main industry of the town/city. PROPERTY INVESTING NICHE: High end ‘Boutique:’ The most profitable room by room model is the ‘Boutique.

No deposit need-ed. come with plenty of bad debt and your property may come back in bad condition. yet you don’t buy it. BED & BREAKFAST: This is where you can rent out rooms on a nightly basis inclusive of breakfast but usually doesn’t offer other meals. and then ‘HMO’ it yourself. and the market is wider than ‘Boutique. No big upfront costs. Choice And Profit LHA/DSS: The ‘lowest’ end of the market.’ but they are usually management inten-sive. just small refurb costs. Space can be maximised to great effect. 12 . Typically B & B’s involve private and family homes offering accommodations between 4 & 11 rooms SERVICED APARTMENTS: Alternative to staying in hotels which provides more of a home experience on a nightly basis and where it provides a higher yield and return on investment.’ and ‘Post grad/professional. needing the low-est amount of capital outlay. and requiring the highest management in time and costs. renting out multiple rooms with a management agreement. RENT TO RENT: Also known as sub-letting or corporate letting. but commanding the lowest rent per room. These are modern day fully furnished boutique’s and are becoming very fashionable for owners and guests for short and long term stays. You rent an ‘HMO- able’ property from a Landlord on a single let basis. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. You create all the cash flow of an HMO.

Cash purchase. Shoebox aka studio flats /‘Micky mouse apartments’: Buying a property on one freehold where the units are already carved up (or not). You can then turn the kitchen into an extra bed-room and sell as a 2 bedroom flat Assisted Sale: The strategy. create new titles and long leases and ei-ther sell or remortgage & rent out. If you are looking for bigger ‘lumps’ of cash in the short term. It’s viability depends on market conditions [easier to flip in growing market]. but pro-fessionals can flip property through the entire cycle PROPERTY INVESTING NICHE: Re-modelling property: Find a flat with a large living room and move the kitchen into the living room to create open plan living. apply for retrospective planing permission/ certificate of lawful use. refurbing and selling residential property is known as trading and those who use this strategy are referred to as ‘traders’ rather than ‘investors’. You are effec-tively doing a joint –venture agreement with the seller and getting paid for helping them sell their property. owner occupiers or investors. larger scale projects or you want the maximum return on time invested [when exchanging time for money] then flip-ping can fit your strategy & vision. 13 . sell on via vendor financing: Buying properties for cash then immediately re-selling them to in-vestors who may not be able to conventionally get a mort-gage but have a larger deposit Subject to planning permission: De-risking larger pur-chases by exchanging contracts subject to planning permis-sion to convert commercial units to flats to sell on to first time buyers. as the name suggests in-volves you [the investor] ‘assisting’ a seller [or representa-tive of a probate sale] to sell their property. split the free-hold and leasehold. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. Choice And Profit 3: BUY TO SELL: Buying.

Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. af- fordable housing and other restrictions meant only seasoned developers could make any margin out of this niche. Commercial (B1) property (offices) are now much easier to covert into residential (C3) flats. or own in ‘instalments’ over a period of time. Profits are there in the ‘change of use. a specific niche opportunity has opened up. 5: DELAYED COMPLETIONS [EDC’S]/INSTALMENT CONTRACTS: A variation on an option where you exchange on a property. You can sub-divide and sell on with profit after planning permission has been agreed. 14 . This is also known as increas-ing the value through intellectual capital 4: PROPERTY LEASE OPTIONS: Rather than buying a property and needing the big deposit. you take an option to purchase it. thereby negating the risk of lost refurb costs. A great way to generate significant cashflow with limited funds.’ either holding the flats for rental income of selling/flipping them on for a more immediate profit. but you can then ‘delay’ com-pletion. but you don’t ‘pay’ for it until you ‘complete. you basically own it. Once you ex-change. giving you the right but not the obligation to buy it. 6: COMMERCIAL TO RESIDENTIAL CONVERSIONS: With new relaxed planning laws. You take control of it through an option that excludes all other potential buyers.’ which could be many years down the line. section 106 contributions (taxes). often many years. Previously planning applications. Choice And Profit Garden Development/Land banking: Purchasing land doesn’t produce cashflow but can be improved to add value.

Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. A big advantage of working with a JV partner is that you can still own properties by using more traditional purchasing methods with your partner’s money. 15 . PROPERTY INVESTING NICHE: Crowdfunding/Peer to Peer lending : An alternative way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money Private loans: These are loans not funded by the banks or larger institutions but instead from private individuals where favourable rates and terms can be negotiated. A great way to buy bigger buildings so the own-er can receive a great income & interest without the hassle of dealing with tenants. Bridging loans: Short term funding options used to pur-chase a property quickly or where it cannot be purchased through traditional finance and where the rates can be rolled up or paid monthly. The ownership is shared with a deed of trust protecting both parties interest. Choice And Profit 7: JOINT VENTURES/JV SYNDICATION: Any property buying strategy becomes no money down when a JV partner fronts all the costs. and you have a partner who gives other benefits such as knowledge. Seller financing: Enables you to buy a property without the hassle and costs of going through a bank or other leading institutions. experience and contacts that you wouldn’t have working alone.

16 . You will handle the management making the investment truly passive for the purchasing investor. If you would like any assistance on how we can help you move forward with any of these strategies or would simply like more information on how we can help you get closer to your property goals. then feel free to get in touch. refurbish and sell properties to overseas investors seeking a great place to park their money. Client facing is where the clients pay you more to manage the process (purchasing. sub-sales & option agreements. PROPERTY INVESTING NICHE: Turn-key investing: This is where you buy. for someone else to buy. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. refurb) and assist them building up their portfolios. This is also known as wholesaleing or property facing where you sell the lead using assignable contracts. Upside: you can charge higher fees. Choice And Profit 8: DEAL PACKAGING: A packaged deal is a deal you sell for a fee. legals. we would love to help.

and it can be a very valuable as-set worth a lot of money if you ever wish to sell. which can run without you. The main income streams from starting your agency are: • Set-up fees • Inventories and inspections • Tenant-find fees • Commission • Tenant admin fees • Repairs • CP12.SETTING UP A LETTING AGENCY: It’s possible to make a lot of money building an agency. Legionella RA • Sales • Rental guarantee insurances • Creative strategies • ARLA mortgage letters • Out of scope service • Saleable asset • Income-generating business 17 . EPC. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. Choice And Profit 9. Electrical certs.

I’ve seen absolute beginners to property use this way to start profiting from property without having any money. In essence NMD can fall into 3 categories: 1)PUTTING VERY LITTLE OR NO MONEY INTO A DEAL: Strategies such as Lease options. You see. I’m going to shatter this money myth once and for all.. there’s [many] ways of investing in property without needing your own money or needing to get mortgages. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. Assisted Sales Lets talk about 2 of these now. Nothing could be further from the truth. They think they can’t invest in property unless they have money themselves. 18 . Deal Pack-aging. And this stops many people from going for their dreams. Choice And Profit NO MONEY DOWN (NMD) One of the most common things that stop people from becoming a property investor is this: They think they need a large pile of money to invest in property. Exchange with Delayed completions. I’ve seen experienced investors who can’t get any more mortgages use this way to buy properties again. Rent to Rent. Vendor finance..

or pay you more to manage the process (purchas-ing. 19 . legals. is an innovative strategy of renting from a landlord on a single let. let to rent). No mortgage needed. and you get a margin on the multi room letting. you bin 9 perfectly good properties for someone else. refurb) where £6. or less free time. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. RENT TO RENT (NO DEPOSIT MULTI-LETS) The biggest challenge for new investors with low funds get-ting into those high cashflowing HMO’s (multi-lets) is the amount of cash they need. and pay you for them. They pay you to source/find it (between £3. Your landlord gets their rent. Progressive Property students have made between £3.000 per month cashflow within a year from a stand-ing start and without deposits using this exact strategy.000 and £10.000 & £6.000 per property is normal. No deposit needed. A packaged deal is a deal you sell for a fee.000 is normal). Choice And Profit DEAL PACKAGING: If you view 10 houses and buy one. Just because they’re not cheap enough for you.000 to £10. This is a quick way to a job replacing income to free more time to make more money. doesn’t mean they aren’t well priced for others with less hunger for discounts. It’s also great for raising deposits to buy property. Just because you may not have much experience doesn’t mean they won’t look at deals you’ve found (rejected). and then renting out the house room by room. more inside M25. No purchase necessary. for someone else to buy. What if you could have a 5-8 bed multi-let churning out £500 – £1500 a month with no high deposit? Well Rent to Rent (also know as corporate letting. ‘man-aging’.

letting. A big advantage of working with a JV partner is that you can still own properties by using more traditional purchasing methods with your partner’s money. You see any property buying strategy becomes NMD [no money down to you] when a JV partner fronts all the costs. Joint ventures are the new no money down strategy for property investors. So what’s the most common way? It’s using joint ventures. experience and contacts that you wouldn’t have working alone. they do all the financing. managing). 20 . Choice And Profit 2)USING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: Just because a deal is a “no money down deal” does not necessarily mean that there are no monies that are put down on that investment. What it usually means is that any monies that are put into the deal do not come out of your own pocket & these in-clude: • Joint Ventures • Venture Capitalist • Crowd funding • Bridging loans • Business loans • Personal loans & Private Finance I’ve seen investors with a handful of properties use these methods or finance strategies to quickly double the size of their portfolio. half or fully own properties leveraging other people’s idle cash. You part. You do all the work (sourcing. and you have a partner who gives other benefits such as knowledge. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom.

with good discounts & added value through refurbishment. or they simply lend you money. You should understand this before you start other more intricate cashflow strategies in this section.NMD) You can make every deal a ‘no money left in’ [NMLI] or even a no money down [NMD] deal. making it a NMLI [No Money Left In/NMD] deal. BRR allows you to force the appreciation of the property [in-crease its value] through refurbishment. 3)RECYCLING YOUR MONEY (BRR . poor historical pension performance. mixed with media hype about the property boom. You find a good deal. and many others in the Progressive Community. new pension laws relaxed and volatile stock market. both secured on the property. time-tested strategy. Choice And Profit With record low interest rates (. 21 . your JV partner lends to you with a profit/ownership share (if they’re a high net worth/sophisticated investor). The BRR [Buy. which is the staple diet of a professional property investor. It’s a low-to- medium risk. But most people don’t have the time or the know-how. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. rolling and recycling deposits from property to property without needing any extra cash.25%). Refurb. property is a place where many people want to invest their money. Then you simply start again. and ‘cycle’ one de-posit ‘pot’ getting all of your own money out upon remort-gage. Remortgage] model is how many successful property investors start.NMLI .

Refurb means cosmetic work like a new kitchen or bath-room. Adding value can be by refurb [hence why we call it BRR – Buy. ideally. title splitting etc.keeping it simple with no major structural work. extending. you want to buy the property at a 25% dis-count. if you are using a 75% LTV loan. There’s an example coming up later. Or it could be by conversion. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. to be able to re-cycle your deposit back out upon a remortgage. The more value you can add. but they mean you don’t need to negotiate quite so hard and get as much discount.these are harder to get. or redecorating . Refurb and Remortgage]. Some lenders offer loans with higher LTVs. ADD VALUE: An alternative to buying BMV is to buy a property where you can add value. development/ redevelopment. like 80% or 85% . the easier it will be to recycle your cash. Better to cut your teeth on a simpler project with a smaller risk. You will be buying the property with your initial mortgage at an LTV [say 75%] of the purchase price. But. – but this isn’t recommended for beginners. If you’re not going to do a refurb you must get a dis-count that equates the Loan to Value [LTV]. 22 . Choice And Profit HOW BRR WORKS BUY BMV [BELOW MARKET VALUE]: The first step is to buy your property ‘cheap’ (either your or JV funds or private finance) at a BMV [below market value] price. as it can be a complicated process.

000] and the refurb [£10..e 75% of £80.we have a small cash surplus [£7. Then we spend £10. which is £60.000... Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. even in that condition. Then we can pay ourselves back for the de-posit we put in [£20.500].000 doing the refurb [new kitchen. i.500. And. And.000 is £32.. We can now remortgage [after 6 months] against the £130.000 is £97. because the bank will lend on the LOWER of EITHER the purchase price or the value.000]. It doesn’t matter that the property is really worth £100. That means we (or JV finance) put in £20. So.500 [less costs – which I’ve left out on purpose to keep the maths simple – it’s the principle that’s important]. We have all our money back plus a small surplus of £7. and we have ALL of our money back to use again to buy our next property.£200 per month]..000. bath-room. Can it get any better than that? 23 . leaving us with £ 75% of £130.we are getting a monthly cashflow [rental income - say £150. Choice And Profit TIME FOR AN EXAMPLE: Lets say you can purchase the property for £80. Remember.500] And. now we have a property which we own [our name on the Title Deeds] but in which we have none of our own money invested. we need to pay back the first mortgage [£60.000].we have 25% equity [25% of £130. perhaps new windows and tidying up the heating sys-tem. we buy the property using a buy-to-let loan at 75% of the pur-chase price. So..000 to the value.500.000 as the deposit. plus redecorating] – nothing too onerous and add £30.

In a few days time. but systems and road maps. [with-out ‘get rich quick’] make proven income from multiple streams of property investments. exposing how to genuinely. including how to break through ceilings and barriers at each stage. revealing the ethics and scams. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. the new updated book with many new & updated chapters titled “Multiple Streams of Property In-come” is launching & I want you to be the first to know about it. take you on a guided tour. It’s the first book of its kind to open up the property market and the property industry from the inside out. that your vision and dream of property investing could be WAY bigger than you are currently seeing it. and how to get to property multi-millionaire in the shortest possible time going through the “6 Stage Prop-erty Investor Roadmap. I want to briefly mention something very important which is happening and I think you will want to know about it. that hold most investors back. including all the road blocks and how to bypass them. and actually show you how the business side of the industry works. The 2016 updated version is a rare view from the inside of the industry.” This is the first book to take you through all the stages. I want to help you believe more than you currently do and more than you did before you read the book. I want you addicted to results. including exposing how property companies build their business. realistically. Not just concepts. Choice And Profit FINAL WORDS If it’s okay with you. 24 . showing you the entire strategic plan. No-one else would dare do this for fear of revealing their secrets that keep you addicted to their courses.

Many of the strategies work for beginners as well as professionals. but perhaps you don’t realise that there are more than 20 legitimate. these young property guys were making a fortune. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. and many require little or no money down (explained in detail) so please keep an eye out for your special offer arriving in your inbox very soon! “While I was stupidly messing around with the F.A. sexy. reveal them all. Choice And Profit You may have started believing it couldn’t be done and that you needed a lot of money to be a cashflow generating property investor. leveraged income streams in and around property investing. You’ve probably broken through that limit-ing belief now. it was a waste of my time and talent” – Lord Sugar 25 . including how we built a multi-million pound property business when all we ever really even dreamed we could do was ‘buy-to-let’. piece by piece. I’ll take you through that journey and.

“To know and not to do is not to know – just go. articles and videos & to learn property invest-ing and above all else we’d like to thank you for putting your faith in us. Multiple Streams of Progressive Property Property Cashflow Invest For Freedom. get free tips & education.” What is your next step? What action will you take now to get you one step closer to your goal? We’d love to help. make deals.progressiveproperty. We’d love to be a continued part of your successful To meet us and the Progressive Community Choice And Profit You’ve got this far . you can join us at a Progressive Property Networking event [PPN] near you: www. contacts and experience? For free blogs. and grow your business you can visit our homepage here: 26 . So thank you.CONGRATULATIONS because you are one of the few. re-sources. Where else do you get so much shared Or come and meet the Progressive Community on facebook from the comfort of your own sofa: www. . Multiple Streams of Property Cashflow Progressive Property 10 Office Village | Cygnet Park | Hampton | Peterborough | PE7 8GX T: 01733 898550 | E: rob.moore@progressiveproperty.