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Subhash Palekar
Friends, Green Revolution is being called as a revolution. Is it so? Is Green
Revolution a revolution? What is meant by revolution ? Revolution means creation.
Non-violent creation! Revolution does not mean destruction. It means creation. The
aim of revolution is to make saints not evils. Green Revolution is the transformation
process of violence. It is not a creation process. It means destruction of millions of
micro-organisms by means of poisonous chemical fertilizers & insecticides,
destruction of birds, soil, water, environment & human health also. The increasing
human diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetics, and Heart attacks are the outcomes of
the Green Revolution. The destruction of the human being! The fertile land which
was producing hundred tones of Sugarcane per acre or forty quintals of Wheat per
acre had become so barren that even grass can not be grown on this land. And this
happens to thousands of acre land in India. The production had declined to ten tones
of Sugarcane and five quintals of Wheat.

What about human health? Was there Aids, Cancer, Diabetics and Heart attacks
before fifty years? No! And even if it was there, it was in much less number. Today
these diseases are increasing so vigorously that we are at the bank of the
destruction of whole living being. What are the reasons for it? This dangerous,
poisonous and destructive Green Revolution! The output of the Green Revolution is
only destruction - the destruction of soil, water, environment and human health. And
if it is so, then this Green Revolution is not a revolution. How it can be called as
revolution? It is not a revolution. It is a worldwide scandal to exploit the farmers and
rural economy.

How this Green Revolution is created? There are some persons in this world, who
want to increase their wealth without fatigue. They want to see themselves at the
top. But the God has not given them creation power. It is in the hand of nature. How
they will increase it, if they cannot create the wealth. That means if they want to
increase their wealth then they have to robbed or exploit someone. And that
happened. They choose the way of exploitation to increase their wealth. But where
there is creation, there only one can exploit. And the creation is in Agriculture only,
not in the industries. Therefore, exploitation can be done in agriculture only. If we
are seeding a grain of sesame, we get four thousand grains of sesame from that
plant. If we are seeding a grain of paddy, we get thousands of grains of paddy from
that plant. So here is the creation and hence exploitation. Exploitation is in
agriculture only, not in the industries. Because in the industries, there is no creation
but the transformation process. If you want to produce any product and for it if you
are feeding hundred kilograms of raw material to the machine, then the final product
from the machine will not be of 100 kilogram. It will be of 98 or 95 kilogram. So here
is decrease and where there is decrease exploitation cannot be there. Exploitation
can only be of the agriculture and rural economy. Therefore, they created an
exploiter system named as Green Revolution.

They thought if they want to exploit the framers then they must commit the farmers
for purchasing. For that the farmer should come to cities. And whenever he comes to
cities for purchasing, money will flow from village to cities and then ultimately to the
exploiter system. The aim of Green Revolution was to commit the farmers or
villagers to purchase every commodity from cities. This exploiter system thought that
no commodity should be produced in the village. Village industries should be closed
and all the villagers should come to cities for purchasing.
They not only destroyed our rural economy but our judiciary village council system
also so that the villagers will come to the cities for their judicial work. They made the
judicial system so complicated that it will take years to get the justice and money will
flow continuously from village to cities. Our ancient judiciary system was so
prosperous that the perfect justice was given as they were well known about the
convict. They knew whether the convict is guilty or not, whether he is virtuous or
criminal. Therefore, the justice was given perfectly and in the village itself. However,
this exploiter system has destroyed this judiciary system of the villages and shifted it
to cities. The judge will consider that truth which the advocate puts in the court
whether it may be truth or not as the advocate only knows what he has been told by
the convict. Secondly, they divided the judiciary system into various fractions as
District Court, High Court, Supreme Court etc so that it will take more time to get the
justice, the villagers will have to come to city repeatedly, and the money will flow
towards cities.

Another aim of Green Revolution was to destroy our ancient medicinal practices, so
that farmers or villagers will have to come to cities for medical treatment. God had
given a wonderful gift of resistance power to the human being. This resistive power
restricts the diseases to come. In the intestine of our body, there are some useful
bacterias, which develops resistance power against diseases. But these bacterias
are destroyed by means of antibiotics. This exploiter system had imposed on us the
allopathic system by means of modern medical science as like Green Revolution. It
was a well-planned scandal to destroy the resistive power by means of antibiotics.
So that our resistive power will be loosed and disease will affect us. They committed
us to purchase these modern costlier medicines so that money will flow towards
cities. They destroyed our ancient medicinal practices like Aurveda, Homeopathy,
Unani therapy, Twelve Kshar method etc, which were more effective than this
allopathic. The fees of these medical collages are too high that no student from the
villages can afford it and so there will not be any medical aids in the villages and
villagers have to come to cities for medical aids. Therefore, that money will flow
towards cities.

This system was well known that the farmers do not purchase anything from the city.
All their needs are fulfilled in the village only. He has his own seeds. He uses cow
dung as fertilizer, cow urine and Neem leaves as insecticides. He came to city only
for selling his agricultural produce. I am talking about hundred years be fores
situation. They must have to compel farmers for purchasing. They thought that
where the farmer sees miracle, he surrenders. They thought that this Indian farmer
sows his own seeds, which gives fewer yields. For example, local paddy yields per
acre fifteen to eighteen quintals; local wheat yields per acre six to ten quintals. They
thought that if they give such a miraculous variety that yields forty to fifty quintals of
paddy, then the farmers will definitely purchase this hybrid variety. Their inner lust
will commit them to purchase this hybrid seeds. He will come to city for purchasing
this costlier hybrid seeds and money will flow towards city from villages.

However, they thought that the farmers should not only purchase the seeds but
every commodity from the city. So they established such an exploiter system that the
farmers have to purchase these hybrid seeds which will give more yield only after
applying the chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the farmers have to purchase both hybrid
seeds and chemical fertilizers also. But these hybrid seeds are developed in such a
manner that they have no resistance power against insects and diseases. The
chemical fertilizers are developed such that they will destroy the soil biota and will
make the land barren, loose the resistance power. And as the land becomes barren,
the crops grown in it will affect from diseases. Then the farmers have to purchase
the poisonous insecticides and fungicides to control the diseases. These chemical
fertilizers will make the soil so compact that the farmer has to use tractor for
cultivation, as the wooden plough will not work. Thus, more money will come to city
from the villages.

Again, they thought that this farmer is so poor that he has no purchasing power. But
they were well known that the farmer would purchase even an elephant on credit.
Therefore, they thought why not to give them this seeds, chemical fertilizers,
insecticides, and tractors on loan. Therefore, they started banks, credit societies. A
well-planned exploiter system was developed to commit the farmers to purchase the
seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, tractors etc known as Green Revolution.

They started Agriculture Universities for developing hybrid seeds. They made good
use of the closed chemical factories producing Bombs, Gunpowder after Second
World War for making chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Agriculture Universities
and Government Agricultural Research Institutes are diverted towards developing
modern agricultural techniques and these techniques are propagated into the
farmers by means of Governments Agriculture Department. A trap of co-operative
societies and District co-operative banks was created for giving debts to the farmers.
They made the laws such that if the farmer fails to return the loan, their property will
be seized and he will loose his self-respect.

Before Green Revolution, every commodity needed by the farmer or labour was
made in the village only. Every village was having their own small industries. There
were weavers, oil millers, smithers, shoemakers and craftsmen in every village
working traditionally. No commodity was purchased from outside (except salt). The
raw material needed for these rural industries was prepared in the villages only. Not
a single rupee was going to cities from villages.However, the money was coming to
village when farmers sold their produce to the cities. This exploiters system
destroyed these rural industries by bringing cheaper items by means of Industrial
Revolution. This Green Revolution created a well-planned well-controlled trap
around the farmers. A maze is created around the farmers named as Green

Agriculture Universities forced the farmers to enter in this maze of green revolution
by means of modern agricultural technology. But they have not shown the way to
come out from this maze. Green Revolution had polluted the land, water,
environment and human health also. Green Revolution had forced the farmers
towards destruction and suicide. Green Revolution increased the debt on the
farmers. The farmers dose not got the correct price for their produce. They
established such system that made the farmers unable to come out of this debt. The
farmers lost their self-respect, their credits in the society and finally committed
suicide. There was no other way before them than suicide. The outcome of the
Green Revolution is the thousands of suicides of the farmers.

Our central government had given the package of thousand crore rupees to restrict
the suicides. However, this package is forcing the farmers towards suicide instead of
restricting it. Because this package have not considered the real reasons behind the
suicides. Giving increasingly debt to the farmers is not the solution for suicides. This
will not restrict the suicides but will increase it. None of the youth from village will go
for agriculture. They will run towards cities in search of jobs. They will sell their lands
to the big companies and these companies will destroy the self-reliant agriculture
system by means of modern and mechanized agriculture practices. If we want to
restrict the suicides then we have to give the farmers such technique, in which there
will be no need to take debt to the farmers. The outcome of the Green Revolution i.e.
Chemical farming and now a days Organic farming had forced the farmers to
purchase everything, destroyed the natures self reliant, self developing system and
finally towards suicide. But, do not worry. I have come with the way to come out of
this suicide maze of Green Revolution- Zero Budget of Natural Farming.


What is this Zero Budget spiritual Farming?

Zero Budget spiritual Farming means for all the crops, the production cost will be
zero. In the Zero Budget Natural Farming nothing has to be purchased from the
outside. All things required for the growth of the plant are available around the root
zone of the plants. There is no need to add anything from outside. Our soil is
prosperous-full of nutrients. How much nutrients the crops takes from the soil? Only
1.5 to 2.0 % Remaining 98 to 98.5% nutrients are taken from air, water & solar
energy. Agriculture Universities says false that we have to add fertilizers from
outside. If science says, that 98% crop body is constituted by air and water, then
where is the need to add the fertilizers from the outside? Every green leaf produces
the food throughout the day. These green leafs are food producing factories. What is
used the leaves for producing the food? It takes carbon dioxide & nitrogen from the
air, water from the canal, river or well given by the monsoon clouds, and solar
energy from the sun for producing the food. Every green leaf of any plant produces
4.5 gram carbohydrates per square feet surface, from which we get 1.5 gram grains
or 2.25 gram fruits. For preparing this food, the plants take necessary elements like
air, water and solar energy from the nature, not from us. Monsoon clouds do not
send any bill for the water that he supplied. Neither air sends bill for the nitrogen it
supplied or the sun for the solar energy. All these are available free of cost. Green
leaves do not use the technology of the Agriculture University for taking CO2 from
the air or solar energy from the sun. Whether monsoon clouds use the technology of
Agriculture University for giving rainwater? No! All these elements constituting 98%
body of the plant are available free of cost. Remaining 1.5% nutrients taken from the
soil are also available free of cost as it is taken from the prosperous soil which is
enriched with these nutrients. Moreover, for this it does not use the technology of the
Agriculture University.

If this is the ultimate truth, then where is the role of Agriculture University and their
technology? Where are the Government and their subsidy? Where are these Krishi
Pandits? Friends, none of them are existed here, they fool us. Agriculture University
says that there is nothing in the soil and we have to add fertilizers from outside. Then
my question to them is why it is not necessary in the forest? In the forest or on the
bunds of our farm, there are huge trees of Mango, Tamarind or Plum with
uncountable export quality fruits in famine also without any application of chemical or
organic fertilizers, insecticides, without any cultivation by tractor, without irrigation.
There is no existence of any technology of the Agriculture University, no fertilizers,
insecticides, cultivation and irrigation. Even though these trees are giving enormous
export quality fruits every year in famine also. That means, for the plants to grow and
to give the production there is no necessity of adding from outside.

If it the ultimate truth that without adding from outside, the plants grows and give the
production. It means that, all the nutrients needed for the growth and production are
available around the root zone. There is no need to add it from outside. In the forest,
there is no human existence, but, even though the trees are having enormous fruits.
That means nature had supplied all the nutrients needed for the plant. Our soil is
prosperous-enriched with the nutrients! When I say that our soil is enriched with the
nutrients, then I have to prove it scientifically. Now we will see the scientific
evidences for it. In year 1924, Dr. Clark and Dr Washington, the world famous soil
scientists came to India in search of crude oil. Barmashell Company sends them in
search of petroleum products in India. They taken the samples of the thousand feet
deep soil and tested it at the American laboratory. The result shows that as we go
deeper in the soil, the nutrients needed for the growth and production of the plant are
in the increasing quantity. Our soil is prosperous-enriched with the nutrients.

If the scientific evidences say that the soil is enriched with the nutrients, then why
Agriculture University says for soil testing? It is also another fraud. The soil testing
report says that there is enough amount of Potash in the soil but it is in unavailable
form. So, add it from outside. Actually, they are not saying false. They say true but
half true. Our soil is enriched with nutrients, but these nutrients are not in the form,
which the roots want. These nutrients are available in the form of grains not in the
form of Chapati or Roti. If there is enough amount of grains in your house, but
nobody (your wife, mother) to cook it. And you do not know cooking, then either you
have to be hungry or go to hotel. You will definitely go to the hotel. If we do not want
to go to hotel, then you have to bring back your mother or wife. These chemical or
organic fertilizers are the teefins of the hotel.

The nutrients in the soil are in the unavailable form. They are in the form of grains
not Chapati or Roti. The roots cannot take it in this form. Therefore, the soil testing
report says that it is in the unavailable form. This non-available form is converted to
available form by the millions of micro-organisms. In the forest, these micro-
organisms are present in tremendous amount (One crore or lack per gram soil) that
convert these non-available form nutrients into available form and make available to
the plants. That is why there is no need to add any fertilizers from outside in the

However, in our farm these nutrients are not available because the micro-organisms
which convert these non-available from nutrients into available from are destroyed by
means of poisonous chemical and organic fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides and
cultivation by the tractor. If these cooks are destroyed them how the roots will get the
nutrients? That means if we want to stop the teefins from the hotel, then we have to
re-establish these micro-organisms in the soil. How it can be done? By applying the
cow dung of our local cow. The cow dung of the local cow is a miraculous culture. As
our mother or wife add a spoon curd (culture) to the pot full of milk and whole milk is
converted into curd. Likewise, the local cow dung is a culture. One gram of cow dung
contains about 300 to 500 crore beneficial effective microbes.

How much cow dung is needed for one-acre land? I had done research on this for
six years. I had studied all Indian cow breeds like Gaulao, Lal Kandhari, Khilar,
Deoni, Dangi, Nimari from Maharashtra; Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Redsindhi from
West India; Amrutmahal, Krishna kathi, from South India and Hariyana from North
India. I have tested the cow dung and urine of all these breeds on every crop, in
each Naxatra, in each Charana of each Naxatra. After six years of research, I found
some conclusions.
First conclusion is that only cow dung of our local cow is effective not of Jersey or
Holstein. We can mix half cow dung and half the dung of bullock or buffalo, but not of
Jersey or Holstein at any cost. Secondly, the cow dung and urine of black colored
Kapila cow is most effective. Thirdly, the cow dung should be used as fresh as
possible and the urine as old as possible. It is more effective. Fourthly, only one cow
is needed for thirty acres of land. You need not have to purchase the F.Y.M.,
chemical or organic fertilizers like compost, vermi-compost etc. My six years
experimental result says that for one acre land, only ten kilogram of local cow dung
is sufficient per month. One local cow gives on an average about 11 Kg of cow dung,
one bullock about 13 Kg of dung and one buffalo about 15 Kg dung per day. For one
acre one days cow dung is enough. That means thirty days cow dung for thirty
acres. There is no need to purchase the F.Y.M. in bulk quantity. I started thinking,
what should be added in the cow dung? I examined the forest. I found there the
excreta of the animals, birds, earthworms, insects and their urine around that huge
tree with uncountable export quality fruits. I thought there must be definitely some
relation between the excreta of the animals, birds, insects, earthworms with the
production and growth of the plant. One gram of local cow dung contains 300 to 500
crore beneficial effective microbes. These micro-organisms decompose the dried
biomass on the soil and get available the nutrients to the plants. Nature uses the
dung and urine of the various animals, birds, insects and earthworms in his self-
developing, self-nourishing system. That means the use of cow dung and urine is
very natural and hence scientific.

I found in the shadow of that huge tree in the forest, few insects like ants working
there. But in the shadow only, not outside the shadow. I examined and studied this
natures self-developing, self-nourishing system for six years. I saw that some
sweeteners are secreted from the roots to attract the micro-organisms. In addition,
these micro-organisms get available the nutrients from the soil to the root zone.
There is symbiosis in the nature. Science had proved this. If nature uses the
sweeteners to attract the microbes, then why not we use it? I thought why not to add
some sweeteners with cow dung? I started adding Jaggery with the cow dung and
urine and examined its effects on each crop in each Naxatra. The results were

I found the various vegetation in the shadow of that huge tree in the forest. I verified
those vegetations. I found 268 different species. Among them 3 parts were dicots
and one-part monocots. I surprised! Why this proportion 3:1? I thought that the dicot
contains proteins and proteins are saturated with solar energy. The matured seed
falls down. They are decomposed and the energy enclosed in it gets available to the
micro-organisms and the micro-organisms are multiplied. I thought why should not
add the dicot flour to the cow dung, urine and Jaggery. I started experimenting with
cow dung, urine, Jaggery and dicot flour in different proportions. I found after
continuous six years experiments one formula, which I named as Jiwamrita. I had
used those things in the Jiwamrita that the nature uses. For preparing Jiwamrita, we
have to use dung and urine of our local cows only and not of Jersey or Holstein.
Because the Jersey or Holstein is not cow, it is a different animal. It has not a single
character of cow (Zebu Family). In my experiments of Jiwamrita, I found some
conclusions. Firstly, we have to use the dung and urine of the local cow only. If it is
not available in sufficient quantity, you can use half of Bullock or Buffalo, but not
alone of Bullock or Buffalo. Secondly, the cow that gives more milk, its dung and
urine is less effective and which gives less milk, its dung and urine is more effective.


Organic farming is more dangerous?

After Green Revolutions adoption, when so many hazardous effects of chemical
farming on the soil, water, environment and human health were appeared very
seriously, then, rethinking was started about the existence of the Green Revolution,
on some intellectual level and industrial level. They started to search the alternative
for chemical farming. Actually, the intellectuals were searching that alternative, in
which, the exploitation of the farmers and rural economy will be the main purpose or
target. Green revolution had made the soil dead by destroying the soil biota and
destroyed the humas creation process by introducing the clean farming technique.
Agricultural Universities had introduced these destructive techniques very well. For
that purpose, these Agricultural Universities are claimant for great Nobel Prize for
their great job of destruction of the soil, water, environment, rural economy & human
health. These intellectuals has devised a perfect alternative technology against
chemical farming, in which, all those alternates were introduced, by which, the
exploitation of the farmers economy, soil, water, environment will be increased than
Green Revolution Technology. They has given the name for their this alternative
technology as Organic Farming, Alternative Farming, Sustainable Farming,
Saawaya Krishi, Aero Greens Technology, Biodynamic Farming, Rhishi Krishi
Technology, Agnihotra Farming, Rekki Farming, and so on. All these techniques
are alternative techniques, but unnatural and non-scientific techniques. Because, all
these techniques are not in existence in the nature. All these alternative organic
farming techniques are man made.

Organic farming has launched the surface feeder worm orm Eisenia Foetida of
the class oligochata and family Cumbricidae, imported from Europe and Canada
in India. Purpose? To destroy the all dried biomass on the soil, to destroy the animal
casting and to add Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury like poisonous heavy metals in
the soil to destroy the soil health and human health. Because, the Eisenia
Foetida does not eat soil, eats only casting and biomass, which are the main part of
the humans creation.
Destructor beast: EISENIA FOETIDA

Now days, since 1990, in India there is continuous propaganda about vermicompost
farming campaigning by many Non Government Agencies, which are funded by
foreign funding agencies. Since 2001, some State Government and their Agricultural
Departments started to enhance this propaganda about this vermi culture technology
by giving the subsidies for vermicompost plants. All these NGOs and Governments
have established a earthworm variety, Eisenia Foetida, a foreign variety, imported
from western countries. This Eisenia Foetida variety is epigeic i.e. surface feeder
that means surface dwelling species, which lives only on the organic matter available
on the soil, may be any dried biomass of vegetative dead bodies and excretion of the
animals. They do not burrow in to the soil. So, they cannot convert the deep soil in to
casting, which is the richest stock of minerals necessary for plant growth. They feed
on organic matter, as the result, the mulching of the organic matter on the soil, which
is the cloths, sari of mother soil, is totally destroyed.

But, the local earthworms are the heart of the soil, they cannot feed on the castings
or this Eisenia Foetida worms casting. This foreign variety of Eisenia Foetida cannot
burrow the soil; cannot maintain physical and chemical properties of the soil; cannot
cultivate the soil; cannot harvest rain water; cannot improve the soil ecosystem,
cannot loose soil compaction, cannot maintain aeration in the soil, cannot maintain
biodiversity and microbial activities in the soil, cannot feed those pathogens in the
soil, which cause diseases to the crops; in contrary they release these pathogens
through their cast, remains on the soil and damage the crops. (Dr. Murti, Dr. Nikhil
Kumar). None of any single character of the local earthworm above given, is not
present in this foreign worm.

Several species of foreign worms, including this Eisenia Foetida accumulate in their
bodies, highly toxic heavy metals such as Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Cadmium
(Cd), which are transferred into their castings. The amount of heavy toxic metals
stored in this worm body are in several folds quantity, that found in their
surroundings and increases proportionally with increasing concentrations in the
surroundings. I will astonish or astound you, that in United States of America, for
assessing heavy metals contamination in the stock of waste materials, this Eisenia
Foetida is used as a bio-monitor organism (Dr. Dhyaneshwar Shukla & Dr. Mishra).
This is the prominent evidence about the toxic effect of its vermi casting. I was
surprised, when I thought about this Eisenia Foetida, that how these worms survive
even such high amount of heavy metals consumed in their bodies! That means, it is
to be believe, that their tolerance limits for the heavy metals are very high. None of
like these surface feeder worms i.e. human being, animals, birds have this capacity
to consume heavy toxic metals. I inform you, that heavy metals adversely affect the
reproduction and even cause death of birds, which feed on such a surface feeder
worms Eisenia Foetida. No body on this earth will deny that, there are severe toxic
effects of these heavy metals on the human health.

An another drawback about this vermicompost casted by these surface feeder

worms Eisenia Foetida is that, these worms convert considerable amounts of the
heavy metals (Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic) into that form, which is readily
absorbable i.e. bio-available by the roots of the plants, and the roots absorb these
poisonous heavy metals and ultimately at last, by the human being feeder of that
food. These heavy metals enters in the food chains from vermi casting to plants to
grains, vegetables, fruits to humans intestine towards one of the cause of human
diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart trouble, Aids, T.B. etc. While raining in rainy
season or giving the irrigation water to the soil, these toxic heavy metals dissolve in
that rainwater or irrigation water and finally contaminate the ground water resources,
which we drink and accept and consume the toxic heavy metals in our body tissues
by means of drinking water (Dr. Murti & Dr. Kumar).

It is surprising that, NGOs and Government Agricultural Departments and

Agricultural Universities also recommend vermicompost to the farmers strongly and
with the full force of extension network, but, they have not established any quality
control agency to analyze the specimens of this vermicompost and to test the
amount of the toxic heavy metals, as well as, to test the feeds which is fed to these
worms. There are no any quality control workings about that agricultural production,
which are grown only on the vermicompost in organic farming. There is no any
Government agency to test the pathogenic concentration in the vermicompost and
agricultural produce, which causes diseases to human being. I think, that all
supporters of this hazardous vermicompost theory or dangerous organic farming
have taken their eyes closed, have taken their ears closed, have taken their thinking
power closed, have taken their spirituality closed. Why? What is the reason?

Another drawback (black dirty face) of these Eisenia Foetida is that, it is not actually
soil quality improver, but it is really a manure or compost species and cannot survive
long or thrive in farm soils (Grant, 1995). Any increase in the yield of crop after
adding these Eisenia Foetida to the soil by means of vermicompost, are short lived,
and due to the decomposition of dead worms rather than to worm activity. Any given
area of soil can support a certain limited earthworm population and adding more than
this will not increase fertility unless more organic food is supplied and soil conditions
improved (Grant, 1995). Gish and Christensen (1973) reported the amount of heavy
toxic metals up to 331 ppm of Lead and 670 ppm of Zinc in the body of these worms.
It is observed that, there is a correlation between residues of heavy metals quantity
in the bodies of these surface feeder worms and decreasing atomic weight of the
soil. There is a straight relation of the quantity of the heavy metals in the soil and
used vermicompost quantity.

When these worms are fed to the birds or animals, it is reported heavy metals in
large quantity in their body tissues comparative to unfed birds and animals
(Christensen 1973, Ireland 1975). Van Hook (1974) reported and showed that, mean
Cadmium levels were 0.35 ppm in the soil and 5.7 ppm in these worms, 17 times
more; Lead 27 ppm, Zinc 317 ppm, ten times more Selenium (Nielsen & Gissel-
Nielsen 1975). These worms have been reported as vectors of an animal virus, the
food and mouth disease of domestic animals (Dhennin Etal 1963). Many animal
parasites are transmitted from host to host by these Eisenia Foetida worms, which
may be either essential intermediate host or merely reservoir host to the parasites,
transmitting them without any direct influence on the parasites life cycles. These
worms are conductors of tapeworms and nematodes toward crops, in which
vermicompost is utilized. Brown and Mitchell (1981) have shown that the
concentrations of a major disease organism of poultry Salmonella species are
reduced by the presence of Eisenia Foetida. That means, these worms feeds these
pathogens, accumulate in their body tissues and ultimately donate to the food eater
human being and animals by means of vermicompost organic farming. Augustinc &
Lund 1974 and Jakovlijevic 1975 have shown that, the parasitic nematode Ascaris
Suum in Pig and Ascaridia Galli in chickens are transmitted by these worms. Various
unpublished reports suggest that Eisenia Foetida is disasterful not only for Cattle,
Poultry, Pig but for Fish also.

Hogg 1895, Gish & Christensen 1973, Hartenstein 1980, Beyer 1981 & Ireland have
reported accumulation of Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Mercury and
Zinc, hazardous toxic heavy metals in the vermicompost & these worms body
tissues. They reported again, that worms seem to tolerate large concentration of
these metals in their tissues. They reported that these worms accumulate poisonous
agro chemicals also and feed the soil this poison through vermicompost.

This Eisenia Foetida worm belongs to Phulum: Annelida, Class:Oligochacta and

family Cumbricidae, red or purple or brown-yellowish colored, 32 to 130 mm length,
80 to 110 segmented, 1.5 gm weight, a British species found in all over Europe and
introduced in North America & Canada for commercial purpose. It is an anthrop
chorus species that thrives well between the temperature range of 16oC to 23oC. It
cannot survive in the extreme cold or hot condition. It produces casts that are entirely
fragmented litter. It cannot survive long in farm soil; any increase in harvest is short
lived, as they require symbiotic protozoas for maturity and survival.


Is Eisenia Foetida an earthworm?

No! It is not an earthworm. Scientists have cleared the definition of earthworm as

follows- It is that worm, which survive in local environment, eats soil particles in vast
quantity, sand particles, raw reddish or yellowish stone particles, sandstones,
organic matter and diseases maker pathogens. It digs the soil deep up to moist 15 ft.
strata and ploughs the soil, cultivates the soil, stores the deep minerals saturated soil
on the surface of the soil and do available to the roots of vegetation, stores the rain
water in the soil and do available to the roots of the vegetation. If there is no any
feeding material to eat, it do not escape towards other farm, do not leave that farm,
but in this adverse condition, it goes in deep moist soil layer and take Samadhi there.
It eats those pathogens, which cause diseases to the plants and kill them. It does not
eat the casting or excreta of any other organism. It improves the soil texture,
structure and biodiversity in the soil. It prevents soil compaction. It eats too much
little organic matter, mulch more soil particles. It improves and develops not only the
physical and chemical properties of soil, but also the soil ecosystem.

They make numerous channels and burrows during up and down continuous
movement and consume total rainfall in the soil and control famine, as well as,
circulate sufficient aeration in the soil to maintain Waaphasa i.e. to available oxygen
to the roots and soil microbes. They increase the surface area for absorption of
water, during intense rainfall also, by increasing the conductivity aiding adequate
drainage in the soil. They facilitate transport of nitrogen and oxygen through these
channels to other organisms, by creating a suitable environment for other soil
organisms. They spray the liquid secretion from there body on the walls of the
channels in the soil, in which, there are so many nourishment factors, growth
hormones, proteins, alkaloids etc., which are very essential for the growth of the
plants and soil microbes.

Organic Farming is more Costlier

When you add one ton (two bullock cart load) of farmyard manure, cost of that one
ton F.Y.M. is 300 to 400 Rs. and rate of one ton of vermicompost (Eisenia Foetida
Excreta) is from 4000 to 5000 Rs., in big cities, it is 10000 Rs per ton. How much
exploitation? 10 to 20 times more exploitation in organic farming. The rate of one bag
of Urea (50 kg) 250 Rs. The rate of industrial organic fertilizer 50 Kg bag 550 Rs.
Doubled the exploitation in organic farming. What are the ingredients of these
organic fertilizers? Some cake of Neem, Castor oil cake, Karanj cake, some part of
wooden husks, compost manures and some quantity may be nitrogenous fertilizer.
This mixture is grinded, filled in the 50 Kg bag, labeled by very attractive multi
coloured label and price 550 Rs! Doubled exploitation of the farmers and rural
economy. The rate of one-litre Endo-Sulphan insecticides is 225 Rs. In the organic
farming industrial vegetative organic insecticide is prepared by Neem leaves, Karanj
leaves, Lanten Cammella leaves, Cow urine, all are priceless inputs and make the
organic insecticide. Price? 1100 Rs per litre. May be more! Four times exploitation in
this organic farming than chemical farming. Cost of production of each crop is higher,
multifolded in organic or biodynamic farming than chemical farming.While practicing
organic farming, you have to expend more for each input and you have to purchase

Since thousands of years, our farmers were treating their seeds by Local cow urine,
cow dung and little soil from the bund of the farm or land of the farm. This was the
traditional method and also a totally scientific method. But, after the arrival of
Agricultural Universities, all good things in Agricultural sector were destroyed and all
unnatural and so unscientific techniques were imposed on the farmers and indirectly
on the urban consumers. Agricultural Universities propose you now all dangerous
poisons for seed treatment. When you apply any poisonous fungicides or medicines
to the seed, all useful effective (our friends) microorganisms are destroyed in the
soil. When these poisonous chemicals treated seeds germinate and grow, these
poisons are also sucked by the roots with the soil water solution and are deposited in
the body organs of the plant i.e. vegetables, grains, fruits, tubers etc. When we eat
these produce, these poisons are transmitted to our body and causes T. B.,
Diabetes, Cancer, Heart problems to the eater consumers. As well as, when farmers
purchase these fungicides & medicines for seed treatment, a big exploitation of the
farmers occurs. Now we are going to stop this nonsense. We are going to start our
ancient techniques. On that ancient technique, I have done some additional
experiments. Because of highly poisonous soil, it was needed. After those research
experiments, final seed treatment formula was ready to hand over for farmers. That
is Bijamrita.



How to Prepare Bijamrita

Take 20 liter Water, 5 Kg Local Cow Dung, 5 liter Local Cow Urine, 50 Gram
Lime & Handful soil from the bund of the farm.


Take 5 Kg Local Cow Dung in a cloth and bound it by tape. Hang this in the 20
Liter water up to 12 hours.

Take one liter water and add 50 gm lime in it, let it stable for a night.


Then next morning, squeeze this bundle of the cow dung in that water thrice
continuously, so that all essence of cow dung will accumulate in that

Then add a handful of soil in that water solution and stir it well.

Now Bijamrita is ready to treat the seeds.

Add Bijamrita on the spread seeds of any crops, treat these seeds well by hands,
dry it well and use for sowing.


How to Prepare Jiwamrita

Take 200 liter Water in barrel.


Take 10 Kg Local Cow Dung and 5 to 10 liter cow urine and add it in the


Then add 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour & handful soil from the bund
of the farm in it.

Then stir the solution well & keep it to ferment for 48 hours in the
shadow.Now Jiwamrita is ready for application.



Jiwamrita Application
Apply the Jiwamrita to the crops with each Irrigation water OR directly to
the crops.


Jiwamrita Spray

Spray 10% filtered Jiwamrita on the crops



Take 100 Kg Local Cow Dung, 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour, Handful soil from the
bund. Then mix it well by adding small amount of Cow Urine. Then spread it & keep
it in the shadow for drying. Afterwards make its powder by hand & apply to the crops
in the proportion of 100 Kg FYM & 10 Kg Ghan-Jiwamrita.

When we apply Jiwamrita to the soil, we add 500 crore micro-organisms to the soil.
All these are beneficial effective microbes. Our soil is saturated with all the nutrients.
But these are in the non-available form to the roots of the plants. These micro-
organisms convert these non-available form nutrients into available form, when we
add Jiwamrita to the soil. These micro-organisms available all the nutrients
(Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Iron, Sulphur, Calcium etc) to the roots of the plant.
After applying Jiwamrita to the soil, the local earthworms start their work. These
earthworms bring the nutrients from 15 feet deeper soil to the upper surface and get
available to the roots. How the trees from the forest get all these nutrients? These
local earthworms and other insects do this work. These uncountable micro-
organisms, insects and earthworms work only when they have a favorable definite
microclimate i.e. 25 to 32 C temperature, 65 to 72 % moisture and darkness,
warmth and deception in the soil. When we much mulch the soil, this microclimate is
created automatically.

There are three types of Mulching -

A. Soil Mulching.
B. Straw Mulching.
C. Live Mulching.

A. Soil Mulching (Cultivation)

There are three purposes of the cultivation. To circulate the air in the soil, to stop the
raindrops to flow and to conserve them in the soil and to control the weeds.
Because, the oxygen is essential to the roots and micro-organisms in the soil.
Conserved rain water storage is essential for the growth of the crops and the
stoppage of the rainwater flow to restrict the topsoil erosion. Weeds are to be
controlled to stop the competition of the weeds with the crops for water vapour and
sunlight. Not for food. Because mother soil is Annapurna. In the nature, there is no
any competition for food in between any two plants. If, it is the truth that, the aeration
and soil moisture is essential for the roots and soil micro-organisms, then, the
cultivation should be practiced in that soil layer, in which, these feeding roots and
micro-organisms are active. In which layer these roots and soil biota are active?
They are active in the top most 4.5 to 6 inch (10 to 15 cm) topsoil layer. So, the
cultivation of the soil should be practiced in only this 10 to 15 cm layer. Bellow this
layer, there are stock roots, not feeding roots! Air and moisture is essential for only
feeding roots, not for stock roots.

B. Straw Mulching (Cultivation)

In Hemanta Ritu, the seeds become matured. At the same time, the leaves start to
mature totally. The green leaves now start to change in pale yellow and then whitish
yellow colour. During this colour changing process, the tap roots and secondary
godown roots lift up the four nutrients i.e. nitrogen, phosphate, potash and
magnesium from the yellowish leaves and deposit them in to their godown (Godown
roots). But, rest of the nutrients remains in the leaves. Why the roots lift these
nutrients from the leaves and deposit in the godown roots? There is reason. Please,
understand one thing, that nature never does any thing without purpose and preplan.
Nature wants to supply these four prominent nutrients to the ratoons in next
generation by this uplifting and depositing in the godown roots. This cover of dried
straw biomass of the previous plants or crops is called straw mulching. By this straw
mulching cover, the nature has achieved so many targets. First, the seeds are
covered by this straw mulching to save from birds, insects and animals. Second, the
microclimate is created to activate the micro-organisms and local earthworms. Third,
the favorable condition is created to decompose the godown roots and to prepare
the humus stock in the soil for future new crop generation as a reserve bank. Fourth,
the soil moisture is conserved in the soil and transpiration of soil moisture is
restricted for the continuous soil micro-organisms utilization. Fifth, the humus
saturated soil particles and soil biota in the upper most 10 cm layer of soil surface
are saved from the severe heat waves of sunlight in Grishma Ritu (summer), from
cold winds in Winter Ritu and from heavy stormy rain drops of pre-monsoon and
monsoon raindrops; which spring forward with the dreary demon speed of 7 meter
(30 feet) per second on the soil!

C. Live Mulching (Symbiotic Intercrops & Mixed Crops)

Live mulching means that intercrops and mixed crops, which give the symbiosis to
the host main crop. In the nature there is a symbiosis. All vegetation is a whole
family and each member plant is dependent to other plant. In forest, you will see
that, there is a five-layer system. Big tree, medium tree, bush, grasses and layer of
fallen dried leaves on the surface of land. All five layers are dependent upon each
other. Grasses are growing in the shadow of bush or shrub. Shrubs are growing in
the shadow of medium tree. Medium tree is growing in the shadow of big tree. All are
living. If they are living without any family disputes, without any debates, it is the
symptom of symbiosis. Nature has managed all vegetation family members in two
groups. Those like shadow and those do not like shadow. The grass family monocot
crops like paddy, wheat, Juar, sugarcane, Bajra, Ragi, Maize, millets and monocot
grasses do not like shadow. They like full sunlight. They can grow in highest intensity
of sunlight also. But, spices crops do not like straight sunlight. They want shadow or
low intensity of sunlight. Some fruit trees like Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange group,
Banana, Sapota, Mango, Areca nut, Betel nut, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove tree,
Coffee and other do not like full sunlight. They live and grow in low intensity of
sunlight. The mixed crop pattern of Monocot in Dicot & Dicot in Monocot helps to
supply the essential elements to the crops. The Dicot supplies Nitrogen by means of
nitrogen fixing bacteria & Monocot supplies other elements like Potash, Phosphate,

Sulphur etc.

How to Prepare Agniastra (Agni Missile)

Take a pot.

Add 10 liter Local Cow Urine in it.

Then add 1 Kg Tobacco by crushing it in the Urine.

Crush 500 gram of Green Chili & add it in Urine. Crush 500 Gram Local Garlic &

add it in the Urine. Add 5 Kg Neem leaves pulp.

Then boil this solution well 5 times continuously.

Filter this by cloth.


Spray this medicine Agniastra on the pest like

Leaf Roller, Stem Borer, Fruit borer, Pod borer

In Vedas water is defined as a life of the soil. If there is Waaphasa in the soil, the
water is life. If there is no Waaphasa in the soil, water is death of the plant and soil
biota. Waaphasa is that microclimate in the soil, by which the soil organisms and
roots can live freely with availability of sufficient air and essential moisture in the soil.
In one sentence, shortly, the Waaphasa means the mixture of 50 % air and 50 %
water vapours in the cavities between two soil particles. Why water vapour ? Why
not water ? Because, any root takes the molecules of water vapour. 92 %
microorganisms and 88 to 95 % root hairs are working in the upper most 10 cm
surface soil. So, the air must be circulating in this surface layer and vapour molecule
must be available in this 10cm surface layer. When this will happen? When, we give
water outside the canopy of the plant. When you give water outside the canopy of
the plant i.e. outside the shadow of the plant at 12 O clock, then only Waaphasa will
be maintained. The roots that take water are situated at the outer canopy.


How to Prepare Neemastra (Neem Missile)

Take 100 liter Water

Add 5 liter Local Cow Urine in it.

Add 5 Kg Local Cow Dung in it.

Crush 5 Kg of Neem Leaves & add this Neem pulp in this water.

Let this solution to ferment for 24 Hrs.

Stir this solution twice a day by any stick.

Filter this by cloth.

Spray this Neemastra as it is on the plants for sucking pests & Mealy Bug.


Model Farmers Address


1) Anil Maruti Desai (Grapes, Sugarcane)

At post- Ugar Khurd, Tq.- Athani, Dst- Belgaon
Mb. 09449187682

2) K. V. Krishna Reddy (Mulbery group of Natural Farming)

At Post- Kiruvara Tq- Sriniwaspur Dst- Kolar
Mb - 09342934085

3) Adv. S. P. Baligar (Local Sorghum, Wheat, Cotton, Groundnut, Chilli, Kharif &
Rabi crops only on Jiwamrita)
A/P- Shigli, Tq- Shirahatti, Dt- Gadag
Ph - 08487-270248, 09448422141

4) Veerbhushan A. (Sugarcane, Mulbery, Cauliflower, Vegetables, Sorghum, Wheat)

At-Nandgaon, Post-Manhalli, Dt-Bidar
Mb - 09343081341, 08481-246041

5) A. Krishna Murthy (Sapota + Pomegranate + Drumstick, Banana + Papaya +

Survey No. 17, Devanahalli, Behind Nelahal Telephone Exchange,
Tq- Kora, Dt-Tumkur
Mb- 0448708960, 0816-2268811

6) Anand Salunkhe (Grapes) Ph- 08289-270125,

Ramu Hajare (Grapes) Ph- 08289- 270180
Shivappa Takkanvi (Grapes) Mb- 9448036559
At Post- Badachi, Tq- Athani, Dst- Belgaon

7) Sidharay B. Sondkar (Grapes- 2 Acr, Banana-4 Acr, Sugarcane -15 Acr)

A/P- Mole, Tq- Athani, Dt- Belgaon
Mb - 09448425971, 08339-278257

8) C. N. Onkar Murthy (Coconut + Areca + Vanila + Gliricidia)

A/P- K.Chattanhalli, Tq-Tarikere, Dt -Chickmanglore
Ph - 08261-2438144

9) Mallikarjun N. Mundas (Pigeon pea)

K.E.B. Road, S. B. Nagar, Shahapur, Dt- Gulbarga
Ph- 08479-243667

10) Siddaramappa Balapagol (Mosambi, Anjir, Pomegranate)

(Farm- Kallur, Tq- Jewari)
Plot No. 138, Kayak Nilaya, Maka Layout, Jewari Road, Gulbarga
Mb - 09448644130

11) T. R. Prasanna Murthy (Banana, Paddy, Sugarcane)

No.119/A, 3 rd Main, Mahalakshmi Layout, Banglore
Mb - 9243138136, 080-3491759
12) Babu Shetty K. (Coconut, Areca, Paddy, Vanilla, Cashew)
Karimogaru House, Aryapel, Tq- Puttur, Dt- Manglore (D. Kannada)
Ph- 08251- 230736
13) Gururaj J. Kamat (Silvia, Vanilla, Paddy, Mango, Coconut)
Opp. K.P.D.C.L., Mundgod- 581349, Dt- South Kannada
Ph- 08301-222405, 09845817100
14) Girish Nadiger (Pomegranate + Rose, Banana)
At Post- Rattihalli, Tq- Hirikerur, Dst- Haveri
Ph - 08376-286114
15) Anumantappa B. S. (Sugarcane- 8 ft belt + Onion + Cow pea + Chilli)
A/P- Hampasagara, Tq- H.B. Hally, Dst- Bellary
Mb - 9880298091, 08397-58214

16) G. A. Krishna Murthy (Coconut + Areca , Mango, Sapota, Banana)
At Post- Tekalpost, Tq- Malur, Dst- Kolar
Mb - 9342226799

17) Ashok Mansur (Sugarcane, Banana, Soyabean)

Saraswatpur, Dharwad-580002
Mb- 9448053863

18) S. S. Patil Madral (K) (Mulberry)

c/o B. S. Patil, At Post Tq- Sultanpur, Dst- Gulburga
Mb - 9448308599

19) Aftaf (Banana, Tomato, Turmeric, Potato)

Dandin Pet, Khushal Nagar, Tq- Somwarpeth,, Dt- Kurg
Mb- 9880445044

20) S. Bore Gowda (Ten Local Paddy Varieties- Basamati, Ratnachudi, Salem
Sanna, Malgudi Sanna, Raja Kayam, Kanatumb, Moradda, Mysore Mallige,
Kempukaru, Mukkanna Sanna)
At- Shivalli, Post- Haddya , Tq Dt- Mandya
Mb- 09242459437

21) S. Kiran (Paddy + Soya + Urad)

A/P- Kaikery Gonikopal, Tq- Virajpeth, Dt- Kodgu
Ph-08274-247117, 9448646268
22) G. B. Shyam Bhat (Coconut, Areca, Rubber, Cashew nut, Banana, Vegetables)
(Cow-Kankrej, Hallikar, Malenada Gidda)
At-Uruvale, Post- Kalleri, Tq- Belethangadi, Dt- South Cannara
Ph-08251-278817, 9449103260

23) Dr. G. H. Hanme Gowda (Coconut + Areca + Banana + Cocoa + Coffee +

Papaya + Mango + Cardomom + Pepper + Vanila, Sugarcane, Paddy local varieties)
Kayaka Farm At- A. Guduganahalli, Post- Ambuja, Tq Dt- Hasan
Ph- 08172-228524, 9448885548
24) Dr. Narayan Swami (Dryland Coconut, Ragi)
Chinmaya Clinic, Main Road, Shreerampur, Tq- Hasadurga, Dt- Chitradurga
Mb -0 9449129112

25) Shrimati Janakamma (Mulbery), K. S. Shivanange Gowda (Subbanna)

Near Halli, Koppalu, Post- Thattekere, Dt- Hasan
Mb- 9448450746, 08172-256292
26) Ram Reddy
A/P- Navadgi, Tq- Chincholi, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 09900712332, 9901556442

27) K. G. Ananth Rao s/o K. Gopala Rao

Rame Gowda Building, Opp. Forest Department Office, Vinoba Road,
Subhash Nagar, Mandya-571401
Ph- 08232-238679, 223369

28) Indudhar Angadi (local Paddy Ratnachudi) S/o A. Sharan Khappu,

M.S.Road, Shikanpur-577427, Dt-Shimoga
Ph- 08187-222441, 9845709048

36) Mahadeo s/o Linge Gowda (Banana + Drumstick + Cow pea, Paddy- 22 Qnt. per
A/P- Bannur, Tq- T. Narsipura, Dt- Mysore

29) B. N. Krishna s/o Nanje Gowda (Local Paddy 32 bags per acre, Banana)
Tyagraj Mohalla, Banuur, Tq- T. Narsipura, Dt- Mysore

30) Nagappa Sidharamappa Herur (Banana + Cow pea + Chilli + Drumstick + Lemon
+ Coconut)
At- Madari, Post- Korahalli, Tq- Sindgi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08488-220113, 09901179503

31) Mrityunjayappa (Paddy -20 Qnt per acre, Ragi- 18 Qnt pwe acre , Coconut +
Areca nut + Cocoa + Banana + Mulching)
At Post- Nandihalli, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Ph- 08131-251344, 9448970960
32) Melegowda (Local Paddy 24 Qnt per acre, Ground nut)
At Post- Chelur, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Mb- 9980687531
33) Vishweshwariaih s/o Ranganna (LOcal Areca nut, Beautiful Model, Mango-
At Post- Nandihalli, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Mb- 9448404442
34) Kamalakar Hegde (Paddy, Coconut, Areca, Banana, Vanila, Black Pepper)
A/P- Chavatti, Tq- Yallapur, Dt- Naorth Cannara
Ph- 08419-255610
35) Adv. G. M. Hosamani (Paddy, Papaya, Banana, Peru)
Opp.Ganapati Temple, Maratha Colony, Dharwad
Mb- 9448130647, 0836-24471377
36) Suresh G. Mange (Local paddy, Sugarcane)
At Post- Tergaon, Tq- Haliyal, Dt- North Cannara
Mb- 9880229877
37) Subhash Patakali (Cotton + Chilli + Onion + Jiwamrita mixed pattern)
At Post- Mulgunda, Tq Dt- Gadag
Mb- 9845149578
38) K. S. Yatish Babu (Coconut + Areca nut + Cocoa + Banana + Pepper + Marigold)
A/P- Kadaba, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Ph- 08131-231536, 9900390236
39) Krishna Murthy (Coconut + Areca nut + Banana + Cordamum + Limbu + Coffee
+ Jiwamrita, Paddy)
At Post- Kanagal, Tq- Priyapattanam, Dt-Mysore
39) S. Arvinda Kumar (Banana + Cow pea + Onion + Sorghum + Drumstick +
A/P- Doddinduvadi, Tq- Kollegal, Dt- Chamarajnagar
Mb- 9343777048
40) M. G.. Yoganand Swami (Coconut, Areca nut, Banana, Sapota, Mango,
Mosambi, Teak)
At- Muguthihalli, Post- Nellikere, Tq- Tiptur, Dt- Tumkur
Ph - 08134-258094, 9449306289
41) S. T. Kulkarni (Alfanso Mango, Cashewnut, Coconut, Amla, Areca, Sapota,
Banana, Teak, Karanj) Ramkrishna Ashram Road, II nd Stage, Vinoba Nagar,
Ph - 08182-249784, 9449614691
42) Shankarappa Sagasthawar (Jaidhar Cotton, Chilli, Pigeon pea, Cow pea,
Dhania, Til, Mug, all Kharif crops)
At Post- Ingalagi, Tq- Kundgol, Dt- Dharwad
43) G. S. Shivmurthy (Cotton)
A/P- Pandawa Mutti, Tq- Channagiri, Dt-Dawangere
44) S. Maroda Siddhappa (Paddy- 24 Qnt. per acre)
At- Nagarkatti, Post- Kadaji, Tq- Dt-Dawangere

45) T. M. Rajashekhar s/o Bajavarajaya (Coconut +Areca + Banana + Vanila +
At- Sogilu, Post- Sawalanga, Tq- Honnali, Dt-Dawangere
Ph - 08188-244738, 9945441965
46) Devendra Appa (Paddy 25 Qnt. per acre Production)
At Post- Kengan halli, Tq- Honali, Dt-Dawangere
47) K. G. Eshwarappa & Mrs Basav Rajeshwari (Coconut, Paddy, Sugarcane)
At Post- Kandagalli, Tq Dt- Dawnagere
48) G. S. Krishna Murthy (Sapota, Coconut, Mango, Banana, Mosambi, Pacholi)
At- Gopasantra, Post- Tekal, Tq- Malur, Dt- Kolar
Ph- 08151-237409, 9894011791
49) Sidram M. Bhavikatti (Grape Model)
Bhavikatti Farm, Gunapur Road, Bijapur
Ph- 08352-253089, 9448113089
50) Anand B. Patil (Pomegranate, Limbu, Banana, Kharif & Rabi crops)
A/P- Binjalbhavi, Tq- Sindagi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph-08424-265181, 9448192650
51) Prakash Kori (Grapes, Pomegranate & Export)
N.H. 218, Bagalkot Road, 14 Th K.M. from Bijapur, Bijapur
Mb- 09449857012
52) Rudrappa Kumbhar (Grape Model)
Balagnur Show Room, Near Anand Talkies, Sindagi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08488-221013, 9448846264
53) Gangadhar Chincholi (Sugarcane, Banana, Grape, Lemon, Papaya)
At Post- Aheri, Tq- Sindgi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph-08488-220024, 9449135641
54) C. R. Nagendra Prasad (Paddy)
Swayankrishi, Kamnur, Dt- Koppal-583231
55) Rakesh (Pomegrante + Drumstick + Chilli + Merigold + Mulching)
At Post- Yenjalagere, Tq- Sira, Dt- Tumkur
56) Kedarnath Tadkal (Sugarcane 8 ft belt + Onion + Cowpea + Chilli)
At Post- Mahagaon, Tq. Dt- Gulburga
57) Krishna Murthy (Vegetables)
A/P- Mailappanhalli, Tq- Chickbellapur, Dt- Kolar
Ph/Mb- 08156-226881, 9449229580
58) Naveen Rathi (Sugarcaen 8 ft belt + Chilli + Cow pea, Banana + Mulching)
At- Bannur, Tq- T. Narsipura, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08227-275659, 9448446063
59) Harish K. J. (Coconut + Areca + Banana + Gliricidia)
Jaisri Estate, Karadhalli, Tq- Nagamandala, Dt- Mandya
Ph- 08234-282532, 9448238328
60) Venkatesh Melligeri (Total land 250 Acre, Pomegranate-60 acres, Kinno- 30
acres, Mango- 8 acres, Amwla -8 acres, Lemon- 4 acres, Sitafal - 20 acres,
Floriculture - 8 acre, Banana)
Farm - Venkatesh Farm, Hesrur Road, Mumdragi, Dt- Gadag
Residence - 23, Hosur, Hubli- 21, Dt Dharwad
Ph- 08371-240088, 9448130086 Mb- 9845084775
61) Jayaprakash H. (Water melon + Mulching + Jiwamrita)
A/P- Hampasagara, Tq- H. Bammanhalli, Dt- Bellari
Mb- 09880623898
62) B Babu s/o Basavaraju (Mulbery group)
Ph- 08183-256291, 9448011704
At- Kurabarahalli, Post- Hunukundda-563114, Tq- Bagarapet, Dt- Kolar
63) Mr. ShriNiwas (Orange + Mosambi + Pomegranete + Drumstick)
4/A-25, Cantonment, Bellari- 583104
Ph- 08392-242801, 9448918600
64) Parixit Todapadi
Ph- 08251-280665, 9945438416
At Post- Shantigodu, Tq- Puttur, Dt- South Kannada
65) Ramachandra K. (Local Seed collection, Coconut, Areca nut, Banana, Coffee,
Mitra Farm, A/P- Bannur- 574203, Tq- Puttur, Dt- South Kannda
Ph- 08251-230575
66) Prabhu Shankar (Mulbery Model)
At Post- Sollepura, Tq- Muddur, Dt- Mandya
Mb- 9242218924
67) Babu Sankanna (Banana, Sugarcane, Cotton)
At Post- Kallur (K), Tq- Jewargi, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 9448595408
68) Ramachandra Hegde Vadgal (Areca nut, Cardamom, Papaya, Cocoa, Black
At Post- Nilekani, Tq- Sirsi, Dt- North Kannada
Ph- 08384-225095
69) S. Malayya (Mulbery Model, Banana + Drumstick + Cow pea, Sugarcane)
A/P- Almburmunti, Tq- Nanjangud, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08221-291227, 9343871990
70) Sangappa Gadagi (Sugarcane, Banana + Cowpea + Onion + Chilli, Kinno
orange- 15 acre, Sitafal, Amla- Total 95 acre land)
Ph- 08536-275328, 9448183681
A/P- Tawaragera- 584131, Tq- Kustagi, Dt- Koppal
71) Suresh Gowda Patil (Cotton, Pigean pea, Wheat local, Chana, Sunflower, Chilli,
At Post- Hulkoti-582205, Tq Dt- Gadag
Ph- 08372-289015, 09480127759
72) Rasootsab R. Hiramani (Mango- Ratnagiri, Benshan- 3 acre, Mallika- 4 acre,
Pomegranate- 6 acre, Banana- 5 acre, Grape- 2 acre)
A/P-Dummur, Tq-Yelburga, Dt- Koppal
Ph- 08534-288101, 9448183279
73) C. R. Mariyappa Gowdar (Mango + Amla, Sapota, Cotton- Jaidhar, Ground nut,
Local Wheat, Onion, Chilli, Jowar)
At Post- Hulkoti, Tq Dt- Gadag
Ph- 08372-289326, 9448063336
74) Rajendra Shirol (150 acre land- Aswagandha- 80 acre, Coconut- 1200 +
Gliricidia, Rabi Jowar, Local Wheat, Chilli, Onion, Cotton)
Shirol Building, Near Shirol Hospital, Extension, Gadag
Ph/Mb- 08372-230537 (R), 289004 (Farm), 9448934730
75) Adv. N. Nanje Gowda (Paddy local- Ratnachudi- 22 Qnt. per acre, Banana)
At- Hosur, Post- Shivakalli, Tq- Yelandur, Dt- Chamarajnagar
Mb- 9844437136
76) Gangadhar Tamanna Jadhav (Mulbery- 5 acre, Sugarcane 8 ft belt)
A/P- Ainapur, Tq- Athani, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08339-254121, 9448921102

77) Shantiranjan Das, S/o Ramesh Mohan Das (Paddy, Banana, Coconut, Lemon,
Custard apple, Sapota, Vegetables)
Ph- 08535-264480, 9242875012
Bengali Colony No. 4, A/P- Jewargera, Tq- Shindnoor, Dt- Raichur
78) G. K. Shivakumar (Coconut, Areca nut, Papaya, Sapota, Mosambi)
s/o G. Kariayappa, At- Chikk Kariyere, Post- Yologdu, Dt-Chitradurga
Ph- 08194-210338, 9945764047
79) K. M. Kumbal (Mulbery-5 acre, Lemon-10 acre, Karanj-8 acre, Gir Cow-12, 15
local cows, 15 Buffalos, Electricity generation from Gobar gas)
A/P- Attarga- 586112, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08359-227157
80) Annapurna Chandrashekhar (Coffee + Orange + Pepper + Banana, Flowers)
At- Chikc Bikkodu, Post- Bekkodu, Tq- Belur, Dt- Hasan
Ph- 08177-241096
81) B. R. Manjunath (Coconut + Areca nut + Banana + Drumstick, Paddy,
At- Gangasandra, Post- Atte Shetti, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Ph- 08131-231608
82) C. S. Bapat (Pine apple model, Rubber, Paddy, Coconut, Areca nut, Sugarcane,
Mango, Nutmeg, Sapota, Cocoa, Cashew nut, Vanila, Chilli)
At- Shindli, Post- Haripi, Tq- Soraba, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08184-253255
83) Chandrashekhar Ganpati Shirwade (Sugarcane, Banana, Paddy, Drumstick),
Babu Appu Ichalkaranje, Ramu Shivappa Shirwad, Appu Anna Ichalkaranje
At Post- Boragaon, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
84) Subhash Basappa Shirbur
Ph- 08350-264133, 09449280433
(Sugarcane 8 ft belt + Ground nut + Chana + Aware + Chilli- 30 Dec 04)
(Sugarcane 8 ft belt + Cow pea + Mug- 30 Arl 05) (Turmeric-Selam - 5 acre)
At Post- Nagaral, Tq- Mudhol, Dt- Bagalkot
85) Rudrappa Zulpi (Sugarcane- 64 Q/Acre, Wheat - 16 Q/Acre, Maize- 47 Q/Acre,
Local Brinjal) A/P- Hulyal, Tq- Jamakhandi, Dt- Bagalkot Ph- 08353-238016
86) M. Nanjappa s/o M. A. Nanjadappa (Selected seeds from Hybrid Kargil maize
resowned - 25 Q/Acre, Local Paddy- Duddi, Mulberry, Maize, Banana, Floriculture,
Aware, Pigeon pea) At- Mudugere, Post- Upparahalli, Tq- Gowrabidanur, Dt- Kolar
87) Gangadhar Murthy, Sree Samrudhy Group, Tumkur
Ph- 0816-2280984, 9343563409
88) Vivek B. Morey s/o B. G. Morey (Sugarcane, Banana, Paddy, Drumstick)
Behind Kashi Building, I Cross, Sadaukeri, Dharwad- 580008
Farm- At- Nigadi, Tq Dt- Dharwad Mb- 9845510471
Rajesh Morey (Mango, Banana) Mb- 9243281405
89) B. S. Narayanswami (Areca, Coconut, Paddy local)
Sree Harikrupa, I st Cross, Jayanagar, Shimoga
Farm- A/P- Bamalapur, Tq- Koppa, Dt- Chikmanglore
Mb- 944839363
90) Eshwar P. Theertha (Paddy local Gandhasal- 24 Q/Acre, Sugarcane 5 ft belt,
Areca + Ground nut + Vanila, Mixed fruit trees Mango, Banana, Sapota, Sitafal)
A/P- Kudligere, Tq- Bhadravati, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08282-236881
91) Benaka Bhatta (Grand Seed collection of local Paddy- Seed bank)
At Post- Chakkod Bail, Tq- Tirthahalli, Dt- Shimoga
92) E. R. Sree Raman (Coconut + Areca nut + Banana + Vanila + Pepper +
At- K. Kannahalli, Post- Junyppolur, Tq- H. D. Kote, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08228-263525
93) Salim Khuttewan (Sugarcane belt & Ratoon)
Govindpur Galli, Mudhol, Dt- Bagalkot
Ph- 08350- 2381123
94) Shivappa Kataarki (Lemon of size of Mosambi for Pickle)
A/p- Jambagi (khurd), Tq- Mudhol, Dt- Bagalkot
Ph- 08350-2347043
95) Dildar Nimbarkar (Sugarcane 12 ft belt + Soya + Jiwamrita - 10 Acre)
Vishnutirth Bag, Darga Galli, Nipani, Dt- Belgain
Ph- 0231-2663692
96) Aaditya Interprizes, Station Road, Raibag- 591317, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08331-2645362
97) Niranjan Kamate (Tobacco) Ph- 08338-2664514,
Chidanand Kage (Tobacco) Ph- 08338-2664416
Sadanand Sadawarte (Tobacco) Ph- 08331-2664790
Shital Aappashaeb Kage (Tobacco) Ph- 08331-2303979
At Post- Akol, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
98) Mallikarjun Shetty (Pigeon pea)
At Post- Kanakpur Karmukali, Tq- Chincholi, Dt- Gulburga
99) Sandesh Jawali (Banana- 7 acre, Sugarcane, Basamati Paddy)
At- Hatyangalli, Post Tq- Aaland, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 9448488149
100) Nijalingappa Korali (Sugarcane Ratoon + Mulching + Alsandi, 9 ft belt)
At Post Tq- Aaland, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 9448576809
101) Krishnappa Dasappa Gowda (Paddy, Banana + Drumstick + Alsandi +
Mulching, Sugarcane, Vegetables)
Ph- 08227-275162, 9880587545
Tyagraj Mohalla, At Post- Bannur, Tq- T. Narsipura, Dt- Mysore
102) C. M. Prakash (Total 25 Acre land, Coconut- 500, Areca nut- 2000, Banana,
Sharif Colony, H. D. Kote, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08222-242242, 9448389363
103) H. K. Ramesh Raju s/o Kempegowda (Sugarcane Model, Paddy Model,
Jaggery Production)
At- Shivalli, Post- Hadya, Hobli-Dudda, Tq Dt- Mandya
Ph- 08232-277521, 09986323317
104) Appaji Reddy (Sugarcane 8 ft belt)
At- Shivalli, Post- Hadya Hobli-Dudda, Tq Dt- Mandya
105) K. Nanjappa (Paddy- 3 Acre, Ragi- 3 Acre, Coconut- 6 Acre)
No. 335, 27 th Main Road, Sector 2, H S R Layout, Banglore-34
Ph- 9886047522, 9341258088, 9845961482
106) Dilip Sadashiv Waze (Sugarcane 8 ft belt, Banana)
At Post- Yedur, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-258535
107) Gurupada Shivalingappa Bagi (Grapes Thomson Seedless- 16 Acre + Cowpea
+ Aware + Jiwamrita + Neemastra /Brahmastra /Agniastra, Banana + Chilli + Aware
+ Jiwamrita)
At Post- Nidoni, Tq Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08355-289310, 9980449299
108) Gurumath Biradar (Sugarcane 7 x 3 + Onion + Chilli + Aware + Jiwamrita,
A/P- Dawalgi, Tq- Muddhebihal, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08365-200175
109) Satyanarayana (1.5 Acre Banana + Pepper + Areca nut + Jiwamrita +
Mulching, Natural Method Paddy +Mulching)
At- Belyur, Post- Belur, Tq- Sagar, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08183- 260314
110) K. Mruthunjaya (3 Acre Kharbuj + Jiwamrita - Production 4 Tonnes)
T. N. Kote, Tq- Challakere, Dt- Chitradurga
Ph- 08195-256539
111) Ningangowda R. Patil (Sugarcane Ratton 8 Acre + Jiwamrita, Banana 4 Acre +
Jiwamrita, Non Irrigated Onion, Chilli)
At Post- Chilakawada, Tq- Nawalgunda, Dt- Dharwad
112) Ashok Shetty (Kakada Flower 1 Acre + Jiwamrita + Mulching + Coconut water
spray - Rs. 100000 Production, Coconut 4 Acre + Banana 1200 + Jiwmarita,
Coconut + Areca + Banana + Fodder + Jiwamrita)
Mb- 9449708110
Maltesh Organic Farm, At Post- Rattihalli, Tq- Hirekerur, Dt- Haweri
113) Parwat Reddy Sahu (Rabi Jowar, Chana, Wheat local) (Total 100 Acre land- 20
Acre Natural)
At Post- Hattigudur, Tq- Shahapur, Dt- Gulburga- 585223
114) V. Murli Venkat Ramaiaha (Banana + Jiwamrita, Ragi + Jiwamrita, Paddy +
At Post- N. Vaddahalli, Tq- Mulbagul, Dt- Kolar
Ph- 08159-314306
115) M. Seenappa (Sugarcane + Jiwamrita, Mulbery + Jiwamrita)
At Post- L. Venkatapur, Tq- Mulbugal, Dt- Kolar
Mb- 9449147509
116) Manjunath M. Hegde (Areca nut, Coconut, Coffee, Cocoa, Banana, Paddy,
Black Pepper, Lawang, Vilayachi)
At- Mavinkoppa, Post- Ekkambi, Tq- Sirsi, Dt- North Kannada
117) Bettegowda s/o K. B. Kumar (Sugarcane-First crop 58 Tonnes/Acre -Sugarcane
Ratoon- 2.5 Acere- 12 ft belt + Cow pea + Pigeon pea + Urad + Chilli + Maize +
Zendu + Sunflower + Sotekai + Trash Mulching) (Mulbery 3 x3 + Urad + Ragi + Mug
+ Tomato + Zendu + Jiwamrita)
At Post- Kachigere, Tq Dt- Mandya
Ph- 08232-695456
118) K. B. Kumar (Paddy- Malgudisanna + Jiwamrita + Jiwamrita Spray)
At Post- Kachigere, Tq Dt- Mandya
Mb- 9945283385 (pp Babu)
119) H. R. Manjunath Reddy Varathi (Paddy Sonamasuri + Jiwamrita, Coconut-850
+ Jiwamrita + Mulching)
At Post- Gudadhalli, Tq- Harihar, Dt- Dawangere
Ph- 08192-293425
120) D. Ravikumar S/o Devegowda K. B. (Paddy Ratnachudi, Ankursanna,
A/P- Kyathanahalli, Tq- Pandawpura, Dt- Mandya
Mb- 9242991793
121) D. P. Vishwanath s/o Padmanabha (Coconut + Areca + Banana + Pepper +
Vanila + Vilayachi)
Ph- 08181-276124, 9845865453
A/P- Demlapura, Tq- Tirthahally, Dt- Shimoga
122) Tenj Murthy (Coconut + Areca + Pepper + Banana + Vanila + Gliricidia +
Mulching, Ginger, Pigeon pea, Turmeric) (Areca nut production-15 Q/Acre)
At- Kallur, Post- Heddaripura, Tq- Hosanagara, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08185-244366, 9448766883
123) G. Shnamukha s/o Veerbhadrappa (Ground nut, Onion, Maize, Vegetable)
Opp. Sangam Theater, At Post- Nyamati, Tq- Honalli, Dt- Dawangere
124) Sawant Dadu Miraje (Sugarcane 3 rd Ratoon 8 ft belt + Ground nut + Chana +
At- Manjari, Post- Yedur, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Mb- 9341874643
125) Gangadhar Swami (Banana + Jiwamrita, Chilli + Jiwamrita, Sugarcane 8 Ft belt
+ Drumstick + Alsandi (Cow pea) + Jiwamrita)
A/P- Kittadahalli, Tq- Shikaripur, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08187-241008
126) Lokesh Appa (Chilli + Jiwamrita, Areca + Banana + Ground nut)
A/P- Kittadahalli, Tq- Shikaripur, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08187-241026
127) B. Chandrashekhar (Areca nut + Banana + Coffee + Jiwamrita)
Basweshwar Nagar, Balu Pete, Tq- Sakleshpur, Dt- Hasan
Ph- 08173-247346, 9448047079
128) K. C. Nagabushan (Paddy Sonamasuri - 18 Q/Acre, Coconut, Areca nut,
Banana, Vanila)
Mb- 9449861747
At- Kotegadde, Post- Guddokoppa, Tq- Thirthahalli, Dt- Shimoga- 577414
129) Suresh Melavarage (Areca nut + Banana + Coffee + Coconut + Jiwamrita)
A/P- Masur, Tq- Sagar, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08183-260078, 9449686125
130) Radhakrishna Bandagadde (Areca nut + Banana + Coffee + Cocoa + pepper)
A/P- Keladi- 577401, Tq- sagar, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08183-260337
131) S. Sadanand (Areca 7 Acre + Jiwamrita)
Ph- 08185-267046, 9449100753
Director, Malnad Areca Marketing Co. Society
At- Surulikoppa, Post- Kodur, Tq- Hosanagar, Dt- Shimoga
132) R. B. Desai (Pomegranate- Ganesh 400, Keshar 300, Aarakta 400 + Jiwamrita
+ Castor + Drumstick + Sitafal + Mulching + Jiwamrita, Sugarcane 8 x 2 + Cow pea +
Chilli + Jiwamrita)
Trupti Niwas, Mahantesh Nagar, At- Muddebihal, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 9886820794
133) Y. R. Narendra Babu (Coconut + Areca + Banana + Jiwamrita)
At Post- Bibirhalli, Tq Dt- Shimoga
Mb- 9342188668
134) Ramanna (Paddy, Banana, Ragi, Coconut, Sugarcane)
Vishwamanava Matha (adichunchanagiri Shakha Matha)
At Post- Kommerahalli (Satanur Betta), Tq Dt- Mandya
Mb- 9945644109
135) Mrs. Rani Patil (Pomegranate, Anjir)
C/o Adv. G. A. Patil, Flat No. 35, Dhanate Bulding, Jewari Road, Gulburga
Ph- 08472-271003, 9449540348
136) Shrishaila Dundappa Kumbar (Rose, Pigeon pea, Jowar)
A/P- Aheri, Tq- Sindagi, Dt- Bijapur- 586123
Mb- 9945810896
137) Nagesh s/o Bhadraiah (Banana, Coconut, Areca nut)
Kurubarahalli Koppa, Post- Matigatta, Tq- Turuvekere, Dt- Tumkur
Mb- 9448432809, 08131-231533
138) Mallesh s/o Basavaiah (Rain fed crops- Cotton, Gr. nut, Jowar, Ragi, Banana)
At- Huyyamballi Hundi, Post- Bidiralli, Tq- H. D. Kote, Dt- Mysore
139) N. C. Kariyappa s/o Cheluvaiah (Cotton, Ragi, Maize, Redgram)
At- Nanjanthapura, Post- Bidiralli, Tq- H. D. Kote, Dt- Mysore
140) Mahavir Jain (Mango, Sitafal, Drumstick)
Ph- 08199-222700, 9448122700
Jayanthi Naisargika Tota, Sirigere Circle, Chitradurga
141) K. D. Krishnappa Gowda (Coconut, Areca, Vanila, Rubber, Banana, Pepper,
Coffee, Cocoa)
A/P- Madabur, Tq- T. R. Pura, Dt- Chickmanglore
Mb- 9449205445
142) Santosh Kallur (Sugarcane belt, Cotton)
A/P- Hirmasali, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08359-244803 (pp Gundappa)
143) Dr. Shiv Murthy (Coconut + Arecanut + Banana + Cardamom + Alsandi)
A/P- Chelur, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Ph- 08131-242250
144) Smt. Vijaya Lakshmi (Paddy)
A/P- Palakama Doddi, Tq Dt- Raichur
Mb- 9886804619
145) Jai Prakash (Mango 300 + Jiwamrita, Sapota, Coconut, Mangium + Jiwamrita)
63, 1 st Cross, Hubli- 580032
Ph- 0836-2350416, 9845093469
146) Raju O. Stall (Papaya, Pomegranate)
At Post Tq- Hagaribommanahalli, Dt- Bellary
147) Shivakumara Ku. Menasinkai (Wheat, Jowar, Paddy, Bengal gram)
At Post- Savadi, Tq- Ronn, Dt- Gadag
Mb- 998681503
148) Sadanand Laxman Sadawarte (tobacco)
A/P- Aakol, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-2664790
149) K. M. Arun (Coffee)
A/P- T, Shettygeri, Dt- SOuth Coorg- 571249
Ph- 08274-246354, 9448647775
150) Sangan Gowda, H. B. Patil (Sugarcane, Chilli, Onion)
Ph- 08350-2347025
At- Jambagi Khurd, Post- Kasaba Jambargi, Tq- Mudhol, Dt- Bagalkot
151) Ravichandra Basanappa Shivapuje (Mango)
Main Road, A/P- Chitgappa, Tq- Humnabad, Dt- Bidar
152) Chandrakant K. Kulkarni (Sugarcane, Grapes)
Auditor & Tax Consultant, Plot No. 1, Chandrashri, Siddeshwar Nagar, Attur
Compund, Gulburga
Ph- 08472-240087 (R), 225938 O), 9845238736
153) Ramosa Katawa (Pomegranate 30 Acre + Cow pea + Mulching)
At Post- Ilkal, Tq- Hungund, Dt- Bagalkot
Mb- 9448972810
154) Nandana A. K. Kempe Gowda (Coconut + Areca + Banana)
A/P- Bannur, Tq- T. Narsipura, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08227-276027
155) Ramesh Kumar (Mulbery)
At- Koskote, Post- Magier, Tq- Bangar Peth, Dt- Kolar
Ph- 08153-212411
156) Dr. J. S. Madhu Kumar (Pomegranate)
Madhu Dental Clinic, Prasanna Talkies Road, Chitradurga
Ph- 08194-227293, 9880705128, 9945283899
157) C. F. Appannavar (Sunflower)
A/P- Kolur, Tq Dt- Haveri- 581112
Ph- 08375-283336
158) T. Y. Hegde (Banana, Areca, Vanila, Coconut, Mango, Coffee, Paddy)
At- Chikkoti, Post- Kampli (via- Manchikeri), Tq- Yellapur, Dt- Karwar
Ph- 08419-254459
159) G. M. Gurupadswamy (Paddy)
A/P- Huvinahadagalli, Tq Dt- Bellary
Ph- 08399-240334, 9880905923
160) Ramu Hajare (Grape, Banana, Sugarcane)
At Post- Badachi, Tq- Athani, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08289-270180
161) K. A. Jagadish (Coffee, vanila, Paddy, Coconut, Areca)
At- Karimane, Post- Kalkere, Tq- Koppa, Dt- Chickmanglore
Ph- 08265-238010
162) N. K. Makandar (Flowers, Banana, Grape)
A/P- Chalachagudda, Tq- Badami, Dt- Bagalkot
Ph- 08357-240843
163) Basvaraj Rajreddy (Pigeon pea, Cotton, Urad)
At Post- Bilhar, Tq- Shahapur, Dt- Gulburga
164) B. T. Nagesh (Areca, Coconut, Vanila, Banana, Cocoa, Turmeric)
Ph- 08282-247978
B. T. Ayyer Camp, Basavapura, A/P- Agaradahalli- 577227, Tq- Bhadravati, Dt-
Shimoga 3
165) Vilasrao Yadawrao Patil (Sugarcane, Pigeon pea, Rabi Jowar, Regram)
At- Nelwad (Arya), Post- Tugaon, Tq- Bhalki, Dt- Bidar
Ph- 08484-266354
166) Gurunath Bagali (Sugarcane)
At- Gundavan, Post- Kapnimbargi, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08422-282277
167) Dilip Sadashiv Waze (Banana, Sugarcane)
A/P- Yedur, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-258535
168) Ashok Sripal Ugare (Sugarcane, Tobacco, Groundnut)
At Post- Sadalga, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-251178
169) Venkatesh Kenche Gowda (Tomato, Paddy, Sugarcane, Mulbery)
At- Panakanhalli, Post- Konanahalli, Tq Dt- Mandya
Ph- 08232-239494
170) Adinath Baburao Chaugule (Sapota, Khapali Wheat, Ground nut, gram)
At Post- Kognoli, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
171) Sukumar Bhausaheb Banjole (Sapota, Mango, Paddy, Chilli, Sitafal)
A/P- Aappachi Wadi, Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-2667085
172) Annasaheb Kalgonda Mangsule (Sugarcane, Tomato, Vegetables)
A/P- Hanchinal (K.S.), Tq- Chikodi, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08338-2669629
173) Gurulingappa Madeppa Modeddi (Sugarcane, Banana, Pigeon pea)
A/P- Hudgi, Tq- Humnabad, Dt- Bidar
Ph- 08483-275444
174) Yadavrao Biradar (Cotton, Ground nut, Kharif & Rabi crops)
At- Dudaknal, Post- Ekamba, Tq- Aurad, Dt- Bidar
Ph- 08485-263076
175) H. S. Biradar (Sugarcane, Banana, Kharif & Rabi crops, Vegetables)
No. 8/7/57, Karnataka Housing Board Colony, Bidar
Ph- 08482-226732
176) Subhash T. Biradar (Grape + Jiwamrita + Homeopathy Medicine)
At Post- Lohagaon, Tq Dt- Bijapur (12 Km from Bijapur)
Bijapur- Arun Tailors, S.S.Road, L.B.S. Market, Bijapur
Ph- 08352-226592 (R), 236536, 9880113745
177) B. T. Eswarappa s/o Thippanna(Coconut + Areca + Banana + Vanila,
A/P- T. Nulenur, Tq- Holekere, Dt- Chitradurga
Ph- 08191-277225
178) Mukundrao Ramchndrarao Kulkarni (Pigeon pea)
At Post- Dubalgundi, Tq- Humnabad, Dt- Bidar
179) Gururaj M. S. (Areca nut, Coffee, Banana)
At- Melavarige, Post- Masur, Tq- Sagar, Dt- Shimoga
180) G. S. Channabasappa s/o Shidalingappa (Mulbery, Coconut, Areca, Mango,
Ph/Mb- 9448659401, 9448905860
At- Ganadalu, Post- Huliyaru, Tq- Chikanarakanhalli, Dt- Tumkur-572218
181) Nandish N. T. (Coffee Arebica 7 x 7, Robusta 10 x 10 on the slope of hill)
At- Nandipura, Post- Nudiyuru, Dt- Chickmanglore
Mb- 9448971958
182) Dr. Chnadrashekhar (Grape 3 Acre, Coconut + Areca + Vanil, Silver oak,
Mango, Banana, Teak)
Dhanwantari Medicals, Arsikere, Dt- Hasan
Ph- 08174-233310, 232110
183) Vishwananth Suresh Kabbur (Sugarcane, Banana, Turmeric, Cotton, Maize,
A/P- Kallolid, Tq- Gokaka, Dt- Belgaon
Ph- 08332-284695, 9342165652
184) B. R. Madhav Reddy s/o B. M. Ramareddy (Paddy, Ground nut, Ragi,
Pomegranate, Pigeon pea, Vegetables)
Ph- 08136-297048
At- Bhupur, Post- Kyathaganakere- 572136, Tq- Pawagadh, Dt- Tumkur
185) Munikrishne Gowda A. V. (Coconut, Ragi, Paddy, Wheat, Ground nut)
Farm- Venkatgiri Farm, At- Chinapaganahalli, Post- Tekal, Tq- Malur,
Dt- Kolar
Ph- 08151-223701, 9343748689
Res- No. 14, V Block, 72 nd Cross, Rajajinagar, Banglore-560010
186) Nanditire Raja Mandappa (Orange, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper)
Ponnu Mallai Estate, At- Kattemada, Post- Moornadu, Tq- Madikerri,
Dt- Coorg
Ph- 08272-2241777
187) Cheranda Namda Subbaiah (Orange, Coffee, Black Pepper, Cadamom)
Basawangudi Estate, At- Maldare, Post- Siddepura, Tq- Viraj Peth,
Dt- Coorg
Ph- 08274-229644
188) N. S. Basavaraju (Coffee Robusta)
A/P- Nandi Gunda via Saniwar Sante, Dt- Kodagu
Ph- 08276-285169
189) H. T. Dhanajayappa (Rubber, Areca, Coconut)
A/P- Madhapur, Tq- N. R. Pura, Dt- Chikmanglore
Ph- 08266-235072, 9448421872
190) B. C. Shivaramu s/o Chikka Shidayya (Mulbery)
Banglore-Mysore Road, Hale Budenury, Dt- Mandya
Ph- 9448813413
191) Narahari Prabhu (Coconut, Areca, Cocoa, Cashew, Black Pepper)
Shri Vyankatesh, A/P- Mudeperar-574166, Dt- Manglore
Ph- 0824-2258227, 9448153706
192) N. S. Balimane (Banana, Rose, Bettlevine, Jai)
Vimisita Farm, At- Appekur (Haldipur Grama), Post- Karki, Tq- Honawar,
Dt- Karwar (North Kannada)
Ph- 08387-236571
193) A. Mahaveer Kumar (Mango 1000 trees)
Ph- 08194-225283, 9448122700
1 st Cross, Gumasta Colony, R.N.C. Road, Chitradurga-577502
194) Hanumant Appa Zalke (Mulbery)
At Post- Kuknoor, Tq- Yelburg, Dt- Koppal
Ph- 08534-230054
195) Dr. Suresh Kumar Koodur (Coconut + Areca + Cocoa + Pepper + Vanila +
Cardamom + Coffee, Paddy, Total 25 Acre land)
Ph- 08251-265136, 265036
Shreepoorna, A/P- Balya, Tq- Puttoor, Dt- Manglore-574221
196) S. J. Padiyappanavar (Bettle vine)
A/P- Cholachude Gudda, Tq- Badami, Dt- Bagalkot
Mb- 9449416442
197) Gautam Avarthi (Castor + Chilli + Turmeric + Drumstick)
At- Avarthi, Post- Koppa, Tq- Priyapattane, Dt- Mysore
Mb- 9342128061
198) Baijanath Kedarnath Tadkal (Onion, Pigeon pea, Jowar, Wheat)
At Post- Mahagaon, Tq Dt- Gulburga
Ph- 08478-220305, 9448650155
199) Umesh Shetty (Coconut, Areca, Black Pepper, Paddy)
At- Shibaroor Guthu, Post- Bedelanthabetpu via Katipalli, Tq Dt- Manglore (South
Ph- 0824-2271244, 9449207643
200) S. M. Tirlapur (Chilli, Ground nut, Onion)
Ph- 0836-2318666, 9880856702
At- Kiresur, Post- Hebsur, Tq- Hubli, Dt- Dharwad
201) Udaya Kumara Betta (Paddy, Coconut, Areca)
At- Bellibetta, Post- Kalmadka, Tq- Sullia, Dt- South Kannada
Ph- 08257-233534, 270377, 9341106777
202) H. Chidandappa (Coconut, Areca, Mosambi, Sapota, Vanil, Mango, Pepper,
Jasmin & Mulbery)
Mb- 9448035614, 9448234852
At- Chickajogihalli, Pst- M.B Ammanahalli, Tq- Kudligere, Dt- Bellary
203) Rayappa Ramappa Nagnur (Vegetables, Local Wheat, Sunflower, Maize,
Bengal gram, Local Ground nut, Onion, Mung)
A/P- Sambhapur, Tq Dt- Gadag
Ph- 08372-283128 (pp Koratti)
201) Raghvendra Heror (Banana, Pomegranate & Dryland Farming)
At Post- Nelogi, Tq- Jewargi, Dt- Gulburga
Res-House No. 1/1495/34, Godutai Nagar, Gulburga
Ph- 08472-237600
205) Rewan Siddappa Manjunath Patil (Paddy - 18 to 20 Q/Acre, Areca +Vanila +
At- Kebbatti, Post- Hebatti, Tq- Sirsi, Dt- North Kannada
Ph- 08384-264468
206) Narendra B. T. (Seed colection speciality for local Areca nut seeds, Coconut +
Areca + Banana + Coffee + Vanila)
At Post- Belur, Tq- Sagar, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08183-260135
207) M. B. Chandrashekhara (Pine Apple, Areca, Vanila)
At- Magekoppa, Post- Masur, Tq- Sagar, Dt- Shimoga
Ph- 08183-260155
208) Shivayya Somayya Hiremath (Paddy, Chana Annegiri + Jowar- 2 Acre, Jowar
Gund + Ghanjiwamrita- 4 Acre)
At Post- Halligeri, Halyal Road, Dharwad
209) D. B. Tatti (Appanna) (Cotton Jaidhar + Chilli Dawnur Delux + Local Chilli
sowing July end, Cotton dibbling during 15 August)
Ph- 08487-272365, 9945936767
Mahalaxmi Complex, Silver Gate, Tatti Road, Lakshmeshwar- 582116, Dt- Gadag
10) S. Malaiah (Mulbery 4.5 Acre + Mulching + Jiwamrita)
At- Alambarmunti, Post- Nagarale, Tq- Nanjangud, Dt- Mysore
Ph- 08221-291227, 9343871990
211) Rajendra S. Angadi (Local Paddy Seed Collection)
At Post- Tolagi, Tq- Khanapur, Dt- Belgaon Mb- 9945990179
212) K. G. Manokumar S/o K. G. Chanrappa (Onion local - 150 Q/Acre, Vegetables)
At- Kankanhalli, Post- Doddaethinahalli, Tq- Honnali, Dt- Dawangere
Ph- 08188-265901
213) S. N. Govindraj (Paddy, Ginger, Chilli, Marigold)
H. K. Junction, Bhadravati-577115, Dt- Shimoga
Mb- 9448782115
214) D. Pampanna Neravi (Pigeon pea, Sunflower, Jowar, Bajra, Alsandi, Cotton
Jaidhar, Safflower, Wheat)
Mb- 9448303388
H.No. 4-12-14/2, Near Main Gate, Rajendra gunj, Raichur-584102
215) S. G. Paramesh Gowda (Areca 5 Acre, Maize, Sunflower, Ground nut)
At- Sogilu, Post- Solanga, Tq- Honalli, Dt- Dawangere
Ph- 08188-244738
216) Sanjay Chandrashekhar Shintre (Mango, Anjur, Peru)
At-Shindewada, Pst-Saudalga, Tq-Chikodi, Dt-Belgaon
Mb- 9342045693
217) Gajanan Bhat (Paddy, Areca, Vanil, Banana)
Ph- 08283-246955, 998643955
At- Handimane, Post- Jaddigadde, Tq- Sirsi, Dt- North Kannada
218) N. K. Karadagimath (Grape 6 Acre, Mango 4 Acre, Sapota 6 Acre, Coconut 6
Acre) At Post- Kuntoji, Tq- Ronn, Dt- Gadag
219) Channappa Mallappa Malabasari (Pomegranate, Banana)
At Post- Mahalingpur, Tq- Mudhol, Dt- Bagalkot
Ph- 08350-270348, 9845779525
220) Basava Reddy A. Kareddy (Pigeon pea, Rabi Jowar, Chana, Urad, Sunflower,
Mug, Safflower)
Ph- 08476-247360 (R), 9845567038
At Post- Nalwar-585218, Tq- Chithapur, Dt- Gulburga
221) Mahesh S. Patil s/o Siddlingappa Gowda Patil (Banana, Cotton, Onion,
Sugarcane, Paddy)
At Post- Abbe-Tumkur, Tq- Yadgir, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 9242468109
222) Hanumanappa Bhimappa Rahatar (Shewanti Flower 3/4 Acre- 1,20,000 Rs.
At Post- Kanavi, Tq Dt- Gadag
Ph- 08372-285099
223) Malanna (Mulbery, Banana , Anjur, Sugarcane, Safflower, Bhindi, Tomato,
Pigeon pea, Jowar, Coconut)
At Post- Alur, Tq- Chitapur, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 9449961951
224) S. Aravinda Kumar s/o Sriniwasa R.(Banana + Cow pea + Onion + Jowar +
Zendu + Drumstick)
A/P- Doddinduvadi, Tq- Kollegal, Dt- Chamarajnagar
Mb- 9343777048
225) S. T. Kulkarni (Mango Alfanso 300, Cashewnut 1500, Coconut 300, Amla 100,
Areca 4 Acre, Sapota 100, Banana 3 Acre, Teak 7500, karanj 100)
Ph- 08182-249784, 9449614691
Ramkrishna Ashram Road, II Stage, Vinoba Nagar, Shimoga
226) Shankarappa Sagasthawar (Cotton Jaidhar, Chilli, Alsandi, Pigeon pea,
Dhania, Tilli, Mug, agase)
At Post- Ingalagi, Tq- Kundgol, Dt- Dharwad
Mb- 9449186715
227) Nagappa Sidharamappa Herur (Banana 8 x 8 + Alsandi + Tomato + Chilli +
At- Madari, Post- Korahalli, Tq- Sindagi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08488-220113, 9901179503
228) V. G. Doddagoudar (Sugarcane, Maize, Sunflower, Banana)
At- Maradur, Post- Halagi, Tq Dt- Haveri
Ph- 08375-220688, 9448861149
229) Basangowda Patil (Pigeon pea 5 Acre)
At Post- Siddapur, Tq- Muddebihal, Dt- Bijapur
230) K. S. Yatish Babu (20 Acre Coconut + Areca + Cocoa + Banana + Pepper +
Chendu + Gliricidia + Trenches + Mulching + Jiwamrita)
A/P- Kadaba, Tq- Gubbi, Dt- Tumkur
Ph- 08131-231536, 9900390236
231) Veerbhadrappa Dalawai (Sugarcane + Onion + Maize + Cow pea + Chilii,
At- Itagi, Post- Sakin Muddapur, Tq- Basavana Bagewadi, Dt- Bijapur
Ph- 08426-275051
232) Munna Dhani (Pigeon pea 50 acre, Mango, Sugarcane)
A/p- Baladini, Tq- Buddebihal, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09845257593
234) Manjunath Rasreddy (Rabi Jowar, Bengal gram, Green gram)
A/p- Bilhar, Tq- Shahapur, Dt- Gulburga
Mb- 09902181031
235) Roman Khureshi (Papaya 20 acre)
A/p- Sindankera (Makta), Tq- Humnabad, Dt- Bidar
Mb- 9448604440
236) Shankarrao Hatti (Pigein pea 25 acre)
Hatti galli, Aland, Dt- Gulburga
Ph- 08477-202606
237) Amrish Diautar (Pomegranate)
A/P- Maski, Tq- Lingsur, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09845983691
238) Chandrashekar Anandgal (Pomegranate, Lemon)
Maski, Tq- Lingsur, Dt- Raichur
239) Khalil Ahmad K. Khalifa (Pomegranate + Drumstick + Cow pea + Mulching +
C/o Bata Shop, Medigiri Complex, Kalati Road, Bagalkot
Ph- 08354-222124, 09980249501
240) Naga Reddy (Paddy, Mosambi, Gr. Nut, Sapota)
H.No.M/8, Nijalingappa Colony, Raichur
Mb- 09972151793
241) S. N. Patil (Banana + Drumstick + Cowpea + Merigold + Mulching)
A/P- Dhannur, Tq- Hungund, Dt- Bagalkot
242) S. Keshav Reddy (Paddy 28 Bags/Acre, Coconut + Sapota, Palm, Local Wheat,
Jowar, Ragi, Local Cowpea)
A/P- Vanenoor, Tq & Dt- Bellary
Ph-08392-201447, 09242248530
243) Bhagat Singh S/o Satyanarayan Singh (Pomegranate)
A/P- Kowtal, Tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09480060763
244) B. M. Erappaiah (Paddy 25 Q/Acre)
A/P- Buirapur, Tq- Siruguppa, Dt- Bellary
Mb- 09448791506
245) Y. Basangowda Patil (Jowar, Safflower, Mango, Sapota)
A/P- Heggasanahalli, Tq & Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09901668371
246) Muduyugowda (Paddy 25 Bags/Acre)
A/P- Mukunda, Tq- Sindhnoor, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09945893941
247) Hosmani Sharangowda (Paddy)
A/P- Ballatagi, tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Ph- 08538-242320
248) Shiva Sharanappa S/o Malanna (Paddy 20 Q/Acre)
A/P- Ballatagi, Tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09845562243
249) Ravikumar Deshpande (Sugarcane 8 x 2 + Chilli + Cowpea + Tomato + Onion
+ Garlic + Bengal Gram + Mulching, Pomegranate)
A/P- Gudihal, Tq- Sindhnoor, Dt Raichur
Ph- 08535-285930, 09448184011
250) Veeresh S/o Hanamgowda Gali (Grape)
A/P- Tavargera, Tq- Kustagi, Dt- Koppal
Ph- 08536-275064, 09480309933
251) B. Shivakumar (Chilli + Onion + Cowpea, Maize, Bajra)
A/P- Muddatanour, Tq- Sirguppa, Dt- Bellary
Mb- 09900658034
252) K. Hema Reddy (Chilli + Onion + Cucumber)
A/P- Mallapur, Tq- Sindhnoor, Dt- Raichur
253) Mohammad Salim Nayak (Pomegranate)
A/P- Tawargere, Tq- Kustagi, Dt- koppal
Mb- 09900992203
254) G. Venkat Krishna Bapinedu (Sugarcane 8 x 2 + Cowpea + Chilli)
A/P- Budhihal Camp, Tq- Sindhnoor, Dt- Raichur
Ph- 08535-256948
255) Adv. Hucchi Reddy Nagappa Reddy (Pomegranate + Drumstick + Bengal Gram
+ Gawar)
A/P- Amingarh, Tq- manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09902659438
256) Veeran Gowda (Pomegranate + Papaya + Drumstick + Horse Gram )
A/P- Idanal, Tq- Lingasur, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09986054676
257) Dr. Bhimsenrao Kulkarni (Pomegranate)
Lingsur, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09902602016
258) Manjunath Hugar (Pomegranate + Drumstick + Bengal Gram)
A/P- Dewarbhupar, Tq- Lingsur, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09902657873
259) Suresh Guttedar (Pomegranate + Chilli + Cow Pea)
At- Anehosur, Tq- Lingasur, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09972685339
260) Shivkumar Sangappa (Banana + Drumstick + Bengal Gram + Gr. Nut +
Mulching, Mulberry) Lingasoor, Dt - Raichur
Mb- 09972931417
261) Hanumayya Kattimani (Mulberry)
A/P- Kavital, Tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09986115766
262) Virupaksh H. (Cotton + Onion + Gawar + Brinjal + Chill, Flowers)
A/P- Kavital, Tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09986997684
263) Lingan Gowda S/o Raman Gowda (Paddy 20Q/Acre, Pomegranate + Drumstick
+- Castor + Sitaphal + Lemon + Karipatta + Gauva)
A/P- Maski, Tq- Lingasoor, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09945361990
264) Linganna Aianna Yedawat (Banana + Drumstick + Castor + Onion + Chilli + B.
Gram, Rabi Jowar)
A/P- Kavital, Tq- Manvi, Dt- Raichur
Mb- 09886355288
265) B. M. Mantur (Dryland Onion, Jowar, Wheat, Sunflower, Bengal Gram)
Basavanilaya, K.K. Colony, 1st main Road, Bijapur
266) Sangappa Shivappa Honkatti (Sugarcane, Wheat, Bengal Gram, Onion,
A/P- Bankanhalli, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09901338993
267) V. S. Hiremath (Grape + Cowpea + Mulching, Banana, Jowar, B.Gram)
A/P- Kannoor, Tq & Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09901497428
268) Vijaykumar parisnath Chendke (Sugarcane, Pigeon Pea- 10Q/Acre, Wheat,
Rabi Jowar, Bengal Gram)
A/P- Arjurgi, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09448946472
269) Nandabasappa Sangappa Chaudhari (Sugarcane, Coconut, Banana, Lemon,
Mango, Bettle)
A/P- Baluti, Tq- Basan Bagewadi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09845510624
270) Sidhanna Kallur (Grape, Multi Layer Horticulture Model- Mango + Amla +
Sitafala + Drumstick + Pigeon Pea + Cow pea + Bajra + Trenches + Mulching)
Basavan Bagewadi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09901237513
271) Vikram Purushottam Galgali (Pomegranate, Ber)
A/P- Halsangi, Tq- Indi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09972777531
272) H. B. Ganesh (Coconut, Arecanut, Banana, papaya)
Ph- 08267-236143, 09901171159
A/P- Hogarahalli, Hobli- Birur, Tq- Kadur, Dt- Chickmanglore
273) Sidhanna Balgond (Grape)
A/P- Kolhar, Tq- Basavan Bagewadi, Dt- Bijapur
Mb- 09448789651

Andhra Pradesh
1) P. Prakash Gowda
Ph- 08496-258001
Kumar Medicals, Palthur, Mandal- Vidapankal, Dt- Anantpur- 515870
2) P. Suresh Raju (Groundnut + Jiwamrita + Ghanjiqmrita + Jiwmarita spray + Maize,
Paddy, Sugarcane)
Mb- 09966828780
At- Sivagiripalli, Post- Madhiledy, Tq- Yerpedu, Dt- Chittoor
3) Tirumala (Sugarcane)
A/p Tq- Yerepedu, Dt- Chittoor
Ph- 08578-20053
4) P. Gopal Reddy (Sugarcane)
Mb- 08554-222735, 09441189845
A/p- East Kodipalli, Tq- Kalyandurga, Dt- Anantpur
5) D. Nagi Reddy
A/p- Misbete, Dt- Prakasham
Mb- 09440029412
6) S. Murali Mohan Reddy (Vegetables + Jiwamrita + Jiwamrita spray)
s/o Subrahmanyam Reddy
A/p- E. Thavanampally, Dt- Chittoor-517130
Mb- 09949538194
7) S. Narasiruhulu Chetty
A/p- K. Kotta Peta,Tq- Perlicherala, Dt- Chittoor
Ph- 08585-249423
8) K. Sriniwas Rao (Paddy 2.5 Acre + Jiwamrita)
Ph- 08593-257263, 09247385606
A/p- Bhagawan Rajupalem, Tq- J. Panguluru, Dt- Prakasham
9) Govardhan Giri Kashinath Babu (Pigeon pea, Wheat, Ragi, Cow Pea, Mung,
Ph- 08593-252223, 09849888369
A/p- Errapalem, Sub post- Medarametla-523212, Tq- Korisapadu, Dt- Prakasham
10) G. V. Raju (Banana, Orange, Vegetable)
Ph- 08566-245735, 09885291161
At- Suryanagar, Post Tq- Koduru Railway, Dt- Kadappa
11)M. C. V. Prasad
Ph- 08571-223311, 223122, 09440168816
Secretary, Madanapalle Farmers Association
2-422-5 C, P & T Colony, Madanapalle- 517325, Dt- Chittoor
12) M. Gopal Reddy (Pomegranate) c/o M. C. Naidu,
Mb- 09440944487
DNo- 10-3-305, Laxmi Bazar, Raydurga- 515865, Dt- Anantpur
13) M. Mahipal Reddy (Sugarcane, Mosambi)
Mb- 094400-07550
4-2-215, Mothi Bagh Colony, Vikarabad, Dt- Ranga Reddy
14) Dr. K. Gangadharan, WORD Organisation
Ph- 0877-2259873, 098490 59573
18-1-293, H-3, Bhavani Nagar, Tirupati-517501, Dt- Chittoor
P. Surendrao (Ground nut + Maize, Lilly flowers)
15) Sadanand Reddy (Mango)
4-2-152, Ramaiguda, Vikarabad
Mb- 09440001926, 09885573926
16) C. Kallappa (Coconut, Arecanut, Banana, Bettlevine)
A/p- Madhudi, Tq- Madakasira, Dt- Anantpur
Ph- 08493-262149
17) P. Sakrulla Khan (Paddy, Groundnut)
A/p- Maddinadu, Tq- Srikalahasti, Dt- Chittoor
18) G. Srinivava Reddy (Paddy, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Vegetables)
A/p- Pepaogirala, Tq- Vayyaru, Dt- Krishna-521245
19) N. Sriram (Sugarcane)
Ph-08464-275634, 098495 47247
H.No.7-19, Main Road, Bichkunda-503306, Dt- Nizamabad
20) M. Ravi
Mb- 094904 18983
A/p- Pootoochoonambootloo, Tq- Chandragiri, Dt- Chittoor
21) M. Prahaloodoo Reddy
A/p- Adapooreddipalli, Tq- Tirupati Rural, Dt- Chittoor
22) Prabhakar Kalikiri (Tomato)
Ph-08586-200373, 099166 11536
A/p- Marrikundpalli, Near Kotala, Dt- Chittoor
23) S. Rama Narsimulu
Ph- 040-27111261, 09440622460
# 37-93/93, Mathura Nagar Colony, Road no. 3, Secunderabad-94
24) G. Nagaratham Nayadu (Paddy, Flowers, Banana, Drumsticks)
H.No.8/66, Gautam Nagar Colony, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad
Mb- 09440424463, 040-24063963
25) Gadda Sheshayya (Mango, Banana, Palm, Cajuriana)
Vill- Mannalikota, Mandal- Ulavapadu, Dt- Prakasham
Mb- 09848364437, 08599-274035
26) V. Sobhanadreeswar Rao (Mango, Paddy, Sugarcane, Black gram)
Vill & Mandal- Vuyyuru, Dt- Krishna
Mb- 09392959999, 08676-233333
27) Raavi Krishna Mohan
A/P- Kolluru, Dt- Guntur
Mb- 094903 66244
28) Yasa Narsi Reddy (Mango, Mosambi)
Mb- 09849752429, 040-24220161
A/P - Mugilipaka, Mandal- Valligonda, Dt- Nalgonda
29) M.Y. Prsad Rao (Banana, Anjir, Ginger, Garlic)
Mb- 09440140371
At- K. Posanapalli, Post- Choupakur, Mandal- Palkal, Dt- Medak
30) K.T. Chandrakumar (Paddy)
A/P- Kuntanahal, Dt- Kurnool
Mb- 09885197503
31) P. Gopal Reddy (120 farmers group) (Paddy, Gr. nut, Ragi, Jowar, Pigeon pea,
green gram)
Ph- 08554-223725, 08492-203919, 09441189845
A/P- East Kodipalli, Mandal- kalyandurg, Dt- Anantpur
32) S. A. Ramman (20 farmers group)
Soubhagya Krishi Vikas, Adoni, Dt - Karnool
Mb- 09346299466
33) N. V. Narayana (Water melon, Gr. nut)
At- Chinnajalalapuram, Mandal- Singanamala, Dt- Anantpur
Mb- 09866425687
34) C. Sanjeeva Reddy (Banana, Pigeon pea, Castor, Cow pea)
Gram Vikas Madhav Seva Samitee,Door No 12-2-495,
Ashok Nagar, Anantpur
Mb- 09441144274, 08554-274399
35) M. Chandrayya (Gr. nut, Brinjal, Maize)
A/P & Mandal - Narayanavanam, Dt- Chittoor
Mb- 09347892788
36) K. Ramanaiah (Chilli, Maize, Merigold) Mb- 09703386208
S. Pashaminhya (Chilli) Mb - 09490576893
At- Jalakanur, Post & Mandal- Miduthuru, TK Nandi Kotkur, Dt- Karnool
37) M. V. Ramanna (Papaya, Chilli, Orange)
C/o Mahalaxmi Furniture, Anantpur
Ph- 08554-277024, 09440759997
38) Rama Anjeneyulu (Chilli, Paddy, Sunflower, Bengal gram)
A/P- Yerur, TK- Allur, Mandal- Chippagiri, Dt- Karnool
Mb- 09394557276
39) Dhananjaya (Chilli, Paddy, Bengal Gram)
A/P- Yerur, TK. Allur, Dt- Karnool
Mb- 09393395880
40) Jubeda (Gr. Nut)
A/P- Todakampalli, Mandal- Kallur, Dt- Karnool
Mb- 09701040727
41) M. Venkata Muni Chetty (Gr. Nut, Brinjal, Vegetables)
Mb- 09394096712
At- Thiruvatyam, Post & Mandal- Narayanavanam, Dt- Chittoor- 517581
42) M. Anji Reddy (Paddy, Tomato)
A/P- Kambalapalli, Mandal- Sadasivpet, Dt- Medak
Mb- 09948086992
43) M. Pentaiah, S/o Laxmaiah (Basamati Paddy)
At- Chinnashankarampet, Mandal & Dt- Medak
Mb- 09908071985
44) Nadipally Sudhakar (Chilli)
A/P- Repallewada, Mandal- Chintakani, Dt- Khammam
Mb- 09393377683
45) B. Venkatesh (Paddy, Cotton)
At- Gandilachapet, Mandal- Siricilla, Dt- Karimnagar
Mb- 09396852034
46) Laxmi wife of Bakkavaiah (Paddy, Pigeon pea)
At- Mudhapur, Mandal- Mungol, Dt- Nalgonda
Mb- 09966155906
47) K. Rani wife of Kaxmipati (Paddy)
A/P- Kagazgarh, Mandal- Manchal, Dt- Ranga Reddy
Ph- 08464-314133
48) V. Gouravva (Paddy, Cotton, Vegetables)
Mb- 09440110834
At- Gandi Laxshmi Kota, Mandal- Siricilla, Dt- Karimnagar
49) Vijaya wife of Penta Reddy (Paddy)
At- Ramanecha, Mandal- Cunnakodur, Dt- Medak
Mb- 09989875544
50) V. Narsimha (Gr Nut, Paddy)
Mb- 09490773913
A/P- appayapalli, Mandal- Vanaparthi, Dt- Mahaboobanagar
51) Bandi Ratnamma wife of Ramulli (Potato)
Mandal- Jarasangham, Dt- Medak
Mb- 09440904937
52) V. Alwal Reddy (Chilli)
Ph- 08540-233288
A/P- Tummala Sagur, Mandal- Tadur, TK. Nager Karnool, Dt- Mahaboobanagar
53) Sudhakar (Chilli)
A/P- Repellewada, Mandal- Chintakani, Dt- Khammam
Mb- 09393377683
54) V. Suresh, S/o Somla Naik (Paddy, Chilli, Sugarcane, Gr. Nut)
At- Madharan, Mandal- Karepalli, Dt- Khammam
Mb- 09963146463
55) D. Ganesh (Cotton)
At- Bandi, mandal- Bela, Dt- Adilabad
Mb- 09490822376
56) Mrs Fatima wife of Papi Reddy (Cotton)
Ph- 08540-222855, 09959853440
Yadireddy palli colony, Mandal- Tadur, Dt- Mehaboobnagar
57) Mrs. B. Durgamma wife of Saitu (Paddy, Gr. Nut)
A/P- Ratnapuram, Mandal- Sempeta, TK- Narsapur, Dt- Medak
58) Yasureni Srinivas, S/o Ilaiah (Paddy, Cotton)
Mb- 09912600283
A/P- Kesireddypally, Mandal- Bachannapeta, Dt- Warangal
59) B. Krishna Yadav (Vegetables, Chilli)
Pedda Shapur, Mandal- Shamshabad, Dt- Ranga Reddy
60) Lakiri Narsi Reddy (Paddy, Pigeon pea, Castor)
A/P- Matur, mandal- Aler, Dt- Nalgonda
Mb- 09704442675
61) Aashanna (Gr. Nut)
Ph- 08732-211442, 09701193986
A/P- Sirisanna, Mandal- Jainath, Dt- Adilabad
62) Ankeswarapu Nagesh (Paddy)
Ph- 08713-317842, 09951193635
A/P- Plukurthy, Mandal- Atmakar, Dt- Warangal
63) Pasem Ravindar Reddy (Paddy)
Mb- 09441557044
A/P- Nareddipalli, Mandal- Illanthukunta, Dt- Karimnagar
64) Palle Tirupathi Reddy (Paddy)
Mb- 09703309401
A/P- Tallapalli, Mandal- Illanthukunta, Dt- Karimnagar
65) T. Siva Rami Reddy (Sunflower, Papaya)
At- Bayanapalli, Post- Nagi Reddy Palli, Dt- Kadappa
Mb- 09949071581
66) Mrs. Sonkar Rama Devi wife of Mukunda Reddy (Paddy, Cotton, Chilli)
At- Ganturpalli, Post- Pambantty, Mandal- Hasanpautti, Dt- Warangal
Mb- 09949286809
67) Sadanandan (Paddy, Maize, Green Gram, Coriander)
Mb- 09440765144
At- Veeranapalli, Mandal- Yellareddypet, Dt- Karimnagar
68) G. Rameshwar Rao (50 farmers group)(Chilli, Paddy, Vegetables)
CARD NGO, A/P- Jookal, Mandal- Shamshabad, Dt- Ranga Reddy-501218
Mb- 09346685692
69) Kilari Ram Murthi Naidu (Paddy, Sugarcane, Chilli)
At- Vijingiri, Mandal- Jami, Dt- Vijayanagaram
Ph- 08944-278879
70) Harikrishna (Brinjal, Paddy, Sugarcane, Vegetables)
Mb- 09490303016
A/P- Jamadala, Mandal- Parwatipuram, Dt- Vijayanagaram
71) Bhaskar Rao (Horticulture)
A/P- Konduru, Dt- Srikakulam
Ph- 08941-242008, 09949313816
72) Seikh Ali Hisain (Paddy)
Mb- 09347310760
Technology Extension Society, Beerabuharam, Dt- West Godavari
73) Dr. Kranti Kumar Reddy (Turmeric, Paddy, Coconut, Mango, Palm)
A/P- Pragadavaram, dt- west Godavari
Ph- 0866-2485593, 09440469941
74) T. Rukmabai (Black Gram, Bengal Gram)
A/P- Pusapadu, Via Idupalapadu, Dt- Ongole-523196
Mb- 09948662828
75) P. Koteshwar Rao (Sugarcane 8 x 2 + Intercrops Chilli + Onion + Horse Gram +
Cow pea + Merigold, Paddy)
Ph- 08676-281291, 09490753779
A/P- Nandamuru, Mandal- Ungutoru, Dt- Krishna
76) Goriparthi Narasimha Raju Yadao (Traditional Local Seed Collection) (Mango,
Black Gram, Paddy, Gr. Nut, Coconut, Rose)
A/P- Gudur- 521149, Dt- Krishna
Ph- 08672-244222, 225804, 09247314337
77) D. Subharaju (Cashewnut Local, Palm)
Mb- 09390790060
MIG, 2/3, Andhra Pradesh Housing Colony, Tadepally Gudam, Dt- West Godawari
78) N. Veeranna (Paddy, Gr. Nut)
A/P- Nandipeta, Mandal- Addakal, Dt- Mehaboobnagar
79) Janbhaiah (Paddy, Lady Finger)
Asmatpur, Mandal- Manchal, Dt Ranga Reddy
80) Anantamma (Paddy, Maize)
A/P- Chinna Chiniakunta, Mandal- Narsapur, Dt- Medak
81) T. R. Tippeswamy (Mango, Pomegranate, Mosambi, Paddy)
A/P- Thippanapalli, Mandal- Settur, Dt- Anantpur
Mb- 09449643608

1) Shashi Kumar (Paddy, Horticulture, Forestry)
Ph -044-22349769, 9381051483
34/66, Goods Shade Road, Adambajkam, Chennai -88
2) R. Krishnan (Sugarcane Ratoon) Ph- 04179-293679
Tirumal (Paddy) Mb- 093457-70937 (pp Kartikeyan)
At Post- Kothur, Tq- Tirupathur, Dt- Vellore
3) K. K. Somasundaran (Banana)
Pannadi Thottam, M. G. Pudur (North), Erode-638502
Mb- 094429-31794
4) V. Anant Krishnan (Mango, Sapota, Amla, Mosambi)
29, 3rd Cross, Kurinji Nagar, Puducheri-605008
Mb- 098423-35700
5) Kanakarajan Gaudar (Mulberry)
Mb- 099949-18190
At Post- Kaniyamur, Tq- Kallakarichi-606207, Dt- Vellupuram
6) Girish M. (Paddy- 20 bags per acre, Banana + Onion + Alsandi + Chilli +
Drumstick + Marigold + Pumpkin)
Ph- 04347-231149
At Post- Kundu Kotta, Tq- Denaka Nanjakota, Dt- Krishnagiri- 635107
7) N. H. Narasimha Rao (Chilli, Turemric, Pigeon pea, Banana, Mango, Amla,
Ph- 04347-291133, 09443365243, 09361520844
C/o C. Nagesh N/R Checkpost, Post- Denkanikotta, Dt- Krishnagiri
8) M. Lokesh
Ph- 04344-200734, 09443983855
No- 4/765, Peddabetaganahalli, Tq- Hosur, Dt- Krishnagiri
9) S. Naveen Kumar S/o M. Selvarajan (Paddy, Sugarcane)
At- C. N. Poondi, Tq- Hobli, Dt- Sholigar
Ph- 04172-216240, 09341821034
10) Nagesh B. (Areca nut, Coconut)
Ph- 04994-232058, 098959-14298
Vijaya Niwas, Mogral Puttur Post, Tq Dt- Kasargod - 671128 (Kerala)
11) N. Senthic Kumar (Banana, Mulberry, Amla, Sapota, Mango, Papaya, Paddy)
At- Athumarathupalli, Post- Mullipadi, Dt- Dindigul-624005
Mb- 09865376317
12) K. Vijaykumar (Banana)
140, Annur road, Mettupalgam, Dt- Coimbtore
Mb- 09842524282
13) Jagam Rahakrishnan (Coconut, Banana, Anota, Teak)
34, Ramalinganur, 1 st street, Thiruvannamalai-606601
Ph- 04175-220024, 09443810950
14) S. M. Kathiresan (Coffee, Orange)
Ph- 04542-266360, 09486373767
A/p- Thandikudi, Tq- Kodaikanal, Dt- Dindigul
15) S. K. Sethuraman (Coconut + Gliricidia) Thiruvalluvar Farms,
Thenkumarapalayam, Near Kanjampatti, Pollachi, Dt- Coimbtore
Mb- 09842253540
16) P. Muttuswami (Paddy, Maize, Mango, Sapota, Amla, Coconut, Teak)
At- Kanicholai, Mettukadai, Kodumadi Road, Muttur, Dt- Erode-638105
Ph- 04257-255365, 09965929098
17) K. P. Duraiswami (Paddy, Tobacco, Coconut,Turmeric,Teak)
Mb- 09443430335
Valanamai chammal, Thatharakadu, Post- Vazhaitiottam, Sivagiri-638109,
Dt- Erode
18) R. Shree Kumaran (Mango, Coconut, Sapota, Guava)
Ph- 0452-3292013, 09443592425
Plot No.8, Sakthi illam, Rajnagar, 1 st road, Shanthi Nagar, Madurai-625018
19) A. G. Raj (Grape)
2, Madasamy pillai, Tq- Bodinaickannur, Dt- Theni
Mb- 09944447722
20) R. Krishna Kumar (80 farmers group) (Paddy, Sugarcane)
43, Easwaran Koil Street, Gobichettipalayam- 638452, Dt- Erode
Ph- 04285-222397, 09842775059
21) Purvi Muthui (Mango, Sapota, Amla, Jamun, Teak, Chilli, Vegetables)
Kanicholai, Kodumudi Road, Mettukadai, muthur, Erode- 638105
Ph- 04257-313855, 09965929098, 09965796522
22) R Govindsamy (Vegetables)
Palaniappa Thottam, Vellalur Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore- 641 005
Cell No- 99764 50367, 93457 16598
23) R. Manisekar (Deshi Cow Supplier)
Ph- 080-26543525, 04282-221241, 09449346487
Puthira Goundarpalayam, Dt- Salem- 636 119
24) Mrs. Rajeswari Cheshian (Paddy, Coconut, Sugarcane)
72/58, Banglow st, Neokarapatti, TK-Palani, Dt- Dindigul
Mb- 09442265057, 09442243380
25) A. R. Meenal (Sugarcane, Coconut, Banana, Chilli, Vegetables)
14, Sivan koil South, Devakottai- 630302, Dt- Sivagangai
Mb- 09444150195
26) O. Somasundaran (Awala)
Cell No. 93631 02923
3 & 4, Ground Floor, New No. 55, Raju NAidu Road, Sivananda Colony,
Coimbatore- 641 012
27) V. Kamalanakan
Ph- 04175-223677, 09894536616
Northerupoondu, Tq & Dt- tiruvannamalai
28) K. C. Munisamy (Coconut, Mulberry) (20 farmers group)
Chandram Vanilla Farmers Club, Vil- Agravaram, Post- Valayal Karapatti,
Via Madanur, Dt- Vellore- 635804
Mb- 09787459820
29) R. Balachandran (sapota, Amla, Banana)
Ph- 0413-2688542, 09442086436
3/14, Main Road, P.S. Palayam, Pondicherry State- 605107
30) T. S. Dhanota Pani (Sugarcane, Paddy, Vegetables)
A/P- Rampakkam, Dt- Villupuram- 605705
Ph- 0413-2699023, 09786484243
31) P. Srinivasan (Paddy, Vegetables)
Mb- 09791379855
Main Road, kongamputtu, Post-Rampakkam, Tq & Dt- Villupuram - 605105
32) G. Krishna Moorthy (Sugarcane, Paddy, Jowar, Ragi, Vegetables)
At- Kongampattu, Post- Rampakkam, Dt- Villupuram
Ph- 0413-2699921
33) B. Venkatesha Perumal (Sugarcane, Vegetables)
Mb- 09486366082
2/105, Main Road, Kongampattu, Post- Rampakkam, Dt-Villupuram - 605105
34) R. Ravikumar (Coconut)
Mb- 09943978256
Ravi Computers, 2, Bye Pass Road, Udumalpet, Dt- Coimbatore
35) N. Annadurai (Paddy Local)
Mb- 09976383567
At- Umayalpuram, Post- Seventhalingapuram, Tq- Musiri, Dt- Trichy-621202
36) Prabhu Ram (Paddy)
Maninaidu Tottam, Kuniyamuthur, Coimbatore
Mb- 09363147111
37) Mrs. Annapurna wife of Dr. Nalillaiya (Palm)
12, SSD Road, Tiruthamgodu, Dt- Namakkal
Ph- 04288-253310, 09842350275
38) Mukesh, S/o M. Sadashivam (Paddy, Coconut, Banana)
2/181-A, North Street, Sethunarayanapuram, Via- Watrap, Dt- Virudhanagar
39) G. Sakthivelu, Green Save Voice NGO (Paddy, Black Gram, Green Gram)
4/92, Yadhava Street, Post- Sikkal, Dt- Nagapattinam Mb- 09994200246
40) Y. M. Muthukumaran (Paddy, Sugarcane, Vegetables)
Mb- 09443062264
17, Arasu Gardens, Miller Road, Arani-1, Dt- Tiruvanamalai
41) T. Thimmaiah, S/o M. Thirumesamy (Coconut, Sunflower)
A/P- Konur, Via Kamivadi, Dt- Dindigul-624705
Mb- 09360565596
42) Vijayasekaran (Coconut)
Mb- 09842226668
Village- Mudhankadu Avilpatti, Post- A. Nagoore, T.K. - Pollachi, Dt- Coimbatore
43) A. Elango (Paddy, Gr. nut, Black gram, Green gram)
Mb- 09442693700
Vil- Kaspakaranai, Post- Asokapuri, T.K. & Dt- Villupuram - 605 203
44) R. Ramachandran (Cashew nut & Cashew nut processing)
Vil- Manadikuppm, Post- Vallam, TK- Panruti, Dt- Cuddalore - 607 805
Ph- 04142-266366, 09976993536, 09976993411
44) P. Sreenivasan (Paddy 20 Q/Acre)
Mb- 09791379855
Vil- Kongupet, Post- Rambakkam, Dt- Villupuram
45) T. S. Dhandapani (Sugarcane)
Mb- 09786484243
1/92, Sivar Koil Street, Rambakkam, Dt- Villupuram
46) S. Balamurugan (Banana + Onion + Cow pea + Vegetables) (Sugarcane Local
Black Variety 8 x 8, 8 x 4 & 8 x 2 Belts)
Ph- 04288-254864, 09843007477
No. 6, C.H.B. colony, Street No. 7, Velur Road, Tiruchengodu - 637 214,
Dt- Namakkal
47) T. K. P. Nagarajan (Paddy, Osambu, Fish pond)
Ph- 04374-239757, 09944344608
East Street, Irumbothalai, Via- Saliamangalam, Dt- Thanjavur
48) N. Vivekanandan (Sugarcane + Onion + Cow epa + Chilli + Pulses)
Vil- Chinnappallam, Post- Nevirigipettai, TK- Bhavani, Dt- Erode
Mb- 09444294095
49) R. Kamaraj (Kitchen Garden- All Vegetables)
Mb- 09894227114, 09787488632
No. 8, Srinivasanagar, Nallan Palayan, Post- Ganapathy, Coimbatore
50) K. Muthukumar S/o M. Kathivesan (Coffee, Orange)
Karraiamal Kovil Street, TK- Koddaikanal, Dt- Dindigul
Mb- 09486162801, 9486373767
51) Cornel R. Devadoss (Paddy, Vegetabels)
Ph- 0462-2553541, 09443155309
A-4, A-Colony, Jawahar Nagar, Tirunelveli - 627 007
52) M. Lavanya W/o Murugan (Coconut)
Mb- 09942665059, 04373-274705
Vil- Marungappallam, TK- Peravurani, Dt- Thanjavur
53) M. Periaswamy (Coconut, Eucaliptus)
Mb- 09787742192, 04257-250249
Vi- Kandasamy Palayam, Post- Mangalapatti, TK- Kanagayam, Dt- Erode
54) K. Muthukumaresan (Paddy, Gr. nut, Tapioca, Turmeric, Karipatta & Dwarf
Vil- Koolamedu, Post- Kadampur, TK- Attur, Dt- Salem- 636 105
Mb- 09843638825
55) Tamilmani S/o Pathamuthu (Cotton, Tomato)
55-A, Parashakti Textile, Waidhyalinga Puram, TK- Srivilliputtur,
Dt- Virudhanagar
56) S. Udayappam (Cotton)
Vil- Usilampatti, Post- Karungalakudi, TK- Melur, Dt- Madurai
57) A. K. Netaji (Paddy Local)
Ph- 0441-26330217, 09940267627
Vil- Angadu, Post- Budur, TK- Ponneri, Dt- Tirruvallur
58) K. Varadarajan (Paddy)
Mb- 09444554466
Vil & Post- Orakkaen, TK- Pooneri, Dt- Cuddalore
59) Adv. P. Ramakrishnan (Turmeric, Yam, Paddy)
51, M.V.K. Nagar, Perambalur- 621 212
Ph- 04328-275763, 09443954642
60) C. Karagaraj (Banana + Ground nut)
Mb- 09843719794
Vil- Nakkaselem, TK- Kunnam, Dt- Perembalur
61) Adv. R. Pandian (Banana + Ground nut)
Mb- 09344422966
11, Elonga Complex, Court Road, Thanjavur-1
62) G. Manivannan (Coconut, Mango, Amla)
Ph- 04362-279726, 09443155075
Thanjai Sonthosh Bakkery, 85, Court Road, Thanjavur- 613 001
63) S. R. Thiruvenkadam (Coconut, Teak, Kitchen Garden)
Mb- 09486043165
North Street, Vaduvur - 614 019, Dt- Thiruvarur
64) N. K. sakthivel (Coconut, Drumstick, Sunflower, Gr. nut, Sesame, All Vegetables)
Vil- Manthapuram, Post- V. Mettuppalayam, Via- Vellakovil - 638 111,
Dt- Erode
Mb- 09865263375
65) I. Vaziyadane S/o Irusappane
Mb- 09786902281
No. 493, Phillaiyar Kovil Street, Kattiyampalayam, Post- Panrakottai, TK- Panrutti,
Dt- Cuddalore
66) S. P. Subramanian S/o S. K. Palani (Banana)
Mb- 094437 11937
7/146-1, Karattan Kadu, Semboda Palayam, Sathumugai Post, Sathyamangalam
TK, Erode Dt-635 503

1) K. Chandrasekhar (Banana, Paddy)
Mb- 09446879310
Farm- Techniks, Near Block Office, Vithanassery, Post- Nemmara,
Dt- Palakkad-678508
2) M. Baktha Mani Kandan (Basamati Paddy)
Mb- 98951 33774
Perumbarachallai, Kozhinjampara Post, Chottor TK, Palakkad Dt
3) M Manoj Kumar (Banana, Mango)
Cell - 094463 68685
516, Rajiv Nagar, Precort Mills Colony, Kanjicode (West), Palakkad- 678623

1) Manoj Jawanjal (Orange, Piogeon pea)
Galpura square, Katol, Dt. Nagpur
Mob. 09822515913
2) Shankarrao Bobade (35 acre Vegetables, Orange, Mix Horticulture, Bansi Wheat,
Cotton, Soyabean)
At - Kalameshwar, Dt- Nagpur
Mb- 09226132071
3) Chandrakant Wekhande (Castor, Turmeric, Ginger, Chilli, Cotton, Pigeon pea,
At- Nagpur
Mb - 09372307171
4) Prashant Ashok Wankhade (Orange, Mosambi, Awala, Lemon, Bansi Wheat,
Vegetables, Nursury)
Mb- 09881236846
Uttamrao Fiske (Cotton, Mosambi, Lemon, Soyabean, Vegetables, Nursury)
Ph- 07112-266351
At- Hatala, Post- Dhavalapur, Tq- Katol, Dt- Nagpur
5) Rajiv Dhawad (Mosambi, Banana, Bansi Wheat, Soyabean, Bengal gram)
Dhawad Petrol Pump, Katol, Dt. Nagpur
Mob. 09850363645
6) Diliprao Vasantrao kalmengh (Mosambi, Orange, Wheat, Sunflower, Soyabean)
A/p- Jamgaon, Tq. Narkhed, Dt. Nagpur
Swagat, Dhantoli, Katol
Mb- 07112-222373, 09422590792
7) Hemant Chandrapalsing Chavan (Mango)
Kanchan smriti, B-3, Dharampeth, Nagpur-10
Mb- 0712-2555987, 5656635, 09422131286
8) Ashokrao Dhote (1000 Local Cows Goshala, Fodder grown by Natural Farming
for the cows)
16, Gadagebaba Society, Manakapur, Nagpur
Mb- 0712-2585232(off), 2583736(Resi), 094221 14039
9) Prasad Ashtikar (Orange, Wheat, Mosambi, Ginger)
At. Post - Nimji, Tq. Kalmeshwar, Dt. Nagpur
Mob. 9822466098, 07118-295040
10) Ghanshyam Chopde (Wheat local varieties, Orange, Sitafal, Drumstick,
Mosambi, Ginger, Chilli, Mango, Turmeric, Banana)
12, Bapatwadi, Wardha
Mb- 09423087087, 07152-242454
11) Pankaj Ramesh Patil (Papaya, Orange, Sugercane, Mango, Sapota, Mosambi,
Sitafal, Awala, Bansi Wheat, Vegetables, Nursury)
A/p Haladgaon Tq. Samudrapur Dt. Wardha
Mb- 098223 63402, 09890676122
12) Babasaheb Sarade (Orange, Mosambi, Bansi Wheat, Jawar, Soyabean, Cotton,
Pigeon pea)
At- Mandwa, Dt- Wardha
Ph- 07152-283603
13) Purushottam Mahajan (Papaya, Sugarcane, Vegetables, Teak wood)
At- Karaji Bhoge, Dt- Wardha
Mb-07152-281555, 099223 54663
14) Prof. Narendra Raut (Orange)
Farm - Bharwadi Tq, Tiwasa Dt. Amravati.
Mb- 09422190272
15) Balasaheb Band (Orange, Pomegranate, Ginger + Pigeon pea + Chilli + Merigold
+ Tomato)
Camp, Amravati
Mob- 09423123661
16) Pramod Shriram Tondare (Paddy 9 Acre - Both Transplantation & Mulching
A/p- Paradgaon, Tq- Bramhapuri, Dt- Chandrapur
Mb- 09422909457
17) Dadasaheb Nawalakhe (Paddy 4 Acre Transplantation)
A/p- Udapur, Tq- Bramhapuri, Dt- Chandrapur
Ph- 07177-272003
18) Dudhram Shende (Local Paddy)
At- Khedi, Post-Salawa, Tq- Parshivani, Dt- Nagpur
Ph- 07186-239332
19) Mr. Tarsekar (Local Paddy)
At- Tarsa, Tq- Mohda, Dt- Nagpur
Mb- 098819 43505
20) Ramdas Giripunje (4 Acre Paddy)
A/p - Nagbhid, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph- 07179-240079
21) Shivdas Dajiba Kore (Local Paddy, Turmeric, Ginger, Vegetables)
A/p- Mendha, Tq- Nagbhid, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph. 07179-258061
22) Dr. Dhanshyam Tulshiramji Kamadi (Paddy, Pigeon pea, Soyabean)
A/p - Talodhi (Balapur), Tq-Nagbhid, Dt-Chandrapur
Ph. 07179-236575
23) Babasaheb Porshettiwar (70 Acre Paddy - local)
A/p - Talodhi (Balapur), Tq-Nagbhid, Dt-Chandrapur.
24) Nana Laxmanrao Naik (20 Acre Paddy, Turmeric, Chilli, Maize, Ginger, Arhar,
Soyabean, Wheat, Bengal gram, Khesari, Pigeon pea)
A/p - Chimur, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph. 071170-265601, 09423115939
25) Munnabhai Aasawar (30 Acre Paddy, Turmeric, Chilli, Bengal gram, Maize,
A/p Tq. - Chimur, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph. 07170-265694, 09423115945
26) Ashik Naik (2 Acre Paddy, Soyabean, Chilli)
A/p Tq. - Chimur, Dt. Chandrapur.
Mob. 09422720831
27) Abhay Swan (4 Acre Paddy, Chilli)
A/p Tq. - Chimur, Dt. Chandrapur.
Mob. 09890227690
28) Arun Narule (Paddy, Turmeric, Pigeon pea, Castor, Chilli 1.5 Acre)
A/p Tq. - Nagbhid, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph. 07179-240805, 09421880072
29) Sudhakar Mahadore (Paddy, Brinjal, Tomato)
A/p - Mendki, Tq. Bramhapuri, Dt. Chandrapur.
Ph. 07177-275081
30) Sanjay Sahebrao Mete (Cotton, Soyabean)
A/p- Pala, Tq. - Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Dt. Amravati
31) Nepal Mahadeo Tembhurne (Sitaphala, Papita (Papaya), Turmeric, Chilli,
Ginger, Paddy)
A/p - Bondegaon, Tq. Bramhapuri, Dt. Chandrapur.
Mob. 09422138772, 09422826221
32) Prashant Vilasrao Gharote (Paddy, Cotton, Wheat, Soyabean, Bengal gram)
A/p - Sakhari (wa.), Tq. Rajura, Dt. Chandrapur.
Mob. 09923456844
33) Sheshrao Ramchandra Kalambe (Paddy, Wheat, Turmeric (all local), Onion,
A/p - Bramhani, Tq. Pawani, Dt. Bhandara.
Mob. 09371549084
34) Waman Mahadeorao Rinake (Paddy Basmati, Wheat, Bengal gram, Tur, Black
gram, Pigeon pea, All Vegetables)
A/p. Tq. Pavani, Dt. Bhandara.
Ph. 07185-255137
35) Deoram Aabaji Kapgate (Paddy, Wheat, Chilli, Sunflower, All Vegetables)
Kapgate Kirana shop, Lakhandur (Kinhala), Dt. Bhandara.
Ph. 07181-260120
36) Deoram Gopala Kore (Paddy, Mango, Wheat, Sugarcane, Vegetables)
A/p- Parsodi (Rayat), Tq- Arjuni Morgaon, Dt- Gondia
37) Walmik Dadaji Nakade (Paddy, Turmeric, Khesari)
A/p- Korambhi Tola, Tq- Arjuni Morgaon, Dt- Gondia
38) Lalchandra Nakhate (Paddy-3 Acre)
At- Mokhada, Post- Palora, Tq- Arjuni Morgaon, Dt- Gondia
Mb- 09373962708
39) Ramdasji Diwate (Paddy-3 Acre)
A/p- Desaiganj, Dt- Gadchiroli
Ph- 0737-272865
40) Wamanrao Renake (Paddy, Vegetables)
A/p- Pavani, Dt- Bhandara
Ph- 07185-255137
41) Kantaram Manikrao Jambhulkar (Local Paddy)
At- Koregaon, Post- Rangi, Tq- Aarmori, Dt- Gadchiroli
42) Anil Kumar Ailwar (Paddy, Mango, Wheat, Khesari, Drumstick, Ber)
A/p- Charmoshi, Dt- Gadchiroli
Ph- 07135-235335
43) Virendra Premdas Barabate (Paddy- 9 Acre, Sugarcane, Chilli, Turmeric)
A/p- Chacher, Tq- Mauda, Dt- Nagpur
Ph- 0712-2775387
44) Manohar Tupate (Paddy 3 Acre- Both Transplantation & Mulching Method)
A/p- Paradsinga, Tq- Narkhed, Dt- Nagpur
Ph- 0712-2775387
45) M. R. Chaugule (Sugarcane, Vegetables
At- Kagal, Dt- Kolhapur
Ph- 02325-243417
46) Satappa Mali, Madhu Mali (Sugarcane 12 Ft belt + Turmeric, Local Banana +
Drumstick + Merigold + Chilli + Tomato, Wheat, Vegetables)
At- Kagal, Dt- Kolhapur
47) Kundalik Chaugule (Paddy, Sugarcane, Vegetables)
At- Bhuyewadi, Tq- Karvir, Dt- Kolhapur
48) Kantilal Nalage (Sugarcane 12 Ft belt, Vegetables)
At- Nagargaon, Tq- Shirur, Dt- Pune
Mb-098909 84066
49) Sampat Vityhoba Taware (Pomegranate)
At-Malegaon Khurd, Tq- Baramati, Dt- Pune
Ph- 02112-254739
50) Namdeo Mali Mama (Banana, Mosambi, Papaya)
At- Bhima Takli, Tq- Shirur, Dti Pune
Mb- 098222 12058

1) Dr. Indrajit Kaur (Basamati Paddy, Wheat, Bengal gram, Vegetables, Custard)
All India Pingalwada Charitable Society, Tahasilpura, G.T. Road, Amritsar
Mb- 09814055166, 0183-2584586
2) Vinod Jani (Basamati Paddy, Wheat, Orange, Mosambi, Sugarcane, Bengal gram,
Mb- 09417233251, 01638-233021
A/p- Katehara, Tq- Fajilka, Dt- Firojpur
3) Harjatsing Saradar Gurudeosing (Sugarcane, Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Custard)
A/p- Rayakekalan, Tq Dt- Bhatinda
Mb- 09417620814, 01637-238213
4) Jasapalsing Mohindarsing (Basamati Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Mung, Maize,
A/p- Madak, Tq- Jaito, Dt- Faridkot
Mb- 01635-256313, 09876989877
5) Pruthvipal Sing Brar (Cotton Local, Bajara, Maize, Wheat, Potato, Vegetables)
Mb- 09872004971, 01635-230570, 230590
A/p- Chaina, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
6) Darshan Sing (Cotton)
Mb- 09417503891, 01635-252160
At- Dabadi Kalal, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
7) Jagamel Sing (Local Wheat)
A/p- Sirvali, Tq Dt- Mukatsar
Mb- 09417613365
8) Bhupendrapal Sing (Local Cotton, Wheat)
A/p- Chaina, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
Mb- 09814676799
9) Amarjit Sharma (Local Cotton, Wheat, Vegetables, Bajara, Potato)
A/p- Chaina, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
Mb- 09363550720, 01635-290132
10) Guruprit Sing (Wheat, Bajara, Bengal gram, Gawar, Vegetables, Green gram)
A/p- Sikhali, Tq Dt- Mukatsar
Mb- 09317320385, 01633-273717
11) Charabjit Sing Punni (Cotton, Bengal gram, Local Wheat, Barsim)
A/p- Chaina, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
Mb- 09417965900, 01635-231072
12) Chamkor Sing (Sugarcane, VEgetables, Pomegranate, Lemon)
A/p- Dhudike, Tq Dt- Moga
Mb- 09815069078
13) Resham Sing (Local Maize, Sugarcane Ratoon, Soyabean, Wheat)
At- Jagadiyal, Post-Bulowal, Tq Dt- Hoshiyarpur
Mb- 09815069078
14) Madanlal (Sugarcane, Chilli, Cow pea, Maize, Vegetables)
A/p- Bulowal, Tq Dt- Hoshiyarpur
Mb- 09872092162, 01882-265310
15) Dr. Gurubaksh Sing (Basamati Paddy, Wheat, Green gram, Kinno)
Corter No. 31, Khalasa College of Agriculture, Amritsar
16) Swarn Sing (Wheat, Saraso, Sugarcane, Cotton)
A/p- Karangadh, Tq Dt- Bhatinda
Ph- 0164-2445289
17) Amarjit Sing Dhillo (Kinno, Vegetables, Potato, Wheat, Turmeric, Ginger)
A/p- Dhawari Khanna, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
Mb- 09463109430
18) Wasudeo Sharma (Peech, Plum, Rose, Bengal gram, Groundnut, Amarud)
A/p- Bajarkhana, Tq- Jaitu, Dt- Faridkot
Ph- 01635-246522
19) Anil Man (Wheat, Vegetables)
A/p- Talu, Tq Dt- Bhivani (Hariana)
Mb- 094162 17603, 094162 55253

1) Krishna Kumar Jakhad (Grape, Malta, Wheat, Bengal Gram, Orange, Ber,
At- Hetrampur, Pst-Dhaba, Tq- Sangariya, Dt- Hanumangarh-335063
Mb- 09214369889, 09414091200, 01499-280555
2) Vijay Bhadu (Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Bengal gram, Custard)
A/p- Amarpura Rathan, Tq- Pilibangan, Dt- Hanumangarh
Mb- 09414095789, 09214201489
3) Harvindar Sing Brar (Kinno)
Mb- 09314238345, 0154-2847145
A/p- Sangatpura, Tq Dt- Ganganagar
4) Adv. Shivalal Bhukar (All Crops)
Ph- 01505-271325
A/p- Kumudwadi, Tq- Padampur, Dt- Ganganagar
5) Satpal Puniya (Kinno, Saraso, Wheat, Medicinal Plants)
A/p- Kardwadi, Tq- Raysihanagar, Dt- Ganganagar
Mb- 09414578919, 01507-202570
6) Ashwinikumar Vishnoi (Kinno, Wheat, Green gram)
A/p- Bajidpur Moma, Tq- Abohar, Dt- Firojpur
Mb- 09417692136
7) Harbanslal Sharma (Green gram, Groundnut, Saraso, Barli, Rai)
A/p- Bambalwadi, Tq- Lunekarsar, Dt- Bikaner
Mb- 09414578919, 01507-202570

1) Ashokbhai Arjunbhai Hirpara (Papaya, Water melon, Groundnut, Cotton)
At- Bhonara, Pst-Lodhika, Tq Dt- Rajkot
Mb- 09825183163, 0281-2455558
2) Shailesh Gaur (Horticulture, Wheat, Bajara, Maize, Jowar, Vegetables)
Shop No. 10, Kalpataru Shoping Centre, Hospital Road, Bhuj-370001
Mb- 0937435853, 02832-224610
3) Nathubhai Dingani (Local Wheat, Tomato)
A/p- Moti Marad, Tq-Doraji, Dt- Rajkot
Mb- 09426242414
4) Vipinbhai Pachabhai Patodia (Local Wheat, Maize, Jowar, Corinder, Papaya)
A/p- Dholara, Tq-Lodhila, Dt- Rajkot
Mb- 09913081525
5) Hardev Sinh M. Jadeja (Banana, Papaya)
Mb- 098257 94809
22-G, Sakhiya Nagar, B/H, Behind Aradhana Society, Airport Road, Rajkot

Madhya Pradesh
1) Rajendra Sing Baghel (Awla + Turmeric + Ginger, Wheat, Gram)
MLA, Sonkatch, Dt- Dewas
Mb- 0942576200
2) Shashikumar Bais (Wheat, Gram, Soyabean, Cotton, Pigeon pea, Mango, Awla)
8/2, Old Palasia, Indore
Mb- 09826329795, 0731-2562490
3) Adv. Amit Trivedi
304/2, Bholaram Ustad Marg, A. B. Road, Indore
Ph- 0731-2475651
4) Subhash Deuskar (All Kharif & Rabi crops)
Kanungo Ward, Khandekar Colony, Bina-470113, Dt- Sagar
Mb- 09424427111, 07580-225589
5) Gurjar Kamal Kant Bagare (Wheat, Soyabean, Bengal gram)
Gurjar Kirana, Near Kanya School, Babdiya, Post- Sirali,Tq- Khikariya,
Dt- Harada
Mb- 09425646045, 07571-256208
6) Bharat Sinh Jadaun (Wheat, Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Soyabean, Bengal gram) Mb-
09826777789, 07271-277026
A/p- Devagarh, Tq- Bagali, Dt- Dewas
7) Parmal Sinh Nagar (Soyabean, Amla, Mango, Ber)
Pragati nagar, Bypass, Sonkatch, Dt- Dewas
Mb- 09827454755
8) Kunwar Rajendra Sinh Rathod (Wheat, Cotton, Maize)
A/p- Amba, Tq- Sailana, Dt- Ratlam
Ph- 07414-266425
9) Dhiraj Sinh Sarsi (Wheat, Urad)
A/p- Sarsi, Tq- Jawara, Dt- Ratlam
Ph- 07414-285471, 285325
10) Ratnakar Bhauraoji Bute (Orange, Cotton, Wheat, gram)
At- Eklapar, Post- SaykhedaTq- Saunsar, Dt- Chindwada
Ph- 07165-285090
11) Gautam Bhai Shilpi (Orange)
Near Jalaram Temple, Behind Water Tank, Near Rest House,
Pandhurna, Dt- Chindwada
Ph- 07169-220307
12) Ashok Khore (Amla, Orange, Mosambi, Wheat, Gram, Maize, Soyabean)
A/p- Jinawanya, Tq- Khirkia, Dt- Harda
Mb- 094244 07345
13) Sarwadhnya Diwan (Sugarcane, Wheat, Gram)
Mb- 098934 48590
At- Khedi Diwan, Post- Simrodha, Tq- Babali, Dt- Hoshangabad
14) Samir Chandorkar
At- Khurai, Dt- Sagar

1) B. G. Kshirasagar, Durg
Mb- 099936 07347
2) Lalitkumar Hirwani (Paddy, Chilli, Soyabean, Wheat, Maize)
At- Mujaghan, Post- Pinkapur, Tq- Dondilohara, Dt- Durga
Ph- 07744-326478
3) Atmabodh Agrawal (Horticulture, Paddy, Wheat)
6, Samata Colony, Raipur
Ph- 0771-2534283, 098261 53375
4) Hingeshwar Chandrakar (Banana, Papaya, Wheat, Tomato)
At- Kokadi, Post- Paupara, Tq Dt- Durga
Mb- 098934 20710
5) Kailas Soni (Mango)
Bhakhara Road, Demar, Dt- Dhamtari
Mb- 094252 14940
6) Radhesham Chandrakar (Paddy, Brinjal)
A/p- Jagannathpur Sakra, Tq- Balod, Dt- Durga
Mb- 094255 21590
7) Anjani Agrawal, Abhudaya Sansthan, Raipur
Mb- 093002 05129
8) Gulabsing Deshmukh (Papaya, Banana, Sugarcane, Cotton, Chilli)
A/p- Risali, Dt- Durga
Mb- 093031 20286
9) Chandrashekhar Baghel (Paddy, Vegetables, Wheat)
At- Bitkuli, Post- Nawapara, Dt- Raipur
Mb- 098274 88129
10) Lalit Wadher (Paddy)
L-14, Anupamnagar, Raipur
Mb- 098261 78869, 0771-2282153
11) Dr. Shailaja Chandrakar
309/26, Santara Badi, Durga
Ph- 0788-2331065, 094252 47159
12) Vijaysinh Bisen (Horticulture)
T.V. Relay Centre, Khandupara, Dongargarh, Dt- Raj Nandgaon
Mb- 093015 48555
13) Sanjay Prakash Chaudhari (Paddy, Pigeon pea, Wheat, Turmeric)
At- Arkar, Tq- Gurur, Dt- Durga
Ph- 07749-210689, 093028 33464