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Khushbu Manthan Trivedi

Plot No : 228/1,Aasopalav Flat,Sector – 22, Gandhinagar-382022

Phone: 09978916748


Able to work independently, learn quickly and adapt to various situations with
the information imparted along with the on hand training at work I shall
ensure to serve my company and share knowledge with my colleagues.

Achievement oriented with excellent people management & Communication skill.

Bachelor in Information Technology (10-Jun-2008),SVIT,VASAD
Diploma in Information Technology (March-2005),NIRMA UNIVERSITY

Technical Associate TG1 (13-Jun-2008 – 25-Jun-2009)
Tech Mahindra Pvt. Ltd,PUNE
1) Project: One Siebel VVT
Client: British Telecom Pvt. Ltd
 To Test The scenario given by the client regarding web application and
one Siebel.
 To give a knowledge transfer to the automation team regarding
functionality scenario.
 Raise a defect for error and get it solve from developer and support
 To create test cases for new user stories.
 Take Demo from Developer for the same.
 To give a demonstration to the Business Analyst of all test cases carried
out & take Signoff for that User Stories.
 To give the demonstration to the other companies which are also using
one Siebel.
 To take training on different internal fields of one Siebel vvt for
continuous updates clients requirement.
 Resume: Khushbu Manthan Trivedi

2) Project : SMNT Flow System

Client : British Telecom Pvt. Ltd
Duties :
 Basic functional area is to give support to complete the provide
function of any order raised by Customer.
 Need to understood journey and from where product is not
 Complete the Process of Product by doing some change in
scripts .
 To take training on different internal fields of SMNT Flow System.

Impact Strategies Infoway Pvt Ltd ( 1-Jul-2009 – till date)



 To Test The scenario given by the client regarding web application

 To write test cases
 To do Regression Testing
 To do Integration Testing
 To do Acceptance Testing

GUI : VB.Net, Flash, JAVA Applets
DATABASE : MySQL , Oracle 8i,Access
OS : Windows , Unix , Vista (Home)
Application Software : J2EE , One Siebel

BE Projects:

1) In the 8th sem of my B.E, I worked on project Session Planning Module

as a part of our Industrial Training. The “Session Planning module” is a part of the
whole live communication system. This works in conjugation with audio/video
conference to help the users from all over the globe to plan a session for meeting
and operations. The module provides console access as well as web based access.
Front End : JSP
Back End : Oracle

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 Resume: Khushbu Manthan Trivedi

2) In the 7th sem of my B.E., I have worked on project like Shopping Cart.
This Project is basically like the online shopping cart.

Front End :

Back End : SQL Server

3) In the 6th sem of my B.E., I have worked on the project like Attendance
Management System in VB6, MS-ACCESS. The purpose of this project is to
maintain the database for the students.

4) In the 5 th sem of my B.E. I worked upon a project named Banking

Management for which I used C/c++. The project includes all the details of the
user and the transaction made by the user.

Diploma Projects :
In the final sem of my Diploma, I have worked on the Project
Monitoring Software as a part of my Industrial Training.

Front End : PHP/Flash

Back End : MySql

Project Monitoring Software includes:

Tracking of Projects which are running in company.

Status of all the Project
Time Period Allocated to the particular Project
Project Allocation
Internal Chat System

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