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Tuesday, October 11th
5:00-5:45 pm
MAGIS Overview
Theme Reveal
Editorial Board
Training and Timeline
Submitting to MAGIS
Next Steps

What is MAGIS?

MAGIS is the peer-reviewed academic journal for the Student Development

Administration (SDA) program at Seattle University. Published annually and
entirely student-run, the journal showcases scholarly and reflective writing by
SDA students, alumni, faculty, and student affairs professionals. Following the
Jesuit tradition of academic inquiry, MAGIS is committed to creating the premier
forum within Jesuit higher education for dialogue on the theory and practice of
student affairs.

What is MAGIS?

The vision of MAGIS is to represent the Seattle University College of

Education and Student Development Administration program as a
scholarly and reflective resource for student affairs graduate students
and professionals in Jesuit higher education.

10th Edition:

The theme for the 11th edition of MAGIS: A
Student Development Journal is Transitions.
The peer-reviewed academic journal for the
Student Development Administration (SDA)
program at Seattle University is transitioning
into its second decade, and we call our
community to contemplate transition and
change. As educators, we experience and

Transitions witness transitions each academic year as

individuals, at our institution, and on a national
scope. What transitions have affected your
And the theme is.. growth and development, pathways, and/or
calling? How do you make meaning of your
transitions and experiences? What impact has
this created for yourself, others, and your
communities? What trends and transitions
have you observed in the larger context of
higher education? Reflect on how theory has
informed practice. 5
Editorial Board
Accepted submissions are peer reviewed by the Editorial Board

Each member of the Board is assigned one piece per round

May have an editing partner

Pieces go through substantial edits

Three rounds of edits - content or copy-editing
Final layout

Training & Professional Development
This is a professional development opportunity. You do not need to
already be an amazing editor or writer to be involved!
Editorial Board Retreat & Training - Saturday, November 19th
Formal Training - Early January
Continued professional development opportunities throughout the
Materials will be sent out to those unable to attend

Submitting to MAGIS
Types of Submissions
Scholarly reflections
Research articles
Innovative practices

Feel free to ask questions about the process, and let us know how we
can support you!
Can co-author a submission
Members of the Editorial Board can also submit to MAGIS
Timeline & Commitments
Editors: Editors: Editors:

Complete Editorial Board Early Jan. - Attend Formal Last Editing Round
Form by Oct. 21 Training Early May - Attend MAGIS
Oct. 28 - Editorial Board 2 Editing Rounds Release Party
Nov. 19 - Editorial Board Contributors: Contributors:
Retreat & Training
Jan. 6 - Submissions Due Last Editing Round
Contributors: 2 Editing Rounds Early May - Attend MAGIS
Release Party

Next Steps
Fill out Editorial Board Form
Will be sent via e-mail tonight and posted on SUSDA Community
Facebook page
Due: Friday, October 21st at 11:59pm
Get writing!
Submissions sent to
Due: Friday, January 6th at 11:59pm