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Archeology Lesson 1

Greece is a Mediterranean climate, warm with low levels of humidity.

Typical summer day in Athens in august which is the warmest month is
33.7 degrees Celsius during the day and 23.8 at night.
Up until 1922 many western areas of turkey were Greek speaking.
Names are a reflection of culture.
IN ancient Greece the first born son was named from his paternal
grandfather, with names of the other children were picked from
elsewhere in the family, however not typically the father.
Patrynomic was the form of the fathers name in genitive gramtical
form and by the fifth century the deme an administrative region in
Athens example Pericles, son of xanthippus of the deme of cholargos.
Nick names were also common Plato, Broad in the sense of being
chubby was a nickname that supplanted the future philosphers birth
Infant girls were given names but the name of the deme was not used,
since they did not vote as they were not full citizens. The genitive of
either the father or the husbands na,e could be used as well in addition
to the first name. Womans names were usually variants of names
given to their brothers.
The first names are typically composed of roots from one or two words.
Histroical names contain positive associations. Mytholigical names can
be less positive as in the case of Oedipus (Swollen foot in reference
to the fact that his ankles were pinned together so that when he would
die something
Male names usually end in os or es. Female names usually end in a or
( Slides marked with a ** are on exam)

Greek sculptures were painted in the colours traditionally used for

actual clothing. Sometimes through tech we can find traces of paint
and can reconstruct what the colourful clothing looked like.
Pigments were often vegetable but the murex, a type of sea shell was
used to make purple dye.
The fabric used in greek antiquity wre wool and linen. Silk was known
later in the period but was expensive and imported from the indian sub
Fashion told a lot about how much money you have.
What women were could tell us if they were married or not like a
However in Aristophanes comedy lysitrata depicted women wearing
race nightware, did Athenian wives dress this way? Why were the
actors men dressed as women.
Traditional clothing The chiton was worn by men and women (look up
Peplos was only worn by women. (Look up pic)
They often got cold wearing just these so they wore the himation over
the chiton to keep warm.