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Material Management & Project Controls

Johan Kroon
Application Consultants
Intergraph UK & I 2008
18th November London

Part 1. Introduction, Overview of SPRD and SPMAT
Part 2. SmartPlant Reference Data (SPRD)
Part 3. SmartPlant Materials (Engineering E&PI)
Part 4. SmartPlant Materials (MSCM)
Part 5. SmartPlant Materials (Construction)
Part 6. PRISM

EMEA & India Industry Tour

Part 1.
Introduction, Overview of SPRD and SPMAT

EMEA & India Industry Tour

SmartPlant Enterprise Suite
Materials &
Schematics Modelling Project
for Process, Power & Offshore plant Management

ƒ Modular COTS products 3D
P&ID Project Cost
ƒ Intelligent data centric solutions Layout Control

ƒ Windows environment; easy to use
Instruments 3D Design Engineering,
ƒ Workflow & data integration
On-Shore & Off-Shore Procurement &
ƒ Global workshare & Marine Supply Chain
Many strategic alliance partners … 3D
Drafting Visualization Handover

Integration Layer

Plant Information Management

Document Mgt Data Workflow

Engineering Data Repository

November 18, 2008 –4–

Design VDRs Standards BOM REQ Equipment Changes Equipment Equipment Equipment Bid Standards BOM REQ Evaluation Inter company Collaboration Other Other Other PO Standards BOM REQ Material Life Cycle Library Material Supply Chain Management Engineering & Procurement Integration SITE November 18.) SITE Design systems Piping Piping Piping Proc. PO Fabrication Materials Work Material Traffic Standards BOM REQ Planning Progress Tracking Receiving Packages Issuing Instrument Instrument Instrument Supplier Inventory Simulation Contractor Expediting Standards BOM REQ Mgmt. Oracle etc. Mgmt. SmartPlant RefData and Materials – Major Work Processes – OPTION – SPRD …export to ERP system for ‘part’ of the Procurement cycle… MLCL E&PI MSCM ERP (SAP. & Forecast Management Electrical Electrical Electrical OSD Inquiries Inspection Reservation Standards BOM REQ Handling Civil Civil Civil Construct. 2008 –5– .

• Same ‘Best of Breed’ product. functionality and quality • Represents greater integration into SmartPlant Enterprise • Re-bundling of modules gives you more flexibilty November 18. MARIAN ‘brand name’ was updated….‘MARIAN’ Re-branding • As of Q1 2007. 2008 –6– .

Part 2. SmartPlant Reference Data EMEA & India Industry Tour .

ORACLE ƒ Link client catalogue numbers to Estimating Company catalogue System Marian SPRefDat ƒ Define and Manage Piping Specs (MLCL) ƒ Manage modifications etc and the affects of changes to “options” ƒ Define corporate and/or project rules ƒ Revision & change management down-to- the-attribute level Construction Progress System Document ƒ Design System neutral data entry for Management System design systems (e. PDS. etc) Cost Planning Engineering System System November 18. 2008 –8– . Material Catalogue & Reference Data ƒ Rule-based material libraries on project or Design Systems enterprise Engineeringlevel Systems PDS. JDE. SP3D. Mech Elect parts Instr & configure part Systems Financial numbers SAP. PDMS Civil ƒ Define Struct group.g.

2008 –9– . November 18. Benefits ƒ When implementing enterprise reference data management.. and/or materials management ƒ SDB incorporates a comprehensive catalog of industry standard multi-discipline material parts. Standard Database for SPRefDat Introduction - ƒ Standard Database (SDB) for SmartPlant Reference Data (SPRD) is a preconfigured recommended practice solution ƒ enables rapid implementation of enterprise reference data management. software configuration and training is minimized ƒ Implementation time and cost is dramatically reduced ƒ Ensures high quality production start-up by eliminating the need for each customer to re-enter the same standard data. Fastrack Implementation?. organized and described for ‘out of the box’ use ƒ Content is pre-configured to enable catalog and piping specification interfaces to intelligent 3D applications (SP3D and PDS)..

.Utilise SmartPlant Reference Data. with the Standard Database Content…. ƒ For our Client…. What benefits does the “SDB” offer? . ƒ Shortens implementation time = faster return on s/w investment ƒ Lower cost of implementation = faster benefit recognition ƒ Standardised content linked from Design through supply chain (Left hand knows what right hand means!!) ƒ Standardisation of codification across projects ƒ Lower Client resource costs as Intergraph maintain the data in SDB ƒ Correct material identification = lower material costs through correct procurement = greater Return on Investment = November 18. 2008 – 10 – .

What is available TODAY- ƒ 13 Customer bought SDB year-to-date (EPC and Owners) ƒ SDB contains now also non-metallic items ƒ PDS configuration is available ƒ Basic structural steel included now ƒ Hot of the press: 3 more clients just bought SDB November 18. Standard Database . 2008 – 11 – .

ƒ Reference DB allows defining Web-based Web-based system system means means ƒ Material components Global Global Workshare Workshare of of Reference Reference ƒ and Specs used by design tools Data Data BUT BUT Centralised Centralised control control ƒ Reference DB is a prerequisite. 18. and will typically: ƒ Standardize Materials usage by different Users ƒ Deploy Company “Best Practices” ƒ Automate execution ƒ Eliminate redundancy E P C E P C E P C Contractor A Contractor J Contractor N Project Standards Project Standards Project Standards Corporate Standards © 2008November Intergraph Corporation. 2008 All Rights Reserved. – 12 – .SmartPlant Reference Data – Central control….

Entering But-welded Fittings November 18. Thefollowing is a presentation of SPRefDat & SDB in an example workflow how to mange a Piping Specification … 1. Entering Specification Header 2... 2008 – 13 – .

2008 – 14 – . SDB November 18. Content Catalog etc. Reference Data Flow ge s Chan Changes Or PDS… Model MTO data es g an Integrated Change Ch Management and Exception Handling for Optimized Workflow • NEW BOM Revision controlled from Design to Supply Chain Pre-defined Content.

. Export Catalogue for SP3D 2. The following is a presentation of SPRefDat & SDB in an example workflow how to export a Piping Specification to SP3D and PDS … 1. 2008 – 15 – .. Review of the Catalogue November 18.

net User Interface ƒ Phase I Will be released June 2008 ƒ Greater flexibility for users ƒ Completely configurable by end user ƒ Sort. Search. Copy/Paste ƒ Scope of Phase I ƒ Commodity Groups & Parts ƒ Commodity Codes ƒ Table detail-based ƒ Attribute-based ƒ Idents (company and interfaces) ƒ Pipe Specification Editor ƒ Spec header & Component groups ƒ Branch table ƒ Press/temp limits ƒ Notes November 18. SmartPlant Reference Data – New . 2008 – 16 – .

UI Functionality . 2008 – 17 – copy .Complete overview November 18.

2008 – 18 – .New SPRD User Interface November 18.

SmartPlant Materials (Engineering E&PI) EMEA & India Industry Tour .Part 3.

ORACLE of material : SPRefdat & SPMatƒ Project breakdown structures Estimating System MLCL ƒ Historical change and revision E&PI management Material Engineering Life & Cycle Library Procurement Interface ƒ Intelligent and rule-based requisitioning methods ƒ Set part surplus. Engineering & Procurement Interface – The ‘bridge’ between DESIGN & PROCURE ƒTight and format-neutral integration with all design Design Systems Engineering Systems sources PDS. 2008 – 20 – . re-order requirements ƒ Manage Assemblies and Construction Tag splitting Progress System Document Management Cost System Planning Engineering System System November 18. JDE. PDMS Civil Struct Mech Elect Instr Financial Systems ƒ Provides rule-based control of Bills SAP.

2008 – 21 – .Engineering & Procurement – Bill of Material Control November 18.

2008 – 22 – .Engineering & Procurement .Requisitions November 18.

. The following is a presentation of SmartPlant Materials E&PI BOM Import November 18.. 2008 – 23 – .

Major Benefits of SPMat . 2008 – 24 – .E&PI ƒ Seamless integration of engineering & procurement data facilitates the elimination of surplus materials ƒ For EPC & O/O – ƒ Bridge between DESIGN and Procurement Cycle ƒ Focussed management of Design Changes into the Supply Chain – no surprises! ƒ The elimination of shortages ƒ Major reduction in risks and construction costs ƒ Quantities needed really will be available November 18.

SmartPlant Materials (MSCM) EMEA & India Industry Tour .Part 4.

ORACLE ƒ Manage full Procurement cycle Estimating System ƒ Electronic Bid Processing SPRefdat & SPMat MLCL E&PI ƒ Integrated to ERP when required MSCM Material Engineering Material ƒ Milestone Planning Life & Supply Chain Cycle Procurement ƒ Management Expediting and Inspection (Events Library Interface and Task management) ƒ Customer defined levels ƒ Shipping Construction ƒ Fabrication management that can be Progress System Document updated by supplier Management Web-based System Web-based system system Cost means means ƒ Configurable security forPlanning third-party System Global Engineering Global management management System and and access VISIBILITY VISIBILITY of of your your Supply Supply Chain Chain November 18. Material Supply Chain Management Overview ƒ Supplier Design management Systems Engineering Systems ƒ Convert Requisitions PDS. change orders SAP. PDMS into Inquiries. 2008 – 26 – . Civil Struct Mech Elect Instr Financial Systems POs. JDE.

Comm Supplier Eval. PO ..Inquire/Evaluate/Purchase Inquiry REQ Bids Supplier 1 Procurement Engineering Tech. Eval. 2008 – 27 – .. November 18.

2008 – 28 – . ƒ Bids received by: ƒ Supplier access ƒ Excel export ƒ Standard paper docs ƒ Procurement & Cost Control review ƒ Price to budget etc November 18.Bid Evaluation….

Manage Milestones for Procurement ƒ Info for planning and progress measurement in Cost Control modules…. November 18. 2008 – 29 – .

November 18.Electronic vs Manual Bid receipt. Major Benefits of SPMat . 2008 – 30 – .MSCM ƒ The seamless integration & optimization of procurement & tracking processes reduces cost ƒ EPC . analysis and vendor selection time hugely reduced ƒ The elimination of delivery bottlenecks = reduces risks and construction costs ƒ Expediting power via flexibility to reflect REAL world ƒ All via easy to implement export & import functions ƒ Enhanced procurement data visibility empowers early and informed decision making = maximum savings.

Part 4b. SmartPlant Materials (SITE) EMEA & India Industry Tour .

ORACLE ƒ Inventory management: Estimating System ƒ Physical warehouses SPRefdat & SPMat ƒ Virtual MLCL warehousesE&PI MSCM ƒ Material Issuing and over issue control Material Life Engineering & Material Supply Site ƒ OSD management Cycle Procurement Chain Library Interface Management ƒ Powerful Rule-based forecasts. 2008 – 32 – .Site Design Systems Engineering Systems ƒ Links to Site Fab & Isometric completion PDS. PDMS Civil Struct Mech Elect Instr Financial Systems ƒ Various material receiving methods SAP. JDE. reservations and simulations ƒ BUILDABILITY Construction Progress System ƒ Workpackage/Area prioritisation Document Management Cost System Planning Engineering System System November 18. SmartPlant Materials .

One Site screen full material lifecycle November 18. 2008 – 33 – .

plant and material © 2008. All Rights Reserved. Intergraph Corporation. – 34 – . ƒ Material shortages ƒ Delayed delivery ƒ Optimize resource planning ƒ people. Improved Delivery Control and Construction Planning ƒ “Buildability” ƒ Highly sophisticated planning and simulation capabilities ƒ Avoiding on-site delivery bottlenecks.

November 18. 2008 – 35 – .

g.Major Benefits of SPMat . 2008 – 36 – . material availability) ƒ Enhanced Buildability ƒ Continuous working ƒ Faster completion and TTM! November 18.SITE ƒ Seamless data Integration of Engineering & Supply Chain data to Site facilitates real fabrication/construction forecasting ƒ Inventory Management with Virtual & Physical Warehousing ƒ Effective site material control reduces construction cost ƒ Integrated information/issue visability (e.

Part 5. PRISM EMEA & India Industry Tour .

Planning and Cost ƒ Project. 2008 – 38 – .So. not replacement of ERP and Planning systems November 18. Progress and Performance reporting ƒ Proactive and accurate Forecasting ƒ Accompaniment to. Material Control. what is PRISM? ƒ Project Cost & Budget Management ƒ Linking ERP.

P. 2008 – 39 – .M. & PRISM Management suite ƒ Capital Cost Estimating ƒ Capital Cost Management ƒ Baseline Estimate ƒ Schedule Interface ƒ Cost & Progress ƒ Engineering Management ƒ Engineering Progress ƒ Deliverables control November 18.P.

It’s not just what we spent…… but what we ACHIEVED.EVA in PRISM… The key to successful projection.000’s 600 600 Schedule Variance ($) 400 Cost Variance 400 Schedule 200 Variance 200 (Time) Planned ..? Current Completion Date Target Completion Date 800 800 In $1..4 wks Actual Earned 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Months Forecast Schedule Delay = 4 weeks November 18. Planned = $500K : Data Date Actual = $475K Earned = $300K 1300 1300 Estimate at Completion (EAC) Forecast Cost Disaster…? 1200 1200 Overrun = $????K 1000 1000 Budget at Completion (BAC) Recovery. 2008 – 40 – .

November 18. Workpack. 2008 – 41 – .The Control Account Project ‘Building Blocks’ -Level of definition flexible -Could be CTR. individual activity etc Up to 26 levels of user defined WBS and Group coding structures. each up to 10 characters in length.

month on month! ƒ Not MOTHER OF ALL SPREADSHEETS ƒ Output queue for batch reporting ƒ Print reports for e-mail or website posting ƒ HTML report generator or print to PDF November 18. 2008 – 42 – .Reporting Features ƒ Flexible level of reporting throughout structures ƒ Roll up or down your reporting levels. with subtotals at any/all levels ƒ Tabular and graphical reports ƒ Save and store user defined report parameters ƒ Same outputs.

2008 – 43 – .Confidential November 18.

November 18. 2008 – 44 – .

Project Management Outputs… November 18. 2008 – 45 – .

Benefits of PRISM Implementation ƒ Standardization of Project Management Work Practices ƒ Integrated system to other ERP. 2008 – 46 – . Material Management systems ƒ Coding system flexibility (26 coding area/levels) ƒ Measure Physical Progress % Complete ƒ Numerous methodologies to carry these calculations out ƒ Out of the box Reports ƒ FLEXIBLE ƒ Customisable in Crystal if required ƒ Perform Variance Analysis ƒ Track Trends and Changes (adverse & beneficial) November 18. Engineering.

Success Stories PBMR EX EMEA & India Industry Tour .

Any questions please? EMEA & India Industry Tour .

2008 – 49 – .Thank You Integrating the Engineering Enterprise… November 18.