E-Portfolio Rubric Name: John Sardido

Criteria Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Overall Appearance- Wow-outstanding, Very Good Adequate Barely meets
visually attractive (i.e., worthy of expectations
fonts/colours used are easy publication
to read), succinct,
graphic/multimedia elements
contribute to understanding
overall concepts, ideas and
Navigation- ease of locating Navigation links Navigation Navigation links are Navigation links are
artifacts, link availability, and portfolio links function somewhat broken or confusing,
connections to URL/file elements are well, but it is confusing; it is difficult to access
downloads clearly labelled. not always often unclear how artifacts, files listed are
All pages connect clear how to to access artifacts not available.
to their menu and access or files.
all external links artifacts. Most
connect to the files and
appropriate URLs are
website or file. connected.
Completion of Has gone beyond Has all Is missing some Is missing more than
Expectations/Responsibilitie expectations expectations expectations. three expectations.
s required. completed.
Quality of Writing There are no There are a There are four or There are more than
grammar errors. few grammar more grammar six errors in grammar
errors errors requiring requiring major
requiring more substantial editing.
minor editing editing.
and revision.
Reflective Commentary- All reflective Most Reflective Retell is barely
related to professional goals, commentary reflective commentary adequate, few
connections made to provided (e.g., commentary provided relates to connections made, not
artifacts/professional about me section) provided (e.g., professional goals engaging or clear in
readings relates to about me once or twice and most parts
professional section) relates retell is adequate,
goals, is engaging to professional there are no
and clear, goals, is references to
retells/explains engaging and professional
information clear, readings/literature,
provided in retells/explain although there is
artifacts and s information some clarity
connects to provided in
professional artifacts and
readings connects to
Citations – All images, media All images, Almost all images, 10 % or less of images,
images/text/media used, APA or text are cited media or text media or text are media or text are
accurately. are cited with cited with 1-3 missing citations/are
1-3 citation citation mistakes. formatted incorrectly.