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Fill in the blanks: True False:

1) Insects are very small in size. 1) The roots are found under the ground: True
2) Drain and gutter are home for cockroach. 2) All the plants has fruits: false
3) Insects have three pair of legs. 3) The leaves are of different shape and size:
4) Honeybee and Butterfly suck nectar of True
flower. 4) All fruits have seeds. : True
5) Grasshopper eats the leaves of the plants. 5) All plants have same kind of stem: false
6) Leaves are usually green in colour. 6) Leaves are usually green in colour : true
7) Flowers are colorful parts of the plants. 7) Food is very important for us: true
8) Stems of tree is called trunk. 8) We should not eat different kind of fruits:
9) Plants are all around us. False
10) The leaves of pitcher plants look like a jug. 9) Wash fruits and vegetables before eating:
11) Plants are different from each other. True
12) Almost all leaves have different textures. 10) We should eat uncovered fruits: False
13) Stem are green or brown in colour. 11) We cannot see air: True
14) Litchis and Mango have one seed. 12) Air can push or make things move: True
15) Flowers have different colours, shapes and 13) Air carried sound: True
smells. 14) Air cannot lift things: false
16) Food gives us energy to play. 15) We cannot feel air: False
17) Egg, meat and milk are the food we get 16) Roads get wet during rainy season: True
from animals. 17) On a rainy day we like to eat hot food: True
18) We get food from plants and animals. 18) The sky dont look dark during monsoon :
19) Eat less of fried food. False
20) Drink water regularly. 19) There are six colours in a rainbow: False
21) Rice and wheat are cereals. 20) Sometimes it thunders when it rains.: true
22) Air is all around us.
23) Air has weight.
24) Balloon filled with air is heavier.
25) We cannot see air.
26) When we blow air in a flute it makes sound.
27) On the rainy day the sky looks very cloudy
and dark.
28) In a rainy season there are puddles
29) We can see snails and worms in rainy day.