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_____________________________1. How do you read the numeral 2 followed by 8


_____________________________2. How many tens should be added to 212 ones

and 100 to get 572?

_____________________________3. What is the largest three-digit prime number?

_____________________________4. What is the smallest multiples of 3 that is

greater than 200?

_____________________________5.What is the sum of the 4 largest two digit

prime numbers

_____________________________6. Lynn counts numbers starting from 105 and

added 4 each time. So she counts 105, 109, 113, and continues. What is the
largest three-digit whole number that Lynn counts?

_____________________________7. What is the ones digit in the product of 87 x

87 x 87x 87 x 87?

_____________________________8. The average of 6 consecutive odd numbers is

26. What is the largest number?

_____________________________9. Five identical squares placed side by side to

formed rectangle. The area of the rectangle is 45 cm. Squares are then
removed from one end so that the resulting rectangle has a perimeter of
24.What is the area of the new rectangle?

_____________________________10. What is of 80% of 120?

_____________________________11. Forty is how much more than the sum of 12

and 21?

_____________________________12. What number is 20 more than the product

of 6 ones and 3 tens?

_____________________________13. What number is 100 less than the sum of 80

and 50?
_____________________________14. Write three hundred eight thousand six in

_____________________________15. One number is 15 more than another. The

sum of the number is 93. What is the larger number?

_____________________________16. Patrick needs to paint 79 chairs. He has

already painted 57 chairs. How many more chairs does he need to paint?

_____________________________17. Mary has some cookies. She gave 18bto her

friend. She has 21 left. How many cookies did she have at the beginning?

_____________________________18. A rectangular table can seat 8 people. Two

tables placed side by side can seat 14 people. Three tabled placed side by
side can seat 20 people. At most 4 tables can be placed side by side. How
many table is needed to seat 51 people?

_____________________________19. A container is 2/3 full of water. When 8 liters

of water was removed from it, it became 2/7 full. What is the capacity of the

_____________________________20. What is the sum of 5 tens and 20 ones?

_____________________________21. In a farm, 354 oranges were harvested on

Tuesday and 978 were harvested of Thursday. How much greater was the
harvest on Thursday than on Tuesday?

______________________________22. Margie bought 3 boxes of cupcakes. Each

box contain 6 cupcakes. How many cupcakes did Margie buy in all?

_____________________________23. Three times a number added to the product

of 4 and 3 is 24. What is the number?

_____________________________24. A vendor has 3 boxes of oranges to sell.

There were 20 oranges in each box. If he sold 42, how many oranges were
not sold?

_____________________________25. If a number is divided by 7 its quotient is 5.

What is the number?

_____________________________26.The sum of 18 and 12 divided by 5 is?

_____________________________27. What is the sum of the digits in the product

of 23 ones and 32 tens?
______________________________28. What is the sum of 3 consecutive whole
number if the largest of these number is 9?

______________________________29.What is of the sum of 6 tens and 8 ones?

_______________________________30.Daria had Php. 125.00. She bought a glass

of juice for Php. 15.00 and a sandwich for Php. 37.00. How much money did
she have left?

_______________________________31. Eva called her friend at 10:15 a.m. They

talked for 57 min. What time did their conversation ends?

________________________________32. Marissa wants to buy a cake for her

mother on her birthday. She has Php. 500.00. The cake costs Php. 675.50.
How much more does she need to buy the cake?

________________________________33. A ribbon is 7 m and 60 cm long. How

many each with a length of 50 cm can be cut from it?

________________________________34. Randy bought 23 oranges and apples for

Php. 378.00 An orange cost Php. 15.00 and an apple cost Php. 18.00. How
many apples did he buy?

_____________________________35.Using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8, and without

repeating the digits, make an addition sentence using 4-digit numbers that
has the largest sum?

____________________________36. There are 36 packs of candies in a box. The

packs of candies are divided equally among 4 children. How many packs will
each one receive?

_____________________________37. There are 45 pencils that will be given

equally among 7 children. How many pencils will each child receive?

_____________________________38. A number divided by 3 multiplied by 5 gives

40. What is the number?

_____________________________39. Show belo is a portion of calendar. What is

the product of the number in the square?
______________________________40. If 4/5 of a number is 96 what is 5/4 of the