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State Himachal Pradesh Circle 2nd Elect. Circle Dharamshala
Branch PWD Division Elect. Divn. Palampur
Zone Kangra Sub-Division Electrical Dehra

Percentage Rate Tender/Item rate tender & contract for works

Tender for the work of: C/O War Museum at Dharamshala in
Tehsil Dharamshala Distt. Kangra
(H.P.). (SH:- Providing internal E.I.
there in)
(i) To be submitted by ..hours on ..
(ii) To be opened in the presence of tenderers who may be present at .on
in the office of ..
Issued to
Signature of officer issuing the documents
Date of issue..
I/We have read and examined the notice inviting tender, schedule of quantities
specifications applicable ,drawings& designs, general rules & directions, conditions of
contract ,clauses of contract ,special conditions, schedule of rates & other documents
and rules referred to in the conditions of contract and all contents in the tender
documents of the work. I/We hereby tender for the execution for the Governor of
Himachal Pradesh of the works specified in the under written memorandum within the
time specified in such memorandum at the rates specified in figures and words in the
attached schedule of quantities on pages to or/ submitted on line on
website and in accordance in all respect with the specifications,
designs, drawings and instructions in writing referred to in Rule 1 of General Rules and
Directions and in clause 11 of the General Conditions of contract and with such materials
as are provided for, by, and in all respects in accordance with, such conditions far as
applicable. I/We agree to keep the tender open for ninety/one hundred twenty days
from the due date of opening and not make any modifications in terms & conditions I/We
hereby declare that I/We shall treat the tender documents, drawings and other records
connected with the work as secret confidential documents and shall not communicate
information/derived there from to any persons other than a person to whom I/We am/are
authorized to communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudice to
the safety of the same.
The earnest money in shape of call deposit of post office or Fixed deposits/demand draft
of schedule bank mentioned in the memorandum is enclosed herewith . I/We will submit
the performance guarantee within the specified period . If I/We fail to commence the
works specified in the Memorandum. I/We agree that the said Governor or his
successors-in-office shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law ,
be at liberty to forfeit the said Earnest Money & Performance guarantee absolutely
or otherwise the said earnest money shall be retained by him towards Security deposit to
execute all the works referred in the HPPWD EE Contractor 5
tender document up on the term & conditions or referred to therein and carry out
deviations as may be ordered up to maximum percentage of .of tendered
amount and those in excess of that limit at the rates to be determined in accordance with
the provisions contained in clause 12-A of the tender form. Further , I/We agree that in
case of forfeiture of earnest money & Performance Guarantee as aforesaid ,I /We shall
be debarred from participation in re-tendering process of this work. Exemption from the
payment of Earnest Money.( not applicable in online mode) I/We have already
furnished security to the Governor of H.P. in lieu of earnest money and have deposited
with the Chief Engineer/Engineer in Chief P.W.D., Shimla, a lump sum security of
Rs................./- as earnest money in individual cases and I/We therefore claim exemption
in terms of bond executed to me/us and bearing No dated the . Day of
20 against necessity of depositing earnest money in respect of the above tender for
work, I/We agree that should I/we fail to commence the work specified in the above
memorandum as the amount equal to the amount of the earnest money mentioned in the
form of invitation of tender shall be absolutely forfeited to the Governor of H.P. and the
same may at the option of the Governor of H.P. be recovered out of the deposit in so far
as the same may extend in terms of the said Bond and in the event of deficiency out of
any other moneys due to me/us or otherwise. The above information is correct to best
of my/our knowledge. of 20.. Signature of contractor

Postal Address
Witness ------------------------------
The above tender for the sum of Rs....................
(Rupees.................................) is hereby accepted by me
Executive Engineer on behalf of the Governor of Himachal
Pradesh. The letter referred below shall form part of this contract agreement:-
(a) Form 8
(b) Standard Tender Document (General rules & directions ,conditions ,clauses, safety
code ,contractors labour regulations )
(c) Award letter (with negotiation letter if negotiation held)
(d) Performa of Schedules A to F

For on behalf of Governor of H.P

Date ...................... Seal