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Lesson Plan in English 3

Unit 4: Week 1: Lesson 28 - Day 3

I. Objectives
Write Yes-No Questions.
Use Yes-No questions in asking for information.
Read words, phrases, sentences using ight words.
II. Contents:
References: English 3 Teachers Guide Q4 pages 6,
English 3 Learners Materials Q4 pages 8, Internet sources
Materials: LM-Activity 274-275, Picture of a polluted city, Word Cards

III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activities
1. A Text A Day
a. Reading of the text
Dirty Air

Ligaya had just come from school. She wiped her face with her
handkerchief. Her handkerchief became dirty. She asked, Why does my face
become so dirty Mother? Just look at my dirty handkerchief.

The air in the city is dirty. There are so many people and so many
jeepneys and buses. There are so many factories, too. explained Mother.

Is it better to live where there are few people and cars, Mother?
asked Ligaya.

Yes. I think so, Mother said.

Comprehension Questions:
1Wher did Ligaya come from?
A. from the market B. from the school C. from the church
2. What did she use to wipe her face?
A. her dress B. her towel C. her handkerchief
3. What happened to Ligayas handkerchief?
A. became dirty B. became nice C. became pretty
4. What kind of air was there in the city?
A. dirty B. fresh C. cool
5. What mad the city air dirty?
A. wind and sun B. trees and plants C. cars and factories

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
Post a picture of a polluted city.
Say: Describe the picture. (The city
is dirty. It is polluted.)
What do you think makes this place

MCASLim DepEd Muntinlupa Page 1

1. Presentation/Introduction
Say: Let us read the sentences about the picture.
The city is polluted.
The smog is dark.
The people are sick.
The streets are dirty.
Say: What if we want to ask other people about these sentences?
How do we change these sentences into questions?

2. Modeling
Say: To change telling sentences into questions, there are two steps.
1. Look for the linking verb. Make it the first word of your question.
2. Use the other words next to the linking verb to complete your question.

Say: Lets have the sentence: The city is polluted. The linking verb is is.
It will be the first word of our question. Then, it will be followed by the remaining

So, the question will be: Is the city polluted?

Look at the 2 sentences.
The city is polluted.
3. Guided Practice Is the city polluted?
Say: Let us form more yes-no questions using the following sentences.

The smog is dark. The people are sick. The streets are dirty.

4. Independent Practice

Words with ight

Directions: Introduce the following words using pictures or real objects or by

MCASLim DepEd Muntinlupa Page 2

Directions: Choose a letter or consonant blend to form an/ight/ word.

Construct 5 sentences with the use of /ight/ words.

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