Proof of Concept Presentation
Brad King
Proposed Enquiry
In my dissertation I would like to enquire upon the idea that men are now more
commonly objectified and sexualised in film than women in the current age, and that
the mind set towards masculinity and the entire idea about what it means to "Be a Man"
has warped the perception of men in life and media.
Through these means I can also talk about the way that this has effected the mindset of
men about their bodies and their own masculinity, and how they are now trying to
change that to conform more so to the idea of the "Superhero Bodytype"
I will also talk about how this from of sexualisation has been commonly ignored and
accepted as opposed to sexualisation of women which has been a evidential problem
over the last century of film.
And I will also cover exactly what the "Gaze" Means,
Chapter 1
Discuss the history that has started with objectification over the last century in film and
how the idea that "Sex Sells" came about.
Chapter 2
In the third chapter of my dissertation I would like to enquire upon how the adaptation
off illustrations of super heroes from Marvel and DC's (Detective Comics) Comic Books
into cinematic universes are now featuring more shots that could be considered
appealing to the "Female Gaze" than the vice versa.
Chapter 3
how this can go further than a sexualisation and more into subconscious admiration for
another mans achievement of masculinity. And what it means to be a man.
Key Themes & Issues

Objectification – Masculinity – The Male Gaze vs The Female Gaze – Feminism –
Patriarchy – Male Feelings < Female Feelings? – Admiration – Homosexuality
Masculinities – Raewyn W.Connel
Discusses that masculinity is only a human idea and our own definitions of identity can vary, but how we can also project it
onto others.
You Tarzan – Pat Kirkham

Goes over some of the topics that are less talked about in this area like "un-named feelings' and under tones in film, and the
meaning of the male relationship
Running Scared: Masculinity and the Representation of the Male Body (Contemporary Approaches to Film & Television)
(Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television Series) - Peter Lehman

Talks about the power of the phallic form, and how the male form can be isolated to one true meaning.
Men and Masculinities: Key Themes and New Directions – Stephen Whitehead
Discusses Nature vs Nurture and how Society and Culture defines masculinity.
The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private – Susan Bordo

Talks more about the perception of masculinity in the every day real world, and how men are influenced by society's
expectations of them.
Popular Culture and the Male Body: A New Challenge – Joseph Prud Homme
Discusses how male objectification has been mostly ignored and how this effecting the
new generation of men coming of age, and how they feel they're under pressure to meet
new expectations
Men are now objectified more than women – Martin Daubney
Talks about how there now seems to be almost a hype about male sexualisation in
media and how the fact it is objectification is mostly ignored due to gender.
Why It’s Completely Okay To Objectify Men…No Really, It Is – Alexia LaFata
Ive included this as a counter argument to myself, this article shows how views can fall
hard on either side, this writer talks about how its actually fine to objectify men,
basically just because.
Natalie Dormer Says Men Are Just As Objectified As Women In Film And TV – Erin Whitney –
Game of Thrones star Discusses her views of Objectification in media.
On Hyper-masculinity: The Objectification of Men in “Magic Mike XXL” – Movie Mezzanine –
Discusses the issues and controversy surrounding the film and how its sole purpose appears to
be sex appeal
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Male Objectification? – Vulture –
A more positive outlook on the film and how objectification is innocent for both parties if treated
The Increasing Sexualization of men in Media –The Economist –
Included Statistics about sexualization in film.
The Mask You Live In - Jennifer Siebel Newsom
In this Documentary the notions of the identity surrounding Masculinity are discussed,
and how boys today are being subconsciously formed into what there idea of being a
man is, whether they agree with it or not.
It also goes over what comes with this, and how boys are being taught to repress their
worries, emotions, and problems in fear of being viewed of as "Weak" and not "Manly"
Fig 1. Magic Mike XXL

Fig 3. Brad Pitt – Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

Fig 2. Guardians of The Galaxy – Star Lord,
Chris Pratt.