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Multimedia Project Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Style Makes excellent use of Makes good use of font, Makes use of font, color, Uses font, color, graphics,
font, color, graphics, color, graphics, effects, graphics, effects, etc. but effects etc. but these often
effects, etc. to enhance etc. to enhance to occasionally these detract distract from the
the presentation. It is presentation. It is mostly from the presentation presentation content.
easy to read. easy to read. content.

Organization Content is well Uses headings or bulleted Content is logically There is no clear or logical
organized using lists to organize, but the organized for the most organizational structure,
headings or bulleted overall organization of part. just lots of facts.
lists to group related topics appears flawed.

Presentation The font styles and The font styles and sizes The font styles and sizes The font styles and sizes
sizes chosen were very chosen were easy to read. chosen were somewhat chosen were not easy to
of Information easy to read. Text was Text was well spaced and easy to read. There was read. The amount of
well spaced and did not did not overwhelm the some crowding with the information overwhelmed
overwhelm the space. space. Information text and the text the space or there was not
Information conveyed conveyed the main ideas overwhelmed the space. enough information to
the main ideas very well. well. Main ideas were clearly communicate the
communicated somewhat main ideas of the
clearly. presentation.

Graphics- All of the graphics are Almost all of the graphics Some of the graphics are Few or none of the
related to the topic and are related to the topic related to the topic and graphics are related to the
Relevance make the presentation and most make the make the presentation topic.
easier to read and presentation easier to easier to read and
understand. read and understand understand

Permissions All pictures, graphics, All pictures, graphics, and Most pictures, graphics, Pictures, graphics, and
and other media have other media have been and other media have other media have not
been correctly cited. A cited. A works cited was been cited. A works cited been cited or it was not
works cited was completed. (May have a was completed. (May done correctly. A works
completed and written few errors) have a few errors) cited was not completed
correctly. or done incorrectly.

Requirements/ All requirements are met All requirements are met. One requirement is not More than one
and exceeded. You can You can use longitude and completely met. I still need requirement is not
Mastery of use longitude and latitude to locate places on to master one of the completely met. I still need
Learning latitude to locate places the map, use research learning targets. to master 2 or more of the
on the map, use skills, and write with learning targets.
Targets research skills, and write excellent word choice.
with excellent word

Originality and Product shows a large Product shows some Uses other people's ideas Uses other people's ideas
amount of original original thought. One tool (giving them credit), but and is cookie cutter.
Use of thought. Ideas are Work shows new ideas there is little evidence of
Multiple creative and inventive. and insights. original thinking.


Grammar There are no There are 1-2 There are 3-4 There are 4+
grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical grammatical/mechanical
mistakes mistakes mistakes mistakes