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1st shift

3rd week

December 19-21, 2016

Proper class since it is ordered by the Dep-ed that all of the classroom
party well be held on December 21, 2016 and same as usual I am teaching
English and Science subject. First English and second Science. My topic in
English is all about generalization and the story was all about The Muslim
Holiday and what I do is I read the springboard I mean the story and I let them
note the important details and after I asked them if they are going to lobby all the
important details what have they observed or what have they understand and
after that evaluation and next science. Me and with my students we do an
activity and then followed by discussion .And during vacant time we I gathered all
my students and we make a plan for incoming classroom party as well as we
make a Christmas program .In the second day of the third week at the morning
again we have a proper class and followed by recess time my favorite subject
during in my elementary years and after that, back again to proper class and in
the afternoon me and my mentor were decided to decorate the classroom ,with
all the curtains ,Christmas balls, Christmas lanterns and especially the
participation of the students in polishing the floor through the use of scrub and
floor wax so fun because we are very happy In doing the task.

Third day of the third week this is it the Christmas party of the students and also
including me, my mentor and the parents of the students. at this time I am not
prepared especially I am not prepared with my dress because at this time I am
only wearing school uniform since all I know that the Deped order was held in
December 21, at 3oclock in the afternoon .What I wear is only my uniform with a
very haggard face and unprepared figure so funny but it so terrible .Since my part
is to speak in front of the students and to the parents and also to my mentor .

My message is all about welcoming each of us in celebrating Christmas .and

after that I ask my mentor about my message to the and also the way how I
speak if it is ok or not .And I receive a positive feedback from my mentor .What a
nice party because we have a lot of foods a lot of gifts to exchange and a lot of
very active and participative parents who participate and support the party to
make our party becomes fruitful and successful. Then we have parlor games
then exchanging of gifts , giving the prizes and my favorite part of the party the
eating time and after the party we clean all the mess inside the classroom and
we arrange the chairs into proper arrangement and also the curtains .