MINUTES OF MEETING 2 PROGRESS REFERENCE GROUP Present: Apologies: Observers: Chris Ruhr(chair), Tanya Hallet(vice-chair

), Debra Nelson(secretary), Odette Hunter, Annie Robinson, Karen Gunter, Laine McDonald Lyn Gunter Jane Carey, Sarah Martin(MSC)

Meeting Opened 8pm. 1. Minutes of PRG meeting 1. • Tanya confirmed minutes. Odette 2nd. Minutes available to go public. Distribute through websites, community email database, hard copy at community house. Open for comments. 2. Process for observers • Observers to contact Chris prior to meeting via telephone or email which will be provided to relevent websites. Either Mark Leitinger(MSC) or Sarah Martin(MSC) will observe each meeting. 3. Chris gave a verbal summary of the PCG meeting. • The PCG was informed of the formation of the PRG and its members. • Discussion regarding planning permit – it is likely that one will have to be obtained. • Odette will be putting together a package explaining the programs and services being offered through the community house. Community House to become a RTO. Chris discusssed the Community Engagement Plan. • Have complied with the first timeline milestone • The final milestone to be met by the end of June. • Next milestone is to finalise feedback to PCG 8th July. 4. Meeting July 8th milestone • Print and post A4 size plans after obtaining permission from relevant proprietors/authorities at: - Hazeldene Store - Flowerdale Primary School - Flowerdale Pub - Flowerdale Hub - Flowerdale CFA - Kinglake West Post Office • Provide email address for community response to plans • Chris to prepare community feed back in spreadsheet form to present to PCG. 5. Community feedback main issues raised: • Storage - both storage areas attached to multipurpose room 1 to have internal access, outdoor shed for storage. • Solid wall between multipurpose room 2 and youth/playgroup space with concertina in wall in middle and two lots of storage in youth/playgroup space. • Size – concern that it may be too big. Look at size in relevance to Odettes presentation of programs/services when ready.

• • • •

Memorial Reserve – Mark Leitinger contacted Ian Walton (DSE) who didn't seem too concerned as DSE was aware the land was used before. He will look into it further. Children’s Playground – Appropriately fenced, closer to building, additional playground similar to before with BBQ and seating Carpark/slab – remove the slab. Check carpark numbers in relation to building size. Lyn raised the question, via email. of how many responses were received regarding the plans.

6. Closing – several actions • Debra to provide feedback email address • Odette and Tanya to post plans and feedback email address • Make Chris' contact details available for community members wishing to observe PRG meetings. • Ask Julie Bateman to make minutes available to community • Annie/Debra/Julie to email network to gather feedback • Odette to take both sets of plans • Next meeting 1st July MSC to book common room • Debra make minutes and agenda available by Tuesday • Next meeting agenda – general discussion and feedback • PCG meeting next Friday not confirmed as yet. PRG observers welcome contact Frank Maas (Chair FCH PCG). Contact Debra for email address. MEETING CLOSE 9:30PM