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Dear all

Hope you are doing well at your end.

This is to inform you all that in the coming 7 th semester, as a part of Architectural design-VII you are supposed to design the Bus
terminus which should have efficient layout planning, proper segregation between passenger loading/ unloading and public parking.

So you are required to do critical analysis of case study of a bus terminal that is located in your city before you join the college for
the new session. You are required to study the following aspects while doing the case study:


a. Location
b. Total area of site
c. Operator
d. Architect
e. Completion
f. Structure system
g. Height of structure
h. Catering passenger traffic from which Area (Inter or intra state)
i. Total Capacity
B) Study the Standards dimensions of following:
a. A bus, car, three Wheeler
b. Turning radius of Buses
c. Bay dimensions and signages
d. Types of platforms
C) Site Analysis

a. Orientation of the site

b. Approach
c. Topography
d. landscaping features
D) Layout Planning

a. Entry and Exit

b. Loading and unloading platforms(nos and dimension)
c. Nos ,dimension, designing of bays
a. Idle parking
b. Taxi stand/ Auto rickshaw/rickshaw stand
c. Droppers parking
d. Daily commuters parking
e. Circulation,
f. Vehicular and pedestrian movement pattern
g. Zoning and traffic flow analysis
E) Building Block
a. Planning and floor wise areas allocated for various functions.
b. Critical analysis of spaces (based on standards)
c. Circulation Pattern (horizontal & vertical)
d. Services (Electrical, H.V.A.C., Security system, water supply, fire fighting, cleaning etc.)
e. Materials & Construction Techniques (Structural system)
f. Form of the building
C) Conclusion : Positive & Negative aspects

Note: Critical Analysis will be supplemented with the suitable photographs & layouts.

You are required to come prepared with your case study presentation on A1 Size Sheets.